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(Video) Labour preparing most exciting manifesto in party’s history

“Because we know whose side we’re on”
Jeremy Corbyn spoke to the TUC this morning

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today to the TUC in Brighton hinted at what Labour insiders say will be the most exciting general election manifesto in the party’s history.

Speaking to massed union delegates, Corbyn touched on just a few of the items in Labour’s plan, such as the Green New Deal – a plan that will create 400,000 well-paid, high skilled, unionised jobs in renewable energy and green technologies – and a Workers’ Protection Agency to clamp down on exploitative bosses – but much more is to come.

And Corbyn laid out the principle that underpins everything Labour is preparing for the next general election and beyond:

Other measures already announced include a £10 minimum wage, a National Education Service like the NHS, workers on company boards, the renationalisation of rail and utilities and the end of privatisation in the NHS.

But this is just a part of what Labour intends to do.

“Real politics is about giving power to people who don’t have a lot of money and don’t have friends in high places so they can take control of their own lives”
Jeremy Corbyn this morning

Corbyn put it even more directly as he closed his speech:

The general election is coming. In the next few weeks the establishment will come after us with all they’ve got, because they know we’re not afraid to take them on.

We’re going after the tax avoiders.

We’re going after the bad employers.

We’re going after the dodgy landlords.

We’re going after the big polluters destroying our climate.

Because we know whose side we’re on.

Labour sources have told the SKWAWKBOX that the new manifesto the party is preparing will be the most exciting in Labour’s history – and Labour created the NHS.

The leak of Labour’s 2017 manifesto transformed the tone of the general election and shook the Establishment to its roots. This time, the party wants them – and the people – to know it’s coming.

Labour has been the party for the many again since 2015 – but with what the party is planning, it is making a transformative offer – a revolutionary offer – to the ninety-nine percent.

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      1. Good speech. The Tories will go big again on “Labour overspending” I think though, to cover for their own performance over ten years having been so dire.
        I think we have to nail that on the doorstep and social media since they own the news.
        Possibly by explaining that Tory austerity has stolen the price of a rich banker’s luxury holiday from every worker.
        And that those same so-called bankers caused the “Labour overspending” crash by running in panic from ‘sub-prime’ US mortgages – only SOME of which loans MIGHT have gone bad.
        “So-called” bankers because the real bankers were replaced with double glazing/PPI salesmen as a direct result of Thatcher & Reagan’s deregulation.

        I don’t actually have any insight into what will click with Joe Voter – you can probably tell – so I think we need the kind of people whose comments ‘win the internet’ for our equivalent of the S*n’s “turn the lights out” headline.

      2. Wirral In It Together at 5:28 pm

        Given where we are I think he covered quite a wide range of general principles.

      3. “Shame the only game in town is #Brexit.”
        Really? May tried that in 2017 it doesn’t work.

    1. Pure, tragic, fantasy. More of a now politically broken Jeremy Corbyn’s big waffly promises-packed speeches, and now the additional ludicrous promise of “the most exciting manifesto in party’s history” (more radical than in 1945 ??? Do us a fucking favour , pleeeease, Skwawkie !) is now just a sad joke – an empty posture from a thoroughly politically neutered ‘Corbynite’ Labour Left – which has now adopted an uncritical pro-EU, Remain and Second Referendum, stance, in line with Mandelson, Blair, Campbell, and the rest of the Labour Right. (other than a few, like Kinnock, in Leave seats who are now regretting not voting for May’s deal !!).

      September 22nd Conference even seems likely to harden up our currently deliberately shifty, slightly ambiguous, Remain and Second Referendum stance to a very clear statement of same ! It needs to be repeated AGAIN, very few of even our 2017 re-nationalisation proposals or state-led, regional or industrial strategies are possible within the neoliberal Single Market and state aids rules EU set-up, and we cannot retain most of our Leave-voting heartlands and win those vital Leave-voting Tory marginals, with a Remain position. .

      Still, let’s not let the facts get in the way of the windy faux Left rhetoric. Left Liberal feel-good fantasy politics rules OK – certainly on this site.

      1. jpenney 10/09/2019 at 3:39 pm

        Are you basing your pronouncement on the success you and your ‘Tooting Popular Front’ comrades have had in shifting the political landscape for the last quarter of a century.

      2. ” – an empty posture”

        Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

        You’ve got to laugh at these adoptees of the Johnson/ERG prospectus pretending to ‘socialism’. Tooting and Judaean politics in one confused bran tub of delusions.

    1. JC uses the word ‘Brexit’ 4 times in his speech ☺. Follow the link in my comment above for a full transcript of his excellent speech

  1. It’s so wonderful to hear this sort of stuff. I’m 70 and I can’t remember anyone in politics talking like this. The possibility of a decent society that treats people with respect and allows everyone to lead a life unburdened by the anxiety of poverty — this has got to be worth fighting for with all our might. Long live Jeremy and the project!!!

