PLP ‘storm’ in reality small number of MPs in panic over P’boro win and approaching reselections

Establishment media reported ‘storm’ of angry Labour MPs at last night’s PLP meeting – but reality was rather different

Commentators across the board of the Establishment media last night reported the ‘storm’ that hit the evening’s meeting of the ‘PLP’ – the parliamentary Labour party – claiming that there was widespread anger among Labour MPs toward Corbyn.

Events differed from the media representation. While a few MPs behaved appallingly, both toward Corbyn and toward new Peterborough MP Lisa Forbes, they were few in number and almost entirely the dreary ‘usual suspects’.

The reality is the number of Corbyn’s hardcore opponents among Labour MPs has reduced to a rump of what it once was – but the small number still in that rump are very angry.

However, that anger is not linked to specific issues – they attack every week using whatever issue is to hand – but to their visceral hatred of Jeremy Corbyn and what he represents – and most recently to their panicked tantrum that, once again, events are not going how they expected.

Many of Corbyn’s opponents expected – wanted – Labour to lose the Peterborough by-election last week and had planned to use the first PLP after the anticipated loss to launch their latest assault on his leadership. But Labour won – increasing its margin of victory compared to 2017 in spite of the lower turnout, forcing Corbyn’s critics into the unenviable position of looking ridiculous by trying to spin why an unexpected Labour victory means Corbyn has to change course.

So much for the anger. But the panic that underlies it is driven by the fact that, as the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed, the party will soon announce a schedule for members across the country to start ‘triggers’ – the process for challenging and potentially replacing MPs they feel have not properly represented them.

Changes to trigger rules and ‘quorum’ levels at last year’s Labour conference made the trigger

Peterborough was meant to put Corbyn onto the back foot, turn some MPs against Corbyn and allow the worst of the party’s right-wing MPs to either remove him or at the very least to win a reprieve from potential deselection. To that small number of right-wingers, Labour’s victory was a hammer blow – and Labour entering the summer recess on a positive note might be deadly to their hopes.

Thwarted, fearful people will react angrily – and last night’s PLP meeting saw a few do so.

Labour members do not need to rise to the bait of such tantrums or public provocations. They need to continue to campaign positively – and to start organising for the process of ‘triggering’ MPs they feel have let them down. How to do so is explained here.

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    1. Yep, too true, The Toffee, time for a settling of accounts by their CLPs with the worst hard-core Right saboteurs. Probably no more than thirty at most – pour encourager les autres. There are of course a LOT more who should be deselected , but 30 or so would do for now. A new Labour government will face an absolute shitstorm of external and internal business and money market sabotage – and a mass media in a permanent frenzy. The less 5th column traitors still on board the better.

      1. “The reality is the number of Corbyn’s hardcore opponents among Labour MPs has reduced to a rump of what it once was – but the small number still in that rump are very angry”.

        And extremely well-connected to the MSM, especially the BBC, one of whose deputy news editors (Lizzi Watson) is Margaret Hodge’s daughter!

  1. Let’s hope this all gets settled soon – every time one of them squeals, it gives the media (and the trolls) an opportunity to start pissing in the wind.

  2. Presumably Corbynista MPs also attend these PLP meetings as well as other run-of-the-mill backbenchers who are not particularly pro or visciously anti Corbyn? Do Corbyns defenders just sit there like little lambs allowing this viscious little rump to shout at and condemn him? The impression given by MSM is a lonely Corbyn surrounded by loads of frothing hounds, some of his supporters who attend these meeting should grow backbones.

  3. Hodge, Streeting, Phillips and others never miss an opportunity to smear their own leader. For goodness sake their CLPs must wake up and get rid of them!

    1. Sadly I am a member of Hodge’s CLP. Years of shenanigans has put her in a pretty unassailable position. We are currently trying to mobilise a viable opposition but the figures are very much against us. However the make up of the borough is changing rapidly and hope springs eternal.

  4. Appreciate that, thanks Skwawkbox, time to calm down
    VONC could be as early as next week with latest moves to stop No Deal

    1. If you are right Doug and there could be a VONC as early as next week it will, as before, have no constitutional authority and Jeremy Corbyn will remain leader. However it think it should prompt CLPs to take a hard look at their MPs and decide whether or not they want to reselect someone who has no confidence in the leader to represent Labour at the next election.

  5. How is this news? None of us were there but everyone of us could name the MPs concerned – they are a group of nasty,cowardly bullies who gang up on Jeremy Corbyn and verbally attack him at PLP meetings at every opportunity.
    They are also drop dead boring – their self righteousness and permanent whingeing would put you to sleep. I’m not only one who feels this way. CLPs up and down the country are fed up to their back teeth with them.
    If as Swawkbox has said the reselection process will soon be started most of these people will be out on their ears and we won’t have to put up with them any longer.
    Of course the down side of this is we will have to listen to their complaints of “Stalinist purges” for the next 100 years but that is a small price to pay for ridding ourselves of this sorry lot.

