‘Coward’ Javid deletes tweet that said “you can’t just shut down Parliament”

Spineless Chancellor accused of putting his career ahead of national interest
Shame: Sajid Javid

Chancellor Sajid Javid has a strong opinion on Boris Johnson’s decision to shut down Parliament next month to prevent MPs trying to block his no-deal Brexit push.

Unfortunately, that strong opinion seems to be whatever Johnson tells him it is.

Writer Alex Tiffin spotted that Sajid Javid had deleted a tweet saying ‘You don’t deliver democracy by trashing democracy – you can’t just shut down Parliament’:

‘TeamSaj’ is just one of a number of members of Johnson’s front bench to perform screeching u-turns on their previous abhorrence of the very idea of ‘proroguing’ Parliament now that they are in Johnson’s Cabinet – a list of shame that includes Amber Rudd, Nicky Morgan and Matt Hancock.

Javid has also come under a spotlight for his weakness in making no objection when Johnson and his string-puller Dominic Cummings sacked one of Javid’s advisers without telling Javid beforehand.


Tiffin said to Javid about his deleted tweet, “It’s almost as if you’ve no morals and can’t be trusted to stick to your word. In other words, you’re a coward who cares for himself over the national interest.”

It’s hard to disagree.

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  1. “‘TeamSaj’ is just one of a number of members of Johnson’s front bench to perform screeching u-turns on their previous abhorrence of the very idea of ‘proroguing’ Parliament”

    … which sort of thing is not unusual, and what people (to be cynical) *pretend* to object to in politicians.

    … but a hell of a lot of those same people will be celebrating the actions of the Liar in Chief.

    … and a lot of them will also be convinced that Brexit is a bright move.

    Quote of the day – overheard just before the Sheffield demonstration :

    “That Jeremy Corbyn – he’s a terrorist.” That’s the level of much political perception.

    Conversations of the day – with two people engaged with university funding (at different institutions) in key fields of technological development.(AI/robotics in the health sector and sub-atomic computing). When asked what replaces current key European funding streams. The answer – in summary – “Fuck knows”. That response, according to one of them just back from a conference in Sweden, is the wider consensus – not just individual opinion.

    … which also sums up the general prospects for having *anything* worthwhile to export based on advanced technology ..

    … and which about sums up the pit of ignorance that the Bullingdon Boys have brought the country to as they ‘take control’ of parliament before having a spliff behind the bike sheds.

    Still – as long as Rees Mogg (“Leader” of the Commons!) doesn’t have to worry about his funding stream, all must be right with the world ….

    Now, I’ll just go and scrape up the puke.

  2. Just your average politician nowadays….no morals,no backbone and do not think beyond their own survival and salary!…..The difference is he has the potential to be lethal and the result of the suspension of parliament may be the end for him and the whole anti democracy system!……its getting a bit hot in the kitchen?….But who let the dogs out?……HRH…

  3. But how can he be a coward when he’s living proof there’s NO islamophobia in the conservative party?

      1. Nobody asked you to.

        Doesn’t change the inescapable fact that he’s out for himself, and balls to everyone else.

        Mercenary invertebrate that he is.

  4. Wot a plonker , it’s on BBC QT no matter what he does with his twatter account

  5. “No Deal” is the ONLY arrangement which gives us back sovereignty over public ownership. EU membership does not do so, neither does EEA membership, neither did the Withdrawal Agreement, neither would a Canada-style agreement.

    For the Left to oppose “No Deal” is therefore tantamount not only to an abandonment of democratic socialism as an alternative to capitalism. It EVEN means jettisoning the mildest social democracy, since bringing back the kind of the public sector that we had in 1945-79 would be entirely ruled out by the EU’s unrepealable Liberalisation Directives as well as by other EU provisions such as the Treaty right of freedom of corporate establishment.

    This raises the question, what is the Left for? Too fearful to transform society, It seems that the Left is now the force of the status quo.

    As for the middle-class hissy-fit against the Prorogation, it should be noted that the present parliament is a Parliament of Liars, 85% elected on promises to respect the referendum result and yet we are still in the EU years later! There is no compelling reason for Left-wingers to bust a gut for the overwhelmingly Blairite PLP to troop into Parliament to keep public ownership unlawful.

