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Video: spokesperson flounders as FibDems caught claiming Swinson’s own words were media praise

Leaflet attributes comments about LibDem relevance to Sky News and Guardian – when they were party leader’s own words

LibDem representative Christine Jardine floundered on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme this morning when she was confronted with an outrageous piece of fake news put out by her party.

Derbyshire asked Jardine about a campaign leaflet containing quotes – attributed to Sky News and The Guardian about the LibDems’ supposed electoral relevance – but which were in fact party leader Jo Swinson’s own comments.

Confronted with the indefensible, Jardine could scarcely have floundered more completely:


On what seems an almost daily basis, the LibDems are being caught out in blatant lies as well as shameless distortion of facts in their desperation to reverse their polling slide – which looks catastrophic even at the outset of the campaign.

No wonder they’re so often called ‘Yellow Tories’ and ‘FibDems’.

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  1. Looks like (some) journalists are finally starting to do the job they’re paid for…

    …But like a royal marriage – it’ll never last. The closer to the 12th December we get, the more they’ll revert to type.

    1. Toffee I think markles quite a good actor and she will make the greatest show on earth ,last beyond December the 12th…A constitution would be nice,then we can look at the Royals

  2. I saw the piece.
    Can’t stand Swinson, her party, her despicable attitude to Corbyn or anything about her politics – but I thought it looked like the Guardian and Sky had paraphrased Swinson in quotation marks and somebody had copy-pasted the headlines to a leaflet in a way that made it look like the media agreed with her.
    Not the worst thing we’ve seen in politics.

    1. No its not the worst I agree but it is indicative of the Lib Dems strategy which is to put a dishonest spin on issues like e.g. the alleged poll results which showed the Lib Dems overtaking Labour when this was definitely not case.
      It has to be remembered that the Lib Dems were in government with the Tories for 5 years during which time they proved themselves to be unscrupulous and untrustworthy . They are now putting the tactics they learned at the Tories knee into practice .
      Additionally they have behaved throughout with breath taking arrogance – they are going to scrap Brexit, they won’t work with Jeremy Corbyn under any circumstances (its manners to wait to be asked as my gran used to say) and Jo Swinson who has been in parliament for all of 2 years thinks she is a PM in waiting.
      I think they will suffer a painful reality check at this election.

  3. In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Cheney backed up his position by reference to a story in the New York Times. But that ‘information’ was actually supplied by the administration,

    In effect, he was quoting himself.

  4. Swansong will choke on her own lies this election and hopefully loose her seat

  5. Fib Dems, failed wannabe Tories and so power hungry they can’t make up their minds as to how Right Wing they want to be! Mind you even their cock ups look like amateur night at the Goebbels College for Propaganda, or is that a Murdoch’s college? Difficult to tell these days! Rubbish politics and rubbish propaganda and of course comes from a rubbish Leader who heads up a rubbish excuse for a Party! 👿

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