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Breaking: peer Hayter sacked for comments ‘contemptible, grossly insensitive’ to Labour’s Jewish staff

Labour peer Dianne Hayter – Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town – has been sacked from her front-bench position as a Brexit spokesperson after making comments comparing Labour staff to the “last days of Hitler”.

A Labour Party spokesperson said:

Diane Hayter has been sacked from her front bench position with immediate effect for her deeply offensive remarks about Jeremy Corbyn and his office.

To compare the Labour leader and Labour Party staff working to elect a Labour government to the Nazi regime is truly contemptible, and grossly insensitive to Jewish staff in particular.

Lady Hayter has been contacted for comment.

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    1. Really ,, she’s a LOFI member and she says that ,,,, just stunned …
      its becoming an effing mad house , it really is .
      Can she now be expelled from Labour for ” bringing Labour into disrepute ” ?
      What she has purported to have said is far worse than anything Chris Williamson or Jackie Walker or Marc Wadsworth have said.

      1. Rob, it appears she was comparing Corbyn and his supporters to Hitler, the Zionists would have loved it, not been offended by it. Of course anyone who is not a Zionist would have been grossly offended by it.

      2. Indeed Jack , and what stunned me was my belief that LFOI and the JLM was /is made up of a very large contingent of Jewish people who may well not be Zionist and hence would be extremely offended by this.Happy to be corrected on this point if I am wrong .
        Now they imo have a hell of a problem here , condemn what she has said or remain silent , we shall see

      3. Rob……yes she is inciting hatred and that is a criminal offence!Chris,Jackie and marc were fit up and said nothing AS or incited anyone.We are now routing out the right wing fanatics inside Labour and you are doing a sterling job comrade!

      4. Yes. it is an effing mad house!

        Witch-hunting madness run amok! Baseless antisemitism charges galore with many accused witches being Jewish, black or both. All, however, are socialists and anti-Zionists to a man and a woman.

        Yet scum like Hayter seem to get off with losing a job. Hope she gets drummed out of the Labour Party taking that vicious snake Twatson with her!

      1. Who did she say it to, and where. Was it in the House of Lords?

    1. She was speaking at a meeting of MPs and activists AND:

      ‘Labour MP for Ilford North Wes Streeting said the sacking was a “gross over-reaction”.’

      I think we can be pretty certain that it was a ploy concocted by anti-Corbyn peers to get a reaction of some sort or other, so as to keep it all going in the MSM. No doubt there will be ANOTHER letter in a couple of days time by 250 Labour MPs and Peers saying that they agree with her!

      1. I understand she was speaking at a Labour First meeting Allan. If that was the case this sort of obscene anti Corbyn jibe is to be expected.

      1. For a minute I thought you’d written “”defenestrated”.

        Not really kosher. But we can dream.

  1. Apparently, she wrote a book called ‘Fightback’. It seems to be in the same vein as ‘Hammer of the Left’ about John Golding et al’s removal of Militant in the 80s. Both much admired by former Progress staffer Richard Angell and Labour First’s Luke Akehurst (although he told Ruth Smeeth by tweet that they were a bit hardcore for a new mum). Basically, the Goulding book describes the sort of tactics which we have been living with, since Corbyn’s election.

    Hayter also made similar comparison between Hitler’s bunker and LOTO last year … which begs the question of why she wasn’t sacked then but better late than never.

    1. To be fair, Golding’s book is very good.

      It contains a great deal of information about how the Labour Party operates. The part about Labour’s disastrous general election campaign in 1983 is very interesting. It shows that Labour was an absolute shambles and that is why the result in 1983 was so bad.

      Of course, the motives of those who re-published it are clear but that does not make it a bad book. By reading the book, it is possible to challenge the myth that Labour lost because it was ‘too left wing’.

      Interestingly, Golding attacks people on the right very fiercely when he thought they were wrong. He had reservations about working with John Spellar whom he describes as ‘hard right’.

      Similarly, Militant by Michael Crick was re-published for similar motives. But, again, I thought it was a very good book. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Get the cops involved Incitement to hatred and nick Watson’s treacherous supporters as well as uncle Tom Watson?

  3. And chris Williamson still suspended and this haytmonger sacked from front bench?……when will she be suspended……its one law for us and one for our betters?

    1. Same rules must apply to her as any other Labour party member it goes through the disciplinary process Jeremy & Co can sack her from the shadow cab but any further action is not in his or their domain rightly so of course, regardless of what any rubbish spouted in the MSM by the usual suspects says.

  4. I’m so, so happy that Diane Hayter has now been told to bog off from her doubtless lucrative position.. Pity she’s not been suspended, disciplined and expelled. She certain deserves it!

    Now let’s reinstate Chris Williamson, Ken Livingstone, Marc Wadsworth, Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein.

    Just a thought: I wonder if DL was one of the signatories of the Labour Peers’ motion condemning Jez for his “lack of leadership” over the antisemitism issue in the Labour Party.

    This news has made my day. Now let’s get rid of that f@cker Twatson!

  5. Anyone got photoshop to make a meme of that photo with the caption

    ‘Hayter’s gon’ hate’ ?

  6. I’ve come across the written version of Peter Oborne’s seminal Channel 4 documentary about the pro-Israel Lobby in the UK.

    It’s on the ‘Open Democracy’ website, and comes from 2009.

    Unfortunately, the web pages suffer from broken/non-existent links – a common feature of information of this vintage. But enough is there to get the gist of what was going on some 10 years ago – before the present attacks on Labour :

    It’s worth reading because it covers both Tory and Labour parties and, indeed , initially focuses on the *Conservative* Friends of Israel as a powerful lobbying organisation. It is worth remembering that Alan Duncan was shown as an Israeli target in ‘The Lobby’.

