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Excl: world-famous director Ken Loach introduces the incredible new general election video: “A Fork in the Road”

Powerful new election film features cast of Loach’s films ‘I, Daniel Blake’ and ‘Sorry We Missed You’

Globally-acclaimed film director Ken Loach

The social media world has been rocked today by the publication of an amazing new general election video that will be very familiar to fans of Ken Loach’s powerful new film “Sorry we missed you” and the award-winning “I, Daniel Blake”.

“A fork in the Road” features cast members of the two movies and draws on the same themes of the bleakness and hardship of life for millions under the Tories – and then reminds us of the choice we face on Thursday.

A choice – a ‘fork in the road’ – between more of the same misery and exploitation under the Tories, or change and decency under a Labour government. Although it wasn’t made by Loach, it carries the same impact and heart.

Loach kindly recorded an introduction to the video, in which he calls on everyone who wants change to make sure that the video is seen by as many people as possible in the final 48 hours before polls close on Thursday night.

Below are his introduction and the short film. Get both under the noses of everyone you know:

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  1. Bloody brilliant. Choose decency and humanity. Reject greed and ignorance.

  2. Wow! Brilliant, shed tears at this and Sorty We Missed You is a brilliant film.
    With humanity this short film crushes selfish Tory Neo-Liberalism.
    A good reminder that we can win with the arts, music, poetry and film.
    To draw from an early poem of mine re the previous Tory Leadership Campaign which towards the end supports JC:
    ‘As Gove the Grimmest Reaper.
    In selfish search for fame.
    Stabs Boris of Big Brother.
    Queen of Nasty lies waiting in the frame.
    And Tory internal slaughter.
    Brings forth our howls and derisions.
    But stands not alone a decent man.
    With a pocket full of visions.
    Take care of this human.’
    Let’s give it all to get our Vote Out on Thursday.

  3. Bazza, just so we’re clear – when you say “Take care of…” you mean what I think you mean, right?

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