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Video: senior Tory MP’s damning verdict on ‘foul-mouthed oaf’ Cummings – ‘frogmarch’ him out of Downing St

Sir Roger Gale’s “horse’s mouth” assessment could scarcely be more withering – but Number 10 refuses again to engage over Cummings’ actions

A Tory MP who voted with Boris Johnson on all readings of the opposition parties’ bill in Parliament this week has launched a withering attack, live on national television, on Johnson’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings.

Unlike the twenty-one MPs kicked out of the Tory party for voting against Johnson, Gale voted with the whip last night and today.

Describing Cummings to BBC News as an ‘unelected, foul-mouthed oaf‘ who abuses MPs who won’t toe his line, Gale said that Boris Johnson should personally frogmarch Cummings out of Downing Street – and that if he wouldn’t, then the Tories’ senior 1922 Committee should deal with him:

Cummings was revealed this week to have authored a document arguing that rich and upper-class people are there because of better genes and that wider access to education is a ‘danger’. The Tories refused to engage with questions about whether Cummings’ views would influence government policy.

Given the opportunity to comment on Gale’s criticism, Johnson’s office again failed to engage. A chaotic-seeming Number 10 today made no one available to provide comment, while an email enquiry received no response at all by the publication deadline.

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  1. ”An unelected, foulmouthed oaf, throwing his weight around.”

    Thought he meant johnson for a second…cummings hasn’t any weight TO throw around. Definitely needs a pan o’ scouse or two down him.

    Seriously though, he’s got a himmler swagger about him like he’s above the law. I believe he got pished and shouted at some mp’s (Might’ve been Corbyn but think cummings was ranting about him, can’t remember exactly now) last night in the commons.

    It’s on social media so why have the MSM not picked up on this?

  2. Remember when they all said it couldn’t get any worse than tess may?


  3. Psst.. I know some backbenchers some of whom have 2nd hand pitchforks for sale.

  4. And that comes from a stone cold TORY from the vicious loyal enablers of near genocide against the poorest and vulnerable of the working classes……gale an old senile thatcherite……kettle and more…..I am old enough to have a long memory and remember him well…!

  5. Do you get the feeling that some people have watched too many episodes of ‘The Thick Of It’ and taken it too seriously??

  6. Once the clown’s puppeteer is taking a very long career break curtesy of Her Majesty, the rest of them need to be incarcerated too!

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