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Chandwani, Hayes overwhelmingly re-elected to vital CAC roles

Pair streets ahead of right-wing challengers

Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes have been re-elected to their positions on Labour’s vital CAC – the Conference Arrangements Committee that oversees the party’s sovereign policy-making body, with Chandwani polling nearly double the tally of the nearest right-wing challenger:

Congratulations to both – and to Labour members on their good decision.

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  1. We’ll see at this year’s conference whether our votes and trust were well placed.

    1. Based upon my contact with both of them, I doubt it and I speak as a left winger.

      1. What are the issues that concern you about the candidates?

      2. Out of curiosity, why do you say that? Whats your issue with the candidates?

      3. Jack T is of course no left winger of any sort whatsoever. Just a constantly shit-stirring troll – with an apparently unhealthily compulsive obsession with ‘Zionism’ .

        His snide, totally fact-unsupported sneer at the well-known proven Left Wingers , Seema and Billy, is just sour grapes because they won and his Progress choices didn’t. Tough luck Jack .

      4. Sour grapes from that constant troll poster, Jack T , who is no sort of Left Winger. But Seema and Billy are, with records to prove it . Whereas ‘Jack T’ is just an unknown troll hiding behind a nom de plume . So Jack’s baseless sneers against them, without any supporting facts, are just a Progress supporter annoyed that his candidates lost !

        We should be relieved that Jack T didn’t manage to also blame ‘Zionists’ for Seema and Billy’s victory , per his regular posting obsession !

      5. Jack T’ is just an unknown troll hiding behind a nom de plume .

        JPenny you’re hypocrisy is breathtaking!

      6. Moosy, there was a particular incident which occurred as a result of a decision made by the CAC. When I tried to find out the reasons for that decision I was blanked. I still have an ongoing dispute but I can say it was about accusations of anti-Semitism which were totally untrue. I expected support from the CAC but they chickened out. If Chris Williamson can be sanctioned because of accusations from the Zionist JLM, what hope is there for the rest of us? Under pressure from Zionists such as jpenney, the executive will cave every time.

  2. Steve, based upon my contact with both of them I doubt it and I speak as a left winger.

    1. Jack T 13/09/2019 at 6:23 pm

      I am more than a little cynical at being expected to vote on basis of a few lines of anodyne blurb. I don’t appreciate being placed in the position of having to rely on being told how to vote.
      The way I see it is if these posts are deemed to be important enough to vote on then the party should facilitate a proper campaign.

      1. Unfortunate that you feel that way but the left has to show discipline much like the right does. Now is not the time to be complacent.

      2. Moosy 13/09/2019 at 7:09 pm

        Personally I much prefer the concept of a well informed electorate casting their vote because they are persuaded by the strength of the candidates policies etc, you can keep your being told what to do. Thanks but no thanks

      3. Charming.

        However, whilst you pat yourself on the back on the basis of some misplaced sense of ‘democracy’, however in the real world I know all about the candidates in this internal election, maybe youre not aware but this position is a procedural position which is very important. Furthermore, I know about all the candidates and im aware which ones are the right wing (who look to reduce membership voice) and the left wing candidates (who want in increase membership participation).

      4. Moosy 13/09/2019 at 8:31 pm

        I recognise that these are important posts hence my wish for a proper election campaign.

        The fact that you may know all the candidates is totally irrelevant, what matters is that the vast majority of the rest of us don’t and the lack of a proper election campaign denied us the chance to find out so that we could make an informed choice when voting.

        Quite frankly I don’t see what’s not to like about having proper campaigns for all elected positions in the party.

      5. That you’re too lazy to go online and do the very basic research shows you to be a vaccous blowhard and probably a pub bore that endlessly goes on about ‘democracy’ without putting in the work is not my priblem but your overninflated sense of entitlement and privilege.

      6. Moosy 13/09/2019 at 9:01 pm

        To be honest I don’t really care one way or t’other what image you seek to project on to me.
        I don’t see doing away with election campaigns and leaving electorate to look stuff up on the internet as a viable way forward. As I said above if the party think it’s important enough to have an election about it should also reflect that importance by facilitating an informative campaign.
        All I am calling for is comprehensive campaigns for all elected positions. I was rather hoping that the days of treating the membership like mushrooms were on the wain but apparently not.

