Mass response to media ‘bunker’ claim with stories and selfies of meeting Corbyn

Persistent spin by corporate media ‘busted’ in emphatic terms

A Labour activist’s tweet about a persistent media narrative has drawn a mass response to debunk the myth.

The @ToryFibs account tweeted that the “Murdoch press says Jeremy Corbyn hides in his London bunker. Lets test that theory“:

In response, hundreds of Labour supporters tweeted their own pictures and memories of meeting Corbyn all over the UK – and of the natural warmth and humanity they encountered:

Some talked about Corbyn’s directness, honesty and ability to talk about issues knowledgeably and meaningfully – and his support for causes the Establishment often ignored or opposed:

Others opted to take the, er, mickey out of the Establishment’s fake narrative:

Still others pointed out the contrast between Corbyn’s energy and appearances and the absence of other figures who might be expected to be highly visible as a no-deal Brexit draws nearer:

There will be no shortage of others with their stories to tell. Here’s a small part of the queue last weekend in Bolton to see the Labour leader:

Have your own memories and/or selfies with Jeremy Corbyn? Drop them into the thread here and help bust the corporate media’s fake news.


The Tories appear to be spending huge amounts of money on ads and on bots in an attempt to fabricate an impression of Boris Johnson as a man of the people, even though his sparse encounters with the public have been a disaster so far.

Corbyn is the real deal and all the Tories’ cash can’t fake it.

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  1. I wish Jeremy Corbyn could have helped sort out our Tory supporting chairman Ken Anderson before they ruined the club and put it into bancrupcys… .Now it looks like a founder member of of the football league will face a slow death being thrown under a bus and assets stripped. Sounds…familiar G Britain PLC under Tory rule…..RIP BOLTON wanderers?

  2. It is absolutely clear Jeremy Corbyn is on the campaign trail.
    In 2017 Jeremy’s strategy of targeting marginal seats was frustrated by Iain McNichol and the anti Corbyn elements within Southside.
    Jeremy now has the full cooperation of the new GS Jennie Formby and her staff and is campaigning in winnable seats up and down the country.
    Boris Johnson on the other hand is keeping a low profile and when he does appear he talks a lot of nonsense. eg. when asked about Brexit negotiations he said he would conduct them with “oomph”. (straight from the Beano circa 1965)
    Additionally the BBC, the Tory’s right arm, are carrying stories about homeless children living in storage containers and people having to work until they are 75 before they get the state pension – hardly likely to encourage the electorate to vote Tory.
    So I am now totally convinced that, as previously posted by David McNiven and myself, Boris Johnson does not want to be PM or have a Tory majority in a post Brexit parliament.
    I believe his sole purpose is to get us out of EU without a deal so that big business in USA and possibly elsewhere can exploit the resultant chaos ,take over our NHS and our various industries for maximum profit at the cost of jobs and ethics etc
    Having achieved his goal he will then ride off into the sunset with his multi millionaire sponsors leaving Labour to deal with the situation he and his Brexiteer cabinet have created.
    Jeremy Corbyn when he becomes PM will inherit an economic and social disaster which will take years to put right and for which of course he will be held responsible by the MSM, whats left of the Tories and the Blairite rump of the PLP.

    1. “… stories about homeless children living in storage containers and people having to work until they are 75 before they get the state pension – hardly likely to encourage the electorate to vote Tory…”

      Smartboy – that’s really not so smart. Apart from the pension story (which hits a proportion of the Tory vote), the Tories have depended upon the Daily Bile nexus winding up resentment towards ‘scroungers’ in comparison with ‘the hard working … etc. etc.’ There is a deep well of envy and resentment for them to call on in this pretty dysfunctional country.

      1. I agree that the plight of homeless adults and children is of little or no interest to Tory members and supporters but I refuse to believe that ordinary decent people how ever they voted last time are unaffected by the knowledge that in this affluent country our poorest families country are in living in storage containers.
        I also agree with you in relation to the scroungers narrative but things have got so bad now that people are starting to be appalled by the way the sick ,disabled and dying are are treated.
        I think these issues and others like them will be enough to oust the Tories at the next election. The point I was making is that this is exactly what Johnson wants – deliver a no deal brexit and then clear off to sunnier climes.

