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Watson “drafts in Lords for Project Anaconda” – to “take heat off” MPs fearing deselection triggers

Labour sources say deputy leader hopes move will allow allies to lie low and escape ‘trigger ballots’
Tom Watson

Labour sources say that the sudden rush of moves by peers to attack Jeremy Corbyn is driven by Tom Watson’s fear of Labour’s impending ‘trigger’ votes process.

One source told the SKWAWKBOX:

Tom has drafted in the peers for his ‘Project Anaconda’ because he wants to take the heat off his pals in the PLP until the trigger votes are over. Peers don’t have to worry about selections and he hopes keeping his MPs’ heads down and noses clean will give them their best chance of surviving triggers. Once those are over, normal service will resume. Until then, there’s a fair bit of panic.

‘Project Anaconda’ is name given long ago to Watson’s attempts to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, after the snake that squeezes progressively tighter.

Labour’s NEC recently invited MPs to indicate whether they wished to stand again at the next general election, as the first phase of the party’s ‘trigger ballot’ process. Trigger votes allow local Labour members to decide whether they want to have a full selection contest to choose their next general election candidate.

Only one in three branches in a ‘CLP’ (constituency Labour party) need support a new contest to ‘trigger’ one, since a rule-change agreed at last year’s annual Labour conference in Liverpool.

Tom Watson was contacted for comment but did not respond.


Yet again the Labour right – in the Commons and a few ‘usual suspects’ in the House of Lords – are painfully transparent in their tactics. If only they’d devote that energy to fighting Tories.

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  1. I seem to remember Watson saying in the deputy leadership contest ‘if I’m elected I will support the Leader 100%. Has he done that even once?

    There is a case for expelling him from the Party for whipping up the anti-Semitism smears and bringing the Party into disrepute.

    1. Jack T…….very good point!…….We have proof all around us,has advertized on TV.I do not think he will be able to defend all of the charges against the parasite.Someone once said that we only need to get lucky once ?.We will get him and make it stick……just one will do and how good would it feel to use the A S smear campaign against him and make him eat it!

  2. But it won’t happen though, will it.? The LP is weak to the point of its own destruction!

    1. methinks not
      survation, peterborough, ge2017
      the sky is black with the wings of chickens coming home to roost
      who said that
      then theres the small matter of criminality in the party and those barstewards behind it,
      methinks the party have kept powder dry, which makes me wrong on a number of levels,
      sincere apologies, look forward to seeing how it all pans out

  3. Let me get this straight…

    Fatboy slime is gonna get some of the lords to make shite up so they take the flak with impunity rather than if it was his shithouse commons colleagues (hodge screeching smeeth mann starmer thornberry etc) who’d face trigger ballots/ deselection?

    He thinks that’ll work? He thinks YOU have the attention span of an amoeba?

    Gobshite. And there’s still some on here (not so) secretly grateful for his shithouse tricks to get them their 2nd ref/remain option. They think the same about YOU as watson does.

    Don’t forget that, and don’t allow them to distract you from those facts.

    1. Toffee…..You maybe correct,but most on here appear to be fairly level headed and most have supplied us with useful knowledge and tip offs.There is life after brexit and to use deception and lies would make us no better than watson?I prefare to believe that the majority support party loyalty and corbyn,even if some think that is a cult or religion. Maybe a little bit of religious zeal might go a long way,especially if our CLP apply more time for removing the garbage who infiltrated the Labour party.

  4. I love the idea of Mandelson and Watson trying to think up a name for their campaign to unseat Corbyn … and deciding on a 1930’s “Boy’s Own’ title like Project Anaconda 🙂 I bet they were pleased with themselves.

  5. In my saner moments,I contemplate the chances of ejecting the treacherous supporters of extremism in our party.Watson’s panicking,and if we can remove as many of his supporters in the PLP we should then be able to stop his funding and make Watson’s war a damp squib.So its down to the constituency partys to move on the traitors…….No warnings get on with rebuilding the Democratic socialist Labour party…..Who passed the pregnant mp rules and modified them,?

    1. In my insaner moments I contemplate the chances of my big strangler’s hands finding their way around that grass snake’s neck.

