Video: Corbyn lays into Johnson – “wise up and stop the nonsense” on no-deal Brexit posturing

Labour leader challenges Johnson after EU’s Tusk says PM’s letter has “nothing new”
Corbyn tells Johnson to stop posturing on no-deal Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has attacked Boris Johnson’s posturing over a Halloween no-deal Brexit after EU President Donald Tusk said that Johnson’s letter to the EU contained ‘nothing new’.

In pool footage distributed to broadcasters, Corbyn said it was “very unclear what the Prime Minister thinks he’s negotiating” – and that Johnson needs to “wise up and stop the nonsense” because his blundering attempt to blackmail the EU by threatening a no-deal Brexit will make things worse and not better:

Corbyn also reiterated his offer to MPs of other parties to work with them on a no-confidence motion to prevent Johnson’s no-deal exit.

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    1. hahahahahahahahah breathe hahahahahahahah sorry Steve but that’s just so funny ,, good one

  1. Just came across this:

    The fascist attack on Guardian journalist Owen Jones

    And apart from the attack on Jeremy and the bomb threats re the showing of the Jackie Walker documentary, and the threats of violence made to venues where Chris Williamson was due to speak, their was also the attack on the socialist book shop last August – ie Bookmarks – by twelve thugs wearing masks.

      1. Yes, of course, but what I can’t understand is why the Stop The War Coalition hasn’t organised a massive protest/demo against Julian’s (almost definite) extradition.

        The whole Swedish trip was undoubtedly a set-up, as anyone who has researched what happened will know. Craig Murray’s blog is as good a place as any to start if you haven’t, where there are a number of articles about Julian’s trip.

    1. I read about the attack on Owen Jones and wish him a speedy recovery. However it was very telling how this attack was reported.
      As we all know a lot of the smears against Jeremy are based on guilt by association.
      We are all sick of Jeremy being held responsible for every misdemeanour of every supporter and the resultant MSM headline in every report of alleged wrongdoing i.e. ” Corbyn ally said/did /tweeted X.”
      When Owen was attacked not one paper carried the headline ” Corbyn ally attacked”
      Neither was Jeremy Corbyn mentioned in the text of any of the newspaper articles I have seen.
      Owen was called a “labour supporter” not a Corbyn supporter.
      The MSM refuse to carry any stories about Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters unless they show us in a bad light.
      They could not identify Owen as a Corbyn supporter because he was a victim of violence and this contradicts the agreed narrative that Corbyn supporters are thugs, scum and extremists that bully and intimidate anyone who disagrees with us.
      The MSM are a disgusting example of a bought and paid propaganda machine masquerading as a free press.
      We should implement Levison 2 once we are in government following the next general election.

  2. And now the revocation of Asa Winstanley press pass for party conference,
    We dont have that many media groups who call out v3xatious claims of AS for what they are but,
    Electronic Intifada is up there with Canary and JVL, any way Skwawkbox can find out what’s behind this latest slap in the face for members and supporters,
    My monies on Lansman again

    1. Doug, as many of us know, Lansman is a shill for the Zionist JLM and will do whatever he can to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson. We need to stop retreating and start fighting back against these fifth columnists at the same time as fighting Boris the clown.

      1. Jack T
        I will never forget the capitulation after the crash of 2007/8 blamed on Labour government by cheap and nasties, there was even less resistance,
        Need Alastair back in the tent pissing out with Geordie Galloway to keep him in check and win back Scotland for us

      2. And just HOW precisely do “we” fight back Jack? Could you elaborate as to who the “we” is that keeps “retreating”, and why it is that you use the collective term ‘we’ and, as such, don’t refer to who you are referring to in specific terms?

        Given that ‘we’ can only “fight back” via the MSM, and given that the MSM is hostile to Jeremy and the left AND has been complicit in the smear campaign(s) during the past four years or so, then it is hardly going to give ‘us’ the opportunity to counter their lies and falsehoods, is it? So given that that’s the case Jack – which you are obviously fully aware of – could you (or anyone else for that matter) explain precisely how ‘we’ would go about “fighting back”.

        NB I have of course asked this question on more than a few occasions during the past few weeks, but never get an answer. Funny that!

      3. Allan Howard
        Lose JLM and LFI replace with JVL
        Draw up a list of party spokespeople for media to use, no one else gets on the airwaves
        Attack the attackers, where they are being particularly partial call them out to their faces, why are you lying to your viewer/ reader,
        Never under estimate the power of the word NO, followed by that’s utter nonsense, worse than fake news,
        Why are we even polite to these people and what do we have to lose,
        As mentioned before, dont see Alastair or Geordie boy putting up with their blether
        Now do us all a favour and stop being a miserable bastard, Mr Howard, your argument is there is nothing we can do, that’s plainly bollocks

      4. Doug, perhaps you could remind us all of what happened when the LP denounced the Panorama program, or when Ken Livingstone repeatedly tried to explain that what he said – ie what he was alluding to, in passing – was an historical fact, when he said that Hitler supported Zionism. Or what happened when Chris Williamson called out the bogus claims of anti-semitism, in effect, or Pete Williamson for that matter. And do you seriously believe that ‘losing’ the JLM and the LFI (and replacing them with JVL) would make the slightest bit of difference, because if you DO, you are living in Lala-land. Of course it wouldn’t, and the black propaganda op against Jeremy and the left would of course continue apace (and ‘Corbyn’ getting shod of JLM and LFI would just be used by the smearers as yet further evidence that the LP is institutionally anti-semitic, under JCs leadership).

