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Breaking: Labour on Tories’ temporary stop on fracking – ‘Labour govt will ban it – you can’t trust a word Johnson says’

Shadow Business and Energy Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey

Labour’s Shadow Business and Energy Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey has responded on Labour’s behalf to the government’s temporary halt to fracking with a reminder that Labour will ban the environmentally damaging practice entirely – and that nothing Boris Johnson says can be trusted.

Long-Bailey said:

Facing earthquakes, air pollution and climate breakdown, communities across the UK fought back hard against Tory efforts to roll out fracking on a massive scale.

When the Tory government overruled local democratic decisions to halt fracking, communities did not give up. When fracking protestors went to jail, communities did not give up. And now they have forced the government to U-turn in their support for a dirty industry once described by Boris Johnson as ‘glorious news for humanity.’

It is over eight years since fracking caused earthquakes near Blackpool. The Tories owe the public an apology, and an explanation of how much public money they wasted while ignoring the science.

The next Labour government will ban fracking – whereas the Tories will only call a temporary halt to it. You can’t trust a word the Prime Minister says.


You can’t trust a Tory with anything, including the environment.

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  1. I always thought George Osborne the his family connection between himself and the fracking company drilling in Balcombe W Sussex a classic example of family values Tory style that would have embarresed Imelda Marcos for sheer greed.And I noticed the green mp from Brighton turned up in Balcombe on a20minute drive day trip with a camera team to get arrested…such an obvious stunt.The company met massive local ressistence from even the local tory population who even laid on refreshments for supporters from all over Britain.The company eventually packed up and decided the Tory green belt was not a good idea and far better to concentrate on the more working class areas for pollution…theyre used to it..Wherever these global vandals move they cause massive destruction even on test drills.,Many local people are not even aware until the earthquakes rumble….beware they could be near you.!

  2. “Conservatives” is a misnomer that’s always irritated me.
    They’re the most profligate wasters on the planet – they save nothing but money and fight for no principle but that the privilege of their class must be maintained down through the generations.
    The idea that the planet only has a chance to survive if we melt every last one of the fuckers occupies a bigger and bigger part of the back of my mind the older and grumpier I get.

  3. Havnt they the cheap and nasty Tory party got a fucker, sorry fracker writing their manifesto

  4. Interesting legal point is that the oil and gas industry has no way of predicting the extent and level of the earthquake in fracking?Does that also indicate that the damage already been done is unknown to them as well?…Only time or a class action will tell.

    1. Joseph
      The American industry is a dystopian nightmare both environmentally and financially
      The cost to clean up that industry could bankrupt them

  5. The problem with green energy from a capitalist’s point of view is that one new technology can be made almost instantly worthless by the next new technology – investors don’t like to lose money.
    Fossil fuel is a known quantity with known risks in terms of investor profits. It’s known to be a diminishing resource and therefore of increasing value, like land in a time of increasing population.
    Artificially restricting supply increases profit per unit – ask De Beers or any land-banking builder.
    National decision making needs to be based on overall long term benefit to society, not on manipulating supply for profit or on protecting rich investors from loss.

    I don’t expect to see it but won’t be too many decades before society comes to understand that it doesn’t need capitalism and it absolutely doesn’t need rich people.
    AI/robotics and global warming/green energy makes the death of capitalism inevitable – if capitalism had any sense it would concede that now and trust us to allow it a gradual decline rather than the ‘something worse’ that will come from its continuing denial of reason.

    Unfortunately capitalism doesn’t have any sense, being no more than the myth of a theory to justify the violence of power.

  6. Petroluem has an energy efficiency ratio of 30:1 (one barrel’s worth of energy produces 30) so profitable, Fracking 7:1 and each well only lasts 3 years so need thousands UK under a home near YOU.
    Tories (MONEYservatives) only want to suspend it for 40 days so like £8b from pushing back HS2 thrown at services, claims to unfreeze benefits etc.
    ALL A SHORT-TERM CONservative CON!
    With the aid of the Right Wing Media (and their tax dodging owners) CAN THE CONS CONTINUE TO CON THE MASSES?
    Best hope JC direct to people and us too on doorsteps!

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