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Breaking: Birmingham Hall Green’s first trigger meeting votes 94% for selection contest v Godsiff

MP has provoked anger with stance over LGBT-inclusive education

The first branch to vote on whether to hold a contest to replace Birmingham Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff has voted by 94% to 6% to hold a full selection contest. There were reports of long queues of members waiting to get into the meeting to have their say.

84 Moseley and Kings Heath branch members voted for the selection against 6 voting to automatically keep Godsiff. The CLP has only four branches, so one more opting for a contest will be enough to trigger one under Labour’s rules requiring one in three branches to support it.

Godsiff recently provoked a storm for comments in support of parents protesting against LGBT-inclusive education. He declined to apologise and claimed he was the victim of a witch-hunt.

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  1. Elthorne Ward in Ealing Southall voted 30 to 3 for an open selection in the seat held by V Sharma. Other Wards vote this week.

  2. Ironically, if Birmingham Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff is triggered so, it might make the reprobates who should have been, more loyal to the party and its wonderful Corbyn Project.

    “Pour encourager les autres”. I’m looking at you Thomas Anthony Watson.

  3. What was Godsiff. like in the loyalty league,as far as the loyalty issue goes Thats how I would judge any mp..not just one issue.?

    1. ‘Loyalty’ : a questionable characteristic, and one that would rule out JC as coming anywhere near leadership :-).

      Unqualified, it’s a compliment to dogs, but not sentient humans.

      1. RH…..another clever comment…we are talking here and now about loyalty entering a General election.,but you know that anyway!

  4. With these latest triggers , it makes me wonder just how much more successful we would have been at clearing out the crap had we had the automatic re-selection process passed at Conf. Still there is hope for it at a future Conf date

  5. This latest ‘trigger’ was instigated by the likes of rayner and streeting, rob.

    Oh, there’s room for dissent over the eu, there’s room for disssent over israel & palestine (provided it’s over palestine not israel). And there’s rioom for dissent over a nuclear deterrent.

    But you’ve had it if you dissent over lgbt. Godsiff had nothing to apologise for imo.

  6. Toffee I have a belief that no mp should be condemned on not being politicaly correct at least once.I do not know godsiff but he probably has the support of many Moslem and many other parents.If hes not a rampant right wing extremist I would ask for leniency.It seems his offence was greater than treachery to the Labour party and the population suffering under Tory austerity.Does anyone know anything about him other than he doesnt agree with young people as young as 4years old being taught alternative sex and relationship s

  7. Godsif..voted against trident,most Labour mps voted for.He Voted for more regulation on Fracking.most Labour mps followed the torys godsiff voted to leave….thats all on Wikipedia,but he has not been a serial traitor from what I have read?

    1. Yes, whatever criticisms we may have of him, it is important to acknowledge his reliable opposition to Trident and support for EDMs that deal with nuclear weapons issues.

      “Almost always voted against replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system. Show votes
      0 votes for, 5 votes against, 2 absences, between 2007–2016”

      “Generally voted against military action against ISIL (Daesh) Show votes
      0 votes for, 2 votes against, 1 absence, between 2014–2015”

      (Source: They work for you).

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