    The piece (the original documentary can still be found on YouTube) makes a fascinating perspective from ma time when the issue was more in the background than it is now – and Oborne, although on the right is a journalist who actually does his job in a way that puts the current members of his profession to shame.

    1. Just an addendum to the above.

      Reading again the overview of Oborne’s investigation, it seems to me an essential overview of the history behind the pressure that we have been witnessing – particularly that on individual journalists who have been attacked – and the BBC in general.

      If anyone thinks that The Lobby doesn’t work – consider the developments over ten years and what it has achieved.

  7. Quota sytems? The Anglo Jewry Population 260,000 (2011 census) less than 0.5% . How many Jewish MPs? Over-representation or another anti-Semitic trope? Personally I couldn’t care less about an MP’s colour; religion or sexual orientation, as long as they are the best person for the job;, but quotas appear important to some.

  8. Strange that Peter Obourne & Peter Hitchens both work for the Daily Mail & are politically to the right of Attila the Hun. Strange that they are the only 2 journalists whose opinions & argument are worth a balloon in MSM today & have the cojones to speak truth to power. I may often disagree fundamentally with what they say, but the quality of their argument demands that I listen. Whatever happened to investigative journalism & integrity in politics?

  9. … and again.

    … the JVL website has a couple of massively revealing new items about the Lobby’s influence on The Groan – both of which go further than simply impotently ranting about the paper.

    It’s worth remembering that the previous editor – Alan Rusbridger – had been quite explicit in the ‘Dispatches’ documentary about how he had been leaned on by the Lobby.

    One of the new articles is a re-posted piece by Davis Cronin of Media Watch (from 2015) that details his particular journalistic experience of pressure from the Lobby on the Groan and other media outlets.

    The second article is about the censorship of a recent strip by Steve Bell. You may remember that one of his previous cartoons provoked reaction. I attended a talk by him shortly after, and he was quite diplomatically careful in not making too much of the incident.

    This time, he has been quite explicit in his outrage at the bias entailed in the censorship.

    Both are highly recommended reading on the subject of current press bias and censorship on Israel.

    Quite frankly, my impression is that editors are terrified and cowed by the Israel Lobby – I’m not sure that they necessarily believe in the line that they are taking. Way back, the New Statesman published a mild questioning article about the Lobby – and – predictably – got taken to the cleaners, with Peter Wilby, the then editor, apologising. Whatever his faults, Wilby was a good journalist.

    More recently, I had a civilised e-mail correspondence with the present editor of the Staggers – originating from an initial one of mine criticising the one-eyed approach to the antisemitism scam. The interesting thing was how that dialogue got cut short at the point where I got into the bald facts of Israeli occupation and the policy of ethnic cleansing. It was a bridge too far, and I sensed the immediate response of not saying anything because it was dangerous territory.

    That is how the pro-Israel Lobby has worked for years to silence any objective analysis of Israel and the concepts of Zionism. The Party needs to see that placation and compliance is *exactly* the object of the exercise.

  10. Michael Crick has just completed a series of programmes on Radio 4 about ‘Lobbyists’, but there was no mention of Labour or Conservative Friends of Israel or the Jewish Board of Deputies or the JLM. Should I bring this to the attention of the BBC or…..maybe not!
    ……& apologies for mis-spelling Peter Oborne.


    Labour Peers to meet on Monday and table a vote of no confidence in JC

    1. UK Labour peers poised to hold no-confidence vote in leader Corbyn: BBC

      LONDON (Reuters) – Labour members of Britain’s House of Lords are poised to hold a vote of no confidence in leader Jeremy Corbyn over his handling of claims of anti-Semitism in the party, the BBC reported on Thursday.
      There will be an emergency meeting next Monday to consider such a motion, the BBC said.

      1. 1. Interesting to contrast this with the attacks on CLP members who passed similar motions against their MPs.

        2. This is the kind of approach that Corbyn should adopt towards some of these people:

        Bernie Sanders:

        “I am proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend.”

  12. Good they can go on the computer at HQ.Gloves off and hope HQ take note of the treacherous poison and understand that they will have brought my party the Labour party into disrepute… Abolish the parasites nest,The Lords!

    1. Unfortunately, regardless of whether they have the Labour whip, they have a job for life.

      1. I have looked at the costs of the peers attendance on line and although some peers attend and claim nothing or lesser amounts others like Diane Hayter claim over £5000 a month.
        In these times when we have people sleeping on the streets and in work poverty causing the use of food banks to soar this is a complete obscenity.

      2. Yes, the difference being MPs have to stand for election/re-election and are answerable to their local party and the electorate. These peers are unelected and answerable to nobody and irrespective of how badly they behave e.g. Jeffrey Archer they have well paid jobs for life.

  13. Either the MSM willingly go along with the Israel lobby’s project or they’ve been bullied/blackmailed into it.
    Israel could easily be exposed by editors, journalists and others working in concert if the latter were the case so clearly the owners at least are complicit – I know you only referred to the journalists as being terrified of Israel, but I’d suggest it’s their owners they fear.
    It could be that without that handful of old men the UK would have an honest media.
    It shames British politics and journalism that only the left has the courage to speak out while EVERY other political party stays silent – willing to accept the corruption of our democracy by Israel and its UK agents and eager for the extra votes they hope to gain – their silence is more corrupt even than Israel’s lies.
    Israel at least believes that it has reason to fear for its very existence – UK “democrats” have no such excuse.

  14. Hey SKWAWKY! You just got a name check on BBC News – “Who told you you were sacked?”
    “Nobody, I read it on SKWAWKBOX and then on Twitter.”

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