Backlash as Blairite councillor endorses one of two left hopefuls for Liverpool W Derby candidacy

Right-winger Nick Crofts sends email supporting Momentum-backed Angela Coleman

A Blairite councillor’s email endorsing a Momentum-backed candidate has led to a local backlash in the contest to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the Liverpool West Derby seat from which Stephen Twigg will step down at the next election.

Nick Crofts – whose supporters on the Labour right published a protest letter when he was not longlisted for the seat – has sent an email to West Derby members urging them to vote for Angela Coleman. The email describes the decision not to longlist Crofts as ‘unjust’, but says of Coleman that:

She is a unifier, and will continue the West Derby way of doing things

Angela Coleman is backed by national Momentum, while Corbyn-supporting local members voted to support Ian Byrne at a recent meeting.

There has been a considerable reaction on social media among local Labour members to the endorsement because of Croft’s right-wing track record.

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  1. Various factions adopting a sectarian bunker like mentality is unlikely to work out well.

    Either Nick Croft is expressing a genuine opinion that Angela is the most unifying candidate on the shortlist (which case it just confirms what a good choice Angela’s supporters have made) or he sees her as the candidate who is the biggest threat to his ideology and people shouldn’t be gullible enough to get wound up.

    Either way it’s not worth getting worked up about.

    1. “Various factions adopting a sectarian bunker like mentality is unlikely to work out well.”

      Indeed. It’s no good complaining about disunity and subversion and then throwing disgruntlement around indiscriminately when someone expresses solidarity.

  2. No more RW blairite mps please theyve already done enough damage to the Labour party.Momentum approved candidate’s?….Thats beginning to sound like Lansmans fiefdom puppet and just look at the NEC to see what puppets do under his control.And I think that we should all be very worried about the drift of the Labour party especially in safe seats.!

    1. The two candidates are left wingers. Croft was from the right didn’t make the cut

      1. The ‘left/right’ simple dichotomy is nonsense.. Playpen definitions that are used like badges from a cornflakes packet.

  3. Let’s put this in context, if two right wingers were campaigning in my constituency does that mean I shouldn’t have a say which I feel would be the better of the two? This whole West Derby affair is part of an attack on one candidate by followers of the other.

  4. TC Liverpool…which candidates support corbyn?…because momentum approved candidates means nothing because of lansman!

      1. Thanks TC Liverpool thats good news the its important that good seats are held by good mps and will continue the Socialist Labour party in government….,and thanks for the early morning shift in your time zone much appreciated.!

  5. Who’s Left and who’s Right? There isn’t presently much difference between Labour Right and Labour Left: the Right love capitalism and the Left don’t intend to replace it. Either way you end up with capitalism – with all its consequences for the working class. This common ground is reflected in the widespread love of the EU. So, confusion like this is unsurprising (as is where you’d currently place McDonnell, Abbott etc. on the LP spectrum).

    1. Danny the Labour party left must be looked upon as work in progress,whilst the right dont belong in the Labour party and they must be irradacated and expelled.The good news is that we now know why we have seen the support bleed away in Scotland and the North.The church is now so broad the roofs falling in.!

      1. If only the current Labour Party WAS indeed a ‘work in progress’ , Joseph OKEEFE ! In fact it is a Party that is now actually teetering on the cusp of a PASOK or French Socialist Party, or German SPD- style final historical electoral wipe-out. For exactly the same underlying reason that ALL of European social democracy has collapsed over the last ten years – ie, a total failure to really break fundamentally from the neoliberal consensus and re-embrace genuine radical socialist politics and policies.

        Those who respond by citing the undoubted mild radicalism of our 2017 Manifesto – and all those additional juicy big-spending promises made since – need to grasp how worthless those policy ‘commitments’ really are. This is because most simply cannot be implemented within the continued straightjacket of the EU’s single Market rules ! Yet our overwhelmingly uncritically pro Remain, pro EU, middle class, Left Liberal Membership is determined to foist a Remain and pro Second Referendum position on the Party in any new Manifesto – and thus definitely wave goodbye to the bulk of our traditional Labour pro Leave Heartlands ! This is called ‘cognitive dissonance’ – the ability to believe two or more completely contradictory things at the same time. Our Party is infected with this cognitive problem, big time. For Labour today this is a terminal ideological disfunction.