    1. Yep, those Corbynist “Stalinist purges” the mass media evoke constantly with no sense of the ridiculous. When the turncoat, Emily Thornberry , is simply ditched from doing a PMQs session stand-in , it isn’t just a “slap on the wrist” for being a careerist backstabber – it’s “banishment to the Gulag” across the press . I think the victims of the Great Purges might think that just a tad out of proportion !

      Ludicrous self-pitying exaggeration seems to be all the rage with the pampered and privileged as the “Red Dawn of Corbynism ” looms, – with that posh private school head recently wingeing to a sympathetic press that the increasing public hostility his tax-sheltered privileged education sector now faced was somehow akin to the oppression of the Jewish Community in 1930’s Germany !

      1. I had not heard that a head teacher in a private school made the comparison between the hostility to private schools and the hostility to Jews in Nazi Germany.
        This is an absolutely disgusting comparison and trivialises the murder, maiming and rape of Jews, the confiscation of their property and the denial of their basic human rights – the right to to worship according to their religion, to participate in cultural events, to work etc in Nazi Germany
        The pre- war persecution and murder of Jews is part of the Holocaust and the head teachers comments amount in my opinion to Holocaust denial and ought to be investigated by the police.

      2. Thanks for that JPenney I don’t know how I missed it. The comments are totally disgusting as they trivialise the Holocaust and the terrible suffering of Jews during the Nazi era.
        Why would anybody want to do this?
        First we had Margaret Hodge reference the horrors of Nazi Germany while complaining about being investigated by the Labour party (for her nasty public tirade at Jeremy Corbyn), now we have this head teacher is doing likewise in respect of public hostility to private education.
        The Holocaust was horrific -a crime against humanity, genocide literally on an industrial scale which must never be repeated.
        It is very wrong therefore for anyone , but particularly people of authority or standing in the community, to refer to it to describe annoyance about ordinary everyday matters.

  6. The main media have totally ignored Pompeo’s comments yesterday when asked what ‘actions’ the US would take if a Corbyn government began to persecute Jews. He said ‘Not to worry’, they would ‘push back’ and that wax easier when ‘it’ hadn’t already happened ie his election. The story is clearly ‘unprintable’ for them because it confirms the weirdness of people who think a Labour Government would open Camps for Jews! It also confirmed what quite a few Labour members (now suspended) have been saying about an Israeli campaign to ‘take down’ Corby. Despite acres of comment the media fail to refer to the proof contained in the Al Jazeera undercover film of Joan Ryan MP discussing these issues with an Embassy employee. A million pounds sounded meaty and serious; “just bring him down!”

    1. It stands to reason that the campaign started some time ago.

      After all, we know what Pompeo said about being too late.

      Also raises suspicions from when May told Corbyn “We won’t let you”

    2. What hypocrites some of these US diplomats are.
      Pompeo would be better employed “pushing back” the USA’s Black and Jew hating KKK along with all the good ol’ boy white supremist groups who are armed to the teeth and are consumed with hate for anyone who is not a WASP -white, Anglo Saxon and Protestant – and which are allowed to flourish in Trumps Republican heartlands.

    3. ‘The main media have totally ignored Pompeo’s comments yesterday…’

      Well, not exactly. The Guardian, Telegraph, Mirror and Daily Express covered it (along with a number of Jewish newspapers), for example, but I didn’t find anything on either the Sun’s website or the Daily Mail’s website or BBC News, which is kinda interesting in itself. That said – and I hadn’t come across this before – when I did a search on the DM’s website, I came across the article below, posted on March 25th. And it was only a few weeks ago of course that it was widely reported in the MSM that Pompeo called JC “disgusting” in relation to Maduro/Venuzuela:

      1. The MSM are certainly ignoring the following topic though. I came across this documentary earlier this evening, and it’s definitely essential viewing (when you have the time):


      2. Allan, I stuck with the video up to the time the ex RN radar engineer said “The dose is very very low, which is actually more dangerous” – sorry but when someone applies the homeopathy principle to microwaves I switch off.
        In 1960 (when he was probably one of the last of the conscripts, who were given only limited training) valves – vacuum tubes – drove the magnetrons in naval radars – I doubt he’s even aware of the latest radar developments.
        I own and use magnetron pulsed radars too – the same principle as the ones he will have worked on in the Navy but smaller, x band only and solid state.
        What he won’t have worked on is modern stuff.
        My most recent radar is ‘broadband’ and works on a ‘chirp’ principle – Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave – and they output about a tenth of what a mobile phone emits.
        Standing in the beam of a pulsed radar is to be avoided if you want to keep your eyesight but broadband radar isn’t dangerous.
        The circuit board held up to the camera earlier isn’t even a 5G device, it’s a wifi controller containing a DC motor driver chip, an Icom VHF/UHF transceiver, temp sensor/eeprom and other devices I can’t see. Another board with a switched mode power supply goes with it and an antenna. Part of a street lighting controller by WIMAC.
        Nothing weird, nothing even 5G that I could see.
        I suspect the rest of the video will also be nonsense.