      7. I’m still unsure why you believe there wasnt a campaign for these positions. There was, I received candidate statements as well as every Labour Party member and battle lines were clearly drawn between Progress & Labour First candidates on one side and CLPD and Momentum backed candidates on the other.

        Not sure what you expect from these election, though important, are one of the many within the internal LP. Did you want them to knock on doors? hold televised debates? or perhaps you wanted them to persknally stand in front of you to beg for yiur vote.

        I reitirate my earlier comment, complacency will ensure the right will take the party back. Perhaps thats what you want?

      8. It would be difficult to make a cogent argument that the so called ‘candidate statements’ provided were adequate enough to form even the basis for an informed decision.

        I am quite surprised that you think I am advocating complacency when it is obvious that I am in fact calling for greater involvement based on knowledge and reasoned argument rather than being told how you should vote.

        I would argue that a well informed electorate is far more powerful and resolute than sheep herded by various factions.

      9. Ummm okay. I mean, just ignore my points and continue making narcissistically invalid points about some nonsense. Dont worry, you’re clearly not a sheep whilst we all are.

      10. Moosy 13/09/2019 at 11:37 pm · ·

        “Ummm okay. I mean, just ignore my points”

        My apologies for not taking your suggestions seriously, when I read them I thought you were just taking the piss.

        I would suggest that a good start would be a much more comprehensive statement by the candidates, why not publish interviews with each candidate and I don’t see any reason in this day and age why they can’t record a hustings with all the candidates and make it available on the Labour Party’s website for members to view. The distribution of digital media is incredibly easy nowadays.

      11. The information available was, of course, the usual pretty anodyne and minimal statements.

        I’m not sure how this can be improved upon in a practical sense, but a recommendation from such as Ha’penny doesn’t add anything.

  3. I knew none of the candidates and didn’t have time to research them.
    When I voted I’d read their statements but they were insufficient to make an informed choice.
    I made the only rational decision left to me and voted with the majority after waiting for the numbers to build.

  4. If folk on here do not think Billy & Seema are good people then you all need go and find out who they are. Both solidly back Corbyn and not in favour of Hard Right Labour MPs. Cannot have been checking people properly if you don’t have any idea who they are and what they believe. Therefore, I doubt you are true Left Wing Corbyn supporters.

    1. I telephoned from Cambodia ,as the info was not sufficient and conference does not appear to be a rousing left wing festival of democracy….only one candidate gave me the answer am wanted.I do not know whether they have any control of or influence on procedures,but from now on I will be noting, We do seem to be hoodwinked every year but thats probably down to the delegates from constituencys….I think the right wing have more of a influence than the membership,and the choice of delegates is crucial.We have a long way to go before the Labour party is a democratic socialist party and to that end we strive…solidarity comrades!

    2. “true Left Wing Corbyn supporters.”

      Mmmm … that sounds a bit cultish.

      I can’t actually imagine Corbyn being that enthralled with the label.

      1. RHTrue left wing corbyn supporters sound ok to me . shame we don’t have more what’s wrong with identity politics..Look at the mess the broad church approach as got us into..!

      2. I wouldn’t want to make too much of it, Joseph, but think that what starts a bell jangling is the focus on an individual rather than the politics. Corbyn is just the current leader, not the definition of Labour.

        As to the term ‘true left wing’ – it has unfortunate resonances of the subjective judgment of ‘one true faith’.

        There are limits to a sensible notion of a ‘broad church’ – as Blair proved – but if the Party became simply a club of a self-defined subjective ‘left-wing’, it would cease to be a mass party. At the back of my mind when I say this are good Labour members that I have known who might not have thought of themselves in those terms, even if they were radical and had integrity in their basic principles. .

        I suppose underneath, this is a reaction to a sectarian exclusiveness that foreign to the concept of Labour. Forbid that it should mimic Christian sectarianism (and shrink rather than grow).

    3. Xpressanny, I’m sure you’ll agree that actions speak louder than words. The fact that Chris Williamson, a true Socialist, has been suspended pending expulsion, should tell you that there is something very seriously wrong at the moment in our Party. You don’t need to look much further than jpenney an Danny to tell you what that is!

  5. Let us hope there will be a debate on Trident as this issue has not been debated since 1989.

  6. Conference ARRANGEMENTS committee, is it?

    Perhaps they can ‘arrange’ something to keep watson in the broom cupboard or something similar for the duration?

    Someone came on here last year and promised us watson’d be in for a ‘surprise’ and nowt came of it.

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