Jess Phillips fan – and councillor – Deakin ‘caught out’ claiming ‘voted for Corbyn’ when a Green member

Deakin’s attempt to pre-empt this article did not deny membership of Green party during 2015 Labour leadership election
Jack Deakin, from his council profile page

A right-wing Labour councillor with a track record of attacks on the left and of ardent support for Tory-friendly ‘centrist’ MP Jess Phillips has been caught out over claims he voted for Corbyn in both leadership campaigns.

North Warwickshire councillor – and Progress member – Jack Deakin is an avid fan of Jess Phillips, who has frequently attacked left-wing members but whom he has called a ‘real left-winger’, and has proudly posted a picture of himself on Facebook with ‘brilliant guy’ Tony Blair:

Yet Cllr Deakin responded to a Twitter user who voted for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in both leadership contests with a tweet claiming he had also voted for Corbyn both times – and would not do so now:

The Greens

However, that claim comes with serious problems – as Deakin was a member of the rival Green party during the first leadership election and for more than half a year afterward.

Jack Deakin with his Green party colleagues

Deakin’s Twitter feed contains a number of posts that make it clear that he was an enthusiastic member of the Green party in 2015 and beyond – including a tweet just after the 2015 leadership result about his longing to be at the Greens’ annual conference:

When Deakin’s loyalty to the Greens wavered, he seems to have leaned rightward:

Facebook posts suggest his association with the Greens predates Corbyn’s nomination for the 2015 leadership election – and it continued for some months afterward, with Deakin feeling strongly enough about his party membership to tweet to journalist Owen Jones to differentiate the Greens from socialism:

But a week later, in late April 2016, Deakin appears to have left the party – in spite of having previously felt proud enough of his membership to show it in his Facebook ‘cover’ image:

Registered supporters

Could Jack Deakin have been one of the ‘registered supporters’ of the Labour Party who for the first time were entitled to vote in the 2015 contest? If so, that is equally problematic – as Labour’s list of qualifications for registered-supporter status make clear:

– Must be over 18
– Must be on the Electoral Register with a valid polling number
– Must supply a valid email address, home address and date of birth, and able to pay fee online.
In all other respects must meet the qualification criteria of membership of the Labour Party.
– Pay a fee of £25.
– Must be validly registered by the date shown on the timetable.

Would-be members are not eligible to join Labour while a member or supporter of another party and supporters are subject to the same criterion.

The reaction

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Jack Deakin to ask about the discrepancy:

Jack, you’ve claimed to have voted for Corbyn in 15, 16, etc. You were a member of the greens during the 2015 leadership election and for some time after. If you want to comment on the discrepancy for inclusion in the article, please provide it no later than 2pm. Thanks

Rather than answer the question about his claim to have voted for Corbyn and his membership of the Greens, Deakin instead opted – a common tactic among right-wingers receiving a media enquiry from the SKWAWKBOX – to publicise the enquiry and his response on Twitter, along with the kind of routine and fact-free abuse that so often accompanies the tactic:

Deakin responded to the Twitter direct message to refer to his tweet. At no point did he deny being a member of the Greens at the time he has claimed he voted for Corbyn.

A local Labour member told the SKWAWKBOX:

Jack’s been caught out. Not many people here will be shedding any tears, but it’s hardly appropriate behaviour for a Labour councillor. Why make the claim in the first place and not even bother deleting your old Green posts?

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  1. Well, I was a member of the Green Party in 2015 and campaigned for Corbyn and got loads of family members to vote for Corbyn – once my Green Party membership expired I then re-joined the Labour Party (All in accordance with the Rule Book as never actively campaigned for The Greens) and then was Expelled by crooked McNicol for my former membership of the Green Party, which was not against the Rules as re-joined Labour once my membership of the Green’s expired, meaning when I joined Labour I was not a member of any political organisation – indeed, I’ve only ever voted Labour in all Elections, be they local, regional, EU or Westminster – but this chap is indicative of the fact that many Centrists were Green Party members, whilst most Leftist Greens moved back to Labour as the membership figures of both Party’s attests too in the period 2015-2016.

  2. I am struggling to understand why this bloke is still a Labour Party member and Councillor , given the examples of many expulsions for far lesser transgressions then this has to be a cut and dried case for expulsion …. surely ?
    Plus the fact that on the prima facie evidence he is a liar , would not his constituents deserve an honest Councillor than a liar

    1. I completely agree with you Rob and was about to submit a similar post. This individual has LIED to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and is a Labour councillor despite his membership being of a very recent date. He should be suspended and a full enquiry carried out into his conduct . I would also think how/why he was fast tracked to a nomination for the Council should be fully investigated.

    2. I wonder how he got to be a councillor after such a short time as a party member.
      I’m reluctant to call for his immediate suspension, we ought not to stoop to the Smearers level, but I hope his local party question him closely.
      …and his answer to Skwawky’s query is pathetic, offensive and evasive

    3. Rob. He looks more like a teenager under 18years surely?And being a liar looks like a qualification to be a member of the right wing.Philips party . …what’s she doing with that young man,I hope she’s not corrupted him?.. ?

  3. What if clear from the ‘ history ‘ of Jack Deakin, is that we have an utterly immature person. Emotionally, intellectually and politically.

    1. I reckon that’s a fair summary. Instead of making him a cause celebre, best to point out his simple ubsuitability for holding elected office when re-selections come around.

