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Anti-Tory protest/days of action in Manchester this weekend – details and speakers

Protest against Tories timed to coincide with their annual conference

A major demonstration and targeted ‘days of action’ are planned from this weekend in Manchester to protest against the Tories and their conference there. Labour front-benchers, union leaders and other speakers will be supporting the events.

Speakers at the rally after the National Demonstration in Manchester on Sunday 29 Sep include:

  • TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady
  • NEU general secretary Kevin Courtney
  • GMB general secretary Tim Roache
  • Labour front-benchers Laura Pidcock, Dan Carden, Angela Rayner MP and Richard Burgon
  • Laura Smith MP
  • Unite’s Steve Turner
  • Unison’s Paula Barker
  • PCS president Fran Heathcote
  • actor Julie Hesmondhalgh
  • People’s Assembly’s Daniel Kebede

and more, including campaigners and local strikers.

A People’s Assembly spokesperson said,

The plan is to make the Tories very unwelcome in Manchester and to be very vocal about why we’re opposed to them. There will be other protests, for instance, Disabled People Against the Cuts have planned a protest and we’ll have a marquee in Piccadilly Gardens from Sat 28th till Wed 2/10 whilst the Tory party conference on where we’ll be hosting a number of left wing events, talks, panels etc on a number of campaigns and subjects.

The main Sunday demonstration will gather at noon at All Saints Park on Oxford Road. Details of the specific events each day are shown below:

More information can be found on the People’s Assembly Facebook page.

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  1. No fan of the torys but labour mp,s just spent best part of today having a go at boris about him drumming up anger and hatred and we are going to do this the press and tory mp,s are going to have a field day. Just saying .

    1. ‘Anti’ rallies are never a certain bet. They can end up just focusing more attention on what is being opposed – like a parent who loses it with an attention-seeking child who needs studied ignoring.

    2. Stephen pennell……We have genuine anger for the misery and poverty that Tory rule has meant.I personally have hatred from physically opposing Tory rule.To old now but I have no regrets and somtimes aggressive actions from the establishment torys and their actions have to be answered for!and time you learnt that not all democracy is achieved by working with the tyrants!

  2. I do hope things don’t get out of hand. Mob rule is rarely a good look for a political party.

  3. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered going to this and surely all the energy of these activists could be better harnessed such as mass canvasses for Labour, is this mass self-actualising?
    Better to just ignore them though amused that MPs have just refused a 3 day recess for the Tory Conference, Ha Bloody Ha!
    Revenge is a dish served best sweet!
    Comrades I think a chink has appeared in elite establishment Boris Alexander de Feffel Johnson’s attempted narrative – him as champion of the common (Leave) people, the 52%.
    Leave voters voted to take back democratic control from a vaguely democratic Neo-Liberal EC superstructure with its unaccountable ECB and Commission and NOT to give UNDEMOCRATIC control to Trump and his unelected oligarchs and Anerican firms of our UK public services and our NHS!
    Time to smash Boris Alexander de Feffel Johnson’s Neo-Liberal glass ceiling!
    The Neo-Liberal Establishment Elite King of Opportunism is exposed!

  4. The 2019 Conservative party conference will happen fairly near where earlier regressive oppressors ordered 600 cavalry to ride into a crowd of 60,000 peaceful demonstrators protesting against poverty and for parliamentary representation, the Peterloo Massacre.

    Eighteen people, including four women and a child, died from sabre cuts and trampling. Nearly 700 men, women and children received extremely serious injuries. All in the name of liberty and freedom from poverty.

    No modern tory (sic) commemorated the bicentenary of the massacre.

    Modern trade unionists and socialists and peaceful Peoples Assembly, will contrast wonderfully with austerity-choosing Conservatives who cheapen and demean people and venerate the accumulation of capital.

    Nowhere near enough changed since 1819, with 14 million modern Britains (a fifth of our population) living in poverty, and in-work poverty almost as widespread as it was in capitalism’s youth.

    These tories’ direction of travel is grotesque and unbelievable. JC4PM

    1. This is the most important GE in ages. We need a paper for the build up. Oh yes, posters, badges the lot. I never saw the bus that caused some fuss. I believe that all out agitprop should be used. By the cringe, I’m in my dotage and I still believe. It is a real, blood and guts event. I used to love the inter action with people on the doorsteps. Hundreds of cups of tea and wee drams in strangers homes, both friend and foe. It gives one a real feel of people’s struggles and successes. You get a feel for things and can gauge what’s really going on. Don’t let the media get to you. They fight like banshees for their class and so should we. They are obsessed with polls and treachery so that’s not going to shock many of us. It’s always darkest before the flood and if it doesn’t work out we could always ask the White hat cowboys to install one for us/them. Don’t worry. Nothing can be as bad as imagined I hope.

      1. Great post alexanderscottish.

        “All-out Agiprop” – I love how you think and hope the comrades I actually canvass alongside in Leeds and W Yorks can match your chutzpah for socialism.

        Post more.

      2. CHUTZPAH for CORBYN!!! That’d a brilliant badge, sending a subtle reminder of the hateful and wrong propafana aginst our project.


  5. The Torys are once again playing the game of no surrender,The old rallying call for suppressing the Natives,using a working class army of fanatics right inside their heartland.This Time its on British soil and its in a British city and a Labour working class city and yes the ruling elite are showing us all who runs Britain and that we are weak and divided.The Torys have always used the working classes against their brothers and sisters and laughed at all of us.Peterloo is just around the Corner and the Torys will use murder and massacre to cling to power for the establishment,and will we resist or roll over once again..This is the 21st century and we will not forget peterloo,or internment or the murder of civillians under the banner of No Surrender,this time we must defeat the fascist regime on British soil by British people.using a socialist Labour party unified in solidarity.

  6. Too late now to organise I expect but it’d be nice to invite the homeless from the area to attend our next rally. Marquees with volunteer doctors, CAB and Shelter etc. – food, showers, toilets, haircuts, clothing, sleeping bags, tents – I don’t know what else other than a collection from members attending, but charities will know what’s most useful in the short term. Dog-friendly as much as possible?

    This isn’t about shaming the Tories – I wouldn’t even mind if they felt obliged to compete in helping the homeless for electoral credit.

    On a brighter note, I thought I’d lost this. Not my clip, she just reminds me of someone and I happen to live on a boat.

    1. David…breakfast must be fun on your boat.I was on an overnight test for competent crew,working neeps and tides,managed to run up the submarine channel in the dark wrong way into Portsmouth harbour and boarded by armed Royal marines,my dad an ex marine would have been very proud…..Not

      1. I didn’t think anyone skippering competent crew courses would let nav/helming errors get that far. Heard of yachtmaster ocean candidates being left until close to danger to work it out for themselves but cc’s shouldn’t be put into such a position.
        The idea is to teach, not scare people off.
        Or were you skippering the course? ‘~’ 🙂

      2. David I don’t know how I managed to get there,we sailed out of lymington and everything was going ship shape my Navigation spot on and just missed ramming the cardinal bell, but from theron I think if in doubt blame the captain. ..Thirty years ago and still enjoy the sea!regards

    2. Hilarious , esp the end , ahh the joys of youth , where simple music can so carry you along on a tide of fun , nice to be reminded of how , when younger, music can make your spirits soar .
      We need more of that in these dark times in our Country

  7. Rob… I love a good demo and I can be lethal with my walking stick.I will bring a bag of marbles and you organize the music

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