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Remain ultras quiet on day ‘no-deal Boris’ they created surged in Tory leader contest. Wonder why

Hardline remainers enabled Johnson’s no-deal dream scenario

SKWAWKBOX readers may have noticed that, on the day Boris Johnson took a huge lead in the Tory leadership contest – with more than enough nominations from Tory MPs in the first round of voting to reach the final two candidates who will go to Tory members – ultra-remain commentators and MPs have been curiously quiet.

If Johnson succeeds in his leadership bid, he need do nothing but waste time in order to take the UK into a no-deal Brexit.

Ultra remainers’ refusal to support Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to find a workable Brexit solution – protecting our people – driven by their obsession with a new referendum to prevent Brexit altogether and their desire to remove Corbyn, has created and empowered ‘Boris no-deal’.

Their silence, of course, is entirely appropriate – but will not be remarked upon by ‘mainstream’ pundits.

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  1. So, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the likes of those 8 Labour MPs who opposed a Labour motion, or the other 17 who abstained!!!!????? Pathetic article.

      1. If you think Skwawky is just ‘the messenger’ you are quite naive.

    1. I am not all surprised that people’s vote campaigners like you are desperately trying to point the finger at others to avoid your own guilt.

      People’s Vote campaigners like you have a lot to answer for. You are the guilty party.

      The refusal by people like you to respect democracy, to respect the largest mandate in our history, has led to the resurgence of Farage and creation of the Brexit Party. You have also acted as a recruiting sergeant for Tommy Robinson and the far right.

      The People’s Vote campaign has enabled racists and fascists and will most likely lead to Boris Johnson, an Islamaphobe, becoming prime minister.

      That is the legacy of Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell’s People’s Vote Campaign.

  2. “Remain Ultras”? more bitter perorative language from Skwawky.

    How can those who believe in the status quo be ultra anything? I’m afraid that Skwawky’s obsession with the far right inspired Brexit has warped his concept of reality.

    1. The ‘status quo’ is a run up to Brexit
      Say what you will about Skwawkie, at least he’s noticed that.
      Do you think maybe when he says ‘ultra remainer’ he’s referring to those still in denial?
      Just Wundrin’

      1. I was ‘Just Wundrin’ if the referendum was as democratic as some people claim it was? I’d have thought that lies, illegalities and subterfuges could have cast just a little doubt over it and therefore those of us who keep getting told to ‘honour’ it have a perfect right to be doubtful.

        Read how the ‘democratic’ election of Trump wasn’t quite so democratic, – just wundrin.

    2. Precisely, Jack. I’m not going to defend any Tory MP in this on-going shambles. But, as you say, the term ‘Remain Ultras’ is brainless – there’s just ‘Remain’ (and meaning it) and several shades of grey to black ‘Leave’.

      It’s like using a term such as “fanatically non-suicidal” to describe those who don’t suffer from suicidal tendencies..

      Far more significant in this attempt to avoid a democratic way out of the mess is the silence on the Labour members who gift the Tories the majority.

      The mantra about the raddled historic referendum being the sole determinant of a national descent into idiocy is just religious guff.

      1. It is simply a matter of fact that the refusal of uncompromising remain extremists like you to accept the largest democratic mandate in British history has led to the creation of the Brexit party, acted as a recruiting sergeant for the far right and led to an Islamaphobe being selected as the next Tory leader.

        It is your Frankenstein monster. Be a man not a coward, own your terrible mistake.

        You are a far right enabler in denial. The worst kind.

  3. I love skwawky but am unable to join these dots especially after 4 glasses of sauvignon…… edit skwawky please for us late nighters who are failing to grab the drift

    1. Internal Affairs – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to make exactly the same point on twitter.
      If we don’t respect democracy and accept the Ref result, then the principle of democracy is dead. The precedent set, that we don’t have to accept democratic votes, will be used against as if/when a Socialist Govt is elected. Just look at attempts to try and undermine democratic win of ONE LW Lab MP who just got elected!

  4. of course this is correct… i’m for brexit, but not a kamikaze brexit, if reality ever kicks in with extreme remainers and they ever realise that we are actually leaving no matter how much they cry, it’s time to support a soft brexit that corbyn is offering

  5. I’m far from an ultra remainer. I accept the democratic decision to leave the EU but I reserve the right to criticise that decision and the way in which it’s been mismanaged by the Tories.

    The extremists are those who accuse the left of opening the door to the far right, as fascists blamed communists for creating the “need” for fascism.

    It was Ukip and the ERG that opened the crack they slithered through.

    1. It is as plain as a pike staff that People’s Vote’s refusal to accept the largest ballot in UK history directly led to the creation of the Brexit party and provided a propaganda coup to Tommy Robinson and the far right.

      Not sure why you are arguing otherwise, David? Why are you foolishly providing cover to people who have enabled racists and fascists?