        Anyone who attempts to fight back against the false narrative is then themselves just condemned and vilified as being anti-semitic, and your attempt to put it down to me being a ‘miserable bastard’ is of course a falsehood, and I am of course just being realistic, and I’m being realistic based on the evidence of what has gone before. As someone else said a couple of weeks or so ago (in response to a post by Jack T if I remember correctly), it wouldn’t matter if the LP had the thousand best people in the world working in their Press Department if the MSM is hostile to JC and the left, which they ARE of course, cos they’re not gonna be given the opportunity to right the wrongs.

        PS And it’s funny how practically every time I call out someone on this falsehood, which is, in effect, a double falsehood – ie that the leadership is placating the smearers on the one hand, and could and should fight back against the smears on the other hand – someone else invariably responds, and NOT the person I was addressing. And whilst you and Jack and a few others spend so much of your time posting on skwawkbox, you could be putting leaflets together that expose the falsehoods, and then sticking them through peoples doors.

      5. Allan Howard
        Agree about getting off arse and hitting the tarmac, goes without saying we will have to do some miles to counteract MSM, but
        If you have nothing to lose with toilet papers and MSM have some fun, go full Trumpton, just call everything fake news, abuse the abusers, boycott them, until we go into our day your probably right we wont get the pickings of a dog, but doesn’t mean we have to put up with it FFS

      6. “… perhaps you could remind us all of what happened when the LP denounced the Panorama program, or when Ken Livingstone repeatedly tried to explain that what he said…”

        Or turn that round : what effect has *not* combating the falsehoods had? As it’s been the main policy, I think it’s fair to argue that (obviously amongst other issues), it’s been by far the dominant response that might affect poll showings.

        The answer is clearly : ‘No advantage gained whatsoever’ when you look at the overall poll showings.

        Obviously this is the case, since the MSM won’t report any refutation other than that framed as ‘denial’.

        So you’re right that there is no easy win on this, given MSM corruption – but that is hardly an argument for cowering like a wee timorous beastie. Most of us would prefer to walk away with self-respect and honesty intact, rather than *reinforcing* the falsehoods.

      7. RH Would have got back to you sooner but unfortunately – not that I would want to anyway – I can’t spend all day monitoring and posting comments on skwawkbox like yourself and a few others. But anyway, to address your post:

        The astonishing thing is that you quoted a passage from my post which cited a couple of examples of how when people DID try to combat the falsehoods they were then condemned right across the MSM – ie Ken Livingstone, on the one hand (every time he tried), and the Labour Party on the other – and then you ask ‘what effect has *not* combating the falsehoods had?’ But THAT is my whole point of course, which I have made repeatedly (on various blogs and SB) during the past year or two – ie if you fight back you just bring down another wave of condemnation. So in the final analysis combating the falsehoods doesn’t get you anywhere. So what’s the point in posing such a question? A question that implies that the falsehoods SHOULD be combated, and posed in response to my giving a number of examples of what has happened when people HAVE tried to combat them!

        Anyway (and I’m not addressing anyone in particular, but I AM referring to those who keep disseminating a falsehood and a deception) the posters on here who endlessly criticise the leadership for not ‘fighting back’ against the smearers AND for ‘appeasing’ them and for being apologetic, CANNOT of course ever acknowledge the fact that the MSM is totally hostile to JC and the left AND that it is NEVER going to allow him and the LP to combat the very lies and falsehoods that THEY – the media – are dissembling, because if they DID, then they wouldn’t be able to carry on criticising and denouncing Jeremy (for *not* fighting back) AND manipulating members/peoples frustration and anger at the predicament we find ourselves in, and especially in relation to Chris Williamson since he was suspended.

        PS And richard’s last paragraph is just testicles and completely meaningless, but, you know, he had to get a put down in somehow, like the good little propagandist he is!

  3. ” the revocation of Asa Winstanley press pass for party conference,”

    Doug – I haven’t caught up on this one. Could you give a reference?

    I guess, if true, the good news is that the Israel Lobby is really running scared – as always – of the truth.

    1. Came in through Electronic Intifada email alert, it’s on their front page

      1. Thanks, both for that reference.

        This is truly disgusting. I can grit my teeth over Brexit, but I’m pondering whether I can continue to vote for a Party that still has such a corrupt management/administrative structure at its core whilst claiming a credible progressive agenda. It puts the right firmly in charge.

  4. Allan Howard, your ‘tactics’ are no tactics at all. So let’s see…..the Tories attack us AH responds, oops sorry the MSM is Tory and they might get annoyed so he doesn’t. Or, like any sensible opposition he may do. So tell us Allan would you respond or just let them walk all over you?

    Your argument has failed miserebly.

  5. And….so mr Johnson’s brexit plans are to rely on a Trust a Trader badge in place of the backstop……So jobson whole brexit modelled on the unregulated building trade…..typical of Johnson’s cowboy approach to Ireland….in fact typical cowboy approach by the conservatives and unionist DUP position on ignoring the wishes of the Irish people and the majority in the ocuppied part of Ireland!..Wonder what Chris Williamson ex bricky thinks of Johnson’s Trust a Trader badge?

  6. Ignoring the suspicious Kantar and YouGov polls, it looks like the Tories are definitely benefitting from a Johnson bounce, and Brexit Party votes returning.

    Watch out for an election.announcement after Johnson’s non-negotiable ‘negotiating’ stance is blamed on the entirely consistent EU. The electorate of this country definitely contains a sufficient number of duggies to swallow that line.

  7. This blog – and especially the BTL comments – is/are an object lesson in “left” anti-Semitism. the tragedy is that you clowns don’t realise it.

    1. Jim Denham 24/08/2019 at 9:17 pm

      …. and your evidence for this ridiculous statement is ???

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