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Labour members launch “Labour and Democrat” campaign to support #LabourBrexitDeal

New grassroots campaign aims to reconnect party with working-class leave voters

Labour’s grassroots membership has launched a new social media campaign to tell leave voters who traditionally vote Labour that members support a Labour Brexit and do not want to overturn the 2016 referendum result.

The initiative takes the form of a graphic – available in landscape format for social media profile banners and a square format for Twitter, Instagram etc – together with the #LabourBrexitDeal hashtag:

Campaign image in landscape format
Campaign image in square format

Labour members who want to see Labour honour the referendum result and the votes of working-class leavers are encouraged to share the graphic, or even better to use it as a profile picture on your social media accounts to get the message out as widely as possible to Labour’s leave voters.

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  1. Looks good at first glance – BUT, sadly, this is no more than a cynical bogus ‘campaign’ to try and fool our 5 million Leaver voters that Labour is nowadays anything other than an unconditional Second Referendum and Remain’ Party. It will fool no one, least of all those working class voters. Far too late to reconnect with our millions of Leave-supporting Labour voters. The endless manoeuvres of the PLP over three years to thwart Brexit happening in any form have left Labour with no credibility on this vital issue. FFS, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, and Emily Thornberry, Barry Gardiner, Kier Starmer, senior Shadow Cabinet members all, are on record as saying that even if Labour re-negotiated the Brexit Deal THEY WOULD STILL CAMPAIGN FOR AND VOTE REMAIN !

    And this is before our end of the month Labour Conference , at which it is a betting certainty that our overwhelmingly pro unconditional Remain Delegates will foist a suicidal ‘unconditional Remain and Second Referendum’ policy on the Party !

    1. “betting certainty”. Course it is, spend-a-penny. That’s that one put to bed, then. Such insight!

      “It will fool no one”. Well if it doesn’t “fool” them and they vote for Boris instead in the genuine expectation that he’ll act in their interests, then the thick twats deserve everything that’s coming to them.

      Spend-a-penny comes to you courtesy of the Charles Koch Foundation.


    2. Do stop droning on, penney.

      95% of my focus is on a Corbyn Labour government whether we’re in or out of the EU.
      Brexit takes up only 5% of my attention.

      Anything else is fake socialism.

      I will support (ie risk) a Brexit deal negotiated by a CORBYN Labour government having an unassailable majority – otherwise I’ll still argue against brexit because a coup would drop us into a US neoliberal shitstorm.

      1. I voted remain David, and I am more engaged in getting a Corbyn led government in place, Brexit is a divisive Tory tool, much the same as Johnson. I’ll vote labour no matter what. It’s our only hope. So I agree totally with you.

    3. Oh for Christ sake JPenny , that’s the whole point , give the public and for that matter the MPs the opportunity to vote on facts and not lies or fantasy .
      Corbyn has said and COnf has determined the policy and that is a LEXIT put to the people for a vote and with the alternative remain on the ballot.
      Tho this time we now know the facts of what leaving means and what remaining means . That I would call an intelligent rational decision making process .
      I tell you what , I trust Corbyn and a Lexit far far more than anything Johnson says or does and his no deal is the only other kamikaze alternative .If you are really concerned then you’d be best out there on the streets explaining this when canvassing . I know I will !

    4. Brexit was ‘won’ by perceptual manipulation. The far right in the form of Farage and his paymaster Ahron Banks, constantly TOLD those in less well off areas that their disadvantages were inflicted upon them by the EU and all would be well when we brought back control of this that and the other when we left. The lie was that we had never lost control and the real culprit for workers’ hardship was a constant stream of right wing governments here in the UK.

      Many workers are far too busy trying to make ends meet to seriously take time to consider and analyse the various options being fired at them and thought we’ve got nothing now, what have we got to lose? and consequently took a gamble and voted to leave.

      Many of those Leavers now realise that they were sold a pig in a poke and regret their decision, therefore if the Labour Party is to endorse or offer any type of Brexit we will be seen as weak and lacking in principles by changing from a Remain Party during the referendum to a wishy washy can’t make our mind up Party now. It’s a certain way to lose a GE.

    5. Do Lexiters support crashing out of the EU with no Deal? If so what trade organisation do you want to join to replace it? And how will you stop Disaster Capitalists who fund brexit from trashing UK’s economy and privatising NHS? If you suspected that US Far Right financiers were behind Brexit, with intention of destroying us the way they’ve destroyed other countries, would you still want a no deal brexit? If so why?


