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Breaking: Wollaston joins LibDems

Former Tory/TIG/CUK MP follows in Umunna’s footsteps
Sarah Wollaston

Former Tory, TIG and CUK MP Sarah Wollaston has joined the LibDems. She follows in the footsteps of ex-Labour MP Chuka Umunna.

Rumours that others who quit their parties in September plan to join the party the left often refers to as ‘yellow Tories’, because of their support for Tory cuts and policies, have not yet firmed up.

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  1. The Lib Dems are filling up nicely with Tories, and this latest Tory has been welcomed with open arms by Swinson.

    Will people start seeing them for what they truly are yet?

      1. after the next election …no matter what result happens with brexit ..if we do not have a labour government then this country and the people in it have been flushed away in a right wing vulture capitalist coup that will devastate the lives of all the ordinary people and enrich the wealthy.

        and people like you keep banging that pointless drum.

        it is not remain or leave it is socialists vs greed, corruption, stupidity and all flavours of tory be they red, yellow or blue.

      2. Ha ha ha! How do you work that out, when they’d rather have Bo Jo the Brexit clown than another referendum?!

  2. The most deceitful political party in Britain today The enablers of destruction of key services and far more dangerous to democracy than the greed ridden Tory party.Their deceit of the electorate and their downright lies have enabled the torys for years.Torys are transparent and are easy to fight,but the libs are just as dangerous for freedom and democracy as our enemy’s within.

  3. Perhaps she could serve in Jeremy’s ‘temporary’ National Government alongside all the other supporters of austerity.

    1. Well, there’s 17m or so alienated at a stroke, plus traditional labour voters in leave constituencies, plus (once) potential labour voters in tory-held marginals…

      The biggest vote-losing policy never agreed to by conference, and still the europhiles won’t condemn Watson for the way he went about it.

      Nor will you hear them bang on about the decision being taken undemocratically but rather being steamrollered through.

      These ‘people’ are NOT socialist, and they’re MOST DEFINITELY NOT DEMOCRATIC.

      1. The 37% original minority vote wasn’t a democratic mandate.

        ‘Total bollocks’ is, I think the technical term.

        Shame on those who have pretended it was.

        Corbyn’s letter at least begins to retrieve intelligent ground from the foot-stampers and rattle-throwers who are confused about democracy.

      2. No plums, nor was the amount of the electorate voted toerag in ’15 or ’17….don’t hear you gripe about THAT though.

        And not a dicky-bird about the 2nd ref/remain option not even going before conference…Or watson’s behaviour in bringing you it. Most telling of all, that one.

        So don’t pontificate about democracy because your lot have hijacked the term.

      3. ‘Foot stampers & rattle throwers’ is what rh labels the likes of me as.

        Hypocrite allowed watson to carry on unfettered, unchallenged, and uncriticised to get him his way…Still hasn’t criticised watson for it, or rejected the policy as undemocratic…It wasn’t brought before conference in ’18 and it was steamrollered through last month or so ago. – so tell us what was democratic about it?

        You can’t can you, plums?

        And he pontificates to us about democracy while letting the spoilt little fat shit have his own way as long as it brings rh what he wants.

        GET BENT.

      4. Quite correct The Toffee (though your comment is surely for the item after this ?) . As for that sad Troll , RH’s, much-repeated utterly bogus claim that the 2016 Referendum result was somehow “a minority vote” – this suggests that the abstainers who didn’t vote can be lumped in with the Remain vote ! A ludicrous claim, that would invalidate EVERY General Election for decades . RH keeps repeating this canard – but surely fools no-one.

        You are correct, The Toffee , and Danny, Labour’s current Remain and second Referendum position, adopted without a Conference vote, is electoral suicide. Voters are currently now being asked to vote for a Labour Government in a future General Election, either on the basis of a hard Remain and second Referendum position, OR, a possibly alternative very slippery position indeed , ie, “vote us in and we will THEN decide whether to seek to renegotiate a soft “BRINO” deal with the EU that would trap the UK in the key Single Market rules that would make nationalisation of entire integrated industries like rail and water impossible. And even after re-negotiating such a deal Labour will hold a Referendum in which it might well recommend voting AGAINST its own deal – in favour of Remain ” !!

        Yep, the Left Liberal Labour Party “Corbynista” Remainers have destroyed any chance of us retaining our working class Leave-supporting heartlands or winning those vital Tory Leave-supporting marginals. Ironically, but far too late, the 50 or so RIGHT WING Labour MPs who will lose their seats with this policy, like Stephen Kinnock, now want to support Theresa May’s old deal ! Too late guys, you should have backed Jeremy with his carefully nuanced previous Brexit policy, before the likes of Emily Thornberry, Barry Gardiner, and even John McDonnell and Diane Abbot lost their nerves and stabbed Jeremy in the back by adopting Remain. .

  4. As if we didn’t know the ‘Enablers’ weren’t already closet Tories.

  5. Democracy. What a quaint term….the ability to vote for someone else’s choice & if you don’t like the outcome you can tell the plebs that they are racist & stupid & they have to do it again to get the right result.

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