    For good measure loyal colleague Sir Keir Starmer has just said that in any second referendum he will campaign for Remain even over a Corbyn-obtained EU deal. (No need therefore for the EU to make ANY concessions to Corbyn on public ownership, state aids, public procurement etc).

    Sadly the leadership’s ‘flip’ on Brexit has collapsed the difference between Blairites and Corbynistas. Blairites will support neoliberalism because they love it; Corbynistas will be compelled to implement neoliberalism because EU law so dictates.

    1. ”For good measure loyal colleague Sir Keir Starmer has just said that in any second referendum he will campaign for Remain even over a Corbyn-obtained EU deal. ”

      Absolutely NO surprise there.


      ”(No need therefore for the EU to make ANY concessions to Corbyn on public ownership, state aids, public procurement etc).”

      But despite that, they all really want Corbynism to succeed. Honest.


      1. toffee How can we trust that guy.. Knighthood establishment man Sir keir starmer……when he was at the public prosecution he let off a bunch of corrupt coppers and ended up with a knighthood.How can establishment gongs be a qualification for any socialist….or the Labour party .Sorry the guys bought and paid for….what do we expect?….Corbyn represents everything he hates

      2. As said below Joseph, too much of a coward to prosecute grant shapps – even though the plod said he’d committed fraud.

        What a guy that starmer is 😒

    2. So what you’re saying in effect Danny is that the only hope we have of turning back the tide of neoliberalism (and repairing the damage that it has done over the years) is to: 1. Leave the EU without a deal; 2. Get shod of as many Blairite MPs as we possibly can (before a GE); 3. And elect a JC government.

    3. “the leadership’s ‘flip’ on Brexit has collapsed the difference between Blairites and Corbynistas” – there it is in a nutshell. Accommodating the Blairites has reached its ends point. No need for the AS tactic now with Corbyn emasculated.

    1. The LP is a poorer organisation without her but as I have remarked before, as things are in the current party she may be off freed from its PC shackles, it is the manner in which these committed Socialists are being hounded and chucked out that is so egregious and shows that the party has a very long way to go if it is ever going to be truly radical.

      1. Maria, can a conspiracy fomented by a foreign power and a faction of the party – solely to undermine a political opponent – be dismissed as political correctness?

      2. I am not buying your conspiracy theory, the British establishment calls the ultimate shots, Israel (assuming that is the foreign power you refer to) is allowed to work and scheme as it does because it suits UK foreign and domestic policy which it has no desire to change in the least. Corbyn represented a real potential threat to the ongoing imperialist policies and Israel is a useful tool the long term colonial outpost… you scratch my back and…

        LP has done it all by itself by having no strong and clear response to the accusations from the get go and allowing themselves to be dragged into the mire by accepting things that would ensure members are silenced or had to be schooled in what they can say and what they cannot say for fear of saying something wrong. If it cannot cope with the anti-Semitism assault then I have zero hope for what would come in the even of a Corbyn led Gov. if it tried to water down foreign policy and the hegemony of the banking sector. Yes Corbyn’s LP has become a PC party afraid of its shadow.

      3. You obviously don’t keep a check on the MSM Maria, because if you did, you would know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is ALWAYS counter-productive when the LP (or Ken Livingstone, for example) responds to the A/S falsehoods. I mean do you seriously think and believe for one millisecond that the very media that have conspired in the black op smear campaign against Jeremy and the left are going to give them a fair hearing and let them ‘respond’. Of course they’re not.

        So perhaps you could remind us what happened on one of the few occasions when the Labour Party DID respond and, as such, condemned the Panorama program, or what happened each and every time Ken tried to ‘fight back’ against the smears and falsehoods leveled at him.

        What more proof do you need!

      4. Exactly my point Allan Howard, LP has been silenced by the British establishment not foreign power. Yes, lets go along with everything except what is acceptable we can change things that way… in your dreams. What is acceptable to British establishment wont change zip just cast a veneer. Corbyn led LP is effectively neutralized as an oppositional or Gov party that can bring real change, it can only deliver what is acceptable. That makes me very suspicious of what LP would do in Gov I have to tell you. It’s looking more and more like it would be a Blair light scenario.

      5. “Corbyn’s LP has become a PC party afraid of its shadow.”

