Lavery4Leader hashtag trends in UK top 10 within first hour

‘Twitterstorm’ reveals extent of support

A ‘Twitterstorm’ to demonstrate the level of support for ex-miner Ian Lavery to stand for the left in the Labour Party leadership contest has seen the #Lavery4Leader hashtag enter the top ten UK trends within the first forty-five minutes or so of its launch:

The hashtag reached around 2,400 tweets per hour in its first hour and, according to its organisers, continues to climb:

The big former pitman has not yet announced his candidacy, but also has not said that he will not be standing. Pressure continues to mount for him to join the contest.

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  1. Mr Lavery will need 20 backers of MP’s/ MEP’s plus 5% of unions or CLP’s. I can’t see unions or CLP’s being a problem but looking at the current line up of MP’s he could struggle as some good socialist MP’s were lost in the G.E.

    Current list of Labour MP’s;

    1. Yes, but you overlook the fact that a groundswell of support for Corbyn in 2015 proved decisive in his managing to secure enough nominations.

      Time to make that happen again!

  2. Brexit
    Is a cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess
    They now have ownership, whatever happens now will be on their heads
    From here on in it’s all about our policies, offer to do head to heads with Tory counterparts
    Only put up spokespeople who are on the list, call out partisan media practices, if they are regulated, enforcement action needs to be taken

  3. If lavery gets through the blue wall of the PLP and the NEC we will know that Corbyns influence on the Labour party will not have been i for nothing..We urgently need a united front for the Labour party and and the pretenders and yes traitors have to go .How can we ask the public to trust our manifesto when most of our massive membership wouldnt trust this shower of the PLP with anything connected to socialism or the welfare state,a morally correct foreign and defence policy,or even to not to resort to the tried and tested AS scam.against the new leader of the Labour party.I wonder whether I am asking too much of our mps to actually support the first words of the words of our membership card “The Labour party is a democratic socialist party” it believes that by the strength of our common endeavour,we achieve more than we achieve alone.I think many of the powerbrokers in our party have broken even the basics of community and decency and condemn themselves to having brought the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn to the brink of collapse.Our massive membership will bleed away slowly to irrelevance and leave the party of the people to being thrown away on alter of greed and corruption.if Lavery is stopped by the establishment Labour party.My Labour international member comes up for renewal in july and I doubt myself and many others who have served the Labour party over many years will be allowed to renew our membership card and I actually don’t think I would at my age wish to.give money to a failed ideology of social democrats…

  4. It seems to be more than a little perverse that Jennie Formby and Karie Murphy (does anyone remember electing Karie to any office in the Labour Party) are seeking to change the party’s structures and have those new structures in place before the leadership election. Surely the new leader of our party and the party’s membership should have a significant input before any substantial changes are ‘agreed’ or put in place

    I firmly believe that any changes are best left until after the leadership election and there should be extensive consultation with the party’s membership before any changes are implemented to the party’s structures. Any deal cooked up behind closed doors that doesn’t properly involve the wider membership and the new leadership in those decisions will lack democratic legitimacy and besides hampering the party from moving forward will make a complete mockery of any notion that we are a democratic members led party.

    The NEC often talks the talk on the so called democratisation of the party so lets see a manifestation of their ‘desire’ to democratise the party in the form of a proper consultation and a full membership vote on any changes to the party’s structures. OMOV and no more factional stitch ups behind closed doors by vested interests.

  5. SteveH
    I would trust Jennie and Karie to do the right thing, they would make a dream ticket,
    But get your point on democracy,
    Unfortunately the PLP and Blairites make the party ungovernable,
    Any new leader should be allowed to bring in their own people
    Disloyalty is a major part of why we historically do so badly against ruthless cheap and nasty Tory party, MSM and toilet papers
    On any other planet they would be sacked on the spot

  6. You cannot run any organisation where individuals think they know what’s best
    As soon as they decide the rules dont apply to them, then say thanks but no thanks,
    There are plenty more where you come from , if you cannot do the day job, we will find someone who can
    I simply cannot get my head around not being able to sack on the spot those guilty of gross misconduct
    Your a fucking anti semite and a racist,
    Never mind prosecuting them for hate crimes

  7. Democracy in the Labour Party or Secrecy & Guilt by Accusation? I am saddened by most recent events that indicate that the Labour Party is destroying itself by serving a multitude of masters, but ignoring the one reason it was established in the first place. The Thatcherite virus that is Tony Blair is so deeply imbedded that complete cauterisation is necessary, but impossible.
    In an era of ‘identity politics’ replacing economics, ‘Neo-Liberalism’ is presented by MSM as a ‘Centreist’ or ‘Moderate’position in politics & any form of ‘Socialism’ is extreme. The class struggle has been ignored, not just by the Labour Party, but each & every institution, from MSM to Education. ‘The Deplorables’ aka ‘the Left -Behind’, know poverty; know foodbanks; know unemployment or the ‘gig-economy’; know economic discrimination better than most. but they are endlessly mocked by the Media, but now by the Labour Party who tell them how stupid they are; how Xenophobic they are & how they must vote again to get the right result.
    Mass immigration affects working class areas. It does not under-cut the jobs of lawyers & teachers, it does not change the face of ‘leafy-suburbs’. it is predominantly cheap labour designed to control the cost of labour & maintain bourgeois differentials.
    I have taught in inner-city areas most of my life. There is no social mobility for working class kids, even their football teams depend on ‘foreign’ labour. I was born on Stapleton Road, Bristol in a street that Sajid Javid describes as the most criminal & violent street in Britain. It was not always like that……you can join up the dots.
    Until the Labour Party stops reading the Guardian & understands that ‘the Deplorables’ are victims of a Neo-Liberal ideology that cares nothing for them, there will be war & division. Blair was wrong, the class war is not over!

      1. Some strong points in that comment.

        The class war is not over but in the neoliberal decades it’s the well-to-do that won it.

        Having Corbyn as leader did NOTHING to remedy Labour being now a party dominated by the metropolitan liberal middle class. The Party advances the interests of that class, not of the working class, hence its pro-EU stance. Remain is middle class self interest just as Leave is working class self interest. Labour sided with the wrong class.

  8. I fully trust Murphy who has the survival of the socialist Labour party at the heart of her soul.Shes also knows that her kneck is on the chopping block like all true socialist Labour party members. Thats why we need action now because their might be nothing left of the Labour party if Steve H and his moderate mates get their boot in.

  9. This is all academic if Lavery is not going to stand. He is leaving it a bit late and has RLB officially stated she will run for leadership? Last I heard from Skwarkbox was that a decision was going to be made as to which one will represent the left what happened to this? The NEC are discussing the leadership process today so its leaving it a bit late to declare! And worse, what happens if we do not have any leftr representatives for the leadership?

  10. Old grumpy… said it what happens to the Labour party with no left wing representation…Well we pretend just like we did before corbyn.Not good enough for me and a few hundred thousand members who will walk away unless we get a genuine socialists candidate like lavery..But isnt it a pathetic situation that we have a knife edge to even get one socialist candidate when the PLP stop us from looking to the new intake of loyal socialist candidates .We dont need experience at deception but socialism from the back benches or any true socialist candidate.We have just lavery and he’s been lent on by our PLP to not stand.

  11. How do you know hes been lent on by the PLP JOKeefe? If he felt strong enough about having left representation he would stand. I cznr see him being swayed by the PLP.

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