Young Tory schedules posthumous tweets during Johnson’s speech to accuse Tories of sex assaults

Teessider Jade Smith was found dead on Sunday

A young north-east Tory supporter who sported a Boris Johnson tattoo and appeared on TV show ‘The Mighty Redcar’ had scheduled a series of tweets to go out after her death to accuse the Conservatives of sexual assaults. The tweets were timed to go out during Boris Johnson’s conference speech.

Jade Smith, whose body was found on Sunday in Saltburn, wrote:

There’s one last topic I want to talk about before I go and say my goodbyes.

And it’s about the Conservative Party. This is the last time I’ll ever have a platform to ask them to change, to beg them for young peoples sake to change. Back in 2015/2016 I tried to kill myself several times because of the Tory party. I was institutionalised due to bullying and harassment I received. I was stalked by the press, the press stood outside my college with cameras.

I was an 17/18 year old female who had been bullied. I’ve always received abuse for being a Tory. But the abuse we receive from each other and the older people in our associations is what takes it too far.

We shouldn’t have to put up with the bullying from each other. We shouldn’t have to be worried that our friends are going to be raped at conference or at the very least sexually assaulted.

We shouldn’t have to put up with creepy weird old men maturating over us or grabbing us to go and chat to their friends and try to take us home at the end of the night. There’s a reason we don’t feel safe at conference.

Boris Johnson does not appear to have commented. Young Tory Elliott Johnson killed himself just before the Tories’ 2015 conference, after accusing Tory figures of bullying.

How long will the Tories get away with their abuses?


  1. Let us hope that the pressure of social media forces an investigation into the sexual exploitation and bullying within the Tory Party.

    It is shocking how topical this is. Although not directly connected it fits in perfectly with the current narrative about Boris the sex-pest. Is sexual predation and bullying endemic in the Tory Party, has it become part of their DNA from the leadership down?

    1. A Conservative Party spokesperson has told Mirror Online: “Our thoughts and condolences are with the friends and family of Jade Smith at this extremely difficult time.
      “We take all allegations of bullying or harassment incredibly seriously and are looking into the circumstances surrounding this deeply tragic incident.”

      How many times have heard the same trite PR response?

  2. I cannot understand how a vulnerable young person ends up in the Tory party.She obviously had mental problems but to put herself in harms way by joining such a sick party is breathtakingly stupid,and in her case leathel.!RIP sad young life wasted.

    1. She appeared in some kind of reality TV show, or so I just read.
      The burning ambition for success at any price can take people to extreme highs and extreme lows.
      She said she was bullied for being a Tory, and bullied by the Tories themselves. There was a clue there.
      It’s very sad, but people who chase fame are just naturally fragile.

    2. We are products to a great extent of our upbringing and usually our parents. If you grow up where all pressure is to conform and not question along with a bit of emotional blackmail its very difficult to break out. Of cousrse that doesn’t mean we stop questioning them and calling them to account

  3. Luckily power only corrupts the corruptible.
    All who seek it need to be watched.

  4. How long will the Tories get away with their abuses?

    For as long as they exist, sadly.

    The whole upper class/aristocratical ethos of the lot of them, nurtured from their first day at public schools; their inherent desire to return to a feudal system, combined with their unabashed sense of entitlement means that it’ll NEVER be eradicated from them.

    Yes, I’m aware it happens amongst the common scum too; but nowhere near as prevalent and predominate as amongst not only the upper classes but within the mindset of conservatism.

    Tobe brutally honest, it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who associated themselves with those who have inflicted destruction chaos & misery on the people from her own backyard (And nationwide) for nothing other than satisfying their own avaricious agenda.

    And while I’m disgusted with the bullying & treatment from those supposed to be her political allies & friends, it’s no surprise at all to see she was bullied for being a conservative – especially one of her age in her area..

    No – it doesn’t make it right; I’m saying it’s no wonder, before anyone starts.

  5. The Tory Party at work !
    Noting else to be said the young lass ,now dead , has said it all .
    It’s astounding that this bag of detritus the Tory Party still exists in this day and age ….just can’t understand it

    1. This is how they treat one of their own. Why am I not shocked. Not to worry CO will sort it out. Jeremy is a racist, anti-Semitic so he’s got to be guilty for something or other.

  6. I have heard of health warnings,and health and safety ,but the conservative party really can damage your health or kill you.just how many are the victims of this Homicidal Conservative and unionist party

  7. Whatever happened to the accusations made by Bex Bailey. She refused to name those responsible & so they can still be predatory? There was an official investigation, but conclusions…………..?

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