Poll: is Labour’s NEC doing the right thing if it removes Watson’s deputy leader position?

Labour member or supporter? Have your say
Tom Watson

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed tonight – and in spite of confusion created by the corporate media – Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will vote tomorrow on whether to abolish the position of deputy leader, which is currently occupied by Tom Watson.

Is this the right move for the party – what do you think?

The poll will close at 11pm on Saturday 21 September and results will be announced soon after.

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  1. Absolutely right. There are many talented people that 5he leader can call upon in his absence. Tom Watson is a useless burden

  2. The deputy leader made a promise to support the leader, he has never done that in fact he has done his best to undermine him at every turn.

  3. Absolutely! Tom does not remotely support the Leader and is deliberately a thorn in the flesh!

  4. The only way to make abolishing the post of deputy leader legitimate is to ask the whole membership in a properly conducted national vote.

      1. Whether legal or not, it still worries me. I understand it was the only way to get rid of this unpleasant man Watson. I also wanted Watson removed – how did he ever get such a high place on the N.E.C? Righties I suppose. But we now need to urgently replace the Deputy position with another of similar authority. pp my comment bellow. I agree with Ed Miliband SteveH and I am worrying about the consequences.

      2. Wendy Andrews 21/09/2019 at 12:14 am · ·
        “….. how did he ever get such a high place on the N.E.C? “

        The Labour party members elected him as DL at the same time as we elected JC. With a choice of Tom Watson, Stella Creasy, Caroline Flint, Ben Bradshaw & Angela Eagle I suspect that many like me thought he represented the least worse option. It is worth noting that TW secured 41% of the vote in the first round.

      3. Ed Miliband abolished shadow cabinet elections now has the brass nerve to find something unusual in the attempts to similarly abolish Watson’s position.
        38,000 people signed a change.org no confidence vote petition in Watson demanding a new Deputy leader election. CLP after CLP unanimously voted no-confidence and again for an election.
        Yet Watson’s recent trigger ballot election was mysteriously limited to a small group of people.
        This current set of circumstances was brought on by Watson attempting to exempt himself from democratic scrutiny.

      4. Ed Miliband abolished shadow cabinet elections now has the brass nerve to find something unusual in the attempts to similarly abolish Watson’s position.
        38,000 people signed a change.org no confidence vote petition in Watson demanding a new Deputy leader election. CLP after CLP unanimously voted no-confidence and again for an election.
        Watson’s recent trigger ballot election was mysteriously limited to a small group of people.
        This current set of circumstances was brought on by Watson himself attempting to exempt himself from democratic scrutiny.

      5. Or follow their own agenda. The timing of the whole thing is indication of this. Proper democratic procedures should have been fOllowed. Why was he not made to resign?

    1. Steve H in the real world of course we would have a more democratic way of ridding the leadership of a treacherous deputy.But we have to take the chance whilst we can otherwise Watson wins again,and that is why we have been unable to democratize the Labour party.?Sometimes we have to use the unpalatable kindred spirit of Watson john lansman to do the necessary .removal! The saying Revolution comes from the barrel of a gun The governance of the Labour party have had time and so has the PLP and nothing ..now lansman and his .momentum approved NEC team have decided enough is enough and shame on the whole Labour party and the Watson CLP to allow such a piece of work as Watson to cause the possible loss of a General election and continue the terrible suffering of our people under a Tory regime..get real!

  5. In my opinion we should go one way or the other. Either all the main positions should be voted on, or none (other than the leader). The system we have at the moment, with only 1 extra elected position, is the worst of all worlds. It should also be made much easier to remove from post any elected individual who goes against the conference decision (conferences need to be more often).

  6. He has to go, by whatever means possible. Toxicity of his level needs diluting quickly

  7. He’s done everything in his power to remove Corbyn! He’s a Blair man and has voted with the Tories against Labour. He appears on every TV programme he can get on to smear Corbyn, he was part of the coup that tried to remove him 3 times! Watson was in the group that had thousands and thousands of members suspended to stop them voting in the leadership contest! He is part of the antisemetic claims against Corbyn and had had thousands of £ off Trevor Chinn who is part of the LFI, there’s a list with all the donations Watson has had from him! It’s been shared all over Twitter many times! Watson is a snake!

  8. Yes he should be removed. The unions should then embrace open selection for all MP’s so that we can get rid of those who are not doing their job. I see there are a couple of MP’s going ape on Twitter because Tom’s time is up. Ms Kuenssberg is making mischief once again on Twitter I see.

