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Excl: Labour NEC members call for Watson’s resignation over abuse of Formby

Labour figures unite in condemnation of deputy leader Tom Watson’s conduct toward party’s general secretary – but some go further and call for resignation
One call for Watson’s resignation

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has provoked a flood of appalled outrage from Labour MPs, officials and supporters by his persistent attacks on the partys general secretary, Jennie Formby – who is working hard for the party in spite of a battle against cancer.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and other front-benchers have condemned Watson’s behaviour, including public demands he knows are impossible, as bullying and worse:

Formby herself responded to Watson in a withering letter.

But two elected members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) have now gone further than condemnation – calling on Watson to resign. First, Claudia Webbe:

Welsh grassroots representative Darren Williams then backed her call:

The NEC is the party’s ruling body and both Webbe and Williams were elected to it by Labour’s grassroots. Their call carries considerable weight in view of Watson’s refusal so far to go back to members to refresh his mandate after widespread dissatisfaction with his performance.

Watson has also been accused by party insiders of breaching the Equality Act in his treatment of Formby. Cancer sufferers automatically qualify as disabled under the Act.

Tom Watson has not responded to requests for comment on the Formby situation.

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  1. His lack of empathy for someone undergoing cancer treatment calls into question how sincere his ‘outrage’ was over the pregnant MP

    1. Good point Steve. He lacks empathy, full stop. Fortunately, I have never met him. He has a record of bravery when it comes to confronting ailing women backed with only the massed ranks of the media to defend him. I just can’t understand his fondness for the camera, it forces one to question whether or not he possesses a mirror. What are his intentions for our party? Surely we are entitled to frame a vote asking whether or not he brings the party constantly into disrepute?
      Time for all good members to come to the aid of the party. JC must do something to destroy this silent coup. Things are getting a bit floppy on the diet side of things Tommo. Strength and stamina coupled with intelligence (things our members possess in abundance) will see the end of the Tapeworms. Keep the faith brothers and sisters. Every member should join the Anti-Jowellistas. On to the GE. REGARDS.

      1. He also has a record for attacking frail old Jewish men and driving them to an early grave….. TOP .. Leon Britton..

      2. Alexader Scottish….should read RIP leon Britton victim of tom watson

  2. Such vile behaviour from Tom Watson. He’s obviously going for the most unpopular LP member of the year award.

  3. Jennie Formby has been treated badly by elements within the PLP since day 1. Her cancer diagnosis has made no difference whatsoever to the nastiness she has to contend with.
    Some of them actually objected long and loud about a proposal that Karie Murphy should be given an acting up to cover for Jennie during her illness. This would be normal procedure in any workplace and would have taken a lot of pressure off Jennie (and her staff.) But no – these people showed no concern for Jennie at all , saw an opportunity to put the boot in and took it. Disgusting.
    I find it appalling that Jennie had to interrupt her cancer treatment in order to report on the EHRC submission. Normally such a document would be circulated on a private and confidential basis to the shadow cabinet/front bench/NEC. However nowadays this is not feasible due to leaks of our confidential business to a hostile press. So Jenny had to rearrange her treatment in order to give a verbal report.Again disgusting.
    Finally when you compare the treatment of Ellie Reeves with that meted out to Jennie Formby it is absolutely clear that even when a Socialist staff member is fighting for her life and undergoing gruelling cancer treatment , she can expect no compassion or support from her political opponents in the PLP. They have no problem whatsoever joining with the BBC to kick Jennie when she’s down.Shame on them all.

  4. Smartboy, they appear to be immune to shame, honour and the finer civilising human traits – all they know is greed and blind ambition.
    Karma’s apparently busy elsewhere so it looks like it’s up to us.
    If only we could all work together to deselect them…
    Does anyone living in their constituencies want a lodger or fifty, just while we register? We could bring our own camp beds 🙂

    1. Yes I think they see the writing on the wall and know their days are numbered.

  5. It’s all very well for the Left MPs to huff and puff, but when will one of them give us the chance to vote him out by seeking nomination for the Deputy Leadership?

    1. Mike kennard… Like…..The mps are waiting for the air raid siren to know it’s safe to come out and carry on regardless the party and the member’s are being rubbished on a daily basis..What a bunch of self seeking cowards They will soon have more to fear from deselection than anything Watson can do ? .They need guts to defend the party and people who provide them with a very good living.. Cowards!

