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Video: Teesside firefighter tells how Tory cuts ‘decimated’ fire services – but Labour will restore them

Station closures and firefighter cuts under the Tories or investment in our safety = for the first time in a decade – from Labour

A Teesside firefighter has described why he will be voting Labour in this general election no matter how the Tories attempt to muddy the water – because a decade of Tory cuts have decimated fire services and put the UK’s people at risk, while Labour will ensure that for the first time in a decade there is investment in our safety.

As a representative of a northern working-class community, his message is essential in this election:

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  1. under tories. all our services have been underfunded , cut,pared to the bone. people have suffered, they are getting less, worrying what will happen inexplicably you can have your money cut, paid less, or nothing at all. under universal credit people have to wait and get less. even if you are sick and can not work they expect you to sign a committment to say you are ready to work within 24 hours. this is even if your gp writes a fit note to say no you are unable to work, not even able to participate in any activities for work. it is madness that the polls say tories will win by a comfortable majority. when millions of people in tis country are destitute or worse off. even the ones on legacy benefits, who get severe disability premiums are not protected for much longer, from swingeing cuts caused by universal credit. think the nation not voting about brexit, voting for a fairer society, with affordable travel, housing and a properly funded health service.

  2. As someone who originates from Teesside I’m proud of the stance of the local fire fighters , about 5 months before I moved to Surrey the Teesside Ambulance and Fire Brigade saved my life 3 days before my 21st birthday when they got me out of my wrecked car when I was trapped in it after a double decker bus hit my door and crushed my pelvis, shattered my hip, both bones in my calf and shattered my elbow,if not for the likes of the emergency services, the nurses and doctors in North Tees I wouldn’t be here now, People need to understand it can happen to anyone at anytime we need to support our public services !!

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