Carden’s categoric denial of ridiculous claims shows – at best – journos’ inability to understand Scouse accent

Labour front-bencher has absolutely denied nonsensical claims

The abysmal bias of the corporate media – even under supposed general election rules of balance – has been exposed by a claim that Labour front-bencher Dan Carden stood, on a bus full of journalists, to sing disparaging lyrics about Jewish people to the tune of the Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’.

Carden tweeted:

Eyewitnesses on the bus have echoed Carden’s denial:

The claims were always unrealistic, given the setting in which the words were supposedly sung. Stretching charitability to its absolute limit, the claims are the idiocy of some southern corporate journalist failing to understand the Scouse accent in a noisy bus.

But Carden’s rational comment about the timing of the claims raises far more sinister possibilities.

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  1. Let’s face it – this particular accusation is simply par for the course in terms of credibility.

    1. Amuses me when the Neo-Liberal capitalist Tory legal thieves (everything is based on legal contracts) accuse us victims of their theft of ‘the politics of envy’ NO RIGHT WING TORY BARBARIANS IT IS THE POLITICS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE!
      Then WE who stand on the front line confronting the Far Right (putting ourselves at personal risk) are attacked by Right Wing Labour MPs and Right Wing Jewish groups who interestingly never seem to be at our side!
      As far right USA billionaires pour millions into far right groups and individuals around the World (including here) TO TRY TO SET DIVERSE WORKING PEOPLE AGAINST EACH OTHER – TO HELP THE RICH AND POWERFUL, I invite all diverse citizens to join Labour & the Trade Unions to fight Far Right Wing Barbarianism.
      Diverse working people of the World Unite!

  2. Unless they have a recording its got to be a breach of
    Election law which covers conduct of candidates and journalism.ITs now for the almighty to put in a complaint of abuse of election law.How difficult is that.!

  3. There is clearly a concerted effort by the MSM , the Tories and non Socialist Jews to portray Jeremy, his supporters in the PLP and ordinary supporters like me as antisemites. This absurd accusation against Dan is part of it. I am disgusted but not surprised this story was picked up and broadcast by Sky
    Jeremy is supported by Orthodox Jews, Socialist Jews and Jewish intellectuals along with the majority of Labour members some of whom are Jews.
    Support from these Jewish people like the letter of support from Orthodox rabbis (representing 100 congregations)is barely reported but when a Jewish newspaper launches a vicious full frontal attack on Jeremy, when prominent non Socialist Jews insult and abuse him, its headline news. However I think most people can see that the animosity to put it no stronger does not come from Jeremy , neither is it reciprocated by him.
    I find it totally insulting that anyone would suggest that I and people like me would support an antisemite or that I am a thug (according to David Blunket and others of his ilk).
    I am a lifelong socialist. I don’t want to see homeless people living without comfort or privacy on the streets, I don’t want to see people rendered destitute by a deliberately cruel benefits system which seeks to punish the sick and disabled. I don’t want the elderly to be deprived of social care . I want to see an good NHS and an end to food bank queues and I want public services to be run for the benefit of the public not for private gain.I want everyone to pay their fair share of taxes.
    I support Jeremy Corbyn because he is a socialist too.I and millions of others share his values and I truly believe he will do his utmost to create a fairer more equal society.
    Therefore I will ignore the smears , the lies, the guilt by association etc and will work hard for a Labour Government led by one of the finest leaders we have ever had – Jeremy Corbyn, lifelong anti racist peace activist, astute politician, a strong and decent man who has always been on the right side of history .

    1. You’re absolutely right, Smartboy – but it isn’t the readers here that need convincing, and until the Party gets a collective spine and its act together, all our knowledge and justified outrage is as piss to the wind!

      1. RH You are correct,but I am not convinced that its just a lack of collective spine,I think it’s more a case of infiltration and influence on the NEC.And thats why the old adage of doing it yourself comes into play Somtimes in pursuing a change or enforcement of existing laws takes time money and its strange how much urging for actions you can get but very little help.I still urge people to put in complaints if our party are incapable or incapacitated in some bizzare way to do their job.

      2. “I am not convinced that its just a lack of collective spine”

        I fear that you are right, Joseph. But cowardice is a major component of it being allowed to just happen with no challenge. Of course, allowing the IHRA definition, with its transparent intention of insulating Israel from criticism, through the door has given the fakers ammunition – as predicted.

  4. The party has brought this on themselves by not defending themselves, members and supporters
    This is the perfect opportunity to throw the book at Buzzfeed and Sky

  5. Have all the people spreading this lie been been reported to the police yet?
    Section 106 of the RPA makes it a criminal offence to make or publish a false statement of fact about the personal character or conduct of an election candidate for the purpose of affecting the return of any candidate at the election.

    1. Labour’s approach to dealing with A/S smears has been woeful, why? Because insiders in the Party have collaborated in encouraging them by adopting the IHRA definition.