    1. Yes it is wonderful and I can’t wait for this manifesto.

      But the only thing that will keep our Brexit-voting “base” onside will be BRINO with a deal cut by Corbyn (which WILL be do-able) to retain the right to nationalise. This should be the message and it must be taken to the Brexit-voting “base” constituencies and delivered in major public speeches.

      I believe this will be the only solution that everyone can live with…

    2. dodgydosser 10/09/2019 at 12:46 pm

      Given what you’ve said in your comment you may enjoy watching this 15 minute presentation given by George Monbiot at this years TED Conference

      George Monbiot·TEDSummit 2019
      The new political story that could change everything

      To get out of the mess we’re in, we need a new story that explains the present and guides the future, says author George Monbiot. Drawing on findings from psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology, he offers a new vision for society built around our fundamental capacity for altruism and cooperation. This contagiously optimistic talk will make you rethink the possibilities for our shared future

  2. The 2017manifesto….was brilliant and inspired,and gave us all hope for a better future after years of Austerity,for the many not the few, … I am expecting that the next election will come soon with an even.more inspirational manifesto.. For the many not the few. and this time we’ve the keys to HQ and a united membership behind Jeremy Corbyn

  3. Pleasing to see the simple core issue at the for :

    “For 40 years the share of the cake going to workers has been getting smaller and smaller. In 1976 wages took over 64% of GDP now it’s only 54%.” … and the concomitant focus on unions.

    Also the key statement :

    “We’re not recreating the nationalised boards of the past, we’re creating the democracy of tomorrow”.

    … is a a hopeful indicator of a move away from too much foicus on centralised mechanisms (I have reservations about a ‘National Education Service’) as a vehicle for democratic popular control.

  4. ‘Any prime minister should be extremely cautious about ordering the use of weapons of mass destruction which would result in the indiscriminate killing of millions of innocent civilians’

    Who could possibly argue with that statement?

    Labour’s nuclear mafia, that’s who.

    That statement appeared in the draft 2017 manifesto but those sick people got it deleted from the final version.

    (The British General Election of 2017 by Philip Cowley and Denis Kavanagh, p182/3).

  5. Now that Labour has flipped on the Second Referendum we MUST remove from our manifesto any reference to the nationalisation of the utilities especially rail, gas, electricity, mail and telecommunications.

    This is because the EU Liberalisation Directives REQUIRE open markets in those economic sectors. They enable corporations to go before their national courts to have any measure creating a public monopoly declared null and void.

    For reasons explained in the article below, Labour in office could not get these Directives repealed.

    1. Yes indeed. All too true, Danny. But the ill-informed, or simply self-deluding, ‘Corbynista’ Left Liberals , and the deliberately confusion-sowing, round-the-clock-posting multiple identity using, paid troll team who utterly dominate all Skwawkbox postings with their ‘white noise’ predictable nonsense, will deny this very clear Single Market Rules reality, and claim that the re-nationalisation promises in our 2017 Manifesto are indeed perfectly possible inside the neoliberal EU !

      The majority of the self-identifying Labour ‘Left’ have now entered a group think fantasy state of reality denial, that will no doubt be compounded by key decisions to adopt an outright ‘Remain and Second Referendum’ suicidal policy position at our Conference this month. That smug warm glow that so many privileged middle class Left Liberals in our Party will derive from this supposed vote for an entirely bogus EU ‘internationalism’ , and yet another chance to sneer at the mass of our working class Leave voters, as ‘ignorant knuckle-dragging racists ‘, will have its all-too predictable, shocking electoral consequence, when that Exit Poll is announced on the evening of General Election night.

      It is a sad day for the Left when that rabid Labour Right Winger, Stephen Kinnock, and his circa fifty , equally Right Wing, PLP pals, proves more capable of ‘waking up and smelling the coffee’, ie, of imminent electoral wipe-out in his and his pals’ Labour heartland seats, due to our now ever-clearer, Remain position, than most of the supposed old ‘Left Wing’ comrades of Jeremy , like McDonnell and Abbott, and certainly most of the ‘Corbynista’ activist membership !

      1. jpenney 11/09/2019 at 12:01 pm

        Given your obvious contempt for the current leadership and the vast majority of the membership why did you and your ‘Tooting Popular Front’ comrades infiltrate the Labour Party after JC was elected leader?

        Is there anyone in the PLP that you do support?

  6. Nigel Farage’s call for an election alliance with Boris Johnson appears dead in the water after a senior Conservative source described the Brexit Party leader as not ‘fit’ to be near Government.

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