      3. I don’t know if symptoms other than nosebleeds were complained of after I switched off but flashing lights can be an issue for some people, especially epileptics as we all know.
        Switch-mode LED controllers can cause flickering at varying frequencies due to component failure/degradation or poor/cheap design.
        I’m not saying it’s inconceivable that 5G might cause ill effects in some or all people – I’m saying that what I saw in that video fell far short of what I would call “evidence.”

  7. And none of them would be missed. We certainly can’t afford to have people who are not 100% committed to the Party and its current agenda hanging around so they can be re-elected thanks to our efforts and at our expense. Why risk them defecting to another Party whenever the fancy takes them and then have them remain in a LP seat? They are playing a very perilous game and they are encouraging more and more LP members who have the example of Chukka and co in mind to come to the conclusion that they are just not worth that risk.

    The last few weeks have shown that any idea that these people might have that they are safe because there would be an adverse public reaction to any action take against them by the LP can’t be relied upon. Chukka’s own highly orchestrated departure has become “yesterday’s news” in record time and within a matter of weeks it has left him and his pals humiliated rather than the heroes that they imagined they would be. In addition these PLP critics have been so indiscreet and outspoken over the past three years and have so over done the bad LP publicity that their own departures wouldn’t come as a shock to the public. By crying wolf as they have done so many times they have put the idea in a lot of people’s minds that their deselection by the “nasty” LP is inevitable. From a party point of view given the damage that they have already done many think that their going would not make much of a new dent anyway. In reality if they are very lucky they can count on being considered as political martyrs for around 24 hours.

    They also seem to have little concept that matters are now reaching a point where any of the perceived disadvantages of getting rid of them will soon be outweighed by the sheer relief of having them gone. Some people are already saying “let’s take the hit and have it done with.” At the moment I don’t entirely agree with that line but if it does come down to it I don’t think that the “hit” will actually be a very big one.

    And let’s not forget that during the next few months there is a real likelihood of an increasing number of Tory Remainer de-selections taking place which will put any replacement of candidates in the LP in to perspective.

    1. Not really, steve – the main difference being that voting ‘Leave’ is based on a delusion, and has indeed already brought about economic damage, whilst a vote for Labour has a rationale and the hope of something better.

  8. A question to the Left-Wing posters on this item . Everyone must have noticed on this item that not a single one of the usual tiresome Right Wing Trolls has posted on here so far ! This can only be because , a) they all only post on instruction from on high on selected issues as a single disruptive group , and/or, b) there isn’t actually a four or five strong group of day-long constant Troll posters at all – just one paid Troll poster with multiple online identities , and he/she is off at the dentists today ? Let’s hope its wisdom tooth extraction.

    1. Have you consulted professional help about these delusions yet?

      The malaise seems to get no better : ‘Politics as fantasy – an obsessional disconnect from reality’. There’s probably a paper on it.

    2. jpenney, puh-leeze… seriously? Still flogging that horse-shaped stain?
      Is it your contention that there are no Brexiter Trolls using multiple identities?
      This is beneath you.

      1. There are no pro Brexit supporters at all posting ALL day, every day , on this site, David McNiven. Make an effort – check it out laddie. But there is a small rash of pro Remainer Trolls that do so to a quite easily demonstrable extent – with posts that are quite clearly closely grouped. This is a sure indication of organised trolling. Multiple identity Trolling to inflate the perceived “viewpoint footprint” of such junk posting is a standard technique of attempted social media dominance .

        It is a testament to the importance of Skwawkbox’s impact in countering the standard neoliberal narrative that this site has acquired its own round-the-clock paid trolling team. The now defunct (thanks to it’s owner , Jon Lansman) Left Futures discussion forum was plagued by just the same phenomenum. Not to the same degree as Skwawkbox though. There may be multiple identity-using pro Brexiters indeed , but the sheer volume of , and round the clock, nature, and “white noise” low quality , of the Troll Remainer posts, is very easy to spot and quite distinctive. It is purely aimed at disrupting and drowning out a genuine Left dialogue on a key counter-narrative social media. If you don’t recognise or understand the various background players now on the social media ideological battlefield you are too naive to go out on your own, laddie.

    3. Hilarious parody posts JP !
      Are you affiliated with the Popular People’s front of Judea or the People’s Popular Front?

  9. Might want to drop the ‘laddie’ – I couldn’t be bothered myself but you never know who you might meet in real life. Wiping your online presence isn’t 100% effective.
    Dogpiling by the toffee, internal affairs, lundiel, nvla, yourself and occasionally others is blatant and there’s no proof that you’re not one or two paid trolls working for the ERG or the Integrity Initiative.
    Claiming that remainers can’t be socialists is logically absurd.
    There are people here whose good wishes toward Left Labour I doubt but they’re definitely not all remainers.
    Over-egging it detracts from your argument, as does the name-calling. Not because it’s offensive but because it’s childish.

  10. I can’t decide if Javid (prattling now) looks more like Uncle Fester or Cousin Itt with alopecia.

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