      1. “Labour’s approach to dealing with A/S smears has been woeful”

        I’m afraid that you’re right, Jack, as many of us here have often said. I’m sorry to disappoint those suggesting legal redress under the RPA – there is no chance of slurs being headed off by that route. The only weapon we have is the truth and the fearless advocacy of it and basic principles of human rights.

        This has not been done. At every stage the Party and all but a few of its representatives have been as chocolate fireguards to a blazing inferno, apologising and cowering for non-existant prejudice. Worse – they have been happy to chuck a host of good people under the bus in the hope of placating the real offenders.

        It has been a shameful prospect to witness, and must raise doubts about the current set-up’s ability to tackle any difficult issue if the usual suspects say ‘Boo!’

        We’re not seeing pragmatism – it’s been a display of snivelling and unprincipled cowardice. Backbone is a desperate need.

  6. It was only a question of time that the acolytes of the rich and powerful would throw in this card but to be honest Right Wing Barbarians this is a bit too soon and a bit weak and predictable.
    Memo to the forces of Neo-Liberal capitalist legal thieves: must try harder.
    They are throwing everything at us, latest message calling Hindus traitors if they vote Labour!
    But Labour for is for ALL diverse working people it is not only for one particular group unlike some parties in some countries but is for ALL diverse working people – having to sell our labour to live unites us “Unites the Human Race!”
    And recently we have the Jewish Chronicle telling non-Jewish citizens what to do – not to vote Labour!
    Right then perhaps we should tell people in Israel what to do – stop stealing Palestinian land, stop killing Palestinians, and whilst we will also ask for Palestinian peaceful restraint, and despite Trump appeasing the US arms industry supplier of military products, and the religious right in the USA, perhaps we should recall in 1947 a UN working party looked at the disputed Palestine region.
    A majority of 8 out of 11 went for a two state solution and a minority of 3. for one democratic state solution – and if some lecture us perhaps we should return the compliment, my view is one democratic state is a victory for humanity.
    It could be argued there has been a tripartite attack on Labour:
    One on Jewish Diversity (Silverstein, 2018).
    Second the Right Wing Media piling in (to protect their offshore tax dodging owners from a radical Labour Govt.) and politically ignorant Liberal middle class media.
    Third, Right Wing ‘Crumbs for Working Peope’ Labour MPs etc opportunists to attack Corbyn because they can’t win on ideas for as political dummies they have none.
    Time for socialist critical thinkers to intellectually crush the Right Wing Coalition of Barbarians.
    As far Right USA billionaire barbarians fund far right barbarians around the World it is the Left as always which offers an umbrella for diverse working people to shelter under.
    Diverse working people of the World Unite!

  7. Aussie Attack Dog – you have come in a bit too early and weak with the AS card.
    Predictable and lazy.
    Need to be sharper Livedo the Political Lighweight! Poundshop Goebells?

  8. Well I’ve reported Alex Wickham of Buzzfeed to the police for breaching s106 of the Representation of the Peoples Act.

    This is what the College of Policing have to say:

    False statement of fact as to candidate

    It is an illegal practice for a person to make or publish any false statement of fact in relation to the personal character or conduct (rather than the political character or conduct) of a candidate, before or during an election, for the purpose of affecting the return of the candidate at the election unless they can show that they had reasonable grounds for believing, and did believe, the statement to be true – section 106 RPA 1983.

    The words of the statement will be interpreted according to their real and true meaning and not necessarily according to their literal sense

  9. G Millard well done for exercising your rights under the law.I have done it and providing you ouote the relevent act and all witness statement s they cannot ignore.IT also gives a feeling of satisfaction that you will not stand idle and have yours and others rights trampled.I always CC to other relevent organisations.and in case of the police The chief constable and the Home office.

  10. Question One…….allegation made, but why now? Question Two……..allegation made, but where is the proof? Question Three……..why is it so easy to make an allegation that is often malicious, without foundation & often anonymous? #MeMe

  11. I am supremely confident that this bit of detritus news will only augment the resolve of the lovely and intelligent people of Liverpool to ignore the right wing media even more than they do now. After all, wasn’t it Liverpool to be the uniquely discerning people to ban the SUN?

    1. I’m not denigrating that campaign. But despite the widespread sympathy, the dark matter that is ‘The Sun’ still gets bought by loads of people.

  12. I was deeply suspicious of this as soon as I heard it.

    On the anti-Semitism issue generally, the Labour Party clearly never had a proper strategy for countering it. That is absolutely no good at all.

  13. BDS – EU’s top court rules that consumers have a right to know if goods they buy come from Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land in violation of international law.

    The judgment is a severe blow to Israel’s efforts to legitimize its colonies in the occupied West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights – the construction of which is a war crime.

    The court, the highest judicial authority for interpreting EU law, stated that labeling settlement goods is mandatory “in order to prevent consumers from being misled as to the fact that the State of Israel is present in the territories concerned as an occupying power and not as a sovereign entity.”

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