        This is nothing to do with ‘PC’ issues. It’s to do with a deliberate strategy of the Israel lobby, coupled with a mixture of kniving and incomprehension within the NEC and PLP.

        You’re right that resistance has been of the quality of a chocolate fireguard when it’s not involved complicity, as in the adoption of the nonsense of the IHRA definition.

        Allan’s endorsement of this timidity (at best) is an inexplicable kow-towing to foreign and anti-Labour inetrests. Not much point in waxing lyrical about socialism if you can’t see off the right and antagonism from a foreign power on your own doorstep.

      6. Of course I meant lets go along with what is acceptable. ‘Except’ was an error and I didn’t re read before posting..

      7. RH, yes, let’s blame a foreign power not our own establishment and Gov when, last I knew, it had control over UK territory but perhaps Israel calls the shots in UK too not the other way round as I see it, UK uses Israel as a political and geostrategic tool, of course it gets above its station due to protection from the biggest colony US but Uk could put a stop to it’s political shenanigans in UK any time it wanted.

        Feels good to blame a bogey man doesn’t it, we don’t have to look internally… poor us what could we do against foreign power. Bogey men everywhere in the world but usually we have to stop them by destroying their countries to ‘save the people’ but we can’t lift a feather if on UK soil.

      8. Oh FFS – nobody’s shifting blame onto Israel – OF COURSE the right are all in it together, because socialism is their greatest fear and always has been.
        Nobody’s blind to the Tories being the main player in the UK – antisemitism is just a convenient stick proffered by Netanyahu for the Tories and our right wing to beat the left with.
        Do us a favour and stop trying to pick non-existent nits.

      9. Maria, the conspiracy was proven even before the Al Jazeera series of four documentaries entitled “The Lobby” (still available on YouTube).
        Your own statement “the British establishment calls the ultimate shots, Israel …. is allowed to work and scheme as it does because it suits UK foreign and domestic policy” is a description of conspiracy.
        A nod and a wink is enough.

      10. Maria –

        “I am not buying your conspiracy theory, the British establishment calls the ultimate shots,”

        … but you buy your own conspiracy theory about a unified ‘establishment’ when that entity comprises various factions?

        There’s a confluence of sundry interests – it’s as simple as that.

        And Israeli interests are an important part of the whole.

      11. RH, I never used the word conspiracy re Gov and ‘establishment’, I should add British state I suppose, but I include it in establishment. It is mutual interests that converge in resistance to what Corbyn represents/represented. Like any long standing system (Imperialisms) it has many sectors that have long and more recently profited from it and don’t want fundamental changes that might halt their plans and gravy train. Better to shepherd any threat down acceptable paths that can be managed or even usurped.
        I don’t see that convergence of interests as a conspiracy it’s just the way they work to further their interests, some sectors have no need to be involved because things are being taken care of or they know there is no threat to their interests and there may be opportunities.

        Anyway, this discussion is going the same way as usual, we disagree on certain points and none will budge. lol

    2. I put the following post together a few days ago, and was waiting for a relevant thread to post it on, but NOW is as good a time as any, so:

      Just came across the following Jewish Chronicle article (from May 2016) about Jackie Walker with the following headline:

      Labour suspends Momentum supporter who claimed Jews caused ‘an African holocaust’

      The article begins thus:

      A leading member of the pro-Corbyn Momentum hard-left activism group claimed Jews were responsible for an “African holocaust”, the JC can reveal.

      She didn’t ‘claim’ anything of the sort of course, but the black propagandists at the Jewish Chronicle obviously believe that their readers are stupid and easily manipulated – and if you contrive and concoct a headline for the story designed to ’emotionalise’ your readers at the outset, you’re much more likely to succeed in manipulating them – because further on in the article they quote what Jackie actually said, and that’s NOT what she said.

      But IF – before the reader gets to that bit – you are told again that she has been suspended by the LP for her comments, then the reader of course obviously thinks that she has been suspended for saying/claiming that Jews caused an African holocaust. And if you then state immediately afterwards (and PRIOR to quoting what she said) that: ‘She has repeatedly claimed the ongoing allegations of Jew-hate against party members are part of a “witch-hunt” against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’, you can be pretty sure that most of the people reading the article will have been put into full emotional mode by then, and the rational and reasoning part of the brain over-ridden and, as such, when they get to reading what Jackie Walker actually said, they won’t see any contradiction from what they have been led to believe she said by the headline (and what she actually said), which was of course then repeated at the beginning of the article, albeit slightly differently worded of course.

