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Video: Johnson positions Brexit vote as his deal or no-deal after Juncker says ‘no extension’

Saturday’s vote framed in absolute terms

Boris Johnson appears to have succeeded in positioning the weekend’s Commons vote on his Brexit deal as ‘this deal or no deal’, after EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters that the UK has a deal and therefore doesn’t need an extension:

The BBC reported this afternoon that Johnson had asked EU leaders not to grant any extension – and they appear to have listened. If Juncker is true to his word, MPs face a choice between leaving the EU on Johnson’s terms – or without a deal at all.

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  1. Well done Clown, you have achieved your aim.
    Will a grown up now please put this overgrown spoilt brat out of our misery and back in the nursery where he belongs. Get the brexshit put on ice, find out what the real view is now, revoke the national self harm, apologise and get the country fixed.

    1. Because it’s likely to be the death of the UK and a substantial number of its citizens.

      Besides Junker is unable to unilaterally say there is no extension. I mean the rest might still decline it thanks to the brain dead retards negotiating for the UK but I don’t think Junker can stop anything on his own.

    2. and the death of many vulnerable people , our NHS , our rights , our Environmental protections , EVERYTHING . Nope we need a Labour deal and a Vote on it by the public with remain an option .If that is not forth coming I recon Saturday will be the kick off for riots , god help any Brexiters

      1. rob – the whole Brexit shambles has been an immense waste of time and other resources aimed only at filling the boots and feeding the egos of the plutocrat class.

        Cut through the crap, and you end up inexorably with staying in the EU as being the best (not perfect) option. It’s been obvious for at least three years.

      2. rob, if you’re there, have another look look at the previous thread.

  2. I thought Corbyn’s discussions with the eu were: ‘From heaven’?

    Yet here’s ‘junkyard’ seeming happy enough to have de piffle’s ‘deal’ over anything else – including extending to see if Corbyn can become PM to get his ‘From heaven’ discussions turned into a supposed better deal?


    Perhaps junkyard’s just as pissed off with it as the British public are, and wants an end to it by 31st.

  3. Legal advice is required immediately in England and Scotland as to whether Johnson’s act of asking the EU, ahead of the request, to rule out an extension was intended to thwart the intention of the court ruling that he must ask for one, thus constituting contempt of court.

  4. Asking the EU to rule out an extension before the proposed deal is even considered by the British parliament, never mind rejected or accepted by it, is exactly what we expect from an opportunist charlatan like Johnson.

    Agreeing to it is disgusting. The tories have even worn-down the EU.

    Any Labour MP who joins John Mann in accepting this bad brexit, should lose the party whip and be expelled immediately.

    Discipline, Labour, Discipline.

    1. The important point is quite simple. Any Labour MP who votes for this is, de facto, supporting the Tory policy of deregulation and lowering of employment standards. Forget any thoughts of a socialist paradise built on Brexit – it’s the mirage it always was.

  5. Fake news.
    Junker stated why would you want an extension if you have a deal.
    He was then asked ‘ but what I’d U.K. Parliament rejects the deal ‘?
    His response ‘ I don’t control the UK Parliament.
    At no time did he state the EU would not accept /agree a request for an extension.

    1. I hope that’s true. It means we cannot even trust the BBC to present a story. Information, non-information, disinformation, unreliable.

      The run up to the General Election is showing that the BBC has become completely unreliable.

      The thing is tho’, if the BBC is being very selective in its reporting, others like Katharine Viner, editor-in-chief at the Guardian, and others are completely complicit.

  6. On Saturday the only thing we dont know is how Cummings glove puppet avoids an extension,
    Once extension in place then Labour will support vote for GE under FTPA

  7. “Take back control” from a Neo-Liberal Tory who with his like are complicit over the last 40 years in eroding democracy and giving citizens less say over the economy and more, and all power to the market economy (Neo-Liberal capitalism).
    I support a left wing democratic socialist leave and we then take back control with democratic control of labour and capital supply, migration adjustment funds for councils, trade unionising migrant workers (so they win better pay and conditiond and fight for better living conditions too) and the public ownership of mail, rail, water, public utilities etc (what in this land is ours?) with a Jeremy Corbyn Labour Govt.

  8. There will be a three line whip on Labour MPs on Saturday. Any Labour MP who defies the whip and helps Johnson to stay in power and/or deliver a Brexit which will harm the least we’ll off, will be remembered for decades and never be forgiven.

  9. I hate to say it but it was obvious to anyone who knows Ireland and the political make up..So the centre right governments are pleased,and even Sinn Fein are smiling 😃.A red line down the Irish sea just what so many gave their lives for.Once again the Torys have shown that the Occupied part of Ireland is little more than a bargaining tool.Jeremy Corbyn does know Ireland and has the knowledge that so many Brits havnt and is correct in rejecting a deal.Without taking the loyalist community with us blood will flow and the trouble will start again and a deal to keep the centre right of Ireland and the Tory establishment happy in a 7day madness will not work for the people that matter.The loyalists have the arms the largley secratarian police force the militias and many of the military inside N Ireland.and they will be urged by the unionist politicians to flex thei muscles.The unionist and the DUP have no reason for existence in a United Ireland and a seven days wonder will not deliver anything for Ireland or the British public.We have a Chance for government but its slowly slipping away,hopefully Corbyn will rise to the challenge but it will take more than 7days .Expect all of the torys and rejects to vote with the establishment….plus our own..The DUP unionist cannot vote to destroy themselves and so will vote against or abstain.Which leaves the highly bribebel Swansong and the lib dems lackys….waiting to take advantage.Saturday could make or break the socialist Labour revival,but could also plunge us back to the troubles and a reinvigorated Tory party that like the unionist survive on war and strife..Don’t forget nearly every town in mainland Britain has an Orange lodge and they do more than fly the flag?