  6. I look at Watson and feel he just oozes insincerity,surely many journalists must feel the same but are respectful to him as the know he is good for an anti Corbyn quote. A good example is the Daily Heil who regularly attack remain MPs in the most vituperative terms yet give him a free ride. As an aside it would be interesting to know where the “whistleblowers ” in Wednesday’s Panorama programme got further employment to check no vested interests involved.

  7. I think his behaviour towards the general secretary, misrepresenting her actions and REPEATEDLY obstructing or sidelining due process is deliberate bad behaviour and, actually, doesn’t piss me off any more because of her chemo. He’s just well out of order. REPEATEDLY bringing the party into disrepute

    1. ”REPEATEDLY bringing the party into disrepute,”

      Yes – although some on here will explain some of watson’s actions as 100% correct (re brexit). Nevermind how odious or spoilt-brat like the shithouse’s actions and deeds are; if they’re about brexit then those actions are/were justified AND necessary.

      These people make me want to vomit.

  8. This is the latest in a long line of examples where Twatson seizes the opportunity to undermine Labour and it’s electability. Why the hell doesn’t somebody challenge him for deputy leadership?

    He’s had twitterstorms and all kinds- yet he’s still there laying the boot in to OUR Party any chance he gets.

    What a 1st class twat.

    1. I have long wondered what the post of Deputy is supposed to be. I assumed it is to support policy and the leadership but as has happened with Watson’s tenure, it can be used as a political weapon to undermine the party and leadership.

  9. Again, I would cite Jonathan Cook as one of the most telling analysts of the situation. Another of his articles has appeared, analysing the ‘Panorama’ programme in depth, and has been reposted on the JVL website.

    Like the previous one, it really is worth reading because of the incisive and forensic dismantling of the subject. It goes much further than simply condemning the authors of the travesty :

  10. I think TW is contriving to get himself thrown out of the party, a la Campbell. The question is what is going to happen in that event? Because the rules are not quite clear:

    Chapter 4 Clause ii Part E v.:
    When the Party is in opposition and the
    leader and deputy leader, for whatever
    reason, both become permanently
    unavailable, the NEC shall order a postal
    ballot as provided under E above. In
    consultation with the Shadow Cabinet they
    may choose to appoint a member of the
    Shadow Cabinet to serve as Party leader
    until the outcome of that ballot.

    Why we conflated vacancy of both leader and deputy at the same time boggles the mind. And subsequent sentence only mentions leader.

    Wouldn’t it have been much clearer if it was worded like:

    When the Party is in opposition and the
    leader or deputy leader, for whatever
    reason, either become permanently
    unavailable, the NEC shall order a postal
    ballot as provided under E above. In
    consultation with the Shadow Cabinet they
    may choose to appoint a member of the
    Shadow Cabinet to serve as Party leader or deputy leader
    until the outcome of that ballot.

  11. Just a thought :

    Could the ‘Panorama’ programme possibly be a turning point?

    For once, responses have been coherent and effective – both to that and to Watson’s latest performance – a performance competing with the the monstrosity of Bojo.

    Will the egregious nature of the propaganda put out by BBC News and Current Affairs actually push timid waverers over the line from apology to rebuttal?

    I’m not holding my breath – but it is a thought.

  12. Nasty piece of work. Appears to hate just about everything about Labour. But he is in a secure place and knows it.

  13. Wonder what little secrets lie behind this unholy alliance between grubby media whores and the traitors? One can only guess. Shift them to the ermine clad ransackers of our people. Don’t despair this is why it’s called the ‘Struggle’.

  14. Thats the best is it,?half a dozen mps criticising Watson and a couple calling for him to consider his position?.Measured responses and the majority stand above the fray? . God help us!

  15. Where’s mouthpiece phillips? harriet ‘wimmin’ harman? greasy? cooper and the rest of the ‘feministas’ coming out in ‘solidarity’ with Ms Formby?

    Not a fucking peep out of them. Rodents, the lot.