      But the insidiousness of the propagandists at the Jewish Chronicle has another aspect to it, and THEY know it – ie that the vast majority of Jewish people who read the paper/website implicitly trust the JC, and if THEY say that Jackie Walker said the Jews were responsible for an African holocaust, then that’s what she must have said……. Even though she DIDN’T! But their last little touch, just immediately prior to quoting what she said is THIS:

      Describing herself as an anti-Zionist, Ms Walker responded to a critic who asked her about the Holocaust on Facebook in February by writing about “the African holocaust”.

      There was no ‘critic’ involved, and Jackie was having a discussion – a private and not visible to the general public discussion – with a Facebook friend, but black propagandists never miss a chance to build on the falsehood they are concocting, and so the friend is transformed into a ‘critic’. Anyway, I assume that most people who follow skwawkbox are aware of what Jackie said, but here it is as it appears in the JC article:

      “As I’m sure you know, millions more Africans were killed in the African holocaust and their oppression continues today on a global scale in a way it doesn’t for Jews,” Ms Walker wrote.

      “Many Jews (my ancestors too) were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade which is of course why there were so many early synagogues in the Caribbean. So who are victims and what does it mean? We are victims and perpetrators to some extent through choice,” she added. [the very next thing she says is: “And having been a victim does not give you a right to be a perpetrator”, obviously alluding to the Israeli state, but the JC omitted that bit].

      NB What she says is completely factual of course – just as with Ken Livingstone – and is not of course anti-semitic in the slightest, and I’m sure she’d be the first to say that Africans ALSO played a part in the slave trade and the African Holocaust, as did many others, but she was, at the time, making a specific point(s).

      PS I just this minute checked out the book Jackie wrote on Amazon entitled Pilgrim State, and there are fifteen reviews at the moment, and every one of them has given the book five stars. This is what one of them says:

      Brilliantly written, evocative and amazing, this book is about the untold story of Jackie’s mother, Dorothy. Spanning decades, crossing oceans from Jamaica, America and Britain, it is a wonderful account of the hardships she encountered and of how love and the human spirit prevail in the face of hatred, racism and poverty. Life affirming and ultimately uplifting, I can recommend this book.

      1. It is a total historical lie that Jewish capitalists were “the chief financiers” of the sugar and slave trade. A total anti-semitic lie. A few Jewish capitalists were involved of course , as capitalists are . But the overwhelming funders of the sugar and slave trade were Christian capitalists. You , and Walker, are simply promoting an anti- Semitic lie originating from the deeply anti-semitic Nation of Islam cult. The only reason for even making this “chief funders” lie appears to be to morally undermine the WW2 Holocaust as a justification for the founding of the state of Israel , in some sort of bizarre, “the Jews funded the Slave Trade, so they got what they deserved” sub message. In any case , a few Jewish capitalists funding a tiny part of the slave trade is no justification for the murder of 6million completely blameless European Jews . You, and Walker , are simply peddling s racist anti Jewish historical lie. You should be ashamed.

      2. “You , and Walker, are simply promoting an anti- Semitic lie originating from the deeply anti-semitic Nation of Islam cult.”

        Wtf is the “Nation of Islam cult”? Never heard of it, are you using an anti Islamic trope by any chance?

      3. Oh, right, so in a private facebook discussion with a friend Jackie set out to solely blame the Jews for the African Holocaust. Yeah, right, sure. And it goes without saying of course that her underlying message (to her facebook friend) was that they – the Jews – got what they deserved. Yes, of course Maria. And I thought you were an intelligent person, but no intelligent person on the planet could come out with such undiluted twaddle.

        And it ALSO beggars belief that an intelligent person – and I’m assuming you’re not a shill – can castigate the LP for not ‘responding’ and fighting back against the A/S smears AND defending those who HAVE been smeared, when it’s glaringly obvious that to do so is counter-productive; and as if the media who have been complicit and conspired in the falsehoods are going to give the LP – or the individuals involved – the opportunity to respond and expose the very falsehoods that THEY are dissembling for what they ARE.