  9. He’s been a thorn in our movements side since Jeremy became leader, but that’s not why he should be removed (all be it a damn good reason) He simply has not been attending meetings either shadow cabinet or NEC as deputy leader that’s his remit, then add all the rest of his dreadful behaviour with the abuse scandal that’s more than enough.

    1. If Watson was working in the real world and didn’t do his job and attend meetings he’d be sacked. He is no loss to the party and the short-term upheaval would still be a bonus for Labour!

      1. Christopher Fox 20/09/2019 at 11:34 pm
        What upheaval ? He has not done anything constructive and lots destructive . His “reselection” needs to be investigated .A united front is needed to win the coming election . Any other employer would have sacked him long ago . It wasn’t a “Deputy Leader” who stood in at PMQs , the position is superfluous . The only reason his absence will be noted will be smoother running without this parasite.

  10. Ha ha the BBC and Guardian are properly losing there shit over this.
    Closely followed by the right whingers sorry centrist Labour MP’s.
    When the position is abolished we should point out it been effectively vacant since Match due to Twatson being in hiding due to incorrect allegations of pedophilia and the ex fat fuck being to busy pushing his diet book. On a side note given his “reputation” I would not be shocked to find there was no diet and he had a gastric band fitted.

    Then we can point out the child abuse scandal, attempted dpa breaches, intrusion into disciplinary investigations into twatsons allies, him being busy running his own imaginary party and making up policies on his own. Not to mention the many allegations of bullying against him that were never investigated by the then right wing nec. Also taking money of Nazis, taking money from foreign states, taking money from gambling companies followed buy a miraculous change in opinion and voting on gambling.

    Honestly the list goes on if he was ot entwined with so much of the MSM he should have been kicked out and locked up long ago.

      1. timfrom… Now we need to know the name of the chair that stopped the deputy leader being expelled then we might get to the truth behind the crazy expulsion of loyal party members.. We’ve just seen a can of worms being opened with lansman and his momentum approved candidates turning on Watson The irony of one fiefdom turning on another,Fingers and toes crossed but at least we should get some clues to the stitch up of democracy if we or lansman gets Watson out…..go on make my day NEC

  11. I disliked the man and his tactics. Glad to see him go the only way we could. However, be very wary; now the ‘deputy’ position has gone …remember in all cases (possibly even with Jeremy) “Power is corrupting and all power is all corrupting”. What happens when Jeremy Corbyn is replaced? I am worried. Very pleased to see Watson go, but very worried that we now have no deputy leader. Cold shivers down my spine.

      1. I think you’ve highlighted the way in which a number of things have got bundled into this, with the result that personality and process have got disastrously confused.

        The question of the need for the post of Deputy Leader is a longer term question than the behaviour of Watson.

        I would have thought that an interim solution would be to revise the nature of the role in the event of the Leader having to stand down. I can’t think of many who would welcome Watson in that office.

        Then there must be a process for censuring Watson’s behaviour. Logic says that if the removal of the post would pass, then so would a more specific move.

    1. Sorry wendy he’s not gone,the chairman stopped the proceedings and Watson
      Lives to fight the Labour party through his pals in the media and the chair of the NEC,and half the PLP. who support him

    2. Wendy we havnt had a deputy leader since I and many others were conned into voting for him!

  12. Since the disgraceful PLP will not do it,yes it is the right thing to do.

    1. Spot on john and even though we are forced to use lansman!Really its not surprising we never get round to democratizing the Labour party Basically we havnt got the bottle,and the life of Brian rules the Labour party… Lets put through a motion or an amendment whilst Rome burns?

  13. I agree, Watson should go but it should be done democratically, just abolishing the DL position won’t get rid of Watson, he will still be there.
    The DL position is a sinecure and is not needed but it should be abolished democratically.

    The Labour Party is now being let down by the management who don’t appear to have a clue what they’re doing. There are many undemocratic actions now taking place in the Party, such as suspending members before even giving them a chance to respond. These are the actions of some of our worst employers, actions which we have fought against for years and are now emulating.

    Who is going to get a grip on our Party before it destroys itself? It’s become a Party where friends are treated like enemies and enemies treated like friends.

    1. Jack T you are correct.The move by our Mr Lansman has managed to flush out the Watson fanatics and as also shown that the chair of the NEC is also batting for Watson?….who is the chair of the NEC?and isnt democracy inside the Labour party still a murky puddle?