  10. Your account is somewhat Manichean Joseph.

    However, leave that aside. The important issue is – for those of us who have no particular allegiance in terms of the Irish conflict – is that this whole Brexit mess has interrupted the slow, but observable and inevitable, process of making the border and what it represents an irrelevancy.

    That is something I can’t forgive.

    1. RH Apart from the fact I am not an Iranian prophet I tend to go for countrys without borders,especially when the majority wish for that and the Labour party and Corbyn support that…..try to keep up RH you must agree with somthing the party supports,Unity is strengh!

      1. I know full well that you don’t think the reference is to the allegedly Iranian religion 🙂

        Read carefully without preconceptions, and you will see that my main point is precisely about no border (in relation to the GFA) and the damage that |Brexit does to the concept.

  11. UPDATE: The legal challenge to the Brexit deal will be heard at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Friday

    Anti-Brexit campaigners plan to lodge a legal action in a bid to ban the Government from putting its proposed Withdrawal Agreement before Parliament as it is unlawful – due to legislation put forward by Brexit champion Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    In what may be the most bizarre twist in the twisted, bizarre permutations of enacting the so-called will of the people yet, it is an amendment made by ERG awkward squad leader Rees-Mogg that may provide the ammunition that delays Brexit beyond the October 31 deadline Boris Johnson has vowed he would rather lie “dead in a ditch” after.

    Jo Maugham QC said he believes the agreement Johnson has negotiated with the EU, due to be debated in a special parliamentary sitting on Saturday, contravenes legislation stating it is “unlawful for Her Majesty’s Government to enter into arrangements under which Northern Ireland forms part of a separate customs territory to Great Britain”.

    1. There would be a delightful symmetry in a positive outcome.

      … but I’m not holding my breath.

      1. RH – It would be a delicious irony. I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether JRM’s amendment was well drafted. We can but hope.

      2. It will be most interesting to see which PLP members are, indeed, Tory supporters on Saturday. It will put the shouts of ‘traitor’ etc. into a proper perspective and allow an objective head count.

  12. Rule by judiciary in a country with no constitution and no real democracy.. The penny finally drops.And meanwhile in the colonys Boris Johnson’s lights the Blue touch paper and everyone stand well back!

    1. What are you going on about, Joseph?

      The rule of law is fundamental to democracy – particularly if the constitution is as ill-defined as in this country.

      What else would yo have if not the rule of law? Gun law, lynching and the Wild West?

  13. Courtesy of Vox Political

    Vox Political
    Diversion tactics: The ‘political declaration’ on Brexit is a disaster – why is nobody talking about it?

    While MPs have decided to take the extraordinary measure of sitting on a Saturday to decide whether to support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, it seems no-one wants to talk about a document that is just as dangerous: Boris Johnson’s political declaration, setting out the future relationship the Tory government wants to have with the EU.

    Fortunately, Labour’s Hilary Benn has tweeted about it:

  14. ♦♦ Breaking – Game Changing News ♦♦

    😄 Letwin amendment passes 322 to 306 😄

    The Benn amendment is now automatically triggered. Has Boris booked his flight for Brussels yet to hand over his letter requesting an extension.

    The Tory solution to their new dilemma is to run away and sulk by refusing to take part in the debate.

    ♦♦♦ Breaking News ♦♦♦

    1. Boris’s now appears to be taking a well worn path of throwing a bit of red meat to the zealots in his RW support base by tweeting out a hard unattributed response from Downing Street whilst he quietly capitulates.

  15. Yes, however it is not altogether clear how things will go. He is likely to send the letter, but probably as late as possible tonight to avoid it being reported in tomorrow’s papers; but what then?

    The law requires him to write the letter but probably does not compel him to act on any response that he receives. A reliable legal opinion is required on this.

    The received wisdom re the EC is that they will not rush to reply hoping that a delay might encourage MPs to back the deal, and that they may take it right down to the wire leaving little time to action it before 31st deadline.

    If they refuse it would get Boris of the hook, but is likely to result in them being blamed for a no deal, likewise delaying replying too long.
    If they say yes to a delay, presumably with conditions, Boris may not be obliged to accept the offer.

    This would leave a swift call for a General Election or a vote of no confidence in Boris, and or his government.

    I would be interested in the comments of those learned in the law.

    1. heavitreeman 19/10/2019 at 8:30 pm

      Extract from –
      The European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill 2019

      5/8 The form of the letter is set out in a schedule to the Bill. If the European Council agrees to an extension to the 31 January 2020, then the Prime Minister must immediately accept that extension.
      6/8 If the European Council proposes an extension to a different date then the Prime Minister must accept that extension within two days, unless the House of Commons rejects it.

      Boris doesn’t appear to have much choice in the matter.

  16. Thank you, I am very pleased to read this. I suspect Boris and his advisers either did not know this, or were arrogant enough to believe no one else would know or notice. I hope this is highlighted on the Andrew Marr show tomorrow and on Sophie Ridge on Sunday.

  17. Boris Johnson will face a fresh legal challenge even if he manages to bring a deal back from Brussels.

    Lawyer Jolyon Maugham said reports of what Johnson’s deal will look like would contravene domestic tax law.

    Maugham, who has been involved in successful, high profile cases that challenge the government over plans to exit the European Union, said he intended to lodge a petition to stop the government putting the Withdrawal Agreement before parliament.

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