      1. “Why are you foolishly providing cover to people who have enabled racists and fascists?”

        Says I.A. who doing his best to give them the Brexit they long for! Which begs the question … I.A. fascist in sheep’s clothing?

      2. You are a People’s Vote supporter who has provided a propaganda coup to Tommy Robinson.

        It is entirely predictable for you to try to squirm your way out of accepting your role and direct responsibility in enabling the rise of the far right in the UK,

        You are Tommy’s best friend and you will never be allowed to forget it, no matter no much you squirm.

        You are real lowlife Blairite scum.

      3. Internal Affairs 14/06/2019 at 12:07 pm

        The only one on here that appears to be trying promote Tommy Robinson is you. Do us all a favour, let this fascist non-entity slide into the obscurity he deserves.

      4. I.A. you appear to have an anger management problem, not good on a (mostly) well tempered blog like this, calm down man.

      5. By acting as a recruiting sergeant for Tommy Robinson you are on the side of the fascists. I fight fascists, you help them.

        Basically, you’re fucked.

      6. Internal Affairs 14/06/2019 at 12:27 pm

        You are the only one who thinks this non-entity is worth mentioning.

      7. I fear that the True BLeavers confuse politics with religion in their obsession with a concept of a flawed minority vote with an everlasting gospel.

        It’s fairly obvious that investing a simple majority vote (rather than a proper constitutional decision) with the sort of authority claimed is ludicrous. The logic is that every crap electoral decision (like electing the Tories) would be irrevocable.

        Above, daft ill-informed or bent decisions need to be open to correction – whether Austerity or Brexit. *That* is real democracy as opposed to simple (minded) majority titanium – the darling of dictators.

      8. IA, who “provided a propaganda coup” to Hitler?
        Was it the Communists or was it the Jews? Perhaps it was the disabled or the gypsies or the gays?
        If you disagree, please explain what, in your view, is the difference between the Nazis and Yaxley Lennon et al.
        And then you can have a go at explaining how victim blaming works – in other words how women enable rapists, BAME people enable racists, children enable child abusers…

        The “extreme far right” retards were “enabled” to crawl out of their rat holes by the marginally less far right UKIP and ERG – the “democratic racism apologists” – NOBODY ELSE WAS RESPONSIBLE.

        The right dies without minorities to demonise – when we get around to dealing with them you’d best make sure you’re facing them and not us – because I already have my doubts about you.

  6. Some little twinky on YouTube comments is trying to claim that it’s antisemitic of Jonathan Pie to call Dominic Raab “Demonic Raab” in a sketch. Apparently Raab is Jewish.

    “It’s a classic antisemit[i]c trope. “Synagogue of Satan” “Demonic” not very nice at all.”
    “Look. I don’t make the rules, all I know is this is an age old antisemitic trope and it has no place in our society. For it to even cross my mind that it’s an age old trope means it must be antisemitic.”
    “That’s how these things work now. I’m afraid if I’m offended then it’s an issue. This isn’t very nice behaviour towards someone trying to shine a light on antisemitism.”

    1. Great “diversion” by the little twinky on You tube , the whole point IMO of Pies video is summed up with his end piece comment of the outrage that one of those utter twats is about to become this country’s next PM without any proper scrutiny.

  7. Would Labour’s version of Brexit have achieved a majority even with the LibDems and SNP? Why should the SNP compromise anyway if Scotland voted to Remain and could use Brexit as a means to become independent?

    If Labour had have got their way to re-negotiate a deal (which is very unpopular option with the public at large) what would prevent any subsequent leader ripping up any agreement and using our exit from the EU to remove employment, social and environmental standards, once free of EU obligations?

    The truth is that Labour are shooting themselves in the foot by agreeing to any sort of Brexit of which they might have little control in the future.

    Brexit could have been stopped if a handful of rebel Labour MPs had voted with the whip. This would have prevented a meltdown in Labour electoral support we have seen, placing them in a competitive position to oppose the Tories in any subsequent GE. Now the ‘anti-hard Brexit vote is split, a lunatic right wing PM, could call an election, win it with a large majority and take us out of the EU without a deal, heralding disaster capitalism on our society.

    Don’t blame Remainers, look in the mirror. Labour voters will never forgive the Lexiteers if this happens.

    1. “Labour voters will never forgive the Lexiteers if this happens.”

      Bluntly, JR, you are absolutely right. The self-serving myths of the ERG supporters will alienate the majority of Labour supporters, who are, of course, Remainers. The myth of the working class Labour vote as ‘Leave’ doesn’t stand u to scrutiny. It’s a Tory/Brexit vote that went with the :Sun’.

    1. You are a remain fanatic, an uncompromising extremist. The remain mirror image of the ERG headbangers in the Tory party.

