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Video: press opportunity blows up in Johnsons face as almost-bereaved dad delivers dose of NHS reality

Tory PM flinches and flounders under onslaught from angry father whose daughter almost died on understaffed ward

A staged Boris Johnson photo opportunity has blown up in the Tory PM’s face when an angry father, whose daughter had just almost died on an understaffed NHS ward, laid into him on camera.

To the obvious consternation of the hospital or campaign manager accompanying Johnson, the livid dad refused to be mollified by Johnson’s stammering attempts to deflect him – and reacted with scorn when Johnson tried to claim there were no press present:

What do you mean there’s no press? Who are these people?!

The outraged parent hit Johnson with the truth of the NHS under the Tories: two wards – a children’s ward and a neonatal unit for sick babies – with only a single registrar stretched between them and a dire lack of nurses and other medical staff.

And Johnson scarcely knew where to put himself:

Boris Johnson’s man-of-the-people act is paper-thin at the best of times – but confronted with the desperate, real-life consequences of the actions and policies he has wholeheartedly supported all his political life, the veneer tore and his vacuum of real nature showed through.

This should be the defining moment of the not-yet-official general election campaign. The Johnson myth, carefully constructed by him and his handler Dominic Cummings, does not survive contact with what really matters to all of us: the reality of the tattered, flogged-off and stripped-down structures and services on which our lives and the lives of our loved ones depend.

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  1. This needs regular postings until after the election when it comes. The Tories simply don’t care, until they are the ones that face the chaos they have created, then they want everyone and his uncle to bail the out.

    I remember The LLoyds Insurance crash. All those names who shouted from the tree tops they didn’t need to pay tax for benefits, they had their own money they earned, until LLoyds called on their names against the property they owned, where the underwriters were claiming payment against their losses. Who did these rich people shout to for compensation? None other than the government they said they never needed.

  2. I’ve posted many video links etc. on the long term covert privatisation of NHS in the past but wanted to bring attention to John Pilger’s crowdfund for his latest film “The Dirty War on the NHS”.

    1. I will add a link to the absolute must watch and share for those who haven’t seen it or need a refresher. Peter Bach’s film ‘Sell Off” from 2014… it’s not as if this info hasn’t been in the public domain for years much of it long before this great film! It’s just under an hour long.

      I am depressed to note that Dr Bob Gill is still crowdfunding for the follow up film ‘The Great NHS Heist’!

  3. Really really sick of the scripted answer of more money than ever into the NHS… noone ever asks how much more money is going into active patient care!!! more money in yes to pay crippling usuary pfi interest

    1. Exactly. The ‘more money’ goes into private investors, hedge funds and CEOs already bulging pockets or to further changes to finish off public funded, based on need regardless of ability to pay NHS. Tory/LibDem coalition legally abolished it in 2012 Health and Social Care Act… not a peep in the state or corporate media.
      Blair/Brown did their bit as well… this has been a neoliberal ‘privatise the world’ for private profit cross party effort spanning many decades.

  4. One of the things I find disgusting about this incident is the consternation of senior hospital staff who were clearly embarrassed by the angry father and tried to hush him away rather than let him have his say with Boris Johnson. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves for kow towing to the someone who participated in the destruction of the NHS, and for trying to silence the man who called him out.
    The other thing I find disgusting is the fact that Boris Johnson lied that there were no press there. The incident was captured by a TV camera and although the sound of numerous photographs being taken is clearly audible Johnson insisted there were no press present thereby seeking to undermine the man and make him appear a liar. I wonder if the BBC ITV Channel 4/5 SKY and/ or any of the newspapers will have the journalistic integrity to say they were there along with X number of others.
    Also look out for attempts to trash this man’s character – the Tory dirty tricks brigade will go into overdrive to undermine him in an attempt to limit the damage to Johnson . Its too late for them however -Johnson’s reputation is already damaged beyond repair.

    1. Laura K has stepped in to protect her masters honour labeling the father a “Labour Activist ” whatever that means I suspect Labour Voter.

      She also Doxxed his Twiter account resulting in a massive pile on of her wing nut followers.

      1. Absolute par for the course. It’s the standard response when Little Boy Brexit gets out of his depth. Remember the response to Johnson & partner waking up the neighbouhood?

        But … as I’ve said elsewhere : the problem isn’t really Johnson – it’s the dim anti-social media knuckle-draggers who will believe the cover stories.

      2. Will C I watched the BBC news and they also edited out the Johnson lie that there were no members of the press present. In relation to Laura K and her attitude Johnson ( and May before him) all she needs now is a ra-ra skirt and pom poms for the full transition from political journalist to cheerleader in chief for the Tory Party.

      3. One wonders what legal recourse the father may have should any harm come to him or his child as a result of kaussingberks exposure/scoop.
        Just shows now the BBC is moving from State propaganda tool to actual suppression by fear and threat of those who dare to speak out. Time for it to go !

      4. “all she needs now is a ra-ra skirt… ”

        Nice one, Smartboy.

        Actually, I don’t think she’s deliberately venal … just clueless in recognising what her role demands. Part of the decline in the framework of BBC News – now totally absorbed into the Westminster gang-bang, with little sense of distance and semblance of objectivity. No-one with a firm grasp of the requirements would have appointed her to this role.

    1. That film is indeed excellent. I am proud to have been a (small) funder. Thanks for posting the link to Dr Bob Gill’s crowdfund.
      It’s also on Vimeo and youtube.

      Btw, apologies for my typo in your name Allan Howard on the NEC winds up Labour Students topic.

  5. Jonathan Cook’s erudite assessment of the General Election result in Israel:

    Only a government of the far-right – one entirely beholden to Netanyahu – could be relied on to pass legislation guaranteeing him immunity from a legal process due to begin next month. Without it, he is likely to be indicted on multiple charges of fraud and breach of trust.

    So desperate was Netanyahu to avoid that fate, according to reports published in the Israeli media on election day, that he was only a hair’s breadth away from launching a war on Gaza last week as a way to postpone the election.

    Israel’s chief law officer, attorney general Avichai Mendelblit, stepped in to halt the attack when he discovered the security cabinet had approved it only after Netanyahu concealed the army command’s major reservations.

  6. It’s not Johnson that’s the real problem. It’s the silly buggers who support him (often whilst bellyaching about lack of integrity amongst politicians).

  7. I bet he’ll be touring barns, empty fields factories where workers are given a paid day off with, and courting votes from pigs, cows and industrial machines as soon as purdah is applied…

  8. Only one word can describe him, and its a derogatory word for part of the female anatomy.

    1. I’ve just bought roger’s ‘War & P1ss’ profanisaurus. last week.

      I’m spoilt for choice 🙂

    2. Johnson lacks both the depth and desirability to tagged with that.

      The man is simply excrement.

      Kudos to the man showing Boris has no clothes.

  9. Seen this on bbc news before and (almost) applauded the beeb because I didn’t think it’d warrant news… Well, not according to them.

    …Alas! All too soon. The VERY NEXT article was the bbc’s insisting on covering for de piffle’s cowardice in Luxembourg.

    I suppose that (self) clears the bbc of ‘bias’. 😕

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