Video: BBC swallows fake Watson tweet hook, line and sinker

Broadcasts ‘quote’ put out by well-known spoof account

The BBC has reported as fact a ‘quote’ by Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson – that was put out by well-known Twitter satire account ‘Han Dodges’.

Watson today held onto his post by the skin of his teeth after right-wing unions turned against a move to abolish the deputy leader position, even though one of the unions had performed the same manoeuvre. Angry Labour members feel that Watson continually undermines the party instead of contributing to it – and ‘Dodges’ tapped into that fury:

The fake ‘Han Dodges’ tweet that fooled the BBC

Watson’s actual Twitter handle is simply ‘Tom_Watson’ – but the BBC failed to spot the added ‘MP’ on the tweeting account and hilariously quoted it in its broadcast coverage:


‘Dodges’ tweets are believable because they say what people feel the spoofed figures really think. Judging by the BBC’s use of the tweet, the nation’s broadcaster is of a similar mind to many Labour members and supporters.

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  1. So now we the membership dance to the tune of Watson and is supporters,then the unions and also lansmans feifdom and various misfits from so called affiliated outfits. ..Begs the question when do we the membership have our say,because its no longer at the conference or any decisions by a democratic socialist Labour party memberships…. Just how much longer do we wait for democracy?

    1. Since when were WE – the membership – dancing to his tune Joseph? You’re just spouting meaningless rhetoric yet again!

      Always trying to stir things up, aren’t you, and you feign to be a Jeremy Corbyn supporter. What a joke! I bet if I were to go back over your comments/posts during the past three or four months I would literally find dozens in which you are slagging off JC either directly or indirectly AND seeking to create enmity and antagonism towards him in his supporters/membership. Oh right, and conveniently littered amongst a whole buch of other posts where you tell us what a fervent supporter you are of Jeremy’s. Anyway, it’s great that you find so much time to post numerous comments every day, week after week after week, and especially when you’re so busy with your charity work out there in the Mecon Delta the past two or three weeks!

    2. Not too long a wait. Our voices will be heard; from the outer regions of course. I worry about party more and more each day. If you can’t rely on personal friends then the situation is dire. Roll up sleeves time, go on the doors in the North and gently explain our EU policy. Right you know what we have to do to win. Easy peasy. I don’t know any remainers in my circle up here in North Yorkshire. That is clearly irrelevant because all the voters will flood to us and if you take into account Scotland, Home Counties and the West we should walk it. Pity, we will lose a lot of much beloved members but they will explain the result to our members. Why is Corbyn so scared of Watson? Good health comrades. What will be has been arranged for years and we have learnt nothing. I’m not even going to mention our friends in the privatised section of the workers. Maybe we haven’t got enough millionaires in our movement. We can rely on them to talk to the media. The background to the ILP makes for good reading. I’m lost, really confused by our total lack of a spine. Regards.

  2. Im have no love of Watson and under normal circs would want to see him deselected, but thank gawd tis thoroughly bureaucratic and irresponsible manoeuvre has been defeated. What the f**k did McCluskey, Lansman (who should have known better) and the various Stalinists and Brexiteers who supported this, think they mwere playing at? At the start of our conference and in the run-up to an election? For Chrissakes! Have these clowns got no sense of responsibility to the working class? No wonder people think the left are a bunch of wankers.

    1. ‘No wonder people think the left are a bunch of wankers’

      Do they? Or is it just you making it up.

      As for Lansman’s ploy, I bet he’s beaming, as it’s all panned out just as he (and whoever else help hatch it!) thought it would!

      I mean you didn’t REALLY think and believe that he proposed such a motion because he’s on OUR side!

      1. The point is that it DIDN’T backfire at all. Completely the opposite! It worked a treat!

  3. How, exactly, did it “work a real treat” Allan? By detracting media attention from Labour’s announcements on GPs, electric cars and proscription charges? By damaging Labour’s prospects in the run-up to a general election? Only a bunch of irresponsible complete wankers could welcome this, or laud it as some superb master-plan: my full commentary and analysis is here:

    1. You obviously missed my point completely Jim. I’ll assume it wasn’t by design. And the answer to your question is of course Yes! THAT was my point!!!

      Put it this way Jim, has anyone come across Jon Lansman condemning Watson during the past three or four years AND defending Jeremy and the left against his constant attacks and smears, cos I certainly haven’t! So why would he suddenly come up with this idea to do away with the position of deputy leader and, as such, Tom Watson. Doesn’t add up, does it.

      PS And how do you equate someone pointing out that Lansman got the result he desired with someone welcoming it. Actually, on second thoughts, I’m leaning more towards you deliberately trying to misrepresent what I said, cos it’s as good as impossible to equate the two (unless you let anger blind you to what I was actually saying cos you didn’t read what I said properly). Lansman is devious and duplicitous and calculating, and I’m sure that’s been more than evident to most people on the left for a long time now……. his derogatory comment about Ken Livingstone back in 2016, or the patently absurd reason he gave for standing for the position of General Secretary of the NEC – ie to encourage more woman to stand (against Jennie Formby!) – being but TWO examples.

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