Happy – or at least safe and secure – New Year from the SKWAWKBOX

As fireworks go off around the country to mark a new year and decade, there is little to celebrate for so many millions of our people.

The SKWAWKBOX wishes everyone the happiest year they can have. And if you’re vulnerable, poor, oppressed and afraid or hopeless of what lies ahead, the SKWAWKBOX – like the rest of the Labour movement – is here and will do what it can to help.

That’s what solidarity is. That’s what it’s all about, what it has to be about.

‘Not me, us’ – and at times such as these, even more so.


  1. It’s a natural way of life for me to have socialist values, especially help, togetherness solidarity community, love my fellow neighbour, expect the same values from whoever i meet, my street is multicultural, respect for one another is what makes us great.
    Have a prosperous new year Steve, coal over the threshold.

  2. Yeah, I could really bring myself to do the “Happy New Year” thing, it felt wrong…

  3. Thanks for your loyal contribution to our fight and struggle.

    From the ashes…… we shall once more rise. for ourselves, our neighbours and our children and the millions who will follow after us all. For this is a fight which may not reap visible rewards today, but more a legacy to be treasured and pursued by the next generations..

    much love to everyone out there x

  4. People’s lives will w turned upside down and the reality of Tory voting Britain will be made all to obvious..When Johnson gets back frt the Caribbean is first job will be to make sure that the Tory government is the permanent government of Britain.Will the Labour party do the job inside the Labour party?,or will we study the rule book and hope for another New year now we can do nothing to stop the Ty destruction of our social system and NHS.God help the vulnerable people of Britain!

  5. I had just heard the bishop of can’t telling us all ops sorry he’s part of the problem can’t or won’t point out they are culling the stock through their benefits denial yet to those who fight against their greedie ways of government then on the fight goes god bless

    1. Mr big oil banker,now Archbishop of Canterbury has nailed is colours to the establishment and the church of England at prayer the Tory party.Absolutely predictable and Idont even know why I am surprised or upset.Next on the list will be the”deserving and undeserving poor “whilst they beat the poor with their Bible.!God forgive them,because I and many others wont…..Hypocrites and pearls amongst swine,not to insult the pig of course.

  6. Yes, best WISHES for 2020 is all that can be offered.

    …And if wishes were horses.

    One thing’s certain, there’ll be a lot more beggars riding their imaginary horses on our streets under this parliament.

    I know where MY finger’s gonna be pointing…

  7. Get involved locally. Not just with the Labour Party but with food banks, and immigrant support groups, and homeless shelters, and anything that is going. If you can give, give.
    If we control the foothills of Society, we can keep the politicians under siege and, metaphorically, starve them out.

  8. I’m also quite disconsolate at present. It seemed as though there was a huge shadow over Christmas and now, as the new year dawns, I feel anything but celebratory for 2020.

    However, it would be a mistake to indulge in pessimism. Remember – that is what our enemy wants. For us to be so disheartened and discouraged by the defeat of progressive forces they machinated that we give up and allow ourselves to slip into despondency. With our will to fight sapped, they will be free to visit anything and everything upon us.

    Capitulation is a luxury we cannot afford. The Tories and the class they represent WILL continue to attack us and we must and WILL fight back. Those who foolishly voted Tory in the recent GE will pay the price for this, as will the rest of us. The Tories (with the aid of their Blairite stooges in the Labour Party) will attack our NHS. our jobs and working conditions, and our communities. They will attack education and the rights of the sick, disabled and unemployed to benefits. They will attack the supply of homes, facilitating rip-off private landlords, forcing more homeless people on to the streets. Climate change will veer ever more towards irreversibility and the odds against global nuclear conflagration will shorten.

    In the face of this we fight or die.

  9. I’m not looking forward to the new year with Brexit and 5 years of Tory misrule. I’m still getting over the election results. I can’t imagine Corbyn no longer steering the ship. But one thing is for sure I will need the Skwarkbox community (with all its healthy squabbling) to provide at least a forum for optimism and discussion as we try to work out the best way ahead. So thanks for providing this space.

  10. “As fireworks go off around the country to mark a new year and decade.”

    The media will often say things that are not true. The new decade begins next year.

    This is related to the issue of 2000–new millennium.
    Not so, a millennium is 1,000 years and so two of them is 2,000 years. And so the new millennium began in 2001.

    Of all the countries in the world at the time only Cuba, Switzerland and one other got this right.

    It is important to think critically about what we are told and to ask ourselves if it is really correct.

    This is a very important point because much media reporting is based on false or dubious assumptions.
    Just look at how the media has failed to consider, for example, the extremely dubious premise of the Russian chemical attack at Salisbury.

    1. You may ne right about the Salisbury attack – but it’s more credible than the idea that Russia is an innocent at large!

      I’m amazed that many who can work out that the Beeb is biased can’t work out that RT is even more under establishment control!

      Oh dear.

      1. I never mentioned RT at all.

        But I do watch it. It does have some merit. But, of course, it does have an agenda.

        I would like to see a proper study of it by a media monitoring organization.

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