    Of course. Anyone with the interests of the workers of this country at heart would, following the instincts of the vast majority of the Labour Party and its supporters.. Unless they believe that ‘Poverty is good for the soul’! or some other fundamentalist crap – like ‘Lexit’ .

    A Brexit vote is a vote.for Tory policy and against the workers. End of.

    1. ‘End of’ … Well fuck me! rh has spoken. That’s the world put to rights, then.


  3. The campaign reflects how I feel. There are all sorts of folks out there and some of us feel like that. Is it cynical to say so? Nope. There are all sorts of permutations of remain out there, so nowt wrong with standing up to say I support a Labour-negotiated Brexit. (In case you’re wondering I voted remain but feel it would be just wrong to ignore the referendum result.)

    1. There was a butcher on the voxpops on the news last night saying he voted leave but has voted labour all his life, and if labour were to campaign to remain he would vote brexit!

      And there’s people on here obviously think he’s alone in that. They make disparaging remarks about the mental capacity/state/health of people like him without realising there’s more people with that mindset than they’ll accpet.

      It’s that man’s CHOICE not a fucking mental condition; small wonder they’ll go to such extremes when there’s pricks calling them mentally deficient instead of trying to win them over.

      1. *In an infinitesimal minority – Not ‘alone’

      2. I saw just the very end of the butcher speaking.
        Can’t quote chapter and verse but he was an older man, an English butcher in, I believe, a Northern town with a substantial Muslim population – most of whom would almost certainly buy their meat from Halal butchers.
        That loss of income (I presume) may have had nothing to do with his CHOICE but he certainly looked old enough to have been trading when there were far fewer Muslims in his footfall area.
        Could the programme maker have had an agenda in specifically selecting an English butcher to interview?

      3. ”Could the programme maker have had an agenda in specifically selecting an English butcher to interview?”

        Don’t know. Do you?

        Could that black immigrant on the ch4 debate last week who said he’ll vote tory because of the remain/2nd ref option has been shoehorned in, just been put in there for a bit of ‘balance’?

        Or the black immigrant woman sat behind him who placed her hands on his shoulders in solidarity when he said so?

        Or are you just a wee bit on the paranoid side that your self-induced delusion that very VERY few think like those 2 examples could be way off the friggin’ mark?

      4. Also, it’s rather telling that you didn’t catch the whole interview – but you were only too forthcoming in portraying racist undertones for his reasons.

        Prejudicial, much?

      5. ”but he certainly looked old enough to have been trading when there were far fewer Muslims in his footfall area.”

        What’s your point? That he’s ‘Gammon’? (No pun).

        ‘Far fewer muslims’? Why ‘FAR’ fewer, and not just ‘fewer’ mcniven?

        And why ‘muslims’ specifically?

        Even I’M old enough to remember when there were ‘far’ fewer muslims in my (footfall) area; I voted leave, and I’m (much) younger than you.

        Does that make me gammon?

        Projecting your own prejudices onto other people in order to promotr your agenda and disguise your own paranoia is a shithouse trick of the slimiest order.


      6. ”but he was an older man, an English butcher in, I believe, a Northern town with a substantial Muslim population – most of whom would almost certainly buy their meat from Halal butchers.”

        Or the supermarkets – y’know? Where lots and lots of WHITE people also shop?

        Nah, forget about them – they’re all gammon too, probably.

        Let’s make out he’s bitter against the muslims because if he voted leave that automatically makes him racist – right?

        And if it doesn’t we can always blame the bbc and their overt johnson/farage worship in just about every local political news article.


      7. Toffee correct so far but does this butcher actually understand the impact of a no deal Brexit on his business , I think we here on this blog pretty much do . That is where the likes of us need to explain the implications as such when out campaigning and more importantly the positive things Labour will do to mitigate it . Forgive me for the sucking eggs routine .. 😉

      8. Toffee, you convince no-one when you make shit up. I made no accusation against the “lifelong Labour-voting shopkeeper” – I made no mention of the unlikelihood of a shopkeeper being a socialist – but they’re no more known for left wing tendencies than pub landlords or any other kind of landlords.
        Anti Corbyn trolls like the kippers and FBPEtards do however preface just about every criticism of Corbyn with “I’ve always voted Labour but…”
        Believe him if you like, or if it suits your purpose – with you they amount to the same thing.
        I know perfectly well brexit has wide support and I’ve never denied that – you’re making shit up again.
        Maybe try responding to what people actually write instead of accusing them of what you think they suspect you of.
        That’s the ‘professor’ 🙂 Godfrey Bloom gambit and it’s pathetically thin.

