Poll: Labour members – who is your preferred choice of deputy leader?

Clockwise from top left: Dawn Butler, Rebecca Long Bailey, Laura Smith, Laura Pidcock

Many Labour members are deeply unhappy with the party’s current deputy leader and the consensus appears to be that the next deputy should be a woman.

For Labour members only: who would be your preferred choice from the candidates shown below?

Answer order has been randomised. Have your say and share the poll to others:

The poll will close at noon on Friday 23 August. Results will be published shortly afterward.

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  1. If chris Williamson was a woman we would still not be allowed to vote for him……fake charges on apologys…..you couldn’t make it up NCC

  2. Can there be a set norm for apologising too little not enough or too much…….Are the NCC capable of deciding that level of apology Are they qualified to make such a decision to destroy Chris Williamson and his familys life…..I think any neutral would say no.. And should they be tested for levels of intoxication before sitting in judgment?,again going on recent history we can’t be confident in them?

  3. Chris Williamson would I prefer but l pidcock next but she would be better used attacking the Tory’s

  4. WTH.
    Who is asking?
    Why is it an all woman’s shortlist?
    None of the above .
    Butler linked with peoples vote and Clive Lewis a careerist / centrist .
    Baily insipid personality, no experience or authority ,Under the thumb of our opponents and has shown little interest in the membership .
    Smith. Not party loyal does her own thing .Acts like an indepenant .Would put her constituents before the membership
    Pidcock Great socialist and media savvy but I see no leadership skills too giggly .
    Only Chris Williamson has all the skills required

    1. “Baily insipid personality, no experience or authority ,Under the thumb of our opponents and has shown little interest in the membership.”

      Beware of careerists, even those who say they are of the left.

  5. I agree Williamson should be deputy. I find it,as a woman,a little distressing to see all one sex lists.Surely we can ensure that all participants are the best we can get,regardless of their sex.Only that way can we say we are truly inclusive!

  6. Bit of a short list Steve lol I agree with the all woman short list once there is parity between men & women on the benches and in cabinet then all female lists won’t be needed any longer

    1. disagree
      past the stage for all women shortlists, desperately need to even up representation of other groups least represented in parliament, start with working class and youth, lower voting age and bring in PR, scrap house of lords and close Eton,
      then begin positive discrimination programmes in Professions, Media and Politics
      in the year of our lord 2019 nowts changed FFS

  7. ‘Solidarity’ is a word often heard amongst and between members. The only place you won’t hear it is in the PLP.

    Where was the solidarity for Chris Williamson in the PLP when we heard it was dozens of Labour Party ‘staffers’ who objected to the decision to end his suspension and press for his re-suspension? Who the hell were these staffers? After watching the disgraceful Panorama hit piece we now know who they were and what their motives are. We also leaned how much control they have in the Labour. Party!

    Democracy and solidarity? the hunt is on!

  8. This is a bit like that fake charity for best MP that removed Chris Williamson because he was going to win. 😉 … but Laura Pidcock on this one.

  9. I like them all for different reasons, so I won’t be voting. I’d love to see Chris Williamson being given a chance at this, he’s totally the real deal. We have many superb MP’s now, here’s hoping Tom Watson will step down very soon.

  10. I really don’t see the point of putting pressure on some MPs using a poll such as this. If any on the list wanted to be deputy they might have made a challenge if any had a cat in hells chance of getting the required MP nominations.

  11. Laura Pidcock for me, she has all the attributes especially loyalty something we lack in that position and desperately need during these attacks on Labour.

  12. Like most here I think Chris Williamson deserves it ten times over.
    Not that I think Laura Pidcock wouldn’t be great in the job, I’m sure she would/will be.
    Given the choice offered I voted for LP but desperately sorry and ashamed of the party over what’s been done to Chris.