      2. RH.. I wish you were wrong on the nature of a lot of the electorate,but the country as become more selfish and hard hearted.They have been subjected to ruthless propaganda disguised as news for many years.And that is why both of us know that without properly trained propaganda and rebuttal team we have a mountain to climb.We.need to use some of the membership money to pay a full time staffed unit ,rather than using it for enforcement against party members or fighting court.cases to keep the.Israeli lobby happy

      3. You never miss an opportunity do you Joseph to spin your Big Deception! The reality IS of course that it wouldn’t matter one jot if the LP had the best ‘propaganda and rebuttal team’ on the planet, cos if the MSM is hostile towards Jeremy and the left – which it is of course – they aren’t going to suddenly stop being complicit in the black op smear campaign and give the LP the opportunity to expose the very falsehoods and lies and smears that THEY are disseminating, and have been for the past four years.

        YOU would have people who follow skwawkbox believe that the reason the LP isn’t getting through with its rebuttals is because it must have a rubbish press/media team AND that it COULD, if only it had a highly trained team. And THAT is just one Big Falsehood. Going by YOUR logic, the Tories must have a highly trained team, and THAT’s why the media doesn’t take them to the cleaners over food banks and millions of children now living in poverty etc, etc, and why it conceals the ongoing privatisation of the NHS from the public etc, AND that it has nothing to do with the fact that the corporate MSM and the BBC is, in effect, the Establishment’s propaganda machine.

      4. Oh, how funny, I just scrolled down the page – having just had a roll-up at the window after posting my last comment – and came across another post by Joseph, in which he says:

        ‘He [Boris Johnson] and his covern are little more than a bunch of right wing chancers.. …although backed by the media…’

        Yes, exactly Joseph, just as the Tory Party always is in the main, what with it being the party of the Establishment. And yes, when it comes to General Elections there are several newspapers that back other political parties – TWO of them with a relatively low circulation – so as to give the illusion that we have a free and diverse media, but as we have learnt during the course of the past four years, they are more than happy to conspire in the black op smear campaign against JC and the left.

    2. I’ve noticed a subtle-ish change of tone from the BBC – from referring to BloJob as “the Prime Minister” ALL the time they’re back to “Boris Johnson” and they’re even reporting on the EU leaders’ less than complimentary opinions of the oafish buffoon – they’ve even implied he’s just posturing and politicking in Germany.

      If I were JC I’d be in the EU negotiating as soon as Johnson is back in the UK and I’d refuse point blank to divulge the nature of the discussions on my return.
      I’d have been feeling them out on which of Labour’s nationalisation and other social policy plans they’d accept in the event of Labour winning an election and repealing A50 – even after the fact of a Tory no deal exit – which I understand can be done, given goodwill on both sides.
      I’d also have asked them to hold off from announcing the new arrangement until immediately after BloJob announces his snap election.
      That’ll box him in.

      The whole EU sees him for the tosser he is and they obviously want us to stay. I think they’ll be happy to let us nationalise whatever the fuck we want to bring brexit and the Tories down.
      After the dismissive and devious way Tory ‘negotiators’ have behaved towards them the EU probably hate them worse than we do.
      Who wouldn’t?

      1. “The whole EU sees him for the tosser he is and they obviously want us to stay.”

        I reckon that’s a given. They see him as a mini-Trump- a con artist snake-oil salesman who depends on the same incidence of sad gormlessness that fills the wallets of ‘Nigerians’ fallen on hard times, or of ‘Microsoft’ or ‘BT’ scammers. Which is about right.

        … which, apart from the economic scam of Brexit, is why we need Europe : it provides a counterbalance to the nightmare of delusion so prevalent in the UK (which is why the Tories *don’t* want it).

      2. RH, my point is to get the EU on side, those who claim socialism is impossible in the EU proved wrong and Boris back in his box.
        In one move.
        I’d also hope the BBC would foul their panties in anticipation of a Corbyn-led government, hearing support for his policies from the EU.

      3. Oh… and if anyone’s wondering why the MMGW-denying pink bumpkin wants to buy Greenland… it’s because it’ll be one of the last comfortably cool large land masses if the ice caps melt and sea level rises 230 feet – and because he wants the mineral rights.

      4. “my point is to get the EU on side”

        David – I don’t in any way disagree with that. Clearly Mr Toad’s strategy is simply to play to the gallery of falsehood that his ‘opinion’ pieces cultivated, and, having made patently stupid demands, come back to claim that the EU is intransigent.