      9. ”Toffee, you convince no-one when you make shit up”

        I make shit up? ME? The absolute brass fuckin neck on you!?

        Read back your first reply….Note the key words “I PRESUME” and then the rest of the shit YOU made up to portray the fella as a probable racist, blaming muslims – and specifically muslims – for a supposed loss of business you don’t even know whether or not he’s endured.

        Not only you do you portray the bloke as a racist, you then try and pin your guilt on me?!


    2. ” it would be just wrong to ignore the referendum result.”

      Indeed. Only a minority voted for Brexit.

      But if a majority voted that the earth was flat, I wouldn’t go along with it, any more than I would support the Tories because they won an election.

      1. Indeed. Only a minority voted for Brexit.

        Fuckinell….Is there anything left of that dead horse left to flog?

        And you cast apersions on others’ mental health when you’re fucking OCD about this load of bollocks?

        Learn to count, you complete weirdo.

      2. Thanks again, Toffee, for displaying that superb talent for confirming the brainless and incoherent lack of argument that confirms my point. It’s a real asset in making the case.

        … though even your hedge-fund allies, currently pouring money into the Tories, may fear that you’re making their play look a bit less credible with this frothing.

      3. ”Incoherent lack of argument”

        I can count AND comprehend definitions of majority AND minority.

        52 (MAJORITY) > 48 (minority)

        17(MAJORITY) > 16 (minority)

        Don’t vote = don’t count.

        You obviously CAN’T count OR READ.


      4. Once again, your overwhelming hypocrisy shines like a turd reflecting the sun.

        Well, Toffee, if you can’t see the flaws in your argument re. binding votes on constitutional issues, I guess you may be beyond help. But :

        Clue : Have a look at the 1976 referendum.

        Beyond that : if you still believe in simple majoritarian advisory votes as the last word in ‘democracy’ – it follows that it’s time we had another one.

        It’s not difficult stuff to get your head round the whole issue, and there are plenty of resources to help.

      5. Listen you little rats abortion don’t fucking preach to me – let alone the masses – about democracy or hyoocrisy.

        You can neither read nor count PLUS you had ZERO qualms about Watson actin the c**t to force the leadership’s hand into accepting a 2nd ref with a remain option WITHOUT it goin through the correct DEMOCRATIC procedure of being passed at Congress.

        Because of that the party has, and will, continue to lose support at worst, or stagnate at best because the general public have no fucking idea what the policy is.

        One question.

        Who you gonna blame if the party lose the next GE if they have one before a 2nd ref like fatfuck says they should?

        Corbyn’ or fatfuck?

        One word reply only or dont fucking bother.

      6. 3hrs 30mins later and still no answer.

        Pretty much tells us all we need know about you and your type.

      7. The Toffee (597) 13/09/2019 at 12:24 pm

        FFS you don’t half talk some rubbish.
        Can you please explain how the current Labour Party policy doesn’t conform with the composite motion passed at last years conference. Below is a link to the full text of the motion so that you can check that you know what you are talking about before you answer.

      8. The Toffee (597) 13/09/2019 at 12:24 pm

        3hrs 30mins later and still no answer.

        Pretty much tells us all we need know about you and your type.

      9. Sitting there reloading the page for three and a half hours hoping somebody he hates will come back and talk to him.
        Go to school you sad little truant.

  4. I’m a party member, I’m happy for it to negotiate a non tory deal with the EU and put it to a vote as a way out of the mire.
    I wont be voting for it though. I will vote remain again as it will be better than any other deal.
    My constituency is hugely remain, if we don’t campaign to remain, we’ll lose the seat.

    1. Unfortunately, elepantitusoates, though an outright , unnuanced, Remain position will undoubtedly advantage Labour in a minority of its existing and target seats (like Diane Abbots, Jeremy’s and John McDonnell’s for instance) , the simple electoral reality is that the MAJORITY of our seats are in solidly LEAVE areas, and the majority of the Tory marginals we potentially could win are also Leave areas. So unless you believe that ludicrous Guardianista myth that, mysteriously, even in heavily Leave constituencies, the Labour voters are mostly Remainers, your concern only about your own constituency ignores the fact that Labour’s current ever-hardening Remain and Second Referendum position WILL lose us the next General Election. How would it be “a way out of the mire” for Labour to promise in its Manifesto to negotiate its own deal , but then for most of its Leading figures to be regularly promising to campaign against our own deal and vote for Remain ? Another Left Liberal who understands nothing about the EU, and obviously understands nothing about the motivations of our millions of Labour voting Leave voters either.

