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Breaking; Derbyshire town evacuated as dam wall collapses in floods following years of Tory flood-defence cuts

Toddbrook Reservoir dam collapse poses ‘threat to life’
The collapsing Toddbrook Reservoir dam (image @fraglast)

A Derbyshire town is undergoing emergency evacuation after parts of the wall of a nearby reservoir collapsed in floods.

Toddbrook Reservoir dam was damaged after heavy rains and police have told 6,500 Whaley Bridge residents to gather at a local school ready for evacuation after a severe flood warning was issued, meaning there is a threat to life:

The collapse comes after years of a Tory austerity programme that saw significant cuts to spending on flood defences in almost all parts of the country:

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  1. We have seen flood defences underfunded in the north for years!Todmodon,Leeds the list is endless. …..Its the TORY solutions to the Northern powerhouse Mk 2…..Boris Johnson ..solution…drown..em!Contrast this with the Tory pope burning town of Lewes in leafy Sussex,that holiday town of the Rev ian paisley ,money thrown around like confetti after flooding a few years back

  2. I think this sort of confected connection stuff isn’t clever, imitating the Tory propaganda press.

    That the Tories have cut flood defence spending is ansolutely true – and it has severe consequences.

    This, however, is only indirectly connected – it’s about the collapse of a dam wall, which is not the same thing. Privatisation of water resources may be more relevant, but it’s a different linkage. Dam walls aren’t flood defence.

    Does it matter? It should do – unless Skwawkbox sees itself in the same fake news game as The Daily Heil.

    1. Toddbrook reservoir feeds the canal system, which used to be run by British Waterways, abolished in 2012 under the Tory/LieDem coalition. The Canal and River Trust then took over, where underinvestment continued to this day.

      1. Thanks for the information. That makes sense. I may be too discriminating, but pissing about with the facts is for the opposition birds – we shouldn’ t imitate.

    2. Can see your points but being reminded of the strategic industry grab ….in the TORY failed privatization plan,.The Dams are interlinked with the underfunding and sheer reckless ..wasting of former public owned industry needs to be addressed by the next Labour government and will be if we issue bonds rather than cash to shareholders. ..a type of war bond would be appropriate being that the British public were robbed!

  3. That dam is an earth filled embankment type.
    The covering has clearly failed and earth has been washed away, presumably by overtopping.
    To avoid complete failure the weight that’s been lost has to be replaced – not with earth in an emergency where the covering has been breached but with rock rubble – the first loads in gabions I’d have thought and then infilled with loose.
    Where are the fucking helicopters?

    1. David where are the helicopters?that was my thought when I watched them passing sandbags down the line.. And in two !months ,we will be looking at drought due to underinvestment in storage and maintaining the vital network of pipe supply… Leaks everywhere millions of water
      lost poor maintenance and a shortage of skilled workers! Private water rip off?

    2. It is possible that area of breached covering has been undermined from below rather than overtopping and that the whole dam might need rebuilding – even if that is the case the lost weight still needs to be replaced urgently to reduce the possibility of a full breach while the reservoir is drained
      For the population to have been evacuated total failure must have been recognised as a possibility. Lowering rock-filled gabions by helicopter is often used in remote upland locations where trucks can’t go.

      1. I don’t understand why they’re not yet using concrete pumps to fill between the bags of sand/gravel and into the spaces under the covering slabs where the soil has been scoured out and bags can’t be directly lowered into the voids.
        And does the RAF really only have one serviceable Chinook in the UK?

      1. Numpty didn’t notice the credit on the photo in the article but found it on my regular twitter travels. Severe weather eu is one of my fav accounts.

  4. austerity and privatisation are one and the same thing,
    both run everything into the ground, both are extractive where money ends up in the hands of the few, whether its tax cuts or dividends
    easy to argue against private monopolies never being in the public interest
    you cant have socialism for the 5% and capitalism for the rest of us,
    trickle down economics is not a thing, as a theory it has absolutely zero credibility

    1. OK. But remember that a majority of the 95% voted fot the shambles.

      That’s the underlying problem – the ‘Brexit syndrome’ – the ability of a majority to endorse the depredations of a minority and aim a gun at their own feet.

  5. ”OK. But remember that a majority of the 95% voted fot the shambles.”


    1. Toffee you noticed the statistics being stretched to fit the argument regarding privatization.If I truly thought that the majority supported privatization of our strategic industry then I would not even bother campaigning.2 years ago I was campaigning outside Haywards heath railway station around 5 .30 am to catch the commuters with the rail fares row and service provided by Connect virgin and southern.It was the first day back after xmass break..january cold and wet and harassment by the police on public property…..Haywards heath rock solid TORY and Nicholas Soames constituency.The response have got was staggering Even at that time of the morning the response from the City commuters was staggering with one woman stopping to berate another copper for threatening to arrest me,if l did not move off the railway station.Although I was on my own the response against the privatization was awe inspiring from what would be nominaly tory voters.Most nearly everyone believes that privatization was a neo liberal con!…….Tory libs and even Labour mps know we were CONNED……

    1. Trident is neither a deterrent nor independent
      Michael Portillo Tory Defence Minister
      But like AS it turns labour leadership into jellyfish, gutless and spineless

  6. John advice on Dam…..dodgy?……but should be ok?….TORY speak for working class lives…..we wil risk your lives peasants!….SOCIALIST translation..evacuate immediately would be the only sensible option to avoid a catastrophic loss of life!…..Boris is the opposite of the midus touch!

  7. Privatisation of water resources may be more relevant, ah the private sector give away their lakes which were used to pipe water to in times of drought no one to look after them now we pay the price

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