        To be honest, there are a lot of Mail/Sun etc.reading duggies who will fall for that one. But that’s more reason for Corbyn to be clear and reasonable – these are not voters capable of capture at present.

        As to Greenland – proof positive of the way the Trump/Toad nexus exists in the realms of nightmare fantasy – I reckon the warped reasoning is about mineral resources and access to the Arctic.

        The consolation for Trump is sequestering the UK with the assistance of the Right, whilst the duggies are looking to Europe as a threat.

      5. Oh, and on the capital flight thing.
        The frying pan – the EU – is a huge market and that gives it immense leverage. Enough leverage to cut the profits of any oligarch or corporation IN HALF that tries to take its money and run FROM ANY MEMBER STATE if it so desires – just like it can deny its market to any entity that fails to pay its taxes.
        (Or its dues BloJob, you half-tard)

        The US – the fire – puts its own interests first, last and always.
        In the US the ‘special relationship’ is just a piss-take on a Washington bumper sticker.

    3. Smart boy I absolutely concur with your analysis of the Johnson plan. He has one job – to get us out with no deal. I suspect he would prefer to fanny about and piss of the EU leaders such that they effectively throw us out, then he can blame them too when it all goes wrong. But there may not be time for that if Corbyn’s plan looks like it’s going to work.

  3. Smartboy… I don’t give Bozzo de ppifel jobson that much respect for brilliant Strategy.. He and his covern are little more than a bunch of right wing chancers.. …although backed by the media and foreign money and influence.,in the end the people who matter will vote the clown.out and Corbyn will inherit a.large rebuilding task.We did it before after the county was.left virtually bankrupt with 2 world wars and a collapse of the money markets… History.repeats.. and Labour will
    once again step in to rebuild a better country

  4. I saw Jeremy speak in Pudsey last year and he made a great point. In the 1900s some Russian Jewish people had fled pogroms there (caused by Tsarist state policy to blame all ills on this group) and they came to the UK and worked in Scottish pits.
    But the ruthless employers were paying them to work for less which caused some community tensions.
    And Jeremy asked what did the Miners Leader, Keir Hardie, do, criticise them?
    No he got them to join the miners union and built community solidarity!
    What finer Leader could you want.

  5. I know it’s the silly season. Lots of people on holiday, nothing much to report, but really Skwarkie.

    How about reporting what is happening to ordinary members in your precious party, instead of just cow towing to the party bureaucracy for your next piece of self indulgent pap?

    Just a thought.

    1. How would SKWAWKBOX go about that – knock on their doors, phone them, what?
      All journalism relies to a great extent on input from outside.
      Perhaps you have certain specific ‘ordinary members’ in mind?

      I completely disagree with you by the way – what’s happening in the Labour Party and the wider political scene is what most of us come here to read and SKWAWKBOX does a great job.

    2. Yes and ISwear rarly Do……you realise how far on a limb this squawkbox has gone to take on the establishment and MSM… Get real and fcuk if you dont like it….sorry but some people?

      1. Yes,so angry forgot to be gracious! And ps 3o’clock here in the Mekong….but realy show some reality?

    3. And can we take it that YOUR ‘precious party’ is the Tory Party, Nemtona? Oh right, and skwawkbox of course NEVER reports on what’s happening to ordinary members….. not never not no-how!

    4. where else do we find positive news about what the party is doing.
      the MSM certainly wont publish anything like this!

      the ordinary people are the ones posting the pictures!!!!
      this represents the the ordinary people standing up and being seen and heard! and supporting the party!
      this article displays the work going on to support the party in the next election …the election thats more important than anything else!
      your not self indulgent your something else ..not sure what
      perhaps change your name to nematode

      just a thought

    5. I’ve never seen a cow being towed, that sounds like animal cruelty, nemtona.

      Mind you, there’s a few on here got a penchant for flogging dead horses. (And nobody’s bought them yet)

  6. The Groan today has an interesting summary of press reaction to the meeting between Mr Toad and Merkel. (You don’t have to like the Groan to pick out the useful bits)..

    The summary is a useful – if predictable – insight into the UK press as a propaganda arm of the Tory Party that is detached from reality and life as we know it.

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