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McDonnell to join McDonalds workers’ in Downing Street low pay protest

Shadow Chancellor will join McDonalds workers again today

John McDonnell showing solidarity at an earlier ‘McStrike’ protest

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will today join a protest at 10 Downing Street by McDonald’s fast food workers demanding decent wages, job security and an end to “youth pay rates”.

Speaking ahead of the McStrike protest, organised as part of an International Day of action for fast food workers’ rights, McDonnell, said:

Low pay and insecure work is endemic in the fast food industry. That’s why I helped launch the fast food campaign and support these young workers in their campaign to secure decent wages and conditions.

A Labour government will take on the big corporations such as McDonalds to stop them from paying out poverty wages.

Labour’s commitment to a £10 an hour real living wage and an end to in work poverty will help millions of low-paid workers across the country.

70% of children in poverty live in households where at least one adult works. Tomorrow’s strike is the largest so far in the ‘McStrike’ series of industrial actions and protests – a cause Labour has championed since 2017, forcing a change in the ‘mainstream’ media narrative.

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  1. Well that caption of McDOnnell,He looks like the old john McDonnell I knew who would rip the journalists throat out for a snarkey remark.Whatever happened inbetween Burnley tech and Westminster Whatever happened to the young john McDonnell that carried on to Westminster and your comrades got on the boat at Hersham bound for N Ireland on a one way ticket..We fought for one man one vote,and John?whats going on now.whats happened and who are your friends!

    1. Yawn.

      Probably because he quite likes the idea of a competent Labour government rather than being a posturing echo of Nige the Stockbroker.

      1. Farage is an establishment tool.

        He’s made many believe that immigration caused the problems that were created by the rich and their greed. All it takes is the thinnest veneer to fool many of us (and we all get fooled at some point politically).

        Now that he is assisting the Tories (yet supposedly should be working against all parties with a remain/slow Brexit approach), he should be easily spotted (but he won’t…). Announcing that they will only compete in Labour seats…🤔🤔🤔

        Slightly off topic. Media seems to be throwing all it has at Corbyn and Labour. Thought they were supposed to be impartial during election campaigns?

      2. Supposed is the word. They’ve probably got a lawyer on duty 24/7 to keep them JUST inside the law, but Politics Live really does push it!

      3. BBC just broadcast a voxpop from Bishops Auckland – older male sheep farmer & Labour voter and middle-aged female hairdresser & Tory voter.
        Sheep farmer took the Tories apart lucidly and almost forensically.
        Hairdresser only knew she didn’t like Corbyn & did like BloJob but couldn’t explain why – a bit of a Mavis.

      4. I increasingly get the feeling that if you were to ask most of the Was Labour But Going To Vote Tory crowd why they don’t like/trust Corbyn, they wouldn’t be able to articulate why, further than “well it was on the news/in the papers”.

        All the more reason for Labour to set up a national newspaper and, once in government, clear out the BBC news/current affairs division and make them all re-apply for their jobs in front of new management.

      5. “Farage is an establishment tool.”

        Of course. Like all who voted ‘Leave’!

      6. tinfrom – You are right. I have always reckoned that the power of the plutocrat propaganda press is under-estimated.

        It doesn’t have to convince *everybody* – just sufficient numbers of the gullible (of which there are a lot in the manufactured idiocracy of the UK) that their fiction is ‘the truth’.

        Thus the referendum result; thus the image of Corbyn.

      7. @RH

        Put a sock in it…

        You have no idea what any leaver or remained voted for, except your own narrow experience.

        For every leaver exploited, deceived or misled is a remainer in the exact same position. The only difference is the group exploiting.

        The nauseating shite that is Brexit is irrelevant to this election. Because the choices are stark. Either fight Tories on what matters, or make it about Brexit, ensuring that Brexit actually happens. Probably rock hard too (perfect for shafting…)

      8. Never voting labour again at 4:14 pm

        The people who voted Remain were voting for a known quantity, the same can’t be said for the Remain vote. As evidenced by the fact that after 3 years of arguing they still can’t agree about what Leave means. I’m not claiming they didn’t know what they were voting for, on the contrary they knew exactly what they were voting for but because Leave wasn’t defined or planned for they all voted for their own version of Brexit and there lies the problem. A problem caused by Tory arrogance and incompetence.
        Hence we have Labour’s excellent solution of giving people the opportunity to vote on 2 known outcomes instead of the known versus the unknown that were foisted on us in 2016.

      9. “Put a sock in it” – Never voting labour again. Why? Just because you don’t like your fantasy dreams disturbed by the touch of reality?

        The only Leave argument now left after three years of decay is a false syllogism about neoliberal economic policies.

        And – of course – the big con of Nige’s mates filling their boots.

        Our rather more substantial ‘experience’ is based in reality.

