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Video: voter on Johnson’s Uxbridge patch tells BBC – “never voted Labour in my life but we will this time”

“Ohhh, that’s quite disastrous, isn’t it?”
Dismay: Uxbridge voter on today’s BBC London news

An Uxbridge voter has given the BBC a frank verdict on the accession of Boris Johnson to the Tory leadership – the second Tory PM in succession unelected by the country.

I’ve never voted Labour in my life, but we will this time

The unnamed woman, spotted on BBC London’s lunchtime news by the Uxbridge Labour Twitter account, gave a reaction that seems certain to go viral:


The authenticity, policies and statesmanship of Jeremy Corbyn, or the sociopathic buffoonery and barely-veiled thuggery of Boris Johnson – ‘Uxbridge woman’ is right.

It’s a no-brainer.

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  1. I watched this. Interesting that when BBC repeated clip on 6pm news, they “happened ” to leave out the I’m voting Labour (for first time) part. Oh no! The beeb twisting news? Never!!!

  2. coalition of the damned
    boris,nigel and jo
    the sky is black with the wings of chickens coming home to roost

    1. Or to quote from the book of Colemanballs “Now that the stable door is shut, the cows are coming home to roost”

  3. Strange we can’t comment on Hodge being reported for AS but can see the lodgic if its a runner!.Johnson position in Uxbridge will be boosted by him being PM.The media will now paint the baffoon to be an entirley trustworthy sensible chap with gravitas and a brilliant economic wizard…..and you could trust him with your cat?……..or PIG!

      1. Oooooo…..what a Johnson!

        Time to descend on Uxbridge en masse and get this old Etonian buffoon out on his ample arse.

        Prime Minister Johnson (Penis) in the UK
        President Trump (Fart) in the USA.

        Oh, dear!

  4. Great to hear, but we must attack Johnson and his Tories, not reach other!

    1. Joe K…..Some of us have family,and none of have to reach for the other?….vulgarity unbecoming of a member of the Labour party?.oops!keep it clean joe and I will say a prayer for you at mass

  5. how come the queen simply takes the word of the worst PM since the last one that BORIS has a working majority to carry on
    when he is the first PM to suffer defeat before he takes office
    this is not a functioning democracy

    1. Doug How can a functional democracy have a queen and also has no constitution yet has a constitutional minister… Answer we haven’t a democracy and the establishment will never allow one… Or Corbym!

  6. The presenter’s facial expression at the end – to me it looked like
    “Shit, has she just cost me my job?”

  7. Has Johnson asked the queen Can I be PM Your Highness……Looking down from the great hights…..her indoors replys to him Boris you’re one of us !…….And so the farcical British system of class and privilege rolls on proped up by Lordys ,socialist knights ,baron…..nessys,Dukes, high sherrifs….low socialist sherrifs,and working class groupys in adoration of our so called democracy………Corbyn gets hounded by Labour mps for snubbing the queen for not attending the secretive and farcial privy council and we like good peasants and call it democracy…How much longer do we take this crock of sh55t?

  8. Please could you put this video of this woman saying ‘everything Johnson says is a lie’ on your Facebook page as well as your twitter page? Makes it easier to share via Facebook. Many thanks

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