Video: ‘Whatever your circumstances, Labour is on your side’ – Butler’s speech of hope goes down a storm at #Lab19

Front-bencher Butler’s speech reaching out to the many with a ‘You are worthy’ message sparks huge response at Labour’s conference

Dawn Butler showed tonight why she is regarded as one of Labour’s front-bench stars with an inspiring speech reaching out to the many – no matter their circumstances or background – that received a rousing ovation from gathered delegates at Labour’s conference in Brighton:

LibDems have their ‘glee night’ and the Tories wave their privilege – but Labour has genuine vision and hope. It shows.

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  1. ‘You are worthy’ – the rousing ovation was sincere and spontaneous – no hint of LibDem glee club positioning or Boris’s temporarilly closing the austerity book ‘because buying your vote is worth it’.

    Integrity, sensible brexit, the Green New Deal and red raw compassion, Labour’s USPs.

  2. It was a good speech but didn’t talk enough about disability. As a CLP Disability Officer I expected a bit more than just the bit at the end. Great to hear about women’s issues taken seriously at last.

  3. Good speech, but like many others she is positioning herself for a leadership challenge.Watson’s blown it and the leadership of the Labour party is up for grabs if Jeremy does not win a General election or Johnson doesn’t have one…She and many others could have challenged Watson but they’re all waiting for the bigger prize.I am sorry if I appear cynical but this conference could be the last for a true socialist Labour party..Sad but true,and holding hands and a rousing chorus of the red flag doesn’t mean socialism or unity

    1. Arguably Corbyn is stronger than before Lansman’s foolish action. Non-members can now see Jeremy as i) a strong leader, ii) a conciliator, and iii) very results-oriented – i.e. Prime Ministerial. And all as the MSM argue the opposite.

      I bet JC is a great chess player. He’s at least 7 moves ahead of his rightist detractors.

      1. qwertboi 22/09/2019 at 10:11 am
        Perhaps it wasn’t a “” foolish action”” .
        Combined with JC’s response it has had the effects you mention and hopefully stopped Watson and the MSM in their tracks .
        Love it when a plan comes together .

      2. I agree with you Dan B – Corbyn turned Lansmaan’s defeat into a victory for both of them. But it was – because Lansman didn’t know that he had widespread support for his action – risky and foolish.

        A great pitty because he’d got it SO right with Labour Students.

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