      10. @Steve H

        What known quantity? What about Walter Hallstein? What about situations in France and Spain? What about Hungary? Were these known quantities? Then there’s the money situation (you pick which problem…). The fact is that many of us know very, very little indeed about the EU, it’s motivations, operations and future directions


        Brexit is irrelevant right now. There are bigger priorities. If the Tories win, your worst fears will happen. Only Labour can change the prospects. But by focusing solely on Brexit… Well, I’m sure you can work it out.

        For the record, my choice or more specifically, the reasons behind it are too big to write here. But it did have one unintended consequence. It showed me that our government is nowhat really calls the shots. How else can you explain the total silence and lack of direction for 7+ days? It’s a bit too long for shock.

        Brexit can wait.

      11. A few of points, Never voting :

        – Nobody’s focusing exclusively on Brexit

        – but Brexit is an integral part of what this country becomes, with the prospect of enhanced subservience to US capital(amonst oyher things) a real prospect

        – “Brexit can wait”. Indeed. Indefinitely would be a good timespan 🙂

    2. HS2 another Tory led scam. Adonis you say. Precisely! Tory scam!!! Another costly, ill conceived, rob the tax payers blind scam! Were it really to help the north, it would have started in the north. Urgent east west connections are needed throughout the midlands. AND down south. Try getting from Farnham Surrey to Braybourne in Kent by train. Or Alton Hants to Taunton.
      So HS2 with excess of £8 billion spent and nothing to show for it, is TYPICAL TORY ICED DOPE & COKE headed banditry. Gove and Cameron admitted to their illicit CRIMINAL use. The poor and vulnerable get criminal records and imprisonment for less!!!
      So, no surprise the protected lamentable persistent failures and mess of the Tories. HS2 allegedly has the highest paid civil servants. Catastrophic costly failure re: staff retention. Staff on over £70,000.00 per year recycled as private consultants for much more. TYPICAL TORY RUINOUS economy wrecking asset flogging UNPATRIOTIC persistent operation. This must be repeated at every opportunity. Few know it because it is rarely highlighted and repeated.

  2. Crikey deep comments made because he wants to show support for low paid workers. People in this country want a fair days pay for a days work. They are not into all the politics. It is off putting and yet is that what your intentions are? To put the ordinary person off . Suggesting to protest for a decent wage is highly divisive and political

  3. Now they are out in the open for all to see can someone ask the ‘America First’ team Johnson and Farage what’s for sale

  4. John’s response is a long, long way from the dismal days of New Labour when under TB, GB & EM the “senior figures” would shit themselves at the thought of having to comment on a strike in case the Daily Mail (et al) went berserk. You cannot be a Labour party if you are frightened of the press. John being on the front line of a McDonald’s workers’ strike is to be a democratic socialist putting his money where his mouth is. It’s a sound tactical move in the context of the election as well as the correct thing to do from a moral point of view.

  5. I think john McDonnell standing on the picket line is exactly what the john McDonnell of old has always done and I know he has socialism in his DNA..I suppose I have been worried regarding the company he keeps lately and I am just concerned that after all these years and the goal of a socialist government in site,he suddenly becomes the kindly friendly uncle of the enemy within.Maybe I will have to ignore the press and squawky and presume he’s trying to become a double agent for Corbyn.Look at the caption and see the scrapper,the fighter for the working class and wonder like me just how clever are the double act of Corbyn and john McDonnell……We should soon know and I really do want a happy xmass for all of the democratic socialist Labour party in government..!

  6. Unusually the BBC’s Politics Live program devoted almost all of it’s first 25 minutes to demolishing the Tory propaganda on Labour spending. Maybe the fair play rules are starting to kick in.

    1. There is a major problem with the BBC in News and Current Affairs – ever since Greg Dyke got the boot courtesy of the Blair mafia and the influence of politicians grew.

      But sometimes people see monsters where there are shadows – and fall into the carefully prepared trap of advocating the Tory desire for its abolition. I think the term is ‘suckered’.

      1. Eighty % of uk media are owned by five billionaires,Rupert Murdoch,Richard Desmond,Viscount Rothermere and the two Barclay Brothers.It`s in their own interests to have big influence in our politics behind the scenes.This is why the attacks and lies about Corbyn are constant,they know Corbyn is coming after them , where as their millionaire Tories are in their back pocket and are part of their entitled family.Really can`t believe why working people are hoodwinked into voting Tory. They must be laughing their heads off at the peasants.

  7. Always so strange that when anyone points out ways in which we may improve, some are roused to silence them. Why not lecture the wreckers? Very odd and sad. Some seem deliberate. While others seem sincere but wet and forever worried, and NEVER have censure for those who openly undermine Jeremy. We need to improve and must point out issues that need attention. They won’t disappear by magic or solutions just appear out of the blue from on high.
    ANYWAY despite areas for improvement, i feel from my own monitoring, that up to yesterday, support for Labour was growing faster than that for BoJob’s Tories.

