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CLPD’s important Brexit motion for Labour conference

Motion asks Labour to continue fighting Tory Brexit versions and to achieve customs union “at a minimum” – but does not ask party to campaign for remain on Labour deal

Labour left organisation Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) has published a model motion it is asking members to support at this autumn’s annual conference.

In line with this month’s decision by the Shadow Cabinet, it calls for a public vote on any deal but does not commit Labour to campaigning for remain. Centrist calls for a remain campaign in all circumstances would lead to the nonsensical situation of a future Labour government negotiating a Brexit deal with the EU and then campaigning against its own deal.

The full text of the motion reads:

Brexit: Labour’s priority – stopping a Tory No Deal or Hard-Brexit

Conference notes the grave danger of a damaging No Deal Brexit or Hard Brexit, under the new Tory Prime Minister, that would lead to job losses,
reductions in living standards and workers’ rights, plus cuts in environmental and consumer protections, and a harmful trade deal with the US that would threaten the NHS.

Conference congratulates our party leadership and the PLP for voting in
Parliament: to stop Theresa May’s deal; against a No Deal exit; for a Customs Union; for alignment with the Single Market; and for a public vote – in line with the policy agreed by the 2018 Labour Party Conference.

Conference this year reaffirms its commitment to an approach that prioritises:

– the defence of people’s living standards and jobs;
– the maintenance of access to EU markets, with at a minimum a customs union;
– the protection of people’s rights;
– and no hard border on the island of Ireland.

Conference therefore agrees that the party must continue to fight to block a No Deal Brexit/Hard-Brexit, using all necessary and available means, including fighting for a general election and supporting a public vote on the terms of any departure from the European Union.

Whatever Brexit plan the new Tory leader comes up with, after three long years of failure they should have the confidence to go back to the people on a deal agreed by parliament.

At all times Labour will seek to overcome division and build maximum consensus around policies for the many, not the few.

CLPD urges Labour delegates to support this motion and to oppose the full-remain motion planned by ‘stop Brexit’ group Another Europe is Possible.

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  1. I’d be more supportive of CLPD pushing a motion of some sort of Mandatory selection than this .
    IMO it’s more important now to cleanse and disinfect ( TWatson just for you 😉 ) the party of Neoliberal supporting MPs and that means possibly 100 or so and replace ASAP with proper Democratic Socialist ones . Because even if we win on the remain ticket then all the other great DS policies will be stymied by these RW bastards

    1. Rob……totally agree,They do not realise we are fighting for survival.I disagree on the numbers though.We have about 118mps we can rely on and the rest will follow the herd depending on who wins.The bulk of the party are gutless and frightened of the plotters and the organisations bankrolling the plotters .We have a massive task but if we can mobilize the members to get behind the weeding out of the treacherous poison that have infected the whole Labour party for decades we can win!.Very sad that we have a cival war inside Labour,but I guess rooting out and removing the garbage was always going to cause a stink!

      1. Thanks Joseph , yes I’d love to believe that less than 100 or so must go but IMO the rot runs deep from NU Labour and to leave these gutless chinless wonders in place no matter how “pliant ” they appear , just leaves the rot in place and trouble further down the line . If they can comply with us on one day , so too they can turn against and comply in the opposite direction depending on how the wind blows .
        Still the removal of a few Tinge party MPs or is it now Libdum MPs was no bad start and Chuk upper illustrates the point nicely of turn coats.

    2. The CLPD yet again exposes the utter political bankruptcy of the supposed old “Labour Left”. This tragically defensive motion makes no effort to even minimally analyse what the EU actually is from a SOCIALIST perspective , ie, a root and branch neoliberalism enforcement machine. The CLPD simply daren’t confront the Left Liberal fantasy held by probably the bulk of our activist membership , that the EU represents genuine “internationalism” and is a benevolent institution for social progress , and protector of our rights and the NHS from privatisation (Wake up folks, the NHS is currently being sold piecemeal to US Health companies).

      Will any of our millions of Leave-supporting working class Labour voters in our Labour heartlands believe that a special Conference or our annual Conference won’t overwhelmingly vote for a Remain policy in any second Referendum ? The 2018 Conference would have voted for a Second Referendum and Remain but for that fortunate fudged Composite Motion – that postponed our Party willfully chucking itself into the electoral dustbin of history by betraying our large Leave voter bloc.

