Breaking: NEC statement ratifies Corbyn’s Brexit position – and post-GE special conference plan

Labour’s ruling council formally endorses Corbyn plan

“The NEC believes it is right that the party shall only decide how to campaign in such a referendum – through a one-day special conference, following the election of a Labour Government.”

A formal statement just released by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has confirmed its agreement this morning to back Jeremy Corbyn’s plan that Labour will campaign on a commitment to negotiate a sensible Brexit deal on which the people will be given a vote under a Labour government:

The NEC welcomes Labour’s commitment to let the people decide Brexit.

Labour will put control of Brexit back in the hands of the people in a new referendum with a real choice between a sensible leave deal or remain.

The NEC further welcomes the role of the Labour Party in Parliament to work cross-party to legislate against crashing out on 31 October. There is no mandate for No Deal.

After three years of shambolic Tory negotiations and parliamentary deadlock, a Labour government will get Brexit sorted one way or another within six months of coming to power, allowing us to concentrate on all the issues that matter to people most.

A Labour Government would secure a sensible leave deal with the EU within three months, and within six months would put it before the people in a referendum alongside the option to remain.

Jeremy Corbyn is right to say that as a Labour prime minister he would implement the will of the British people in that referendum.

The NEC notes that the Labour frontbench has consulted with industry, trade unions and EU leaders and officials on a deal that protects jobs and investment, while respecting the 2016 referendum result.

Labour’s leave deal would include a new UK-EU customs union, a close relationship with the Single Market, protections of the Good Friday Agreement with no hard border, securing the permanent rights of 3 million EU nationals in the UK and 1 million UK nationals in Europe, guarantees of workers’ rights and environmental protections, and membership of key bodies to ensure joint co-operation in areas like climate change, counter-terrorism and medicines.

If people vote to leave on those terms, Labour will deliver that and leave the EU with that negotiated deal. If people vote to remain, Labour would implement that and seek to reform the EU as members. A Labour government will deliver whichever decision is made by the people of the UK.

The NEC believes it is right that the party shall only decide how to campaign in such a referendum – through a one-day special conference, following the election of a Labour Government.

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  1. 100% behind Corbyn and his winning ways.

    Have you noticed how relentlessly the BBC is playing the Watson Wreck Labour episode. They never mention the party or its conference without implying that the party is mobidly split and its leader is unpopular with members.

    Filthy behaviour from the national broadcaster – Corbyn is stroner and perceived as more statesmanlike by more people than ever before.

    Keep it up BBC.

    1. “Corbyn is stronger and perceived as more statesmanlike by more people than ever before.”

      I’m afraid not – his approval ratings are at an all-time low, and turning that round is very much the problem. Just stating the very opposite of actuality isn’t going to do it, and nor is focusing on the BBC’s sins of omission and commission.

      No – I don’t have a quick fix, but the strategy against the inherent media bias isn’t working at present. Denying the hard reality of supporter opinion hasn’t been helpful.

      1. Yes, indeed. Labour support has collapsed since it backed the second referendum. Pretending things are otherwise does not exactly help.

      2. It’s too early RH to see the effect of Corbyn’s magic. Turning a red card into yellow is some trick indeed.

        And Danny – I’m testing leaver response in one of the several constituencies in W Yorks where the majority voted leave, and Labour’s referendum is certainly winning support from leavers (as well as resolute remainers).

        It working because of Corbyn’s resolute Euroscepticism – Remain and REFORM, best of both worlds.

      3. Danny : You’re not very good at analysis, are you? Could be just a weakness of understanding – or wilfulness

        The collapse of Labour support long predates that.

        Basically – you spout rubbish.

      4. qwertboi – Thankfully, any definitive conclusion is some way ahead. But that’s my point – the recent data is pointing in a negative direction, I’m afraid. I was hopeful yesterday; less so today.

      5. qwertboi claims : “I’m testing leaver response in one of the several constituencies in W Yorks where the majority voted leave, and Labour’s referendum is certainly winning support from leavers (as well as resolute remainers). ” Yes, well quertboi, of course you are dear. And the scale of this rigorous ‘testing’. Your mates down the pub ? OR a proper poll with a large randomly selected representative sample ? I think we know which is the case. Why do Remainers post up this lying self-deluding drivel ?

        The ludicrous NEC decision to propose going into a General Election with a , ” Vote Labour – we have no idea till a Special Conference’ what our Brexit position is going to be” Manifesto ‘policy’, is tragically electorally toxic in our majority Leave supporting Labour heartlands. Especially given the regular unconditional Remain announcements by the Shadow Cabinet rather giving the game away about the position a Special Conference will adopt. . Everything to do with trying to plaster over the electorally suicidal wish of most of our Delegates to lump Labour with an unambiguous Remain policy. And of course that Left Liberal activist majority may well vote for that disastrous Remain policy tomorrow anyway – against the NEC proposal .