        Of course they’re not!

        The reality is that but for the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour Party, we would never have heard a dickybird about Ken or Jackie or Pete (Willsman) or Marc etc, etc, etc, and needless to say the ‘anti-semitism crisis’ would never have materialised. And if and when the Blairite ‘moderates’ regain control of the Party, all the anti-semites and antisemitism will no doubt magically disappear.

      4. More cobblers – this time from Ha’penny, who obviously hasn’t grasped what Jackie Walker wrote, then and subsequently.

        The ‘Nation of Islam’ reference is a give-away of Ha’penny’s prejudices and willingness to collude with anti-Corbyn scams.

        For those who haven’t had time to follow the detail, Jackie Walker’s crucial point was that victims can, in other circumstances, be oppressors and executioners. Victimhood – particularly of ancestors, and even more, of notional associates – does not give the victims immunity from responsibilty judgment in humanitarian terms.

        … which is central to the history of Palestine – a third-party victim.

        Ha’Penny’s implication that “the WW2 Holocaust …[is] … a justification for the founding of the state of Israel” is, of course the root of the current injustice and displays his limited grasp.

        *Nothing* justifies ethnic cleansing – including previous ethnic cleansing – particularly when the penalty is passed to an innocent population in order to dodge discomfort closer to home.

        Ha’penny seems to find plain English beyond his grasp when he writes

        “Jewish capitalists funding a tiny part of the slave trade is no justification for the murder of 6million completely blameless European Jews”

        … as if this was even remotely implied by Walker.

        The only useful function his speil serves is to illustrate (a) the addled nature of his own mental functioning (if we take it at face value) and (b) the utter corruption of the current narrative about Labour ‘antisemitism’.

      5. Allan Howard,

        Have you got me mixed up with jpenney in the first part of your reply @ 6.02 pm? If not I am baffled I only asked jpenny a question. Btw… I have never claimed to be ‘intelligent’ I’m just an average person. I appreciate the possible downgrade from shill though.

        I said Labour party should have dealt robustly with the smears at the ‘get go’… right at the start. Once it got traction it was always going to be a losing battle. I don’t know exactly how but surely some of the big brains could have come up with something that dealt with it clearly and decisively and stuck to the same line.

        I have tried to make it clear on numerous occasions over time that Corbyn, his history and what he represents is the real threat so of course I am aware that the anti-Semitism smears will vanish in a puff of smoke if/when he is no longer leader. You never hear a thing about anti-Semitism in the Con party or other entities.

        I don’t think the ‘right’ is the correct adjective there are various factions, yes mostly are what is called right wing such as neoliberals but there are other factions that I see but cannot place on the political spectrum accurately as many appear ‘left’ in many areas.

      6. pinkpinny, nobody knows with certainty who financed every triangular trade venture or sugar or tobacco plantation – many more documents of the time are missing than exist and much is and will remain unknown.
        Assuming documents to be typical of the time or exceptional, of great significance or none, are common but unscientific value judgements historians and researchers make at their peril.
        Your complaint appears to hinge on the word “chief” which you, with no more evidence than Jackie Walker, insist must be replaced with “tiny” for such a statement to be without antisemitism.
        I say she can be accused of no more than loose language.
        You on the other hand are guilty of deliberate obfuscation and misconstruction in pursuance of a witch hunt.

      7. Apologies Maria, I just noticed that it was jpenny who posted the comment about Jackie and all the twaddle about what she said in a private discussion on facebook, but I’m sure you – and everyone else following the comments – realised who I was responding to.

    3. Why are you ignoring my main point Allan Howard? UK establishment and Gov could act against egregious Israeli political interference shenanigans any time it wanted and give hints to state and corporate media to ignore it or even run it and expose it to all UK citizen/subjects giving tham the fuel and reason to act.
      The real question is, why doesn’t it protect UK political system and so called ‘democracy’. I say it’s because it suits it.

      Are you proposing the vile Israeli regime has something on UK Gov/establishment, something so powerful it can do as it wishes on UK soil? If you are then I am not going down that rabbit hole.