      Your refusal to accept the largest democratic mandate in our history has directly led to the creation of the Brexit party and has handed a propaganda coup to Tommy Robinson and the far right.

      You are a fascist enabler. Rather than learning your lesson you are in denial and keep repeating your terrible and destructive mistake.

      Take responsibility for your actions. Own it.

      1. if only these useless fuckers gave as much a shit about the financial murder the toerags have committed on the poorest as they do the eu.

        We’re being told that we’re responsible for falange and lennon. why not throw in orban, le pen, wildeers and the fucking rest of them too- the total imbeciles failing to realise they’re not UK but EU politicians and ignoring the alarming rise of the extremist right across europe.

        They sound like some abused housewife that abides by her partner/abuser; kidding themselves that they can change them…it’s just NOT gonna happen. EVER. End of.

        Rather than heed sensible advice and let democracy run it’s course they’ve chosen to disregard and ignore policy, muddy the waters and allow (life-long) labour VOTERS to flock to brexit/ukip in their droves.

        AS the saying goes: ‘You attract more flies with honey than vinegar’…but the horrendously sour wailing from the remainers has repulsed a multitude – some possbly for life – from voting labour again.

        Well played, divs.

  8. Yes. Maybe Skwawky has – because Skwawky gets it, along with millions of others…MILLIONS

    Not eighty fucking per cent (or what have ya) of 500k, you useless pricks. You were told time & again what would happen if you kept it up… And you kept it up.

    So fucking swallow it. You shit your own bed.

    1. Recently penny or toffee or ia was bellyaching about being dogpiled by remainers – great to see that kind of behaviour is beneath you geniuses.

      1. As with the ‘antisemitism’ scams, the perpetrators always claim to be victims.

    2. The Toffee (597) 14/06/2019 at 11:54 am

      In your considered opinion does 9,398,739 voters count as a significant proportion of the electorate

      Some 73% of current Labour voters think – in hindsight and irrespective of what they themselves voted in 2016 – that the UK was wrong to vote to leave the EU. That proportion rises to 89% among Labour members – and is a view shared, too, by 31% of the small minority of members who did vote Leave in the Referendum.

      1. David McNiven 14/06/2019 at 4:11 pm · · Reply →
        Recently penny or toffee or ia was bellyaching about being dogpiled by remainers – great to see that kind of behaviour is beneath you geniuses.

        That’ll have been me. What of it? And I wasn’t complaining, Far from it, div. I was laughing at the fact I owned the lot of yous once again and didn’t need anyone intervening – and weakening my argument further – on my behalf.

        Ordinarily, I’d dig up a link for evidence purposes but you imbeciles will just convince yourselves it didn’t happen once again.

        Oh, and you’re in NO position to call anyone ‘genius’

        SteveH 14/06/2019 at 4:39 pm

        ”In your considered opinion does 9,398,739 voters count as a significant proportion of the electorate.”

        (Punctuation, again)

        About 20%

        Almost double that number voted to leave in a massive turnout. What’s your point?

        I didn’t turn way labour members by complaining about the result and tellingthem they’re thick AND racist AND didn’t know what they were voting for, did I?

      2. Sorry, Labour VOTERS…

        *As well as the ‘floating voters’ – a concept that you seem not to have grasped.

      3. My point is quite simple, even for you. You prattling on about percentages of 500k in a vain attempt to justify your un-evidenced ‘assertions’ doesn’t represent he wider picture

      4. ”My point is quite simple, even for you. You prattling on about percentages of 500k in a vain attempt to justify your un-evidenced ‘assertions’ doesn’t represent he wider picture”

        ‘Unevidenced assertions’?

        What? Like the ‘unevidenced assertion’ that 17 million is more than 16 million, 9.3 million or 73% or even 80% of 500,000?

        Fucking idiot.

      5. The Toffee (597) 14/06/2019 at 5:48 pm

        A lot has (hasn’t) happened in 3 years.

      6. SteveH 14/06/2019 at 5:57 pm · ·
        The Toffee (597) 14/06/2019 at 5:48 pm

        A lot has (hasn’t) happened in 3 years.


        And for the cunteenth time it’s back to the worn-out ‘Time makes the result invalid’ bullshit. Not even beyond desperate, it’s fucking insanity.

        I bought a Tv for £500 in 2016. The same model could be bought last Christmas at £329.

        I still paid £500… Whaddaya think would happen should I go and ask for a £171 rebate?

      7. The Toffee (597) 14/06/2019 at 6:06 pm

        I suspect they would rightly conclude you are a f,,, wit. What is the point that you are trying to make?

      8. Wednesday, June 12, 2019
        Watch Bernie Sanders Deliver Speech on Why Democratic Socialism ‘Only Way to Defeat Oligarchy and Authoritarianism’
        “We must recognize that in the 21st century, in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, economic rights are human rights. And that is what I mean by democratic socialism.”