        Just a thumbnail simplified hint, RH, but the original Clause 4 sets out the key basics of what being a genuine ‘socialist’ is. Which is why that corrupt neoliberal crook, Blair, got rid of it. Anyone can indeed claim to be a ‘socialist’, but the key defining criteria actually exclude not only yourself, a worthless paid troll, but most of our Labour Membership too, who , in accepting the eternal, unchangeable, reality of market capitalism , and rejecting the aim of, and real possibility of, establishing a society beyond the capitalist market place, regularly show themselves to be mere Left Liberals, indistinguishable politically, though not in all policy detail (Labour members generally want a much cuddlier, kinder, fairer capitalism) from the Lib Dems.

      6. Funny how it turned around in 2017 GE, funny how it got through in Peterborough
        Funny how when reality meets up with the polls, it’s big fat fake news all over again,
        Theres an old Accountants joke along the lines of MD asks what the profit figure is this year and the Accountant responds wharever you want it to be Sir
        To trust the polls is a sign of madness, they are fundamentally bent

      7. I’m afraid, Ha’penny that you may have blown your cover in attempting to call any demolition of your nonsense the work of ‘paid trolls’.

        It comes to mind that only someone taking the coin from the bottomess Leaver finance pot would have this obsessive nonsense so much in mind.

        Meanwhile, the truth of your demolition is much simpler – it’s just like taking candy from a baby, and a joy to do. No need to be paid.

        (I had to laugh this time at Ha’penny suddenly getting picky over proper data and evidence, after numerous made-up fabntasies about the same).

        Look – you really need to get out from under the duvet more often if you’re going to give value to your Leave masters of the universe.

    1. That will be up to the referendum participants – not the dirty money, misinformation and dirty politics of the Leave campaign.

      Labour HAS to respect democracy. No Democracy, no Socialism – they are indivisible!!

      1. I entirely agree that Labour has to respect democracy and that democracy and socialism are indivisible. It is for this reason among others that Labour should respect the Referendum result – as per its last manifesto.

        To hold a second referendum before the first referendum has been implemented, and as a transparent means of negating the result of that first referendum, shows a gross contempt of the British electorate, particularly the working class electors who voted Leave in droves in the most class-correlated vote in recent British history. It shows how far Labour has travelled since it was (as it ought to be) an explicitly partisan pro-working class party.

        It is for this reason that Labour has already doomed itself electorally by backing a second referendum. The 52/48 result is in no way replicated in terms of parliamentary constituencies where 400+ voted Leave. The vast majority of Lab-Con target seats voted Leave and so too did the vast majority of Lab-held vulnerable seats.

        Whether Labour campaigns for Remain in that referendum or whether the Party allows different Labour figures to campaign on different sides (1975-style) is actually beside the point. We have already gifted the next election to the Tories by backing the second referendum.

      2. The chant of the word ‘democracy’ without further definition, and the confusion between simple majoritarianism with a democratic vote from someone who pretends to academic political literacy is a give-away.

        It’s the mark of a fraud.

      3. Indeed, qwertboi. Interesting documentary on ITV tonight, focusing on the Tories, showing what’s behind Leave and the finance backing Johnson, Farage etc. – it would be interesting to see what’s going into Lexit advocacy, too.

  2. I would do almost anything to have a Democratic socialist Labour party in government,and I am pleased that he’s been supported on this,We get one chance for socialism and if it all slips away from the Labour party then I cannot see another chance for a socialist government.We must have a election soon…my sanity is slipping away and we have waited for over half a century for this moment and please don’t let it slip away!

    1. Thanks Joseph, completely agree.

      The weight of history alongside the demotion (and despondency) of the Many – you do well to remind us of this often. Thank you.

    2. “I would do almost anything to have a Democratic socialist Labour party in government”

      It’s not what it’s called – how it’s labelled – it’s what it *does*. Anyone can use the term ‘democratic socialism’ – including Blair, if you recall.

      1. RH You are a very unhappy man today?Don’t knock socialism till you’ve tried it RH. Regards comrades

      2. Joseph – I’m not knocking ‘socialism’. I’m knocking its use by all and sundry as a virtue signal to the extent that the term has been drained of any particular meaning. See my reference to Blair.

  3. I note that McCluskey’s gob has once again proved bigger than his brain!

    With friends like him, you don’t need Watson to do damage.

  4. Lovely to see Momentum’s Laura Parker salute the decision on abolition of private education. But I discern a difficulty. The policy is against the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees the right of parental choice in education.

    I hope therefore that Laura will be joining with me in making the case for Labour to take Britain out of the European Convention on Human Rights. This is something we desperately need to do in any case to make nationalisation lawful, since the ECHR also guarantees the peaceful enjoyment of one’s possessions. This makes nationalisation impossible to achieve in practice because the government would be bombarded with demands from the super-rich for full and prompt compensation.

    1. Oh and what if a firm providing private education in another EU member state opens up a school in the UK? Under the EU right of Freedom of Establishment, undertakings in any member state have the right to open branches and subsidiaries in any other member state.

      That firm would therefore have the right to an action before the UK courts and ultimately before the Court of Justice of the European Union to argue that the abolition of private education is a disproportionate limitation on the exercise of its EU right.

      Just saying.

  5. Funny how centrists/ moderates are now the extremists
    Funny how extremists have infiltrated the cheap and nasty Tory party
    Thank god for the only one nation party left standing

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