Lazy anti-Labour accounts try to exploit Williamson anger to con Labour members into quitting party

Anti-Labour Twitter accounts scrape barrel-bottoms – but can’t even muster a decent effort

Anti-Labour troll accounts seem to be mounting an attempt to fool Labour members into quitting the party by exploiting anger over the continued suspension of left-wing MP Chris Williamson – but are too lazy to make a proper effort of it.

The trolls have tried to convince Labour members that they should resign their membership in protest, by claiming to have done the same – but have recycled the same tired image to do so:

A quick perusal of the Twitter feeds of these troll accounts makes their real agenda all too clear.

Not all have been quite so lazy, though. Some have at least gone to the trouble of rotating the image a bit:

But most have just regurgitated the same old pic:

Could anything be a better illustration of the desperate dishonesty of those ranged against a Labour Party that for the first time in generations threatens real change?

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  1. There has to be some sort of mass demo at this yrs Conf against those who have witch hunted Chris out along with all the other innocent members .
    Milshakes and rotten eggs for SMeeth , Screeching , Twatson, Hodge, Gobshite Phillis and all the others .

    1. Loose lips sink ships, rob.
      Now we have to think of something even more evil and Stalinist…

      1. For them they will not know where exactly or when , anyway gobshite will have had a bunker panic room built for her and Smeeeth will have a posse of RW MPS with her just like she had when going to the lynching of Marc Wadsworth ,, effing disgrace the lot of em

      2. David you could always take allans advice and bury your head in the sand in case you upset any moderates,Allan is also desperately worried 😟 that we might have moderate scum resigning if we object to Chris being ejected from the Labour party……ps he also worrys about lordys resigning…..makes you weep doesn’t it….with supporters like Allan who needs?

    2. Needless to say Joseph, the vast majority of people out there have been led to believe that the ‘moderates’ are the goodies (trying to save the Labour Party from the malevolent anti-semitic bullies), and JC and the left are the baddies. In other words, when eight or nine of them leave the LP all at the same time, the general public don’t think to themselves: “Oh, that’s great, cos who needs them in the party when they are doing all they can to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership”, and ditto for the three Jewish Labour peers who resigned the day before the Panorama program.

      Joseph knows this of course – how could he NOT – but he pretends that he doesn’t so he can disseminate falsehoods about me. How is acknowleging the blatantly obvious fact that there would be a tsunami wave of condemnation – and almost definitely more resignations – if Chris was to be reinstated… tantamount to burying ones head in the sand. But Joseph would have people who follow skwawkbox believe that there are no dark fascist forces ranged against Jeremy and the left, and it’s just because *I* am worried about the likelyhood of another round of resignations that I mention it, and needless to say, THAT is why he described them as “moderate scum”.

      AND needless to say, the vast majority of people out there – in the event that Chris was reinstated, and then a dozen or so MPs resigned in (faux) disgust – would not of course regard them as ‘moderate scum’. They would be perceived by the vast majority of people as decent politicians who have been driven out of the party they love, cos THAT is what they’d all be saying in their televised mass resignation.

      I am, of course, just being realistic, whereas Joseph is deceiving people on here, or attempting to.

      1. As for the SB article, yes, well that’s exactly what a few shills on HERE are doing, and HAVE been doing, every day – ie exploiting the anger – but not only exploiting it (in those it already exists in) but trying to germinate it as well in those that it doesn’t. They know of course that Chris will be expelled, because they know that what happened last time would be as nothing compared to what they would do this time if he were reinstated again. And they know that the LP know this all too well, and that what happened last time Chris was reinstated was in effect just a shot across the bows, and that if they don’t play ball and expel him, they will blow the ship to smithereens.

      2. Youve woken up again Allan! Persistent you are…..but motivated by fear…..or worse….Rambling on in the middle of the night 🌙 is not condusive to clear level headed thinking. Go to bed Allan and repent your comments tomorrow!