        2015’s unexpected and flukey ‘Corbynist Insurgency’ turned out to be the last death spasm of an already dead and rotten political entity, not a real sign of political re-birth.

      2. Jpenny….Even if the Labour party are a dead and rotten political entity you fail to understand that the centre ground is breaking up Quickly even in europe.and their is only so much room for failed neo liberal partys especially in the UK were the public are sick of the archiac institution’s and the lack of democracy.Labour must win this election or rise from the ashes of defeat to form a truly new Labour socialist party.This is our the members Labour party and the largest in europe and we will still be here to fight against the injustice and a 21st century democracy and decent honest or out of Europe.solidarity Comrades!

      3. Note Ha’penny’s well-known strategy of trying to breathe life into the rotting corpse of Wolfie by misdirecting attention away from the reality of winning elections. Failure is the comfortable option for such.

  6. Why then, if Angela Coleman is such a Corbyn supporting Leftie, has she been a Party to deselecting good, socialist Councillors, as a Regional Board member? Cllr Tony Norbury, from Birkenhead, is just one example.

    1. You will have to explain that one, Can I just ask you about the actualities, how can any board deselect a councillor, that is down to individual CLPs, unless they have broken Labour party rules and then it becomes procedure.

      1. Not even a CLP/DLP decision ultmately – apart from vetting the basic suitability of candidates.

        Councillors are selected by the members of the relevant Ward.

  7. Keith Vaz,…remembered as the self medication liar that allowed the re suspension of Chris Williamson may finaly get his just reward by being slung out of parliament.Seems he not only self medicates but supplys as well …..Parliament will decide??….nobody likes a coward that bends to the wishes of the Israeli apartheid lobby..yes!

  8. Ps Vaz..parliament standards committee in reply to questions Vaz replied he suffers from medical amnesia.How common along with self medication is that on the Labour party NEC??

    1. I do think it’s amazing that the NEC – with a straight face – can suspend Chris Williamson on the basis of Vaz’s ‘recantation’ – but not suspend Vaz himself.

      The bureaucracy of the Party is a pathetic joke.

      Interesting conversation with a long-time Labour supporter today : definitely won’t support Swinson’s band of little Tory helpers, but seriously questioning whether Labour is worth a tick (seen as rambling and incompetent), and wondering about whether the Greens are the best option. What I take from this is a desperate appeal for a coherent sense of direction and opposition in the mind of a typical supporter.

      Time is short to retrieve ground – and simply shouting ‘It ain’t so!’ and claiming that doubters are ‘Blairites’ or ‘Centrists’ … ‘Blah, blah ….’won’t cut the mustard .

  9. This is just embarrassing now,
    The fuckwits behind abstention tonight have no clue other than stopping a JC and Labour government,
    Looks like they are going to get their way

    1. Doug….libs and Torys running together and Johnson’s 31st oct promise just might be in labours favour…its all looking desperate for Johnson and Swansong.and the AND showing their true colours.The Election campaign will be more than brexit..and more about the haves and have nots and the public services…We can win this election!

      1. Have no doubt – a December election is not even a smidgen of a good idea for Labour. That’s why the Tories, the SNP and the LibDems are backing it.

        England had its strategy worked out against the All Blacks and took the game to them. That’s why they won!

      2. Joseph
        ‘We can win this election’
        Could not agree more,
        We have an opportunity to consign this cheap and nasty Tory party to history,
        So what the hell is going on

    1. You will be making a mistake to see Momentum as simply as a front for of Lansman, despite its origins.

      (No – I’m not a member)

      1. RH..Momentum are always pestering me for donations and I did used to donate but not anymore because lansman hijacked the brand and now they are a front for lansman and others .But who knows what the ultimate objectives are,because its not a Corbyn government.!

  10. The House was noisy with the usual jeering and barracking while Johnson, Corbyn and Blackford were speaking, but it was all in response to their words..
    For the first couple of minutes after Swinson stood it sounded like people were just talking amongst themselves in the background and ignoring her speech.
    Shocking behaviour 🙂

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