      The fact that the Israeli regime has carte blanche in political sphere in UK points to a grave disfunction in our systems and inability to protect our sovereignty and political sphere against foreign interference, Johnson is exposing yet more dysfunction… our main problem is home grown and its the problem Brits have the best chance of tackling… if only.

      1. Yes, exactly Maria. The UK Establishment and their propaganda machine are more than happy to have the JLM – seven of whom participated in the Panorama hatchet job posing as ordinary LP members, along with their former Campaign’s Officer* – and the CAA and LFI and the CST smear and demonise JC and the left as anti-semites so as to sabotage Jeremy’s leadership of the Labour Party, and as with with the Jewish newspapers, they really don’t give a damn about the worry and concern they are causing amongst a large section of the Jewish community in their quest to destroy Jeremy.

        *See Jewish Dissident’s blog for a list of their names and the executive committee positions they each hold…… Here’s a link in fact (save you/anyone having to search for it):

      1. FFS WordPress, that like was meant for Allan’s link at 3:10pm.

    4. I’m not sure where this post will appear, but it’s in response to Richard’s (RH’s) 5.40pm post:

      So pointing out that it is counter-productive to ‘respond’ and fight back against the anti-semitism smears and falsehoods is ‘endorsing’ the ‘timidity’ (at the very least!) of the Labour Party, is it. Funny isn’t it how not ONCE have any of the perpetraitors of this Big Deception EVER answered the question I put to them every time they dissemble this deception (and do so so that they can exploit the frustration and anger that many people/members understandably feel about the situation) – ie what happened when the LP DID respond and condemned the Panorama program, and what happened each and every time Ken (Livingstone) tried to explain and justify what he said – what he was alluding to – in passing, in the radio interview with Vanessa Feltz, was the Haavara Agreement – ie an historical fact. I wonder why not! Could it be that to do so would be to acknowledge that I am right on the one hand, and negate their Big Deception on the other AND put them in a position where they couldn’t keep repeating it, as they DO every chance they get.

      So will RH tell us what happened? NO!, of course he won’t!!!

      They know perfectly well that the very media that conspires in the black op against Jeremy and the left – and has done for the past four years – are NEVER going to give them the opportunity to ‘respond’ and, as such, expose the very falsehoods that THEY – and the ‘moderates’ who work hand in glove with them – disseminate on an almost daily basis. Talking of which, I came across the following hate-fest/hate-mongering piece of vile and abhorrent vitriol by Joan Ryan the other day in the Jewish Chronicle (posted on the 26th of August):

      1. Jewish Chronicle journalists so-called must spend practically ALL their time thinking of ways they can reiterate and remodel the ‘anti-semitism’ falsehood and drag it in to yet another article, and as with the Joan Ryan piece above, they have used ‘Brexit’ as their vehicle to do so again, this time with Luciana Berger supplying the quotes, and all done in double-quick time:

  6. You do write a load of cobblers, Danny.

    “For the Left to oppose “No Deal” is therefore tantamount not only to an abandonment of democratic socialism”

    You don’t even get the difference between means and ends. Or conflicts between concepts of ‘socialism’.

    ” the leadership’s ‘flip’ on Brexit has collapsed the difference between Blairites and Corbynistas.”

    .. and that’s an actual hissy fit, not academic analysis.

    ” respect the referendum result ” … and the use of that phrase is just loose gobbledy-gook that tries to make an indecisive outcome decisive. So not much intellectual grasp of the complex term ‘democracy, either – if you cant distinguish it from ‘majoritarianism’.

    “As for the middle-class … ” Again the generalisations category error so common in pseudo-ideologues pretending to half-understood Marxism.

    … and all that before we get anywhere near to winning elections.

    I think you need to get out more. The fact that this sort of posturing, bellyaching and sterile argument has done zilch to create even a modest step towards a better situation for the ‘left behind’ should penetrate most skulls as writing on the wall for its protagonists.

    … or you can continue to play toy soldiers with a tiny platoon, I guess

    1. Isn’t it about time you grew up Richard instead of always responding in you arrogant and condescending/patronising fashion. Oh, right, but I was forgetting, you’re not on here every day all day long day after day week after week to have a civil and measured debate about ‘Brexit’ are you, no!…… but to attack people and try and belittle them etc, etc, just like the good little propagandist shill that you are.

