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First vote in process to replace Gapes proceeds today despite Muslim member protest over Hajj timing

Vote to choose key selection panel goes ahead today

As the SKWAWKBOX flagged yesterday, the process to choose the Labour candidate to replace ‘quitter’ MP Mike Gapes in Ilford South begins today – in spite of protests from Muslim Labour members that its proximity to the Hajj pilgrimage will prevent some of them from being able to take part.

Muslim members are believed to represent over forty percent of Ilford South CLP (constituency Labour party) members, with most leaning left. The Hajj begins on Friday, so those participating will already be en route.

An email signed by forty-five of those members has been sent to Labour’s London regional director and to the national party:

We the undersigned Muslim members of Ilford South CLP write because we are extremely concerned and angry about the Ilford South Parliamentary Selection being started in August.

Running a selection process in August when many people have more family commitments because of school holidays,  have already booked holiday and will be away, and because the local CLP was told that the process would start in the Autumn, many people in the local Muslim community are making the Holy Hajj pilgrimage during August. 

Members undertaking this religious duty could therefore be disenfranchised from full participation in a process that many of us have waited years to take part in.

Ilford South CLP has never previously met during August, and it’s seems odd that this precedent would be broken given the importance of a full and fair process for members. It’s totally unacceptable. 

Please could you confirm that the Ilford South selection process will be halted and not restarted before September at the earliest to allow all members to participate fully, in a selection process that we have been waiting years to take part in. 

In spite of the email, the vote is going ahead today.

A London Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX that the vote is to select the members of the ‘selection panel’, not the candidate, and that the party wants to be able to complete the process early because of anticipation of a general election in the autumn, adding:

The selection vote for the parliamentary candidate will take place in September so all members will have a say in that.

The selection panel will, however, have significant influence over which hopefuls are put to the members for that vote.

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  1. Unfortunately… We cannot incorporate selection or anything else that maybe could be interpreted as religious bias,The right wing have probably chosen this time to disenfranchise the Moslems,but I cannot see any way round it.. Now I realise that the same bias towards anti semitism might be used as an example of bias towards the Jewish faith,.. but one mistake does not mean we add another bias,and hopefully some sense will prevail eventually,the first test will be Chris Williamson exonerated… OR ELSE?

    1. Chris won’t be exonerated Joseph, and you know it, so why do you keep saying it. Trying to exploit members anger and frustration perhaps? Why else? He will be expelled, of that there is little doubt, cos as I keep saying, what happened last time when he was reinstated will be as nothing compared to this time if he WERE to be, and the LP know it, and THAT’s why he WON’T be.

      I mean what do YOU think would happen if he were reinstated?

      But I see no reason why he can’t then stand as an Independent once he’s been expelled, but given that it’s pretty much inevitable, it needs to happen sooner rather than later just in case a GE is called in the Autumn.

      The only likelyhood I can see of him being reinstated is if it were a ploy by a Blairite dominated panel, who do it so as to facilitate the massive uproar and mass resignations that they’ve planned with their buddies beforehand, so as to do maximum damage to Jeremy and the LP.

      1. Allan if the vermin leave the party all well and good!The media do not control the Labour party but they would do.if we followed your advice.Stick to research you are good at that!

      2. Joseph, I couldn’t help but notice that yet AGAIN you omitted to answer my question – ie what do YOU think would happen if Chris was reinstated. It is of course a rhetorical question, as we both know what would happen (if not the actual details), as does anyone who is being honest and realistic, but all you do each time I ask you the question is, on the one hand, avoid answering the question, and on the OTHER hand, reiterate your platitudes about “the scum” – or in this case “the vermin” – and “good riddance” to them or words to that effect, and conveniently omit to mention the damage that would be done to Jeremy’s leadership and the LP in the onslaught that would happen and the mass resignations that would inevitably quickly follow.

        WE may know that Chris said nothing remotely anti-semitic, but the vast majority of people out there DON’T, and it is inconceivable to them that all the condemnation and vilification of Chris is phony and contrived, and that ALL these people – ie the so-called moderates and dozens of peers and the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the CAA and the JLM etc – are all conspiring in a smear campaign and using anti-semitism as a weapon to sabotage Jeremy’s leadership.

        And I should point out that ‘inconceivability’ can work in two different ways: 1. That someone considers the possibility of something, but quickly dismisses it because it’s just inconceivable to them that THAT could be possible; and 2. They don’t even think of or consider a possibility in the first place because it is inconceivable to them; and I have no doubt that for the vast majority of people out there it is the latter of the two, and they don’t even consider the possibility that the ‘anti-semitism’ smear campaign IS a smear campaign – ie manufacture and contrived for the most part – and it would freak them out if they were to somehow learn beyond any shadow of a doubt that it WAS. And the PTB and their minions KNOW it, and know that it would blow their ‘comfort zone’ to smithereens, and that the mind HAS to protect itself from being blown.

        WE may have known, for example, that Sam Matthews was lying when he said towards the end of the Panorama program that he had considered committing suicide because the situation with his job as head of the Disputes Team had got so bad, but to the majority of people who watched it, the possibility that he WAS lying wouldn’t have even occurred to them, precisely because it was inconceivable to them that he COULD be, and not ONLY that he was lying, but acting it out as well.

        But I have little doubt that you understand all this perfectly well.

      3. Oh, and there was THIS a few days ago in case anyone missed it:

        Jeremy Corbyn leadership ‘radicalised’ some Labour members, report claims

        Antisemitism report claims to have identified ‘a pattern’ of radicalisation in Labour

        Yep, they – our enemies – never stop thinking of/about different ways to demean and disparage us – ie JC supporters – AND further tarnish Jeremy’s reputation in the process.

