Twitter removes THIRTEEN THOUSAND followers from Labour activist in 90 mins – restored after protest

40% of @ScouseGirlMedia followers removed in the space of a football match – and it has happened to other left-wingers

Labour activist @ScouseGirlMedia lost 40% of her Twitter followers – almost 13,000 yesterday ‘during the course of the Liverpool match’. The incident saw thousands forcibly unfollow the prominent left-winger, with most of those ex-followers knowing nothing about it until they were eventually restored.

The loss followed an earlier, smaller loss – also unexplained by Twitter – and at least one other left-wing account suffered similar losses repeatedly:

After protests from supporters, the missing followers were restored = but if RD Hale is correct, this is a worrying and non-accidental development.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also previously had huge numbers of shares of his tweets disappeared by Twitter.

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    1. Might be testing the equipment and our resolve for ‘the big one’ when they shut down everything that’s ours including democracy.
      People probably won’t hit the streets over censorship on Twitter – I’d be happy to be wrong but the more piss we let them take, the more piss they’ll take.
      I hope when BloJob gives a big Thatcher-like pay rise to the police and the army we all hear the trumpet.
      Got your CB radios yet?

      1. Sarah @ScouseGirlMedia wrote that her followers dropped from 31.1K down to 18.7K during the Liverpool football match.
        I just looked and they’re now back up to 32.4K … plus one 🙂

  1. Those that currently enjoy power know that control of the narrative is essential if they are to continue.They have been frantically searching for a way of bringing the internet under their control in the same way they control the legacy media.In the 19th century,in the UK it was done by stamp duty on newspapers,which the left were unable to live with.They have yet to find something similar for the internet,but they will not stop trying because if they don’t succeed,they are lost.If they have to compete on anything like equal terms with the left,the war is lost,because the lies and half truths they rely on are being exposed.

    1. It must be particularly galling for them here in the UK.After spending the last 20 years and more taking over the BBC,it is not the instrument of control it was when they started manoeuvring for control.

    2. The extension of 5g network will give the establishment just what they have wanted….to spy and collect data……and the response from the public will be if you’re not hiding somthing you have nothing to worry about……?thats basically why we don’t have a true democracy!

  2. ScouseGirlMedia blocked me after I told her about racists in the Wirral Labour movement. I obviously make her feel uncomfortable with my pursuit of awkward, reputation damaging truths.

    So let’s attack the messenger, guys.

    I’ve also been shadow banned by Twitter and every one of my attachments has been tarred by a “sensitive media” warning for the last month. For absolutely no reason.

    I haven’t contacted any outlet to broadcast this foul, anti freedom of speech, Twitter behaviour.

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