    1. I forgot thornberry….And some want her to challenge watson?

      Please DO get to fuck out of it. 😠

  16. It’s now time for the NEC to do their duty and immediately suspend Tom Watson from his role as a Deputy Leader. He should have the whip removed and ultimately nothing less than his resignation from the party. How dare he treat an individual with cancer this way! Bully’s have no place in Labour and I hope this latest intervention by Watson leads to his downfall? We need to see some action by the NEC and we also need to see some action from women MP’s on his behaviour. Why are the Eagle sisters, Cooper, Hodge, Harman & Co? They’re silent about a woman being bullied, shame on them!

    1. ” Why are the Eagle sisters, Cooper, Hodge, Harman & Co? They’re silent about a woman being bullied, shame on them!”

      Perhaps there is a ‘wrong kind of woman’ just like ‘a wrong kind of Jew’?

      Anyone that is Socialist and truly anti-Imperialist always appear to be the ones under attack …doing their job with integrity, openness and to the letter also appear to be under unfair or unfounded accusation if it doesn’t suit the extreme ‘ so called moderates’ or self serving ‘centrists’.
      No point in looking for solidarity and support from such people/MPs in this and many cases, they use feminism, anti-Semitism etc. purely for political manipulation and point scoring. Such types are the most cynical, manipulative and untrustworthy individuals in the political arena imo.

      1. Maria nail on the head,No wonder Labour Labour areas are underfunded and abandoned !The thought of what garbage we have parachuted to represent the Northern heartlands as been a scandal for years.Mummy and daddy visit mummys constituency every month while little sebastion and nancy go to private school in London,whilst daddy takes a knighthood or the other wheeze the Lords……..What a fiasco and I am absolutely sick of these Numero uno benifit scroungers and second rate actors!………just saying!……Angry!

      2. It is certainly interesting how campaigning ‘ferminists’ are happy to treat pregnancy across the board as an illness that inhibits even minimal functioning, yet remain silent on real illness.

        Interesting, for instance, how Luciana Berger was perfectly able to attack her constituency party, but would have been considered too disabled to defend her role as a constituency MP.

  17. Asking for his resignation is a time-waste. The safest way forward for the Labour Party is to suspend him from membership of the Party pending a full investigation.

  18. How low can they go, answer is no limit, by definition people who make vexatious claims of AS are scumbags,
    Please step up and defend Jennie, staff, members and supporters,
    You are as much to blame for allowing toerags to get away with murder for so long,
    Not happy Jenny has no cover, that’s not good, get her to step back, show her the parties in safe hands
    Deal with those bringing party into disrepute

  19. There is a simple answer. A CLP should put a motion to the annual party conference, calling for the abolition of the post of deputy party leader. I am sure the vast majority of CLP delegates would be happy to support it.

  20. And where are the neo-liberal women? Oh, how stupid of me. They’re not there!

  21. Feminism! The preferred ideology of the bourgeoisie. An opportunity for the power brokers of the comfortable middle classes to improve the opportunities & life-chances of their wives; daughters; friends; family & mistresses. If you really want to know, just read the Guardian or listen to Radio 4.
    I remember marching in the name of equality with the Feminists in the 1960s. Intense debate, followed by solidarity in agreement that the focus of Feminist Equality was in the class struggle. The Times They Are a-Changing as Identity Politics relegates the class struggle into obscurity. ‘The Class War is over…………..just look around you @ Stella Creasy; Harriet Harman; Yvette Cooper etc……….only Jess Phillips is the exception that tests the rule. There is always one!

  22. Thomas doesn’t want to read the response, he wants a copy. We all know why.

    1. I’m more interested in what Watson thinks about our Leader. Rather than, Len McCluskey saying what most of us think! Even though, I would second his remark.

  23. Watson is a vile misogynistic narcissist, in fact, I honestly believe the man to be sociopathic. This was plain before his attack of Jennie Formby. He is acting as if he is untouchable if the gutless coward hasn’t the courage to resign ans stand for re-election of the party then the NEC must force him to do so because this cannot continue. Not only is Watson attacking a gravely ill brave lady undergoing gruelling brutal treatment, his actions are causing pain and heartbreak to the millions currently depending upon the re-election of a Labour government.
    Tom Watson should go, he is not wanted by the majority of people who once voted for him of he doubts that then he should grow a spine, resign and stand r=for re-election.

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