      3. ALLAN you get more paranoid the longer you carry on regardless throughout the night.What possible motive would I have for damaging the Labour party.?But you make wild acussations in your early morning rambles that I do notGET?Why are you terrified of moderate scum mps resigning?That’s exactly what many socialist activists and party members like me want…..Again what are you frightened of,we need to get rid quickly before the election campaign…..Who gives a damm what the traitors or them the media think or do?They’ve tried everything so far and Jeremy Corbyns still there..But your nasty silly acusations are still thrown scatter gun throughout the night…..go to bed Allan!

      4. Lol, like there is any day when there ISN’T “a tsunami wave of condemnation” against Labour.

        The peers were good for one day’s headlines. Most people outside the bubble never even heard about them.

        Even Chuka is gone and forgotten.

        Who cares if the usual suspects scweam and scweam. Who cares if a handful more of the saboteurs deselect themselves and save their CLPs the trouble?

        Labour is going to be attacked regardless. Might as well be for doing the right thing.

      5. Joseph

        Anyone who spends the small hours a la Trump (not the best role model), stirring the shit and trying to create and inflame division among us is obviously a nasty troll. The fact that no one else seems to agree with him speaks for itself…

  2. Yes thanks but their is genuine anger.I do not use Twitter or Facebook and I would warn anyone who values their privacy to be wary of signing up to such organisations..Long term info gathering and a hidden agenda.The Question is can you manage without the monopoly of these organisations.Well I can but it does make it difficult….but do you value your freedom……

      1. Not me sunshine….and never will be….use Facebook…….not really

  3. Dickheads don’t get that saying we’ll stop paying Labour membership is one thing… it doesn’t mean lefties will stop VOTING Labour.
    Just means more of us are shifting even FURTHER to the left.
    And getting angrier.

  4. Ps I realise that I am being smug and an old man does not necessarily need to keep in touch etc…..But I genuinely believe that a long term health warning needs attaching to Facebook and Twitter as far as info gathering and profiling of information to unknown groups

    1. Joseph , you can add Whats App to that as well as Herr Gestapo Pritti bastard Patel wants to read all messages

  5. I am sure that many, like myself, will have been considering tearing up their membership cards, over what may happen to CW. I certainly have. However, I think this post from SkwawkB is especially apposite and well timed. I would rather remain a member and do as Rob says: make a big noise until justice has been done.

    1. Paulo, what if it was JC in the position CW’s in, with Watson in line for leader – or any of the usual suspects? What then?
      Say “Oh, well, at least we tried” or hit back?
      It’d be a last resort but if pushing civil disobedience to the limit and maybe further fails I’d quit Labour and turn HARD left.
      The ‘centrists’ and the Tories should be voting for Corbyn themselves.
      I’m certain they’ll get a better deal from him than from a mob angry at the dawning realisation of having been suckered for centuries.
      Or am I the only one with a growing sense that the un-civil kind of disobedience is rising to the surface again?

      1. No, David, I’d say you’re antenna’s working just fine.

        Something’s coming and it won’t be pretty…

      2. David, I have said much the same thing. There is going to be a reckoning. The rich and powerful should pray to God that the reckoning is led by someone as mild and democratic as Corbyn. Like you, I suspect that the alternative they will get if they manage to depose him will NOT be a return to comfy status quo ante.

    2. That’s certainly laudable.

      I am concerned what is called ‘justice’ in LP is an injustice based on fear of reprisals and bad press from political opponents and almost blanket oppositional state controlled and corporate media.

  6. Check out JLM Vice Chair – stood for Council in 2018 as Lab member
    I have photo of it, but you can see for yourself. Stephane Savery.
    Using the hashtag & RTing RW Racist trolls

  7. Anyone who quits the Party thinking they are supporting CW are doing exactly what his and our enemies want. We need to stay and fight otherwise we can say goodbye to a Corbyn government.

    The Party has no authority to put Chris Williamson in front of another panel. Jeremy Corbyn as Leader has every authority to step in and halt this madness before it goes to court. We need Chris reinstated asap.