      1. RH to the point and in a nut shell …. yes utterly unsuitable given the decisions he maybe called upon to make , I doubt he has the emotional maturity to weigh things up and come to a rational decision .Then that could also apply to his ” idol ” Ms Phillips

    2. Peter Yes he will
      Probably do well with those attributes on the council and would be a shoe in for parliament!

  4. The type that even begins a written sentence with: ‘So’.

    These knobheads are even more responsible than those twunts jeremy kyle and rh for everything that’s wrong with today’s society

    1. If only there were more ranting kipper fucktards like you to get society back on track.

      1. ”Kipper fucktards”…Devastating repartee, there. I’m cut to the quick, and no mistake.

      2. Fancy attacking the attacker of a jess philips fan; one who’s been collared bang to rights, lying through their teeth about their socialist credentials.

        …Oh, hang on, it’s only mcniven, Tsk! I ought to have known better.🙄

    2. TBH The Toffee I agree with the observation , not being a anal retentive over the English Language like JRmoog , but we do have a perfectly good word and that is ” well ” . However, starting sentences with “So” is IMO illiterate and clumsy at best .

      1. It’s the reserve of the academic and the wannabe smartarses, Rob.

        It’s almost as if they say it so as they think they’re making it easier for everyone that they think don’t have the mental capacity. It’s patronising at best and condescension at worst.

        And it gets right in my nioolevends when someone begins every other bleedin sentence with it.

      2. nioolevends ?? Meant to be *Nipple ends*

        I’m using my phone on here for the first time.

      3. but we do have a perfectly good word and that is ” well

        Yup. See Christopher Rogers’ opening post.

    3. Unless it’s to bring a conversation back on track after someone’s taken it for a wander, people who start sentences with “So…” deserve cruel and unusual punishment!

      Totally with Toffee on this one.

  5. why has this person not been expelled ?

    if this person is not expelled why havent the members expelled previously been invited back into the party?

    why do we have such a dichotomy of response towards left wing members and the right wingers?

    when will this issue be rectified?

    1. Marti.. NEC……and the right wing!.. and rectified when we are NOTconned by pathological misfit liars elected on spin and deception

  6. F**k me….

    Not ONLY does he begin written sentences with the word ‘so’ he laso wears kecks that must have some sort of irrational phobia about his shoes (Lower photo).

    What a meff.

  7. *Awaits dewsbury to appear with a handwringing gripe about how ‘wrong it is to criticise someone on their appearance’* 🤔

  8. Much to many self seekers in the party and MP’s
    Blairs got a lot to answer for, right down to perverting democracy

  9. I think this chap is a wee bit immature and not really the kind of person you’d want as a local councillor. I only hope they find find someone better to take his place and quickly.

    1. My sentiments exactly and there are other fine examples as such like Mr Weasley Screeeching perhaps

      1. Indeed. Deakin looks like he’s straight outta the screeching crèche of spoilt wee shitehawkery.

        Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they’re both sans siblings, as well.

  10. when he was green he felt like joining the conservatives, then he left to join Labour, hes mates with tony and philips, and he says he voted for jeremy, this idiot is just covering his bases for a cushy job in parliament, this is how career politicians start off, probably got jess philips auto bio and is using it as an instruction book.
    We dont need any more politicians without morals we got enough.

  11. I’m not sure why we’re getting so worked up by space cadets like this. The Labour right and politics in general is awash with such people. They’re probably somewhere on the autistic spectrum, deserving of pity rather than hatred.

    Luke Akehurst is certainly one: Jon Proctor (one of Akehurst’s placemen in the north east) was organising a petition against Corbyn in 2017 for triggering Article 50 but by 2018 was a failed LibDem candidate.

    I used to work with one, Darren Murphy, SPAD to Blair 1997-2005 – subsequently chair of Bell Pottinger and adviser to some of the world’s most reactionary politicians.

    They’ve mostly got in common: short stature, total lack of sex appeal/sense of humour, acne, emotional immaturity, opportunism, bitchiness – in short, human detritus whose only outlet is inflicting their misery on others in some bizarrely distorted exhibitionism as parasites on the body politic.

    That is to say, just above Tories on the evolutionary scale.

  12. Let goverǹance of the Labour party know your thoughts and disgust regarding Chris Williamson hearing,and phone ☎them and e-mail…..telephone governance of the Labour party 0207 7831498……Let them know you will not stand idle and watch another decent human being,cast out for freedom of expression and,warn them of the damage that will happen if Chris is expelled……go on…pick up the phone,or email?

  13. SO , in what kind of twisted thinking could The Skwawkbox be regarded as “” enablers and people who cover for antisemitism “”.

    SO , I will not criticise anyone based on their outward appearance . ( Remembering Cameron’s taunts )

    SO , as for Grammar Nazis , is it SO important ….


    1. Or :

      SO fucking what? 🙂

      My unbounded – sorry *bounded* – affection for the Skwawkbox is the occurrence of barmy arguments that are not only wrong, but pointless.

      The opening of conversational replies with ‘So ..’ actually irritates the fuck out of me. But the habit isn’t ‘wrong’ or ‘ungrammatical’. It’s just an irritation. Like the sight of Boris Johnson’s face.

      For the grammar police : sentences have been started with conjunctions for a ling, long, time, and Jacob Ress-Mogg is an utter berk, representative of those who mistake style for grammar.

      1. But it is that particular conjunction, and the dismissive way (towards the person who just spoke) it is delivered, that is so annoying. It sounds rude and bossy. It says much about the arrogance and egotism of the user of the word.

      2. That may well be your personal reaction – but – to put it bluntly – it’s your problem : a dislike of a particular stylistic twitch. It’s not ‘wrong’.

  14. Meant to assure the listener of the speaker’s sagacity and as a signal that pearls are about to drop I think.
    Haven’t noticed it for a while so either I’ve acquired immunity or the chavvy end of academia has untrended it like Burberry.

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