      1. Don’t bother Allan.

        As the saying goes: ‘you can’t educate pork’

      2. A very civil and measured reply Allan, if I may say so.
        Said the kettle, with not a trace of smugness.

      3. ” the good little propagandist shill that you are”

        A black pot indeed, aren’t you, Allan? Now … there’s a word beginning with hy…?? that comes to mind … I’ll remember it in a minute …

        Now – have a go at disputing the points in my post. Or do you simply subscribe to Danny’s and Ha’penny’s egotistical mythologies and his hot-air attacks on the Labour Party and Corbyn?

        Time to own up.

      4. ”Or do you simply subscribe to Danny’s and Ha’penny’s egotistical mythologies and his hot-air attacks on the Labour Party and Corbyn?”

        Like you’re concerned about Corbyn being ‘attacked’?

        Do us all a favour, soft lad. You know what.

        What did starmer just say about going AGAINST any deal Corbyn could/might broker?

        How did watson go about getting you your 2nd ref/remain option, again?

        Where’s your displeasure about them going against Corbyn (and doing a lot more damage in the process), then?

        Oh, that’s right…Silly me.

      5. Toffee – I award you the prize for the most irrelevant and incontinent babble of the day. For your information (although a brighter spark would already have grasped it) – I’ve always supported Corbyn, but not indulged in uncritical hero worship.

        Now – what to do about those Tories that you studiously ignore in the self-righteous thrashing about focusing on internal enemies? It is the Tories that are walking away with the family silver aided by the Lexiteers.

    2. RH, I hope t’toffee’s new prize won’t be so big it covers up his rusty old sheriff’s badge.
      Good socialists don’t deny anyone’s freedom of speech.

  7. When BloJob declares himself dictator-for-life and Labour a proscribed terrorist organisation after ‘winning’ no deal – professor danny and pinkpinny will be happily cheering him and waving a St. George in the street in celebration – because ‘no deal’ has become an end in itself to that pair of pseudo-intellectuals, as it is to most brexit fans.

    Ever more blatant abuses of democracy are inevitable with people like Trunt and BloJob in charge.
    Populist audiences’ increasingly angry demands following each policy’s failure to improve their lives can only be satisfied by more – and more reckless – blaming of ‘the other’.
    That’s how it starts. It ends with the most vocal supporters – like those two tossers – as armed and uniformed gauleiters.

  8. Nothing about starmer stating he’d (potentially) be going against any deal that the twice democratically elected leader could broker from the remain fanaticists on here

    There’s a propensity-cum-penchant of the pro remain to wilfully overlook and forgive any contradiction of the party leadership when it comes to remaining in the eu.

    Unscrupulous methods are ignored – nay, encouraged by the indifference of the pro remain set – if they’re in line with their pro-eu viewpoint.

    Now, had jess philips said something about agreeing with the viewpoints of rees-smog about Corbyn, the same people who allowed watson to act the c**t to get them their 2nd ref/remain option would be up in arms. Starmer’s admission is of far more consequence and yet not one of them has uttered a murmur about it.

    Routine for them, because this is about Europe, which trumps anything & everything else. The zealots will not give an inch and do not give a flying f**k about Corbynist politics because – when push comes to shove – they’re NOT the socialists they pretend to be.

    Anything but remaining in the eu is heresy to them. Nothing else matters. Nothing.

    Oh, I expect they’ll now go full weaselly screeching mode and try to tell me that I can’t possibly be a socialist if I’m not pro-eu.

    To that I’ll just say that I seem to remember reading the ‘Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’ many years ago. I seem remember that being set a long time before the UK’s eu membership.

    Just remember that starmer – as DPP – was too cowardly to prosecute michael green/seb fox/grant shapps or whatever his friggin’ name is this week – despite the met telling us his acts had constituted fraud.

    They’re (allegedly) happy to see Corbyn as leader – but even happier to see him undermined at every turn as long as it’s over the eu.

    1. I’m fascinated at this fixation with everybody and everything *except* the Tories when there are demonstrations across the country against Mr Toad and Co. running riot.

      What a f.ked up set of priorities.

      1. Oh, so the infighting caused by centrist twunts ISN’T doing a bleedin’ dicky-bird to people’s perceptions of the party and haemorrhaging votes?