      1. The fact that we don’t know who sits on the various committees and how and by whom they were appointed is testament to the democratic deficit in the party. Why isn’t all this information freely available on the Labour Party’s (our) website

  14. How can any leader of any organisation function with your deputy leader that continualy undermines the leadership and the membership.This sick individual has actively sought to influence the general public and use the media to influence the Labour party governance…will he win and why does it take one individual Lansman to make a move to rectify a glaring lack of democracy inside the very heart of the Labour party.The fact that its john lansman is ironic being he runs momentum like his own private feifdom.Still with no deputy leadership potential inside the PLP or any of them with guts to challenge Watson’s own feifdom we are in the unenviable position of relying on setting a theif to catch a theif …Stranger than fiction if john lansman succeds,?

  15. I’d prefer to take the personal aspect out of it – I’m thinking that the position itself, even without the poison dwarf as incumbent, might undemocratically nudge a future Labour that’s just lost its leader into accepting as leader a deputy elected years before.

    On EB’s “conferences need to be more often” I’d argue (again) for a permanently on-line rolling conference that can deal with issues as they arise – instead of making decisions annually in a world that’s changing daily.
    Submissions/recommendations/predictions of outcomes etc. coming from every level of the Party can be collated and the full membership polled.
    If we forego anonymity some will be seen to be consistently on the money and others – not.
    No bad thing when we see such constant trolling and fakery by anonymous bad actors.

  16. Ps having my breakfast and the monsoon season nearly over in the mwkong delta….still 24hr non stop rain though and genuine worrys over flooding and damage to this year rice crop due to climate change!Hopefully the rain stops on labours parade and Watson’s banished..I can only hope and I think I have spoted a ray of sunshine 🌞 amongst the continual downpour…regards comrades

      1. John lam working with an NGO team to provide clean water for the locals in the mekong delta and have to cross the border regular into Vietnam from Cambodia who are our main worry.I have had to receive medical treatment a few weeks ago for dengue fever so had to evacuate to Vietnam for modern health services.Back now though and on with the boreholes and solar lighting installation….We have to do somthing regarding climate change the rice crop may fail and that can mean real life problems with flooding and constant rain that will ruin the rice crop…looks like Labour are in trouble again and the media dictate the agenda not the membership…The decision with Watson will come back to haunt us and why can Chris Williamson not be pardoned with the same concern over unity and not rocking the boat….regards comrade back in France soon!

  17. It’s simple, it would resolve a significant issue and it would be crass, shortsighted and stupid. There is a serious issue that needs resolving with a Deputy Leader who to my mind is misuing his position. I find it hard to believe there are no more justifiable methods of addressing and resolving this issue. Watson is entitled to his opinion, but the role of deputy must carry obligations that the position is conducted in a manner which is broadly supportive of the elected leadership and not actively trying to undermine it.

    1. mightyantar 21/09/2019 at 12:55 am
      That rallying cry of the malicious and the traitorous :
      “”I’m entitled to my opinion “”
      Watson is not entitled to his “”opinions”” when they are based on malicious lies , self serving scheming, and outright bullying .
      Abolish the position and allow any member of the (at present ) shadow cabinet to stand in as leader if needed , on a temporary basis until a leadership election is conducted .
      Hopefully that will not be necessary for years to come .

  18. Yes, this is the right move. The left has been turning the other cheek for years now. Which is good-the inconvenience to Corbyn and supporters has been good for the soul. But now events are moving quickly, the lives, real not hyperbolic, of hundreds of thousands of our most vulnerable fellow citizens are at risk if Watson’s sabotage is allowed to continue.
    The NEC must act. And Conference must endorse its action.
    This isn’t a game, this is about the future of the country and has a bearing on the fate of the planet. The world is waiting for an industrial country to shake off the vice like and vicious grip of the capitalists and to break, clearly and demonstrably with imperialism.

  19. If it removes Watson, yes.As an urgent issue to be dealt with before conference it is the right thing to do. The post of deputy leader can be resolved later.

  20. I believe that when he does turn up at the NEC he frequently does not stay for very long and he is also failing to submit a Deputy Leaders report. He clearly has little interest in fulfilling his duties and as the Party seems to function perfectly well without them being performed the role is obviously superfluous .
    The thought of him stepping in for the Leader of the Party if it were necessary is an absolute joke. He seems to be more at home happily accepting huge cash handouts from Max Mosley while lecturing others about anti semitism.