      1. The Labour leave voters could still vote to leave with a Labour deal if they wish. The fact that I’m a remain voting member will give me the same right, and I have no desire to lose my constituency MP to please leave voters. Labour MP’s should be allowed to campaign for or against leaving, as in Wilsons day.
        By the way, thanks for explaining who you think I am, and not accusing me of being a blairite.

      2. That’s the only rational solution, given the early strategic mistakes that were made.

        One argument that was never made was that the result of the !970s referendum was actually a convincing one whereas the current debacle flows from a very unconvincing scam on behalf of the Tory Party and their friends in the foreign-owned media.

      3. @elephantetc
        “The Labour leave voters could still vote to leave with a Labour deal if they wish. The fact that I’m a remain voting member will give me the same right”

        YES exactly that ,, and its the nuanced logical adult stance that Corbyn has achieved that makes this so attractive . As Corbyn has said Labour is trying to unite and heal the Country not divide it even more with a no deal insanity

      4. The little chorus of replies to JPenney insisting that Labour Leave voter really OUGHT to vote Labour because they could leave on the basis of a Corbyn deal, reminds me strongly of Dr David Owen’s pathetic insistence during the 1980s that voters really OUGHT to vote SDP because it was the only party in line with the voters on both the economy and on foreign policy.

        Of course the SDP did not exactly win the general election.

        You have to take voters as you find them rather than as you would like them to be “if only they’d act logically”.

        In fact in this instance Labour Leave voters who think that Brexit is the biggest issue will be acting perfectly logically if they “down tools” on voting Labour on the basis that it will not deliver Brexit. Sadly Labour’s flip-flopping lends no confidence to Leave voters (and looks weak in itself), and a Corbyn BRINO based on May-Deal-plus with extra bits of token fluff here and there, even if it emerged, would hold scant attraction.

  5. There is a new court case against Boris in the Scottish Courts which if successful would allow the court to sign an application for extension letter on Boris’s behalf if Johnson refused to do it himself.

    The campaigners have applied directly to the inner house of the court of session, the court’s senior tier, as it has a power unique amongst British courts to provide a legal remedy if one is not available elsewhere, a power known as nobile officium.
    Maugham said that if Johnson refuses to seek an extension, as he has repeatedly suggested he will, they would ask the court to making the extension application required by the Benn Act on the prime minister’s behalf.
    “The inner house of the court of session has a special and versatile jurisdiction – its nobile officium – which it can use to, in effect, per procurationem or ‘pp’ any letter that the prime minister refuses to send,” he said. “The rule of law is not a thing to be grifted – not even by the prime minister.”

    1. That would be funny given that Piffle has provided ample evidence of his criminal intent.

      Also given Piffle was adament he did not lie to queenie then was she in on his criminal venture, not that I can imagine why a multi billionaire benefits scrounger with a love of off shore banks would want to leave the EU.

      1. Will C 12/09/2019 at 5:16 pm

        You may have noticed that the ‘reporters’ always ask Boris the same question -“Did you lie to the Queen” to which he can honestly reply “No”
        Boris wasn’t even there because he sent a couple of Privy Council lackeys to do his bidding.

  6. The reality seems to be that the unions and Jeremy’s line of a GE, a Labour victory (hopefully) then Labour’s Better Brexit Deal being put to a public vote with a Remain option, will carry Conference so this initiative does absolutely no harm.
    As I say history may repeat itself and we may have PM Jeremy sitting that campaign out (like Harold Wilson) and we end up with one group of Labour members campaigning for Labour’s Better Brexit Deal and another group campaigning to Remain and I think Labour’s Deal will win.
    I reluctantly voted Remain to try collectively break EC Neo-Liberslism but as a democrat I accept the result and we have to build left wing democratic socialism via independent nation states.
    I support this campaign and will VOTE FOR LABOUR’S BETTER BREXIT DEAL!

  7. I find I’m at a loss to understand how, if we remain in the EU, will it be possible to have Labour’s “transformative manifesto” which goes against the rules of the austerity driven European Union?

