Left-winger Mick Whitley selected as Birkenhead PPC to take on Field

Popular local candidate selected this morning

Mick Whitley (centre, suited) and supporters in Hamilton Square

Popular union-backed candidate Mick Whitley has been selected by Birkenhead Labour members as their candidate for the next parliamentary election. The local left-winger will take on current MP and ex-Labour member Frank Field, who yesterday announced he would re-stand as the one-man ‘Birkenhead Social Justice Party’.

Whitley was backed by Unite and Momentum and achieved a majority in the first round of voting:

MickWhitley 224 (52.0%)
Tony Norbury 116 (26.9%)
Danielle Cornish-Spencer 52 (12.1%)
Helen Robinson 39 (9.0%)

The SKWAWKBOX wishes Mick every success.

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  1. congratulations Mick and all the team and members and supporters in and around birkenhead

  2. I hope that this is the start of a flood of left wing candidate’s that sweep away the dross from the Labour party!

  3. Great news – a cure! Now we just have to get the medicine out to the patients faster than the disease can run … 🙂

  4. Yes and trawl Fields voting record, did he vote against welfare cuts? bedroom tax? did he vote to bomb other countries etc etc? and whilst Tories screwing poor in the likes of Birkenhead wasn’t he was looking into stuff for the Right Wing Tory Neo-Liberal Govt?
    Fields thinks he’s a political heavyweight but to be frank he’s a political lightweight out of his depth!
    Best of luck Mick and just read Birch et al (2010) The Rise and Fall of Neo-Liberalism and they argue because the Tories (and Lib Dems) gave tax cuts to big business corporations they had to make up the tax losses by increasing VAT which meant the poorest of and working class in general like those in Birkenhead paid the most whilst the rich benefitted.
    To misquote The Beatles: All You Need is Mick!
    While of Fields: “He’s a real nowhere man, making all his nowhere plans for nobody!”

  5. Great news and congratulations to Mick on his selection as our PPC for Birkenhead. Lets get more like him and rid ourselves of the Labour in name only MP who use us and our finances to land themselves great jobs with big salaries,generous expenses etc then turn on us and call us dogs scum antisemites entryists Trots Stalinists Marxists Communists lynch mobs etc. They have bitten the hand that fed them for too long now – time for a clear out.

  6. Just back from a screening of ‘Yesterday” so dont want to spoil it for anyone, but there is a line that the music should never be forgotten
    If the Labour did not exist then someone would invent it,
    Especially now when a hard right government are threatening to destroy everything we have achieved over the last 75 years
    As for report from JVL and Geoffrey Bindman “you beauty’

  7. Wallasey, Knowsley, Garston, in fact all Blairite parachutists should be DESELECTED

    1. Still heard nowt from a very prominent member of Wirral…Sorry, I meant Wallasey (<<There's a clue, there) labour group about whether (ill)eagle's gonna face a trigger.

      Still I guess they're a lot busier these days (<<another clue). They never seem to be at their once usual port of call anymore…

      1. PS – Congrats & Best wishes to Mick, BTW. Birkenhead now have a proper Labour candidate to vote for. (Not before bleedin’ time, neither.)

        There was a time when I was resigned to seeing field there for all eternity. Thank Christ they’ve ‘seen the light’.

        Now to get him elected…It’s mainly all the arl’ arses around there are field fans; all stuck in their ways, with their: ‘But he’s a good constituency MP, is frank’ sketch.

        So it’ll pay to encourage the younger populace to vote; and being ‘Birkonia’ that’ll be a job and a half. B.head North, Rock Ferry and Tranmere will all need considerable working on to get any sort of youth involvement.

  8. Today’s news from El Paso got me wondering – no deal Brexit in the bag, BloJo sweating in a room with Trunt dictating trade terms… US arms manufacturers/NRA will definitely have lobbied Trunt to insist on BloJo repealing the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 – US won’t let the Brits close any market to US companies and they’ll insist UK buyers not be deprived of Glocks, Berettas, 1911’s or Sigs.

    Boeing will want 51% of BAE obviously so the 737 Max can be renamed the Airbus Supersafe.
    Complaints about chlorinated chicken declared antisemitic.
    NHS? Too late, that was the condition for opening talks on trade.

    1. Tony, I’ve just read Russell Mokhiber’s piece you linked to – couple of things to take issue with.
      All US presidents – all leaders of nations in fact – like to involve themselves in and take credit for foreign trade deals.
      Picking on Obama to blame him for the ‘deregulation’ of a part of a regulatory process that had become an irrelevance isn’t cool.
      Oversight by the FAA of the product of Boeing (software or any other) engineers would entail the FAA employing more highly-skilled engineers than Boeing’s or it would be completely pointless.
      The same difficulty exists in any high-tech field.

      Without removing the commercial imperative from safety-critical industry real oversight can’t happen anyway.
      Only in a non-Capitalist system could there be the complete openness of information that would let others examine such products for hidden flaws – and there’d still be crashes.

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