  6. Apparently Boris the clown wants to have an election whilst Jeremy is still leader because he thinks Jeremy will soon be replaced.

    Boris, Jeremy is staying and my prediction is you will be gone before he is, just like Cameron and May before you.

    1. NOOOOOOOO shssssshhh Jack T , don’t tell the clown that , let him call a GE pleeesseee 😉

  7. If any MP thinks that a group of Labour peers most of us have never heard of (and those we have heard of like we wish we hadn’t) complaining about how Jeremy has handled anti semetism complaints – a process by the way others insist he should have no part in – is going to stop deselections of unsatisfactory MPs then they are wrong.
    A number of MPs have behaved very badly, showed complete contempt for their CLPs, have publicly insulted and verbally abused fellow MPs and the leadership team etc. Nobody is going to let them off the hook just because a number of unelected peers take out a advert in the Guardian condemning Jeremy’s alleged failure to tackle antisemetism.
    Regarding the advert I would be interested to know who paid for it. Also why did the peers feel the need to publicly advertise their position at all?Could they not have dealt with the matter fraternally and in house? Of course not – they clearly lack the capacity to do the right thing where Jeremy is concerned.
    As far as I am concerned this is just another deplorable example of the bullying and harassment Jeremy Corbyn has to contend with on a daily basis and is a reminder of just how strong a leader he is. It also is a reminder of how incredibly stupid and truly awful his opponents are.

    1. Wondering……who paid for the advert in the guardian….Its not cheap?HOPE its not party members funds again like the divying up of our money to ex employees for helping them to remember a pack of lies?Will we be able to find out through freedom of information or what…..come on our investigators on here….help!

      1. Exactly – I sincerely hope it wasn’t us who paid. I don’t think it was somehow and will be most interested to find out ( if we ever do) who financed it.

    2. Could they not have dealt with the matter fraternally and in house?

      No, Blair (And Thatcher) knew that it takes only the lightest whisper of Ermine for most people to use phrases like ‘vile proletariat’.

  8. Further to Jack Ts comment, in case you missed it, News shite last night, 37mins in, this of course explains the current relentless frenzied attacks.

  9. Labour peers looking after their offshore bank accounts. No skin off their nose if Labour wins or loses the election. They’ll still have their sinecure.

  10. The huge problem these b…. s have is that ‘millenials’ don’t read papers or listen much to MSN news, or Panorama. Talking to my son who’s 26 not a LP member, he and his mates think Corbyn is great and so does my daughter. Their cousins across the road too, and this is what they promugate on social media. I think these attacks have really crossed the line as far as to be deemed credible by the public may well increase support for Corbyn as people they wake up to sinister manipulative, devious corrupt ‘democracy’ keeping them down.

  11. Just an aside. The much-vaunted moral, intellectual and experiential ‘quality’ of peers rather gets blown apart by 60 of them being venal or dumb enough to put their names to this advertisment.

    ‘Time Servers’ indeed – waiting to bite the hand that fed them.

  12. I noted this in the Groan :

    “Pressure is also coming from Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, who on Tuesday backed a new motion which would automatically exclude members accused of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia or transphobia”

    Goebbels would be proud of the transmutation of ‘accusation’ into guilt and ‘condemnation’ … let alone the manufacturing of fictions.

    Oohh … sorry! We have to be s…eee…uw careful of using comparisons with fascist populism in connection with this issue.

    The trouble is, it’s entirely appropriate and accurate. The propaganda techniques of the big and continuing lie are straight out of the Goebbels playbook.

    1. Yes, but if they’ve ALREADY been condemned and found to be guilty by the likes of John Mann and Ruth Smeeth and Tom Watson and the CAA and the JLM etc, along with the MSM, then why bother going through a process and investigating each case as such. Surely THEIR judgement is enough, and should be final. In actual fact, why not just boot out all the LP members that support Jeremy, as they are ALL obviously Jew-hating anti-semitic bullies etc, etc.

    1. I would like to think so.

      But – and this is the point – there is no hope if Labour is struggling with the incoherence of Brexit economics. Brexit is the enemy of effective and meaningful reform – forget the windy rhetoric that tries to define ‘socialism’ on Farago’s or Rees-Moggy’s.