      Removing circa 100 of the worst careerist Right wing PLP saboteurs will be irrelevant if, as is now very likely, Labour loses circa 50 seats in solidly Leave Labour heartland areas because of its now blatant policy turn to PV and Remain. We have already lost the next election, and wasted the potential of the flukey 2015 onwards “Corbyn Insurgency”, so the middle class Left Liberals on here (alongside the usual pro EU fanatic full-time Trolls) , still demanding “action against the saboteurs” are wasting their time. The Right will get their Party back” after the defeat in the forthcoming Boris Johnson-called General Election – but there will be some minor satisfaction that this will be a smoking electoral ruin of a party like the German SPD, PASOK, and the French Socialist Party, and those careerist saboteurs will have lost their gravy train jobs-for-life too. .

      1. ” what the EU actually is from a SOCIALIST perspective”

        JPenny as the authority on the one true ‘socialist perspective’.

        Sorry – but it ain’t necessarily so. And the critical working class – and middle class – Labour Party support isn’t in agreement.

        Your floating in a world of fantasy, JPenny.

      2. CLPD founder Vladimir Derer would be spinning in his grave at the complete lack of socialist analysis.

        CLPD came into being as a democratic means to achieve socialism. The only reason CLPD was established was that in 1973 Harold Wilson vetoed a conference decision to nationalise 25 of the top hundred manufacturing companies. A “soft” Brexit – like EU membership – would make that kind of demand for public ownership an unlawful demand. Its implementation would be struck down by the British courts before Parliament had even passed the necessary legislation via interim injunctions.

        Under EU law and soft Brexit arrangements, replacing capitalism with socialism is quite simply illegal.

        JPenney is also right about the electoral consequences.

        By entirely surrendering to Watson and the Blairites, Corbyn has likely thrown away the vast majority of 79% of Leave-voting North and Midlands Lab-Tory target seats. He has rendered a large number of Labour-held but vulnerable seats even more vulnerable. So we may even go backwards at the next GE and lose seats. The Blairites of course will not lose much sleep over the prospect of not having a Corbyn government.

        Sad to say, by backing “Second Referendum plus Remain” Corbyn has voted to Remain…in Opposition.

  2. Speaking of the Twatson where is he , in Nice with his trotters up , perhaps …. gone quiet since his bollocking ,,, works don’t it , stand up against the bully and he collapses .
    It ain’t over yet tho Tom is it !

    1. Dunno where watson is (And don’t really want to) but his acolytes can be found below….advocating an all member vote would you believe?!

      Now that fatboy slime’s (along with the likes of starmer and mizz balls) got the leadership to accept the blackmail demands with his shithouse tricks (Gimmee – or I’ll create an A/S stink etc) on the remain option, his minions are now calling for an all-member vote to confirm it in order to portray the (false) appearance of being democratic all along.

      Something that should’ve been done last conference but wasn’t because it obviously wasn’t THAT important until fatboy & co started bleating about it.

      I compare their behaviour as similar to a bunch of kids with a tube of smarties to share out between them. The spoilt bastards amongst them MUST have all the blue ones for themselves before the rest are equally shared out; and the other kids MUST agree to that being ‘fair’ or else they’ll take the lid off and fling the tube.

      1. Who’s ‘frightened of democracy’?

        Watson getting the party to relent on the remain option by shitkicking with the A/S issue when he doesn’t get his way – acceptable behaviour or not?

        More towards your bone of contention about democracy, do you find his actions democratic or not?

        A simple yes or no will suffice.

      2. The Toffee (597) 16/07/2019 at 4:22 pm · ·

        Who’s ‘frightened of democracy’?

        You are!

        ps – Have you seen the latest LabourList Survey results that I’ve posted below.

      3. Except I’m NOT.

        How many more times do you need reminding that 52% > 48%?

        17m > 16m ?

        Stop obfuscating a-fucking-gain.and answer the questions about watson.with simple Yes’s or No’s.

        Acceptable behaviour? Y/N?

        Democratic Y/N?

        Failure to do so will show you up as the shithouse you are.

      4. What has your obsession with Watson got to do with RH suggesting that an all member ballot on our party’s Brexit policy would be a good idea.


