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Video: Starmer on accepting cut in public services – and supporting Alastair Campbell’s reinstatement

Starmer’s comments to self-confessed Blairite interviewer
Keir Starmer (official parliamentary portrait)

Labour leadership hopeful Keir Starmer gave an interview in early July to self-described Blairite Matt Forde. His comments on Alastair Campbell and austerity cuts will be of interest to Labour members considering how to cast their vote in the coming contest:

On cuts, Starmer did go on to say that he considered the Tories’ cuts of 30-40% to be unworkable. Labour’s position under Jeremy Corbyn has been that austerity was a needless political choice.

Starmer also confirmed that he had written a letter in support of Blair adviser Alastair Campbell’s reinstatement to the party, because “all he said was that he voted LibDem”.

The full 92-minute programme can be heard here.

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  1. If anyone doubts the Blairites are circling inside and outside the Party, Starmer is your answer.

    1. Do you want ever to be electable again? Doesn’t look like it to me, anymore than that you are lexiters. Hey ho, bye bye economy as the world laughs at your country…

      1. Brexit is happening; the election is over. Do you actually have a point here?

      2. Chris lovett..Apart from not being a flag flyer,I would not normally point out someone having genuine criticism of Britain. Your criticism is just nonsense and anyone who knows Britain and the British can never laugh at them.get off troll!

    2. Starmer voted for Trident replacement.

      Now, this is a very important issue in its own right. However, experience tells me that anybody who votes for this obvious nonsense will also vote for a lot more nonsense besides.

      Starmer: Totally unacceptable.

      Burgon should seriously reconsider his position and think about the leadership.

  2. He’ll get the support of the tory enablers, no doubt at all there. Whether he gets deeper support depends a little on who else is on offer. Jess P tells me (and the world) that she’s ‘very popular’ out there. Maybe they’ll split the ‘Right Wing’ vote and allow a socialist to win?
    Frankly, I won’t get too excited until January when we know the full field. Can’t see the point of agonising over the Brussels Sprouts, myself.

    1. If he wants to repeal Campbell’s ban does that mean those from my constituency that were banned for attending an open SWP meting will see their ban rescinded?

    2. The argument for Keir is that he would be acceptable to MSM and toilet papers, he would do a deal with the devil,
      He would have to convince us he is a Trojan horse and would once elected change the system to destroy cheap and nasties
      Mike Mitchell
      Wants a tight ship and takes no prisoners
      Which is my criticism of JC and JMc, it’s a given to demand loyalty
      Split the field
      Make sure we dont split the field and allow a Cockwomble through

      Labour review

      Needs to address thise responsible for vexatious claims of anti semitism

      Leveson 2 should include prison sentences for Electoral fraud

      Which policies are non negotiable

      Wholesale change

      English parliament and regional assemblies backed by Industrial policy and regional investment banks

  3. I’m glad you pointed out the portrait is his ‘official’ one presumably chosen by him. It suggests a serious lack of judgement; he looks half crazed. He does indeed come across as tense and anxious at the best of times, not a person you would want to rely on. He did indeed wield an important weapon against Corbyn, a knife to his belly.

  4. Starmer was Director of Public Prosecutions and head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) from 2008 to 2013.

    Emails requesting that Sweden didn’t drop the investigation and not interview assange in London were sent in 2010/2011 according to this.

    This was a very high profile political case.
    So it very unlikely that Starmer would not have been aware of them even if he didn’t explicitly authorise them.

    IMO That alone should be reason to question his suitability as Labour Leader.

  5. Hidden stabs at those in shadow cabinet who support Corbyn. Blairite on steroids. who will lead the party by the use of new bye laws and private non union funding. Wants a tight ship, and
    will take no prisoners .

  6. There’s an undeniable & nauseating ‘air of Blair’ with these so called ‘leftists’. If any of those get in as leader, genuine left MP’s will never get on a ballot paper again. Members have now got to pull together and ensure that never happens

  7. You have to get behind Jeremy B4 you can stab him in the back…….or the front if you’re Jess Phillips. Keir Starmer, the end of Socialism in the Labour Party.

  8. Can anyone take a knight of the realm seriously,asking to be elected for the socialist Labour party.He’s a little bit like a molester being loose inside a children’s home.Wouldn’t trust him with my cat?.Look at his record of shame in the DPP and how he got his knighthood.Badge of shame.!