    1. Because. That. Odious. Toad. Is. In. A. Position. Whereby. He. Is. Able. To. React. Pre-emptively. Against. Possible. LP. Threats. Like Chris. Williamson. Do. I. Have. To. Spell. It. Out. For. You?

  13. I expect most people who follow skwawkbox are aware of this by now (I wonder if the peers who signed the letter ARE), but just in case you’re NOT:

    A provisional list of JLM [Jewish Labour Movement] people who “gave witness” anonymously in the Panorama show reads as follows:

    Stephane Savary (JLM joint National Vice-Chair)
    Joe Goldberg (JLM joint National Vice-Chair)
    Izzy Lenga (JLM International Officer)
    Alex Richardson (JLM Membership Officer)
    Adam Langleben (ex JLM Campaigns Officer)
    Ella Rose (JLM Equalities Officer, former National Director)
    Rebecca Filer (JLM Political Education Officer)
    Joshua Garfield (JLM Local Government Officer)

    1. Thanks Alan, this is sensational!
      The biggest stitch up since the Zionev letter?
      Jewish Dissident very well done too!
      Everyone share this!

      1. Allan, there’ll be one more if it passes moderation 🙂

        “Dear BBC,
        I wish to complain about the quality of the recently televised school play.
        It was as if the Pano Drama School had never even heard of Lee Strasberg’s ‘method’ – the little boy threatening to “do something terrible” to himself was totally unconvincing.
        At least the penny-dreadful Scandi-cop shows the BBC loves so much have the decency to distract us from the poor acting with subtitles.”

    2. Allan Howard 17/07/2019 at 5:01 pm

      Luciana Berger was also interviewed for this Panorama program. If Ms Berger’s contribution couldn’t even reach the woefully low evidence threshold of this program it doesn’t say much for the veracity of her claims.

      You can draw your own conclusions about why she refused to be part of the solution in the second paragraph.

      Ms Berger had been interviewed for the Panorama programme, she said, but the fact that her contribution was not used pointed, she felt, to the much greater scale of the problem.

      She also revealed that she had been asked — but had declined — to work on the Chakrabarti Report into antisemitism in the Labour Party, widely derided as a “whitewash”. She had had doubts about the Chakrabarti inquiry from the beginning, she said. “I’m very pleased I was not involved”.

  14. Just reading the brilliant Birch et al (2010) ‘The Rise and Fall of Neo-liberalism.’
    They argue that Neo-Liberal capitalism must continuously expand to survive but with the exhaustion of profits from mainly shifting manufacturing to so called developing countries (in search of cheaper labour) it has now fully thrown its lot in with finance capital.
    But the only remaining route to maximum profit now seems to be via privatising the public sector in each country.
    So perhaps this is why the Pro-Neo Liberal capitalist forces within and without are fighting us and the Corbyn project so vehemently.
    Stand firm behind JC and we could set an example to the World!

  15. The following article by Ken Livingstone (on the RT website) from April this year is well worth reading. I wasn’t aware of the fact (until I happened to come across the article a couple of days ago), but not only was Ken falsely vilified and condemned and accused of anti-semitism – for alluding to an historical fact – but he was ALSO sacked from his job with LBC, and from the sounds of it lost a lot of OTHER income as a consequence of the smear campaign perpetrated against him:

    1. Poor Ken.
      Great song just come on radio, Billy Paul’s stunning version of “Let ‘Em In!”

  16. The fascists in the White House

    ‘Perhaps most ominously, during a ten-minute diatribe at the end of a White House media event Monday afternoon to promote American manufacturing, Trump falsely accused Omar of declaring her love for Al Qaeda, which he said was killing American soldiers. The statement was nothing short of an incitement to violence against the representative from Minneapolis, a Somali-American who came to this country as a child and is one of two newly elected Muslim-American congresswomen.’

    1. Sounds like a Trump Hate Crime and Impeachment territory!
      Wonder if Trump will be going back to Germany Pre-1945 and if this is where he gets it from?
      Tweet: Trump loses plot – official! Lock him up! Lock him up!

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