      6. Why should I answer a question that you appear to have plucked out of thin air without presenting any evidence to back it up. I will be quite happy to answer your question once you provide some credible evidence to back up your assertions.

      7. And THERE it is folks.

        steve h’s outright refusal (And it is NOTHING BUT an outright refusal) to condemn watson’s actions shows us that not only is he a hypocrite for pontificating about ‘democracy’ , he – by way of his outright refusal to condemn watson’s behaviour and modus operandi – shows that it doesn’t matter how you get the policies YOU want – as LONG AS YOU GET THEM.

        .And they call Boris a shithouse for refusing to condemn donald?

        You miserable coward. We know what you are. You’ve once again blown yourself up. Even trying to go off tangent by your request for ‘credible evidence’ when it’s ttally fuckig irrelevant to the question about watson.

      8. The Toffee (597) at 5:24 pm

        An outright refusal? What I said is ” I will be quite happy to answer your question once you provide some credible evidence to back up your assertions.”

        Nobody is impressed by you behaving like a toddler having a meltdown in the supermarket

        Put-up or shut-up.

      9. You want ‘credible evidence’ that watson’s a snide twat that went behind the leadership’s back and used his shithouse tactics like with AS to get you your remain 2nd ref option??

        No bleedin’ wonder you wouldn’t answer the question.

        You’re actually denying watson’s a conniving deceitful spolit little shit.This is further evidence you’re a watson supporting RAT.


      10. The Toffee (597) 16/07/2019 at 5:46 pm · ·

        I’m not denying anything
        You can waste your time playing with yourself all night or provide some credible evidence, the choice is yours.

      11. You were asked THREE times if you thought watson’s behaviour and M.O. to get you your 2nd ref/remain option was democratic and/or accpetable.

        THREE TIMES, and you REFUSED to answer.

        And when push came to shove you even denied watson has even acted undemocratically and unacceptably by having the brass neck to request evidence of it?

        Fuck me..If watson’s NOT on every LW blog & website being castigated for being a conniving, scheming, irritating c**t, day after fucking day then I’m a chinaman.

      12. SteveH 16/07/2019 at 5:56 pm · ·

        ‘I’m not denying anything’

        We KNOW you’re not denying anything – and that just reinforces the points I’ve made; what an absolute nugget!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        Quite happy to have your 2nd ref/remain option…Obviously (By your refusal to call any of watson’s actions undemocratic and unacceptable) it didn’t matter how watson brought it about for you, you won’t condemn him for it and you STILL delude yourself it was a democratic decision when it wasn’t passed by conference last year….when it wasn’t even on the agenda ffs.

        You utter clown. You wouldn’t know the meaning of the word ‘democracy’ if it jumped up and bit you on the ‘arris.

      13. The evidence indicates that you are in the minority.

        “Labour has decided to back a public vote and Remain against a Tory Brexit deal or no deal. Do you agree with this decision?

        Yes – 78.5% (5,067)
        No – 16.2% (1,048)
        Don’t know – 5.3% (339)”

      14. WHY are you posting totally irrelevant poll results?

        WTF do they have to do with you refusing to condemn watson’s unacceptable and undemocratic behaviour that brought you your 2nd ref/remain option that wasn’t even on the agenda at last year’s conference?

        Why do you condemn watson for his actions over a/s but NOT because he got your 2nd ref/remain option by the VERY SAME tactics and methods?

        What does that have to do with your version of democracy seeing as your version depends on not giving a flying fuck how MP’s act to get policies approved?

        Why is watson immune from criticism and scrutiny for getting your 2nd ref/remain option, but you’ll condemn him for everything else?

        How is 78% of 500k bigger than 17 million?

        Why do you continue to bleat about the democratically arrived at referendum result then claim others are ‘frightened of democracy’ because your side lost?

        And why are you a cretin?

      15. Oh, and HOW am I in the ‘minority’ when:

        A/ As you keep reminding me, I’m NOT a labour member, and

        B/ I was one of the 17 million majority (Which will always stand by the way) that voted leave?

        So go on, plums, let’s have another of your off topic poll results possibly on the validity of the moon landings or totally irrelevant bullshit.

      16. The Toffee (597) at 7:44 pm

        You claim to be a Labour voter and the evidence consistently indicates that the majority of Labour voters support a CV and remaining in the EU. So yes you are in the minority.

