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Breaking video: crowd shouts NHS “Not for Sale!” as Corbyn speaks in Essex

Crowd reacts to Tory plans to parcel off NHS to corporations

As Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke today to voters in Essex, the crowd reacted spontaneously when he described Tory plans to hand out more and more of the NHS to private interests, in particular US companies. The Tories’ secret meetings with representatives of Donald Trump about the future of the NHS have been leaked to media.

As Corbyn spoke, the crowd broke out in a chant of ‘Not for Sale, Not for Sale’ – the same message shouted by the audience at Corbyn’s general election campaign-launch speech last week:


The Tories have tried to deny that they have such plans, but the leaked meetings made the issue clear: you can simply never trust a Tory with the NHS.

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  1. One response that has really hit home hard and is a very powerful response yo the same old same old from MSM and tory toilet papers is
    ‘It’s not about me’
    Added to its
    ‘Not for Sale’
    Finally we also all seem to be making hay and actually enjoying fighting the cheap and nasty Tory party,
    Keep going, head down arse up
    Solidarity lads and lasses

  2. If you think it’s not about class, listen to JRM LBC interview again
    Only a privileged posh pratt educated out of his wits who has never lived in a high rise flat could make those comments
    Not known as the cheap and nasty Tory party for nothing

  3. The NHS…..the best in the world and manufactured in the UK for everyone and invented by the Labour government….warning do not mess with the NHS……The tory graveyard of capitalist ambition…RIP

  4. Ah yes, the part the BBC left out of their report in the one o’clock news. The crowd response was apparently not worthy of mentioning. What was reported was a man in a car going by who shouted out about Brexit. Unfortunately, typical of the beeb.

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