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Video: supporters applaud Corbyn’s head-on criticism of Establishment media in video after Marr show

Labour leader highlights modus operandi of the Establishment by pointing out failure to ask questions about Boris Johnson abuse of power revelations
Corbyn’s post-Marr message this afternoon

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn took Establishment media bias head-on in a ‘piece to camera’ filmed after his appearance on this morning’s Andrew Marr show.

Corbyn was questioned by Marr on a range of issues, as would be expected on a Sunday morning politics programme. But immediately after that interview, Boris Johnson’s deputy Dominic Raab appeared – and was asked nothing about this morning’s claims in a Sunday paper about Johnson’s alleged abuse of power and misuse of public funds:

The reaction of Labour’s base to the ‘head-on’ approach was overwhelmingly positive, with commenters calling for more – much more – of the same:


Establishment bias is the ‘elephant on screen’ of almost every interview by the corporate and Establishment media of Labour representatives.

Pointing it out, plainly and confidently as Corbyn did today, is absolutely the right thing to do.

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  1. Just a spotlight on the nature of the media.

    Did anyone else notice where the ‘inependent’ mind of ‘Today’s’ mastermind went to grab some coin on his retirement?

  2. It just now occurred to me that if Labour had been banging on about media bias for years before an election was on the cards it’s possible that, given the public’s short attention span, the Tories and their media lapdogs would have had enough time to change the narrative back to something more congenial long before the polls opened.
    To me it’s unthinkable that Labour doesn’t have a huge cache of evidence of media bias.
    I hope my guess is correct, that Corbyn’s timed this perfectly, and that we’re going to see revelation after fully-evidenced revelation throughout Conference and in the run up to the election.
    Going to be a hoot watching journalists ‘out’ their political editors and turn on each other feigning shocked innocence and total unawareness of “this unprecedented scandal” if I’m right 🍻
    Or trying to ‘do a Boris’ and become Tory candidates.



    Betting my formatting won’t survive but should be centred, have Tory blue background – maybe with a letter falling down.
    Apologies if I’ve seen it somewhere else, forgotten and unknowingly plagiarised someone’s original work.
    Surprised I can still remember how to spell…

  4. Whilst traveling abroad you would think that it would be simple to find out whats happening in the UK by tuning into BBC world.Not so l might as well tune into RT or ALJazzera to find out anything more than fawning establishment propaganda and no nothing journalism..The reall appalling part is the money some of these BBCj employees are paid to peddle government propoganda and poorley researchered gossip and lies. I never thought I’d say this but the BBC needs to be abolished as its too dangerous for democracy to have such a culture of Elitism peddling the poison on the backs of the taxpayer’s.IT Cannot be reformed and provide anything newsworthy at home or abroad..its downright dangerous to influence the general public abroad with that type of garbage!The Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn stink because of the picture BBC paint of the Labour party abroad to influence opinions regarding the danger of socialism and the wonders of the free market and uncontrollable capitalis abolish not reform!

    1. “the BBC needs to be abolished as its too dangerous for democracy”

      Let’s get real.

      First agreement : the BBC in its News and Current Affairs role has been massively compromised by the political interference in its management. This has been added to a long-recognized establishment bias, reinforced by the increasing isolation of the journalistic bubble in the metropolis. Often cultural bias is confused with political control. Thus the absurdity of Humphries’ blathering about ‘left-liberal bias’ – it comes from the limited perspective of such as he, rather than simple top-down bias.

      BUT :

      (i) The idea that RT, with its even narrower political control by a right neoliberal mafia provides a better security of news production is laughable.

      (ii) Similarly, it hasn’t yet descended to the depths of the generality of the printed media – now almost wholly an exercise in propaganda.

      (iii) Beyond the isolation of News and Current Affairs and its massively flawed nature, the BBC provides the only real source of variation and choice in the other media. Try scanning the airwaves as you tune in a DAB radio, and you will find that it is the BBC that does operate as a public service broadcaster, with a varied output, serving a wide variety of interests.It proves that public ownership can be superior to the market, even if it doesn’t provide perfection. Even in terms of N&CA output, the World Service still holds up pretty well – much better than the domestic service.

      (iiv) Which brings up the bleedin’ obvious. It is one of the few things remaining in common ownership. A bit daft to be calling for ‘nationalisation’ of key services whilst calling for the abolition of the BBC – which we already have, and which is amenable to the revision of the current distortions in control.

      Be careful what you wish for.

  5. Am going for hearing test this morning .Prompted to do so when I read that the odious John Humphrys autobiography says BBC institutionally left wing. As I have been listening to the radio for years can only conclude my hearing is dodgy.

    1. So, it turns out John Humphries is an odious right wing nut job. Who knew?

  6. The biggest BBC bias apart to its hostility to the Miners’ Strike of the 1980s and to the Corbyn leadership, was its hostility to leaving the EU and towards Leave voters.

    The common factor is that the BBC favours the status quo and the interests of the well-to-do and dislikes the working class and their interests. It fears working class autonomy like the 64% working class vote to leave the EU.

    Never mind twitter storm approvals. What POLICY has Labour got to remedy this institutionalised BBC bias?

    1. “hostility to leaving the EU and towards Leave voters.”

      Well, with all its faults, that’s one BBC News and Current Affairs can’t be accused of! I’ve heard more Leave crap on the Beeb than from any other source apart from the Tory press. It’d be peculiar to have this are biased *against* the right!

      Get consistent.

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