Britain Elects ignores new poll showing clear Labour lead – but features YouGov showing Lab on 17%

Poll aggregator challenged publicly about omission with no response in spite of social media activity

Britain Elects is a well-known ‘poll aggregator’ providing updates on polls and election results.

Recently, the so-called ‘mainstream’ media have focused on an ‘outlier’ YouGov poll claiming Labour’s support in a general election would be only 18% – and have largely ignored the majority of polls that continue to show Labour leading.

Britain Elects seems to have followed a similar course today, after new polling released last night by ComRes showed Labour with a clear lead over all other parties and three points clear of the Tories.

ComRes not only showed Labour three points clear, but with increased share compared to a month ago:

Any new results would normally feature quite promptly on the Britain Elects Twitter feed, but this one has been conspicuous by its absence. So this morning, a Labour activist asked it about the omission:

Britain Elects is not on holiday. It did not respond to the enquiry about the omission by the time of writing – but it did feature ‘exclusive’ polling – again by regular Labour under-estimator YouGov – suggesting Labour trailing in last of the main parties in a general election on just 17%:

One Labour supporter who did respond to Scousegirlmedia observed:

The results of the YouGov poll, of course, were anything but ignored by the media. ITV political pundit Robert Peston jumped on it immediately:

Curiously, Peston does not seem to have mentioned the ComRes result showing Labour leading.

Britain Elects has been contacted for comment.


It is often said that polls are a means of influencing public opinion rather than a tool for measuring it. But that seems to apply even more to the selective presentation of results.

Britain Elects might correct its omission – but the Establishment media continued to use YouGov’s ’18 %’ poll almost exclusively in their commentary for days after various other companies had published results showing Labour leading or at least close.

When Labour popularity resists their attempts to damage it, the fall-back tactic seems to be simply to ignore any inconvenient results.

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  1. Guardian has withdrawn letter from CW supporters, none of the other MSM and toilet papers report it,
    BBC front page, goes with two obscure members of the Lords resigning
    Even those who do report CW hearing fail to report the support he has across the party and regurgitate quotes from usual suspects

      1. 100 prominent members of the Jewish Community wrote to Guardian in defence of CW,

      2. Wow, yes the letter from Noam Chomsky et al has disappeared, too, but again not before making it to the print edition.

        It seems we have a friend on the inside!

      3. Doug

        Yes, coincidentally I read it in the print Graun in the meantime. It was in the same edition as Dawn Foster’s brilliant put-down of Tom Watson:


        The web edition has removed it from readily noticeable view. You have to search Dawn Foster’s name on the Graun search engine to find it!

        Still, a double-whammy for our side in (these days) a pretty unlikely place! 😘

      4. Thinking ahead, MSM and toilet papers have built a dam that will eventually burst,
        They have simply refused to report or acknowledge that vexatious claims are being made and used to smear good people, members and supporters
        Once it’s out there indisputably then those responsible will be washed away
        Still think it’s a hate crime in it’s own right and the criminality of those ex staffers needs to be prosecuted

  2. “Any new results would normally feature quite promptly on the Britain Elects Twitter feed, but this one has been conspicuous by its absence. “

    Could its absence from the latest summary of poll results be explained by the poll being a month old

    1. No, the poll is current. The date at the bottom of the tweet is the previous poll, that is used for calculating the changes in brackets.

    2. No, because it isn’t a month old, it is from this weekend just gone.

      Nice try troll. Must try harder.

      1. Ultraviolet 09/07/2019 at 6:18 pm

        My apologies.
        I mistook the comparison date for the date the poll was undertaken.

  3. We are not ready for an election till we have a clearout,Whats the point if our moderate destroyers decide to abstain or vote against at most of the reforming bills planned.Tom Watson is guilty of a number of reasons for expelling from the party and until the NEC show that they are fit for purpose,we cannot fight an election continually with are plans neutered from the off..Government with a hostile establishment and media will be difficult enough.And don’t even mention the strategic leaking from our impartial civil servants.We must move quickly and demo for conference and make it stick that we have had it with turn the other cheek and get battered.

  4. FFS, Skwawkbox … basic mathematical literacy shows that Labour support is at a distinctive low point. The odd poll – even excluding the anomalous YouGov results – doesn’t alter that basic fact, that, given error margins, Labour is in a critically poor position, given the disarray of the Tories.

    Banging the tambourines, shouting at the ref., and cheering like the cheerleaders for a team facing relegation doesn’t alter that basic fact.

    Yes – it’s an uphill battle against some dirty opposition, but constant whining isn’t enough to alter the score line. The tactics are – to put it mildly – a bit shite, and the supporters are pissed off.

    1. RH Your failure to even mention the existence of the Brexit party and the fact that Brexit has completely overturned all the old political certainties completely invalidates your point.

      Because of Brexit, there is NO position Labour could take, with ANY leader, that would secure it much more than a 25% poll share.

      So running round like a headless chicken because the polls that had Labour on 40% a few weeks ago now have them on 28% is just stupid. Chasing a lead in these transient, unprecedentedly volatile polls is a fool’s errand.

      All Labour needs to do is keep doing what they believe is right, and then make their case when there is actually an election to worry about.

