Video: Sky – Starmer ‘recognises’ he needs to mislead party electorate like Blair or Cameron

Assessment of leadership pitches may worry Labour members

Sky News this morning discussed an article in the Murdoch Times by disgraced former Labour MP Denis MacShane, in which MacShane claimed that any candidate for the party’s leadership must ‘play to the hard left’.

The panellists and interviewer Adam Boulton concluded that the thrust of MacShane’s article was that any centrist hopeful would have to deceive the membership in order to win, comparing the situation with Tony Blair in the 1990s and his pretence of supporting the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and of anti-EU sentiment.

Columnist Iain Dale threw in the example of David Cameron pandering to his party’s eurosceptic right to win the leadership – concluding that while the electorate may consider it deceptive, ‘that’s good politics’ if it helps a candidate win.

And Dale went on to claim that ‘Keir Starmer clearly recognises that’ supposed need:

Starmer, like other candidates, has made a pitch that his leadership will not mean unravelling the policies of the Labour Party under Corbyn.

Keir Starmer was asked for comment on Sky’s assessment of his approach, but had not responded by the time of publication.

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  1. Starmer and the other remainiacs caused the election loss. He should NEVER even be allowed on the front bench. Starmer is the very out of touch type we do not need. So shameless, or wilfully blind, he refuses to take responsibility for the destined to fail hysterical remainiac stance he forced on the party. He should go join Ummuna Luciana Berger, Swinson, Smeeth, Soubrey Blair & Campbell… ALL rejected with their remainiac tiresome noise. REJECTED!!! LOST!!! BILGE!!!
    So STARMER, go join the other shiny “centrists” entranced by their own hollowness. With them, Starmer, is where you belong. Those are your type. OFF!!! Take your rubbish and OFF!! Off! And close the door behind you.

    1. More hysterical hyperbole is not helpful at this point. We get enough of that from the rightwing.

      1. “Hysterical hyperbole” A fair summary of the Tooting ‘left’ position. You’d think they were casting for a revival (without the jokes).

  2. I notice that RLB has launched her bid. Does that mean she has all of her nominations? Does that mean that the Left wing MPs have decided upon her and not Lavery?

    1. Lavery has just announced that he will not be standing for the leadership BBC2 Newsnight approx 23:11

    2. Yes
      Newsnight reporting RLB in Ian Lavery not standing
      As for deceiving the electorate there are no black and white choices in this contest
      We can only nail them down on policies

      1. I think scrutinising their record is a better tactic… candidates often say what they think will get them elected but once elected ‘things change’ to put it kindly.

  3. And so with the candidate’s on offer its socialism down the plug hole.Not much of a legacy for Corbyn when we were relying on one socialist candidate ian lavery who couldnt get beyond the PLP and NEC.Deep thoughts and reflection for now?

  4. I honestly think Starmer would be Blair Mk2, only a little diluted.

  5. So another headline that totally misrepresents the body of the article?

    Don’t we get enough of this kind of clickbait from the MSM…

  6. “Columnist Iain Dale …” etc.

    Jeez! Skawkbox must getting desperate to lumpenly plod this trail, linking together a string of fake pearls of non-wisdom dependent on a Tory paper and a Tory columnist.

    … and I’m not a fan of Starmer. This is the sort of wild-eyed ranting, coupled with fanatically backing a non-starter, that makes the term ‘left’ a joke.

  7. Anybody who voted for Trident replacement would be unacceptable to me and so that’s Starmer and Philipps covered.

    And we still have not seen evidence that Philipps marched against the Iraq War.

  8. Good to know that Ian Dale (aka Murdoch’s boy) supports the MP for Saville Row suits & Brylcream.

  9. Question need to be asked about Team Labor who need precious little but swamp med with begging for money emails NO information as to when JC was speaking in Blackpool ,, NO promotion of him or our MP NOT a single reply to emails received from them
    Gone from the streets ANY posters to vote Labor ,, NO sound of a megaphone ,, NO leaflets for Labor through letter boxs , was as if Cummings Blair anf Watson were running them them
    Just three companies control around 83% of newspapers – an increase from 71% back in 2015. Roughly 80% of online media, meanwhile, sits with only five companies. In short, press barons and their establishment allies have immense power to wage class war against ordinary people through the media.
    ONLY SKWAWBOX and pretty ineffectual Vox promoted Labor here in the NW

    1. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to spend millions (literally) on community organisers (whatever their function is) so we didn’t have much money left for owt else

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