      17. Thanks for the amusing meander of irrelevant drivel, Toffee – it cheered me up whilst (half) watching the Johnson documentary – a more serious example of people falling for drivel.

      18. So you’re still standing by your completely unsubstantiated claim that labour VOTERS want a 2nd ref, are you?

        Once again – where’s your evidence, you complete fantasist?

        Oh, and don’t bother with your poll results; I don’t know anyone who’s ever been polled and they are nOT representative anyway.

        You don’t even know what way people will vote in a GE nevermind in any 2nd ref. You thought your lot had pissed it last time…

        rh. If you’ve got nothing to add to either side then fuck off, you sad little white rose gobshite.

  3. FFS – Yet another bloody fudge.

    We’ll all have endless hours of fun trying to explain it on the doorstep

    1. Oh, I’m sure you’ll regale the ‘proles’ with tales of how democracy works…Refer to watson’s methods if you get stuck 😉

      Quick tip, save yourself from the humiliation of having door after door slammed in your face jehovah witness-style by actually giving a straight answer to the proles’ questions.

      e.g. If prole asks question along the lines of: ‘What’s the policy for agriculture after brexit?’

      DO NOT reply with your usual: ‘Well, there’s NO evidence we’re leaving the EU, we didn’t vote to do so because 17 million is LESS than 73% of 500k and I challenge you to provide me with evidence that tom watson’s a slimy little shit’

      Or the rest of the usual tripe you spout.

  4. I reckon that CLPD should live up to its name and campaign in this case for an all-member vote on the issue prior to Conference.

    1. RH 16/07/2019 at 1:47 pm

      I wholeheartedly agree, what possible reason could anyone put forward not to.

      1. Well perhaps if I may postulate , in the Machiavellian politic world of Twatson this ,to him, would be an ideal opportunity to make Corbyn look at odds with the membership that so whole heartedly support him. Thus accomplishing the driving of a wedge between us and the Leadership , even if only as a perception , its all they need to continue the attack strategy vis a vie isolation of Corbyn ,,, just thinking it through like .
        But as I stated at the top this is a waste by the CPLD and they ought to be doing what Max Shanley has just done and got a decent relevant BURNING issue of party democracy squared away with a well worded motion of mandatory selection.They are the experts in this field not me , but I feel they are barking up the wrong tree here with something that at best is a diversion from the really important issue.
        Brexit is done , Labour is a remain supporting party , so lets not waste more time on this element , the very existence of the Left Wing in the party is at stake right now and Twatson /Mandelson et al are wining !

  5. LabourList’s latest survey results

    Labour has decided to back a public vote and Remain against a Tory Brexit deal or no deal. Do you agree with this decision?

    Yes – 78.5% (5,067)
    No – 16.2% (1,048)
    Don’t know – 5.3% (339)

  6. to remainiacs tell us how you think you are going to get another referendum and i will tell you to get off your fucking playstations
    labour list shows our fantasy football position on a tory deal,
    now for the grown up stuff, whats our policy in a snap GE
    we are not a remain party we are an honour the result party, worked in Peterborough against brexit party,
    nuff said

    1. What Doug said^^^


      (Or does that get derided by the kids as ‘hero worship’ or somesuch drivel?)

      1. Says the absolute bollockite with his brexshiteers & lexiteers and other such crap every other post referring to leaving the eu.

        You’ve got no argument, knobhead. Now shut up.

  7. I move 2 amendments:
    First delete any reference to the single market (means we cede control to one of the 4 Neo-Liberal capitalist freedoms).
    Second, delete any reference to a confirmatory vote.
    (We have had a peoples vote, we should accept the Brexit tesult and stop searching for another public).
    Could support as amended and customs union as long as it is on Non-Neo Liberal terms and would end the need for an Irish backstop.
    Result Labour wins.

  8. So, this article and subsequent thread will win us the next General Election? I think not. Having insane discussions like this will probably ensure we lose the next General election.

    1. Nope , JK, what will loose us the next election is the actions and activities of Twatson/Mandelson and the Blairite PLP , and pandering to them by not daring to hold discussions or debates on the lies to rebut the bullshit they peddle , will aid and abet that strategy .
      It worked well for the Blairites in the 2017 election did it not ,, they won and the country lost , Labour was not elected and I am dammed if I am going to be silenced this time round

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