      1. Your analysis is somewhat lacking : 40% Labour support was over year ago – way before the Brexit Party. The ‘headless chicken’ has been the Party since then – at odds with itself over what it believes ‘is right’.

        You are right about the volatility of the polls and the unprecedented situation. However, my point is simply that – objectively – Labour’s dtrategy has been somewhat less than a raging success as its descent in the polls, like its policy position, shadows the Tories.

    2. ”Yes – it’s an uphill battle against some dirty opposition, but constant whining isn’t enough to alter the score line. The tactics are – to put it mildly – a bit shite, and the supporters are pissed off.”

      No, but trying to shut up utter thundercunts like you and the other morons who have emboldened the likes of watson & starmer etc, might’ve brought a bit more success had you fucking listened to reason in the first fucking place instead of idiotically trying to redefine the definition of democracy and blagging and whingeing your way through the last three years, while going against party policy and undermining the leadership.

      The tactics weren’t known by the wider audience because cunts like you clouded the waters with your incessant whingeing. No wonder the supporters are pissed off…You don’t seem to appreciate just who a load of them are pissed off WITH. (No need to point any fingers)

      Like I told kaliszczak further down the thread – You’ll get the party you deserve (The one you want, more like) and you’ll be held responsible if (when) the labour party revert to the days of ‘new’ labour. May you burn in hottest hell for an eternity for it if that’s what it comes to.

      But that’s always been your goal. no use denying it. You’re nowt but a bunch of rats.

      1. Well, let’s keep it short and in language that even you can understand as you emerge blinking from under your duvet to make a passing contact with reality, Toff :

        You really are a totally gormless twat if you believe what you scrawl.

        Alternatively, you’re taking the piss with the dozy Toytown leftie image.

        One or the other. You choose.

  5. The last polls by ComRes, Survation, BMG, Deltapoll and Opinium all put Labour in the lead.

    Ipsos Mori had the Tories in the lead, but still had Labour in the mid 20s.

    YouGov alone is showing Labour at least five points lower.

    The most realistic explanation that any neutral observer could reach is that YouGov’s methodology is faulty, and its findings should be discounted.

    1. Most of us discount YouGov polls because of the consistent anomaly.

      That done, Labour’s polling – and performance in elections – is historically concerning, given the disarray of the Tories.

      No amount of painted-on cheer (or Toffee’s incoherent adolescent, sweary Kevin act) changes the basic facts..

  6. The only recent actual vote that mattered was in the EU elections, where Labour polled 14%. Labour have now altered their policy on Brexit, seven weeks too late. The Labour Party, and all on here, now need to start concentrating on the policies – Joseph O’Keefe even agrees with me on this point, a point I’ve been making for what appears to be an eternity but, sadly, to little avail.

    1. Joe Kaliszczak at 6:40 pm

      This poll taken shortly before the EU elections shows what we could have achieved.

      Election Maps UK‏ @ElectionMapsUK

      European Election Voting Intention IF Labour ‘Became Pro Remain and Promised an in/out 2nd Referendum’:
      LAB: 36% (+12)
      BXP: 30% (-2)
      CON: 11% (=)
      LDM: 9% (-6)
      NAT: 4% (=)
      CHUK: 3% (-1)
      UKIP: 3% (+1)
      GRN: 2% (-4)
      Via @ComRes, 17 May. Changes w/ Regular poll.
      11:19 AM – 21 May 2019

  7. Kaliszczak, that sounds suspiciously similar to fatboy slime’s (watson) blathering on the news earlier….Me, me, me…I was right…It’s all because of MEEEEE.

    Now he’s got his way with this load of bollocks; watch him ramp it up with the antisemitism.

    And then bear in mind people like YOU emboldened him.

    Fickle twat; you and the other morons will deserve the party you’re gonna end up with. The old tory/new labour one.

  8. Toffee, why not use offensive and abusive language? It, sadly, says so much about you.

    1. Does it, joe?

      I honestly don’t give a fuck what it says about me. As long as people get why they’re pissing me off and I make it known I’m pissed off then that’ll do. Shove yer moral high ground as far as you can get it. Moral high ground doesn’t win arguments, fights or wars. If Corbyn fought back now & again maybe the party’d be the 20pts ahead that everyone expects them to be.

      But lower the bar by condescension, hypocrisy, snide remark and outright bullshit and I’ll gladly put you in your place. I take those things personally – the pricks know it full well; but continue to bait me in the knowledge I won’t let them get away with it unchallenged.

      Oh, I’m more than capable of eloquence, but the twunts on here have time and again proved yourselves unworthy.

      So if you don’t like it – Hard bun, old chap. I don’t have time for blackleg types like yourself; let alone sneering, whingeing holier-than-thou charlatan types like the other beauts.

      1. Well said, Toff.

        Why waste our eloquence on “utter thundercunts”?

        Close rival to “cockwomble” for put-down of the moment!

      2. timfrom 09/07/2019 at 10:25 pm

        When did you and Toffee start sharing this prepubescent obsession with genitalia

  9. All this talk about a possibly imminent GE is riling many a CLP. Why are the NEC not allowing all CLP’s to start their PPC process? I really would like an answer. The need to avoid a last minute dash to arrange an agent, enquire which members are willing to stand, procedures officer training etc, may create a lot of off putting pressure on overworked activists.

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