Important request from CLPD

As CLPs select their conference delegates, CLPD has a request

A message from CLPD for every Constituency Labour party (CLP) sending delegates to this year’s annual party conference in Brighton:

We are asking delegates attending to this years conference who support more democracy in the Labour Party and Jeremy’s progressive anti-austerity agenda, to fill in the form so CLPD can be in contact during the conference.

If you are a delegate please fill out the form here.

Finally, even if you are not a delegate this year, please do share the form as widely as possible within any networks you are involved in and please retweet the form on twitter here:

and share on facebook here.

More info about CLPD can be found at

In Solidarity,

Jake Rubin
CLPD Asst Sec

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  1. Hunt’s speech to the faithful was just on – lacklustre and uninspiring.
    Each time he pauses to allow the rapturous applause the audience is caught napping – the delay before the desultory clapping starts is palpable.
    No audience mic for questions (basic) so promised to repeat the question before answering – which he promptly forgot after the first question.

    1. I got the impression that things went much better for him during this afternoon’s televised hustings.

    2. Hunt repeated a lot of the same speech in this afternoon’s epically tedious yawn-fest.
      Textbook Tory except for the possibly fatal mis-step of telling the old dears the party needed new blood because they were all going to die soon.

      Boris probably won judging by the applause.
      Despite their denials I wouldn’t be surprised if a snap election followed close on the heels of this series of purdah-dodging, Corbyn-bashing, (definitely not) party election broadcasts.

  2. Brilliant. So glad CLPD are taking a leaf out of Momentum’s book and giving us a more democratic organisation to campaign under.

  3. Will ensure our CLP Sec has this info and ready for our delegates to act upon. We need that reselection vote ASAP

    1. As Democratic Socialist, Open Selection should be our priority, when PLP members cannot even uphold Conference Policy its time to sort the issue out, and this can only be achieved at a CLP level.

  4. when Jon Lansmann is part of the problem, how do momentum members resolve this
    no clue what their set up is

    1. Doug,

      From day one I’ve cautioned again Momentum, my views can be seen over at The Canary.

      However, please let me make this observation: Momentum Central is owned and run by Lansman, most non-Momentum Central bodies have been fantastic in pushing for democracy within Labour and campaigning hard across our nation – many ignore Lansman and his cronies and just get on with the job and its these folk I associate with.

  5. Lansman knows that spreading and supporting the fiction that anti semitism is a serious problem inside the Labour party would damage Labour and chances of forming a Labour government.Momentum have also been damaged by Lansman and is support of anti Cornyn factions inside Labour and it is time he moved on from the movment!

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