        Soft lad, it’s doing more damage than everything else put together.

        And who’s the main protagonists? watson & starmer. They’re far more dangerous than the toerags are.

        As the saying goes: Sort yer own house out before you start to sort anyone else’s.

        Oh, you might say ‘get the toerags out’ but you’re NOT telling us to get shut of the ones WITHIN THE PARTY.

      2. I don’t disagree with you about a chunk of the PLP, although the internal issues go beyond them. It’s not always the usual suspects that have done the damage in failure to dish the Tories in parliamentary votes.

        My comment is about the fact that the overwhelming obsession with these characters detracts from the wider political objectives. They do indeed form a distraction – but that focus just exaggerates it.

  9. I can see vultures circling ..waiting for a chance to get rid of Corbyn.. But they fail to realise that if they succeed against a majority democratic socialist membership,the party will be left with a smaller party bought and paid for by the establishment… Theres only room for so many establishment party’s,totally unrepresentative of the people of the UK.The Labour party would fold,and their being only so many pigs at the trough they would be out of jobs and the gravy train will be left to the true elites like it always used to be… History goes round in circles but Socialism will always survive and will always be needed….Tyrants come and go but we will gain power eventually….but when?

  10. I see lisa nandy out there recomeding Ken Clarke or Swansong to lead a government of national unity…..I and condemning Corbyn for getting out there amongst the people……The pretend left mp for Wigan has finally blown her cover and probably realises that they have one last chance to remove corbyn……what a treacherous nasty character she is.Playing the working class girl in touch with the old mill towns,as unfortunately not fooled the Labour voters of Wigan?Lisa Smiffys advisor in the first chicken coup has decided to throw caution to the wind and even recommending Swansong….things must be getting desperate for Lisa because one thing that doesn’t go down in my old mill towns in Lancashire is liberal’s,she’s even lost touch with her constituents now!Get the right wing out!

  11. Hate to shit in your custard but
    When 2nd referendum is held, party members will be given freedom to campaign any which they see fit, it’s called the Wilson doctrine,
    Labour brino v No Brexit, my guess would be 65/35
    Same will apply in Scottish indy referendum,
    Labour official position will be we want you to stay and heres how devolution can be taken to the next level but it’s your choice

  12. Allan at 8:19 pm.
    I think most if not all of us here see the facts and probably feel as you do. Many of us agree that we – let’s say “have some reservations” – about the present tactics.
    My choice however, in the absence of any guarantee that alternative tactics would work, is to trust that Jeremy Corbyn might just possibly have considered all the angles we have, taken all the advice possible from the canniest political operators available – and maybe might just know some things he can’t share with us yet.
    Like I said, trust.
    Why would I expect him to take advice from old farts like me – or even you?
    Or even the professor and his pet monkey?

    1. The counter-argument is simply that the issues may have varied in their pominence – but have not gone away. Worse – the ideas have become embedded.

      I can’t believe that the tentative approach of many spokespeople haven’t contributed to that. The only opportunities where an alternative view can elbow its way in is in interviews – and if such start off with concessions/apologies, that immediately has the effect of conceding the argument.

      Then, there’s the critical issue of the IHRA definition, which was a voluntary concession that has been totally counter-productive.

      It may be wise of Corbyn to keep his head down on the issue, but that issue is one for the Party, not just an individual.

      Allan at 8:19 “So will RH tell us what happened? NO!, of course he won’t!!!”

      I’m not quite sure why Allan get’s so excited – but the point is *not* that a rebuttal strategy will quickly and easily solve the problem, but that non-rebuttal actually reinforces the scam.

      ‘What happened’ is that it continues to rear its ugly head, and good Party members have been hounded out for truth-telling, whilst truth-telling itself is suppressed. Consequence : deception is further embedded.

      It’s an odd idea that because combatting an attack – as with the Panorama incident – doesn’t produce a grovelling ‘mea culpa’ from a biased press, then that means it’s a good idea not to bother in the first place.

  13. David…..Sometimes we have to trust and so far he’s been correct.My group leader once said ro me you always want to win the battle,but its better to win the war!…..On that he was correct and although it was a criticism of myself…..we can learn from experiences and we have to trust Corbyn and his experience of many years fighting the Torys and the establishment

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