    1. Daphne Gilbert Laura was being modest and not following the herd.. She’s ready now,and a dislike of the enemy’s of the people.. Torys… Thats the best qualifying attribute for me and plain speaking! ,no nonsense approach.. She’s also v.good with the media and campaigns

  13. This is not what I would want to hear if I was voting for a reliable deputy for Corbyn.

    The party currently has a duplicitous self server as the the deputy leader. Be careful about electing another who may not be helpful when the going gets tough. https://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/long-bailey-tipped-as-next-labour-leader-says-corbyn-has-lost-trust-of-jewish-community-1.485959?fbclid=IwAR0pxtSWo-0BjN2wABv_qZFTTHoEy2ZgpOYA5SXpGakvHfSppObQn5JBPlA

    1. Great example of the politician as Jellyfish, gutless and spineless, forget Long Bailey vast majority are the same,its in their DNA
      its a game to them, no moral hazard,
      hard to find an example of any who believe in anything progressive and is prepared to put their careers on the line
      would a peoples house of lords to scrutinise the big stuff be a way forward, bring back cabinet government, too many kitchen cabinets have been the cause of most of our recent woes

    2. “During a meeting last Friday, the Labour frontbencher was told that the best way to build bridges was for the Labour leader to resign, but she declined to comment.”

      So, a total failure to defend Corbyn, Williamson or the Canary!

      0/3 is not an impressive score.

      Difficult to see how Watson would have acted differently.

      Thanks for bringing this dreadful matter to our attention.

    3. Nemtona……….Double barrell Bailey has already proved what a snake she is,… We really only need loyal socialist mps..,…of varying degrees of veiws Socialist and loyal to the membership and leader she isn’t.

    4. Well that’s Long-Bailey right off the list! Never much cared for her and her frankly annoying voice anyway…

  14. We need BAME we need a woman and Dawn speaks bluntly which is what is needed. Pidcocks time will come as will Baileys

  15. Worrys me that amongst the.list we had only one true socialist and 1 possible socialist and 2who should never have been in the Labour party.

  16. Laura P will be a great choice when she has held office for a while.
    Long-Bailey may have a double barrel name but it doesn’t make her a snob!

    1. No it doesn’t……but she is on record as disloyal backstabbing careerist and totaly disloyal…….read above comments…….educational …Paul

  17. Chris Williamson.
    To suggest anyone else is a complete betrayal of our principles.

  18. Chris Williamson should be brought back into the Labour Party pronto. I think he would make an excellent Deputy Leader but unfortunately for that to happen he would need nominations from the PLP which he won’t get. There is however a sliver lining. Chris should be installed as Chief Whip.
    Stand back and watch the Blair Parachutists implode.

    1. Sparkybadger.. A very good suggestions. for payback time if Chris Williamson slips the noose that they are planning to hang him with?… What a fiasco,.One of the best unelected leaders of our times theNCC are planning to hang him out to dry.We will not be silent again?

  19. I am sure Chris Williamson will be heartened by the support for him and his assets to the membership and the Labour party by people on Squawk box…. …..A true reflection of the support Chris Williamson has amongst the Labour party and the membership….. We will not be silent anymore !…..

  20. Put your efforts into fighting the Tories. The scandal of people living in containers. They don’t care who the next deputy leader is.

    1. Edward hasman.. Chill out a bit… we are all allowed time off,Some on here have been fighting the enemy for half a century and more,figurative and litteraly,and have spilt blood for freedom and democracy,.

  21. I think a woman deputy is important as a positive message to women and generally to help winning progressive votes out there. If we have not got a single progressive woman MP then we are finished. However a beauty contest that appears to be literally that, based on their faces with no reference to their politics looks like a system set up by somebody who does not understand feminism. There needs to be links to websites that set out their politics. The only link is to the Jewish Chronical which is not my go to place for a reliable summary of the politics of Labour MPs. I do not trust it. So I will not vote. I support CW but there is more to winning a general election for Corbyn than focussing on the issues that divide the party most.

    1. Gareth mostyn…. helped to put one of the most destructive forces inside the Labour party… Watson through lack of knowledge and a good media profile of Watson on TV and media.I will never forgive myself and because of that I learnt a hard lesson.Some of the female characters on here are equally destructive and disloyal ,yet they are still able to hoodwink loyal supporters of socialism and corbyn… We can no longer have reliance on momentum approved candidates because of Lansmans fiefdom and Zionism so what can the membership do? Forums like this can do a lot… but other than postings ?…..You have put your finger on a crucial point for the survival of the Labour party as we know it!

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