      9. SteveH 14/06/2019 at 6:16 pm · ·

        ”I suspect they would rightly conclude you are a f,,, wit. What is the point that you are trying to make?”

        My point is quite simple, even for you. 🙂

        Only a fuckwit would claim time makes the result invalid.

        Only a fuckwit would claim 17 million is smaller than 16, 9.4 or 0.5 million

        And only a fuckwit would alienate potential and actual (now former) labour voters by implying they’re all thick and racist for voting leave, and demand they vote again, only differently.

        Got that?

      10. In your dreams you owned me.
        You’re spoken for anyway – I heard BloJob mention you on the BBC today – something about “blue on blue action.”
        I didn’t listen to the blow-by-blow, Smurf porn not being my thing.
        I think it’s great though that androgynous fluffy toys like you and Johnson can still manage to have a loving relationship without gender or genitals – especially in that draughty old Scottish mill.
        ‘You’ and ‘penny’ and ‘IA’ and ‘NVLA’ should get help to cover more than one shift. It must be hard on your own but we all really miss you on your day off, honest.

        “I wathn’t complaining” lithped Violet Elisabeth, right before she thcreamed and thcreamed and thcreamed until she was thick.

      11. Just looking at this comedic sequence of rants by Toffee and IA.

        Is this a manifestation of Penny’s favourite mythical beast, the Remainer ‘troll’?

        I can’t think of a better way of taking the piss out of the Leave mindset than this caricature.

    3. The True BLeavers sound really desperate, with all this incontinent ranting. So what’s new when you’ve religiou belief but no rationale for it?

  9. I am totally with Labour and JC the voice of reason and sanity. I voted remain because the thought of been totally under the mercy of the tories idea of an idyllic green and white land . now though it would be good to appease all in this country instead of division let their be unity. proud to be british yet happy to get on with our neighbours .

  10. My constituency in a University area is a socioligists paradise and it has a Lightweight careerist Labour MP.
    I heard at its AGM the Right (poorly read, timid, non-socialist) turned out in force to call for a PV from Conference and won.
    In my view though they won (about 56-25) thanks to middle class liberals who just cannot accept the referendum result and are desperate CLING ONS to a Supra National EC Neo-Liberal Capitalist Structure.
    Apparently a speaker made a great point that what they wanted would not go ahead –
    if foolishly passed by conference it could not be acted upon until October and we will have probably have left.
    It could be argued that they are delusional and self-actualising (feeling good about themselves) if not gesture signalling but all of this is no substitute for socialist analysis.
    As someone else apparently said if Labour goes for a second PV then it could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and Labour could end up like Pasok in Greece.
    I reluctantly voted remain as a last chance to collectively break Nei-Liberalism in the EC but I accept the result.
    There were 2 ways to build a socialist society (for those who actually want to) via the EC or independent nation states and it has to be the latter.
    Remainers need to recognise that history has passed them by and our efforts should be to build a socialist Brexit and to defeat a Neo-Liberal extreme Tory Brexit.

    1. Bazza 15/06/2019 at 6:05 pm

      they [Remain] won (about 56-25)

      A resounding victory that reflects the results of the polls and academic studies. Actual confirmation that the membership want a CV and to remain.

      1. Yes and confirms the majority in this university constituency are middle class liberals and non-socialists er like Right Wing Barbarians like you and your alter ego RH.

      2. Better ‘middle class liberals’ and ‘working class liberals’ that form the majority of the Labour Party than conservative working and middle class dodos who voted for a Tory ‘Leave’, bowing down to the ERG snake oil.

  11. Brexit a hard-right Tory project spearheaded by millionaires to deregulate the economy, attack our rights and blame foreigners for the problems that arise when we have weak unions, privatisation and devastating austerity.

  12. But you lost Barbarian.
    Exposes divide between nationalist Tory Neo-Liberals capitalists (the majority) and the Tory globalists (City of London types) the minority.
    Sadly Remainers still fail to recognise that history has passed them by.
    With a left wing democratic socialist Brexit and a Corbyn Govt we could offer hope to the World!
    Feel good tonight.
    Solidarity to Socialists but not to Barbarians!

    1. Bazza 15/06/2019 at 7:25 pm.

      But 69% of your own CLP have just voted for a CV and Remain.

      It’s good to see the consistent polling results confirmed.

      1. RH, perhaps Bazza is being more erudite than he knows. The origin of the word ‘barbarian’ is from ancient greek, to imitate the ‘bar bar’ nonsense sound of non greek speakers. The irony is that they used this if the Persians, a civilisation as sophisticated in its own way as their own, much larger and more organised – and much less given to internecine squabbles and disagreements.
        ..Oh sorry Penny, i’m one of the trolls, ..not meant to go off message am I?

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