    1. In short I believe the answer is no , not the full scale Nationalisation of old , but the EU allows for local community ownership of utilities , such a the likes of Frieburgh in Germany does with over 600 community ownership schemes in place .
      This idea is I think to some extent what John McDonnell has in mind. But who knows what Corbyn will be able to negotiate but it will be a darn site better than no deal for sure I think

      1. Damn straight, Rob. Don’t let the Koch brothers get you down, people!

      2. Kock brother singular now Timfrom and thank God for that , hopefully soon to be the demised Kocks , there’s( humm a rude joke there somewhere I am sure but lets not go there ) 😉

      3. The EU mandates competitive markets Rob, certainly in the five sectors governed by liberalisation directives. So community ownership schemes can vie with private companies in a competitive market, with no state aid in their favour which would distort that market. Like Co-op versus Tesco. In which case we already have socialism.

        At best Corbyn would only be able to negotiate a Theresa May deal with window dressing, because the EU would want to keep these liberalisation provisions and restrictions on state aids for the coherence of the single market.

    2. Paul, a global downturn (at least) looks like it’s just over the horizon and that’s the argument against neoliberal free market economics likely to ring truest with most people including politicians.
      Neoliberalism will try to just ditch Trump & Johnson, blaming Crash2 on trade wars and brexit – but the signs were there and growing before both of those insanities.
      The reserves to prop up the finance sector don’t exist, having been given away to the 1% last time – so either the market is allowed to fail or it’s propped up by ‘Austerity Max’ this time and hunger stalks the land.
      Letting it fail leads to socialism throughout the EU and a (hopefully) united EU Left.
      Ravening austerity leads to hunger followed by martial law to protect the sacrosanct property of the rich. Then we accept oppression or choose revolution. When it’s over socialism will hopefully be recognised as essential by whatever survivors are left.
      Both scenarios assume people will behave rationally of course, which is far from certain.

      Anyone dumb enough to believe Boris Johnson is a good bloke for lacerating democracy and the law to “Get Brexit Done” – and Trump is a good bloke for “Draining The Swamp” – would probably let their children starve to “Save The Nation With Austerity” – and still claim they knew exactly what they were doing when they voted for those two dummies.

      1. “Both scenarios assume people will behave rationally of course, which is far from certain”

        Any optimism about the outcome has to be tempered by (a) history and (linked) (b) the massive element of media control.

        In the case of the former, we have the sequel to the 2008 crash, and your last paragraph points up the power of the latter influence on the gullible. We then have the overlay of the venal playing the gullible by convincing them that it’s an ‘elite’ who are mocking them for parroting propaganda lines straight out of the capitalist press.

        Certainly, a major part of my total antagonism towards Brexit comes from the vanishingly small chance that a client UK adrift in mid-Atlantic and, by definition, dependent on the US, will have *any* agency in resisting a rightward global drift.

  8. Yes I know David Koch died. I mean the “brothers” that come on here to shit on our dreams as if writing for the Koch-funded Spiked online site, our in-house trust-fund Trot Cassandras jpenny & Danny.

  9. Just a thought but if is likely we get Jeremy’s and the union line from Conference which I think is likely we could end up with a beautiful irony of history.
    The UK entered the Common Market in a public vote with a Labour PM sitting on the fence and the UK Leaves the EC (with Labour’s Better Brexit) with the Labour PM sitting on the fence! Perfect Ha! Ha!

  10. I’m all for democracy but i’m too ill-informed to support the deal. To me it seems to be falsely equating democracy to Labour’s deal.

    The leave vote in the first ref was campaigned largely for by the right wing, Lexit was a minority vote, it constitutes the mandated position about as much as a no-deal does.

    When we have a confirmatory vote it will be a fresh vote, we don’t have any democratic duty to confirm the last referendum any more than we need to confirm the last GE.

    A Labour govt. in Europe will have a strong voice. The EU may have to decide to become more socialist as the only way of countering right wing populism. Socialism is internationalist and anti-war, we should be in the EU not adopting an isolationist position for our own political ends as the Cons are trying to do.

  11. Bercow as just come out with. ” we might need a written constitution:….Why do we have to do everything the hard way?.Finally the pennys dropped…..and removal of the archaic Royal prerogative….That will take longer than my lifespan at nearly seventy or do we do it the hard way?

    1. Honestly the Hard way would probably easy and quicker given the push back from the Tories and hol this would cause.

  12. Ps…..Bercow is the speaker(referee)for those not politicaly obsessed like most of us

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