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Corbyn requests urgent meeting with Queen in attempt to prevent Johnson coup

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has asked the Queen for an immediate meeting ‘as a matter of urgency’ in an attempt to prevent Boris Johnson’s attempt to take the UK over a no-deal Brexit cliff by shutting down and bypassing Parliament.

Corbyn’s letter to the Queen said that Johnson’s move is to “deprive the electorate of the opportunity to have their representatives hold the Government to account” between now and the 31 October Brexit deadline.

The letter revealed that MPs intend to attempt legislation next week to prevent the move and that a no-confidence vote may rapidly follow – and described Johnson’s manoeuvre as an attempt to manipulate the Queen that Johnson into an untenable constitutional position:

There is a danger that the royal prerogative is being set directly against the wishes of a majority of the House of Commons.


Corbyn is the only statesman among the current Westminster leaders.

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  1. Well good luck with that Jeremy Corbyn……but he knows that better than me that the country without a democracy with no constitution and a all powerful head of state in an unelected monarchy and an unelected PM is basically pi55ing in the wind.But I am extremely pleased that our party leader Jeremy Corbyn will be the first Labour party leader to showcase to the nation and the world our backward form of elitist anti democratic royalist feudal system……Socialiam hits back for the many not the few……expect eruptions from our disloyal PLP and Lordys in horror at anyone challenging the gravy train of funding the few parasites by the many……Thankyou Jeremy Corbyn a brave man….Let the membership get behind him!

  2. Thanks for that steveH….good article that shows the farcical system of establishment democracy…but the author still doesn’t Get it….and can’t seem to see what’s rotten to the core….in our system……the old lady will decide…..give me strength!

  3. Do they still have the Charles I chopping block stored somewhere? In the Tower, perhaps?

    1. Timfrom…would the chopping block be for you…me Jeremy…or all of us….but in my case…Catholic l would expect hung..drawn and quartered and my head left to rot above what is now marble arch……There’s a good few who would like that!

      1. No, Joseph, the chopping block would be for Boris. Obviously! 😃

  4. Noticed the new buzz word to confuse the public perogation……That should read Royal prerogative….hey ho….dont embarrass the Royal family…the peasants are Revolting…whato!

    1. Joe, they’re different words – [royal] ‘prerogative’ meaning ‘right’ or ‘entitlement’ and ‘prorogue/prorogation’ meaning ‘suspension’ [of parliament, by royal prerogative].

  5. Johnson is trying to play the EU as well as Parliament I suspect – such a move is likely to do more than anything else could (at this stage) to convince them of his willingness to take the no deal route – and therefore open the door to further negotiation.
    He sees EU ‘intransigence’ as a game of chicken, the fucking idiot.
    This is, I think, his last card though.
    The Queen has decided to back him and that might hurt the monarchy – not immediately but after a bad brexit outcome or a Labour government introducing a real constitution.
    I suspect Johnson will have held the ‘danger’ of a Corbyn government over her to gain her assent which was announced a few minutes ago.

    1. You are correct David,but the people will put up with anything including medieval rule by the establishment…..privy council before parliament and god given royal prerogative…..even the word changed to fool the public into thinking its just political infighting……She has made a long term historical mistake in standing with Bozzo!……Have we seen the state hitting back and how far will they go,?

    2. If the election is held on 7 Dec, the preceding 6 weeks of Brexit chaos should put the public in just the right mood for booting him out the door.

      Bring it on!

  6. Looks like the Queenie has stood four square behind Johnson and used The Royal prerogative granted by god against the Labour party and parliament…..fancy being demolished by a medieval myth from the reformation?…..God does not belong in politics or a democracy…..but we’ve ended with medieval rule…..She’s made the wrong move despite being backed by the establishment?

  7. Corbyn has cut his own throat.

    70 per cent of Labour’s Tory-Labour target seats voted Leave.

    Most of the vulnerable Labour held seats voted Leave too.

    Yet Labour under Corbyn FLIPPED on Brexit and RENEGED on its manifesto commitment to respect the referendum result.

    By supporting Remain plus the dead duck Second Referendum Labour has now completely killed off the Party’s prospects and Labour people should now be PRAYING AND PRAYING for no autumn election.

    What a mess.

    As for the Queen, we’d want the Queen to habitually act on Ministerial advice if Corbyn were Prime Minister so for her somehow not do so here and now is an entirely unconvincing argument.

    1. Danny you have lost the debate with your last few words of subservience to the elite and the establishment

      1. .. but Danny is quite right on the constitutional issue – Brenda was always going to go along with the government request. That much is nothing to do with establishment collusion.

    2. “70 per cent of Labour’s Tory-Labour target seats voted Leave.”

      Elementary category error – and duggie maths. Constituencies don’t vote.

      … And within such seats, Labour supporters voted ‘Remain’.

      Do you really think that there’s a wave of Tories gagging to vote Labour to replace the actual Labour support? Dream on.

  8. RH.. I think your understanding of what the Queenie has done have passed over you.The enforcement of a medieval rule by the monarchy to suppress parliament will mean that the monarchy and the establishment will not be forgiven… ,by the people.I presume that when you became a councillor you took the loyal oath to the house of Windsor and all the of the offspring not yet born.?….When I became a councillor I point blank refused to abide by ridiculous archaic practices and swore loyalty to Britain and the people which is obvious to any socialist.You clearly keep repeating the same mistakes of subservience to the status quo.. Apart from that okay and good night comrade

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