    LimpDems accepting every self-serving vision-free parasite, will gradually fade to much what they were before ie Say anything, Do abominable things at every turn. I expect FibDems will sink to about 14 or 15% … likely less of the vote.
    Farage (like GArage), the Trumped methane operated puppet’s deflation yesterday, means a rethink and recalculation is needed. But FArage’s strange group (not a political party, some sort of iffy stuff… bogus???)… anyway support for him will sink like a stone from 11ish to less than 7% of the vote.
    I am convinced that before FArage’s announcement yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, our Labour could not have been more than 6 points behind Trump’s other trumpped puppet led Tories. So four weeks is enough for us to rise over Trump controlled Tories. REJOICE 🎉

    These are strange times, but would the UK elect yet another PM like Blair, who bends over so easily for a US president? A PM who gives such eased access to another George Bush or Trump??? Strange times but gosh, that strange? The Tory faithful elected BoJob. If the rest of the electorate does, then we’re well and truly stuffed.

    The whole electorate has now seen the gross failed resistance from the constricted Johnson and the dodgy spiv like FArage. The people of our UK are wise enough to dump BoJob, their Tory Trump. Not ours. No thank you!

    1. SPNWC

      The people of our UK are wise enough to dump BoJob, their Tory Trump.

      Let’s hope so, though nobody ever went broke underestimating the gullibility of the British public, the Tories least of all!

      1. True. But i think, despite JC’ being dragged into the flawed B word mess by serpents nesting in our party, the appeal of JC will triumph. Never mind YouGov propagandist dodgy polls.

        It’s our job to highlight and REPEAT to the electorate that the referendum IS A MESS OF TORY MAKING. Tory mess dripped out by yet another out of touch, dope and coke head, dead swine head molesting Bullingdon club, entitled Conservative David Cameron. Were he not busy self pleasuring himself amongst his chums, with the heads of dead pigs and as he has admitted, often off his head, then maybe, just maybe he would not have been so blind as to misjudge the public. He and his chums FAILED to make adequate business like preparations for both of TWO outcomes.

        This morning UN-Wittingdale replied to a crucial question. He said re Brexit, planning studies can only be conducted after deals are signed. Totally incompetent of course. Neither caller nor presenter pointed out that scenario planning must be done BEFORE a situation not after. Yet the articulate caller responded on a different matter instead of helping to break the long standing myth of Tory competence at business and managing the economy. No able business person would say thorough planning can only be done after signing a deal.
        ps. we now have confirmed today that under Tory government, we have endured the worst decline of the economy FOR TEN YEARS, only just escaping recession by a whisker.

        Tory failures need to be highlighted. They are not, hence the sustained ignorance of many, rather than gullibility. We leave a vacuum, a blank space for the MSM to fill.
        Both here and across the pond, the evidence of Tory and Republican business and economic failures are never repeated as needed. Brief mentions yes. Vital repetition, never. Thus the lie that they are able, endures.

  8. Yet again Boris is avoiding scrutiny. He expresses his support for HS2 but bizarrely refuses to publish the HS2 report until after the election.

  9. Vote ‘America First’ for low paid precarious jobs
    Vote Labour for Green Industrial Revolution

    Just had this post taken down by BBC for breaking election rules
    Can anyone clarify cos IFIIKW

  10. HS2 another demonstration of Tory incompetence. Adonis you say. Precisely! Tory failure!!! Another costly, ill conceived project at the tax payers’ expense! Were HS2 really to help the north, it would have been starting in the north. Urgent east west connections are needed throughout the midlands. AND down south also. Try getting from Farnham Surrey to Braybourne Kent by train. Or Alton Hants to Taunton.
    So HS2 with excess of £8 billion spent and nothing to show for it, is TYPICAL TORY FAILURE. Banditry.

    UNEQUAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: How is it that both Gove and Cameron admitted to ILLEGAL drug use and are free to carry on as usual, yet the poor and vulnerable get criminal records and imprisonment for less???

    So, no surprise the protected lamentable persistent failures and mess of the Tories. They are confident of the support of the MSM. HS2 allegedly has the highest paid civil servants. Catastrophic costly failure re: staff retention. Staff on over £70,000.00 per year recycled as private consultants for much more. TYPICAL TORY RUINOUS economy wrecking asset flogging UNPATRIOTIC persistent operation. This must be repeated at every opportunity. Few know it because it is rarely highlighted and repeated. There may be one or two mentions of such Tory failings then silence. We must highlight their failings niw and beyond our election victory. How else will the public have it at the forefronts of their minds?

    RUSSIAN MONEY… more later, but note the security services have long signed off the committee report, yet BloJob is hiding it from the electorate. Why???

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