  21. Remove the position = Not arsed, but leaning towards ‘Yes’. I don’t think it’s a viable position for a party in opposition, only useful in Govt.

    Remove the ‘person’ = Absolutely. I wouldn’t let the dope be deputy in charge of a packet of crayons, nevermind a political party. .

  22. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    If a company/employer has employed a person to execute the role of A+B and was paying said employee to execute the roles of A+B for a lengthy period which later had a review and it was assessed that the role of B hadn’t been executed for FOUR years by said individual employee but that dozens of other competent employees had been picking up the weight of role B, then I would imagine that any employer with good intelligence would then make the role of B defunct to the financial and morale benefit of the employer/ company

    If Tom Watson disagrees then he should, in the first instance, produce 4 years worth of evidence where he has executed the role of Deputy Leader to its fullest and with competency. I look forward to seeing it, lol

    Signed; A Labour Party member who was DUPED into voting for Tom Watson to fulfil the role as Labours Deputy Leader

  23. A Quisling if ever there was one. He is not fit to be deputy leader,and his spite makes him dangerous to our chances of winning an election.

  24. Instinctively I don’t like the idea of getting rid of the role simply to dispose of a terrible incumbent.

    But I think the situation is so serious that, with a general election imminent, the party cannot afford to continue with Tom Watson as Deputy Leader, and cannot wait for better solutions to come along. If the only way to prevent that is to abolish the post, that is what must be done.

  25. This is (another) misjudgement by Lansman that will give the MSM and the Blairite rump of MPs to crowd out all the news of the excellent policies coming out of Conference with unending shrieking about intolerance and sectarianism and the usual accusations of extremist left wing plots yada yada. Several emergency resolutions from CLPs have been tabled censuring Watson for his laziness and disloyalty, and the CAC should ensure that a composited censure motion is debated by Conference. That would fix Watson, he would be publicly humiliated and even someone as shameless as he would be forced to resign.

  26. no surprise to see the leadership bottle it again. Until the membership can pick its representatives without be over ruled by a ruling group in control of the NEC its never going to change. And if the likes of Watson remain there is never going to a Labour government that will transform UK society.

    1. Tim Gray 21/09/2019 at 11:15 am

      Oh FFS !

      Hadn’t seen any of yesterdays posts til this morning , when ( I thought ) my day was brightened . Now thoroughly dismayed .
      However , JC has maybe shown he is a better man than I in his broader vision .
      Perhaps a delayed permanent solution is better than an immediate temporary one .
      I live in hope .

  27. Corbyn has shown judgment once again.

    On reflection, he whole frenetic episode yesterday broadcast ill-preparedness and lack of coherence. As one tweet put it :

    “This is perfect fodder for them [the media & friends] to distract us”

    It was a bit like bashing your head with a mallet to squash a mosquito.

  28. Corbyn proved once again that he is a spineless fuckin idiot turns out the Tories were right *spit*

    After this cock up JC may as well resign now he’s never going to achieve anything, as he has re-empowered the wreckers and they will now sink the GE campaign or if by some miracle JC wins they will vote with the tories to block the planned policy changes.

  29. Also not really getting rid of a position that is unassailable due to there being no process to trigger a recall if the fucking incumbent is useless and replacing it with something more democratic is a good idea.

  30. Yes, the Labour Party NEC WOULD be doing the right thing to remove the Deputy Leadership role from Tom Watson – even if it means suspending or cancelling the role and even if the Leader resisted the endeavour.

    Not only is he systematically disloyal to the Labour Party as it attempts to replace its centrist command and control philosophy with conviction for membership-driven, bottom-up democracy, he deliberately exploits the democratisation to weaken the success of its promotion, the Corbyn Project.

    A broad church does not encompass its combatants and the Labour Party is a Broad Church.

    1. ….and meanwhile Lansman has undoubtedly cost us votes with this ill thought out shit-fest. Lansman’s self aggrandising actions only success has been to divert the news agenda away from Labour’s trans-formative policies and agenda to yet more negative headlines.

      I for one will be ignoring any future ‘left-slate’ recommendations to vote for Lansman.
      I’m still trying to work out whether Lansman is pursuing his own nefarious agenda or he is just an incompetent fool blinded by his own hubris. Either way he won’t be getting my vote again.

      1. I don’t disagree – Lansman is misjudged his strength and has inadvertently harmed us. The only left slate worth considering is the CLPD one.

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