    1. Jack T ….I have fought in many campaigns,somtimes litteraly I have been beaten by ,bspecials in the 1960S and arrested under the apparthied laws and convicted for attending a mixed gathering without a permit and jailed in the Pretoria prison.I was a young man then and active in direct action against the thugs of the state.But never in my life have I been as frustrated and angry with the Chris Williamson scam fit up…..The problem is in NIreland and SAfrika our backs were covered and disloyalty was not tolerated.Loyalty was a two way street and in this Labour party I am finaly convinced that the decision on chris Williamson will have to be back him or we lose all credibility.I will leave if Chris leaves and go were lam needed,….very sad but Labour has to show loyalty to the activists who put there head on the chopping block for Socialism…..not right wing liberal’s…

      1. Joseph, there are thousands of us just as frustrated as you but Chris has said he doesn’t want anyone to leave the Party on his behalf. If we leave it gives the right wingers and the Israeli Lobby the victory they are seeking.

    2. Talking of going to court Jack, do you have a link to Chris’s crowd-funding page that you mentioned earlier in another thread. Cheers

      1. This from Twitter on July 30th. CW RT’d I think.

        Campaign for Chris Williamson
        Jul 30
        In a total subversion of due process,
        has been referred to
        ’s National Constitutional Committee for expulsion. We understand this to be unlawful and against Labour’s rules. Legal action against the party machine is underway and a crowdfunder is coming soon.

      2. Chris’ crowd funding is not up and running yet (as of last night).

        Note that not one Labour MP has come out in his support. This is a measure of just how far the Party has swung to the right since Blair and why the likes of Watson, Mann an Hodge feel so powerful.

      3. I don’t know how long it takes to set up crowdfunding but there’s still no update on the @CampaignForCW Twitter account.
        If a person were to tweet about starting a crowdfunding appeal – and then not follow through – that could prevent people who otherwise would start an appeal themselves from doing so, thinking it’s already in hand.
        Could be an effective technique for an operator like “Integrity Initiative”
        I hope I’m just being paranoid.

  8. I was just thinking a bit earlier how I’m sure there must be comments on social media by LibDem members about Israel that the likes of the CAA and the JLM would regard as anti-semitic had they been posted by LP members, and that if one were to ‘trawl’ through twitter and facebook etc you would no doubt find hundreds of such comments going back years. Anyway, THAT led to me coming across the following article regarding a letter addressed to the leadership of the LibDems, and is more than a little interesting for a number of reasons. Here’s an extract from the letter, signed by twelve LibDem members:

    Anti-Jewish prejudice exists alongside other forms of prejudice in the UK, and is reprehensible. However, the statistical evidence in this link shows that: (a) it is most pronounced on the right of British politics; (b) it is not a particularly left-wing phenomenon, and; (c) other minority groups face far greater challenges. Most of the evidence advanced by critics of Labour is anecdotal and often deeply flawed, as when Margaret Hodge said she had submitted a dossier of 200 complaints. It turned out that they corresponded to 111 individuals, only 20 of who were in the Labour Party.

    PS And ditto for Green Party members, but needless to say, the CAA and the JLM are not interested in anything LibDem or Green Party members have said about Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.

    1. Mr Howard,thanks for the link,interesting letter and I see an early response from the leadership was requested,any idea if they got one?

    1. Looks like the JC has now got Bernie Sanders and Fabian Hamilton in its sites.

      What a truly hate-filled rag it is.

      1. Our party,and leadership are being ripped apart by our mps and aided and abetted by the NCC and some within the NEC and moles at H Q… Fact not guesswork and the membership need to act against the traitors Quickly!

  9. The Labour Party is being ripped apart from within; but by whom? Identify & cauterise the cancer

  10. Has maureen lipman tweeted the same picture, yet?

    Oh hang on, she’s already ‘left’ the party forty-six times before today…A lamentable loss, I’m sure.

  11. By the way, If weaselly screeching is reading this…Do get to fuck out of it., you subvirate, square-headed, shitbag. .

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