      4. And regarding the example I gave (in my earlier post) AND just to make it absolutely clear what I mean regarding the second possibility of inconceivability, what I am saying is that it wouldn’t even enter most peoples heads that Sam Matthews was lying and acting out the part when he said what he said about having considered committing suicide. And whilst I’m on the topic, I just want to draw everyone’s attention to something in relation to THAT particular segment of the Panorama program:

        It seems very highly unlikely to me that when interviewing Matthews and the other participants in the program that they had more than one camera set up to record the interviews, but if you watch the Sam Matthews segment (again) – it starts at around 53 mins 40secs on iplayer – you’ll see that just a few seconds BEFORE he says what he says about having considered committing suicide, the camera shot changes and is suddenly much closer to him (for effect, of course) and it WASN’T something that he just happened to say spontaneously, as such, although it appears that way of course.

        It was all carefully choreographed, as was the whole program from start to finish!

      5. Complaining that someone has failed to answer a question you then claim was rhetorical might represent a new low in the history of rhetoric.
        And reason.

      6. Sorry about this, but I just checked something else out on the Panorama program….. As you will recall (if you watched it) Kat Buckingham – the former head of the Disputes Team – said in a segment towards the end of the program that she ended up having a breakdown, so it just occurred to me that they may very well have done the same with HER as they did with Sam Matthews regards the camera shots….. And they DID – ie went in close just prior to her saying it (the segment starts at about 52 mins 45secs on iplayer). The point being of course – as with Sam Matthews – that viewers are led to believe that she (and Matthews) are saying what they’re saying for the first time AND that it’s all spontaneous, when in fact they are stopping and starting so as to get the most effective camera shots AND it ISN’T spontaneous at all, and obviously the production team discussed with them both what they were going to say beforehand, so they could work out the way they were going to film it.

        And if you want to have a laugh, check out what Stephane Savary – one of three National Vice-Chairs on the JLM’s NEC, but un-named and posing as just an ordinary Jewish LP member – says in the segment HE’s in, but then they had to come up with something different to what several other ordinary Jewish LP members (who just happen to ALSO be JLM committee members) had already said earlier in the program (and what with being French, he thought he would amuse his colleagues/buddies by concocting an episode in which he could say “blah blah blah, excuse my French…..”). It’s only a short segment, and begins at around 50 mins 50 secs on iplayer.

      7. Is THAT the best you could come up with David. You’ll have to try harder!

      8. … but then I’d have to read the rest of your tedious novella.

  2. Surely it is not beyond the local party to arrange for proxy voting.But that would presuppose they wanted these people to vote in the first place.

    1. John.. I am beginning to realise that the right wing have a lot of experience in the dirty tricks department.. And will go to any lengths to put another destructive mp inplace of gapes… We have has plenty of time and a large membership to have got a grip… The moral high road will not save the working classes!from right wing austerity and the final asset striping of our country

  3. We want to ensure equality for all members at all levels of the party.
    Muslims are vastly under represented in parliament and other senior committees such as the NEC.
    It is not acceptable that because of their religious worship they are excluded from participation in any votes whatsoever. I would suggest that such exclusion could be deemed Islamophobic .
    They must be allowed to vote by proxy – a system already in place in the House of Commons – otherwise the vote must be postponed until September.
    I must say that it strikes me as odd that although Mike Gapes has been gone from Labour for many months the process to find his replacement is only activated at a time when Muslim members are unavailable. Perhaps the CLP would care to comment on the timing and say why the process was not started earlier.

  4. This highlights the difference between the attitude to and treatment meted out to members of the Muslim faith compared with those of one of the three Abrahamiic faiths.

  5. Can’t the Muslim members who are Mecca bound be given proxy votes and with social media they could be given lists and statements of potential candidates and make their choice via their proxy?
    But not only for this group but for members who are Carers or housebound etc too.
    A good old comrade of mine before he passed away was suddenly confined in a nursing home but his mind was as sharp as ever and he would have still wanted a say.
    It is something that I have thought about for a while, although face to face meetings are best as you hear the arguments how would we feel if we could suddenly not attend meetings?

    1. I take your point Bazza and of course in a better world you are absolutely correct.

      However, giving members postal votes has it’s risks, as well as it’s benefits as witnessed in Weaver Vale CLP in 2013 (the run up to the 2015 GE). A right wing, member of Progress and an utterly useless candidate was foisted on the constituency, due to some skullduggery on behalf of another member, who was also a member of Progress. The candidate was utterly useless, but non the less got the nomination due to postal votes, some by people in care homes, allegedly some had dementia.

      This was, I believe reported to the NWRO who found nothing underhand had occurred. The real problem lies in the Regional Offices who turn a blind eye and do not ensure fair play.

  6. Allan I thought I made it clear,if you bothered to listen.We woul HAVE attacks upon jerremy Corbyn by the usual suspects and treacherous scum who would be backed up by the media and hopfully have traitors and gutless wonders resigning,all in front of an orchestrated attack by the media.. So what?. Thats no different to now and hope we can at least get the scum out and of the Labour party..And perceptive though I am,I do not know the result of the NCC panel,but I notice that you cover yourself by acknowledging neither do you.I repeat what I said before The media Do Not Control the Labour party and neither should we be bothered by the attacks by them,because their is nothing we can do about it!And finaly Get To bed Allan you are becoming increasingly obsessive with your middle of the night rambles… No wonder you dont get it!.. Keep up the good research which is excellent.!

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