  9. Almost has forgotten are the days when calling someone a Blairite on SM would earn anyone a suspension. Yet Kier supports someone who is very high profile Blairite who knowingly and with maximum publicity broke one of the most basic rules in the Labour party rule book. Hardly an exemplar for law and order, or ethics too.

    1. Just taken a right wing tablet so here’s my contribution to Labour Together:
      Need a great Leader like Ed, yes I know he surrounded himself with political morons er I mean stars like Benn and Reeves, yes I know he was so dim er I mean strategic that he never countered the charges that Labour caused the 2008 financial crash (despite evidence of multi-billion dollar fines for banks in the USA for their role in sub prime lending, Financial Pages) but Ed was right, ignore, and Ed was great in handling the Tory activist ambush on BBC QT and managed to stop falling off the stage, but those Left Bastards didn’t criticise him one in public in 3 years, we’ll get them!
      Well done lads and lasses for slagging Commie Corbyn off in public for over a year, we stopped left wing democratic socialism getting over the line in 2015!
      And in 2019 AS cut through and we got Remain on the ticket, again we stopped the left wing democratic socialist bastards.
      I know millions will suffer because of us but hey the future is:
      Crumbs for Working People!
      Fat rewards for us as MPs!
      Nice Consultancies for us when we retire!
      Cosy, small Labour meetings!
      Not reading Real Left Wing books!
      Non-Political is good!
      ……Hope these fecking things wear off!

  10. I remember during the 2015 GE election thousands of people running across a field to get to hear Jeremy Corbyn at Gateshead stadium.
    If it had been Starmer, Phillips, Cooper et al they would have been running the other way!
    New Labour was useful to capital, they could toss a few crumbs and in return New Labour would hold down working people and the unions.
    But Labour’s Neo-Liberals have served their purpose and are no longer of any use, capital has cut out the middle man and now have their own nationalist market fundamentalists.
    For the Right in Labour history has passed them by.
    Elect a left wing democratic socialist Leader, Deputy, and have left wing democratic socialist policies but learn from the mistakes.
    For the Right Pasok calls, for the Left get out amongst the poor and offer Political and Practical support, become like a Syrizia and we rebuild with trade unions from below and alongside the left behind (the oppressed). Solidarity!

    1. Well said! The problem with the centre candidates are the plain fact they don’t attract voters.

  11. ‘Capital in structural decline.
    QE just buying time.
    Elect a socialist 1 & 2.
    Get out amongst the poor.
    And everything will be fine.’

  12. Watching a lot of Cockwombles dancing around the fact we have a racist for a Prime Minister and this has given toerags green light to abuse footballers
    What’s our Christmas message to most corrupt government since ?

  13. I can’t get enthused by any of the cited potential candidates.

    But if the playground babbling about ‘I don’t like ‘im/’er – ‘e/she smells and hangs out with ….’ is all that’s on offer in terms of a debate about the future of the Party and its leadership – then Labour is truly f.cked.

  14. Funny old world,

    As a person of the Left I got Expelled from the Labour Party for exhibiting Green Credentials on Twitter, namely I RT’ed a Green Party tweet, but have always voted Labour. Of course, when it comes to the Blairites, they can advise Labour Supporters to vote for any Party but Labour, and get away with it.

    Fact is, the Party machinery is two-faced, its dominated by anti-deocratic forces and Starmer is part of this grouping – so, not only has he never been Labour, he should never be in the Party, nevermind running for the leadership.

    Unlike Starmer, Thornberry, Jess Philipps et al, I was born Labour, born into a Labour community and will die Labour.

    You can stick third-way neoliberalism and warmongering where the sun don’t shine. And yet its me, a genuine Labour born and bred person Expelled from what effectively is now a non-Labour Party.

    1. “a genuine Labour born and bred person Expelled from what effectively is now a non-Labour Party.”

      Amen to that!

      I read a quote from Philips the other day about not owing The Rose anything… She’s going to stick for another five years, just in case.

      As for warmongering, things maybe coming to a head in the next year. The West is going to get a nasty surprise if the warmongers go against the endlessly repeated predictions by their own analysts (RAND Corporation).

  15. If you watch the George Monbiot video for Double Down news, under Skwawkbox on Twitter, you get a grasp of how Cockwombles, liars , charlatans, spivs and thieves operate,
    It’s always been the same but after 9 years of Austerity it is truly shocking how successful it is
    We need to learn how to fight fire with fire

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