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Express poll on preferred next PM backfires hilariously as thousands respond ‘Corbyn’

Tory candidates swamped by ‘other’ – with respondents saying ‘Corbyn’

A Twitter poll published by the right-wing Daily Express has backfired spectacularly – and hilariously – thanks to an ill-advised decision to include an ‘Other’ option led to a response that the Tory-supporting paper certainly won’t have been looking for.

Driven by the array of Tory MPs competing hungrily for the position vacated on Friday by Theresa May, the Express named three candidates specifically in its poll – but included the ‘other’ option with a request to put the preferred name selected in a response below the tweet, presumably envisaging the a thread of names of other Tory hopefuls accounting for a minority of the votes compared to the ‘names’.

Instead, the ‘other’ category currently has – with around 8 hours remaining – fully three-quarters of the more than 20,000 votes cast.

And the name that dominates the thousands of ‘other’ comments is one Jeremy Corbyn:


If the Express was hoping that putting Boris Johnson’s name first would see him romp home to boost his campaign, it was a forlorn hope.

On a day when the ‘MSM’ were almost uniformly persisting in presenting Tory and Labour difficulties as almost equal, it was left to an accident by one rag to give a hint of the real relative popularity of political parties and leaders.

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  1. Comment by Owen Lowery in the article: “…We need a #GeneralElectionNow, not more of the same.”

    We desperately do, but thanks to an innovation of previous coalition government called Fixed Term Parliaments Act of 2011, instead we are forced to watch these Conservative Party proceedings as if we, the electorate, are officious bystanders, whereas according to the status quo ante, this government would have long resigned after the first defeat of its withdrawal agreement and general elections held forthwith. Let’s hope when the act comes up for review in 2020, it will be repealed in its entirety.

    1. Indeed its an appalling piece of legislation mainly devised by those champions of constitutional reform and self interest the Lib Dems to stop Cameron and the Tories doing the dirty on them in 2012.
      The Tory / Lib Dem Coalition set the seal on the mess we are now in more ways than one. Chukka is in very good company.

      1. The fact that the government lost its overall majority is probably due to the FTPA which you so readily malign.

        The long campaign allowed Labour time to recover. The reason for such a long campaign is because the government had to factor in the possibility that it would face opposition to its decision to call a general election. In the end, of course, the Labour Party voted for a dissolution.

        I like the FTPA. Without it, the Conservatives would probably have won an overall majority at the last election.

  2. It’s a stupid Twitter poll by a right wing tabloid comic, but it got me daydreaming on how big a handful of Tory MP’s would keep their seats if 75% of the real electorate voted Labour.
    Remember Herr Boris proposing a bridge across the English Channel – the world’s busiest waterway?
    Such stupidity should disqualify anyone from high office but apparently three times more Tories fancy him than Hunt and six times more like him over Leadsom.
    Given his propensity for jaw-dropping gaffes and blatant fabrications I almost hope he gets to be PM for a week before he’s found out for the talentless fucktard he is.
    Half the planet thinks we’re a joke now – might as well make it unanimous.

  3. Well, the cowardly Express has just deleted the tweet with the poll, right after I’d copied the polling numbers:
    23,854 votes•2 hours left
    I suppose once the whole Tory membership had voted there was no point leaving it there for the rest of us to poke fun at 🙂

  4. Actually they haven’t deleted it but they have unpinned it.
    Just as effective shoving it 22 hours back as deleting it – people aren’t going to scroll back through 22 hours worth of their dross to post comments.
    Bummer. Some were quite funny.

  5. Forgetting the unmemorable Express, the current Groan assault on the Party is ‘interesting’.

    Obviously, the usual suspects have been leaking from PLP meetings, but its when you drill down through the bullshit that you see what is happening and the grip of the Israel lobby.

    Just extracting a couple of things :

    “MPs including Margaret Hodge said Forbes had failed to address another aspect of the complaints, her signing of a letter criticising the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism.

    Forbes said she had written to Jewish community groups and hoped to meet the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Labour Movement.”

    Note the objectives behind this – and the futility of current tactics against the assault on rationality :

    1. Opposing the muddled and deliberately confused IHRA document has now become a matter for ‘complaint.’ This clearly illustrates how the underlying objective is to normalise Israeli depredations on the native community by labelling criticism as ‘antisemitic’.

    What did we say?

    2. Note that Lisa Forbes has been dragooned into essentially endorsing the right-wing Israel lobby as representative of the ‘jewish community’. Note lack of mention of the JVL.

    That sort of abject submission has gone well in the past, hasn’t it?

    In another article, we have Hain saying that “The antisemitism claims paralysing the Labour party have hindered the Palestinian cause”

    Now, whatever Hain is, he isn’t stupid – so note the way in which this has turned round the actual fact – that the Palestinian cause has been hindered – from being the intended effect of the campaign to it being a result of the Party’s behaviour. No mention whatsoever of the underlying thrust of what is happening.

    No questioning of the motives.

    If you can’t smell co-ordinated lobbying here, your sense of smell is damaged.

    The only good news in all this is that the excesses have become so obvious that many fairly uninvolved people that I talk to recognise a set-up, even if they are not clear on the detail.

    1. For once RH I am 100% in agreement with you on this. It is with increasing frustration that as a party member one has to sit by and watch this bullshit continue unabated from within the PLP and I’d think that feeling applies to a good many other members too.
      . I note that the link SteveH has provided below shows Smeeth that well known “CIA protected asset” in full action again.
      Chris Williamson has it bang to rights on the point of over reaction and capitulation of the LP to false AS accusations ,Labour should have the courage of it’s convictions and integrity to simply say , ENOUGH !

      Who knows but maybe Party rules could be changed to prevent the continued false allegations of AS , perhaps with the right of legal redress against the accuser in a personal capacity to sue for damages and the LP pays for the cost of the action.
      Until LFOI , JLM and a host of other “activists” within the PLP are expelled this bullshit will continue .

    2. RH
      its so simple as you quite rightly point out
      Lisa should have referred them to the JVL statement which states non of it constitutes anti Semitism, there was nothing to apologise for
      hate to say it lads and lasses but im genuinely at a loss to comprehend this snowflake policy and the damage it does to decent members and supporters of a proud party
      only thing that keeps me sane is what is known as the ‘daily heil’ effect, the more they throw at us the stronger our support in the country as fair minded people see through it,
      Peterborough was last man standing electorally, we scraped it, we are solid the others are fatally wounded,
      Always good to put Farage/UKIP/Brexit party back under their rock, bottom feeders go back to where you come from

  6. Alistair Campbell will be on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine show 9.15am tomorrow (Wed 12 June). Now why might that be, I wonder?

    If you want to be in the audience, text AUDIENCE to 85525 or if you want to call up and give him some stick, phone the number that will be on-screen from the start of the show.

    Have an innocuous question for Campbell ready for the phone-jockey who screens the callers and if they call you back to put you on the air, fire away!

    Happy hunting!

  7. Anna Turley who wasn’t even at PLP meeting is reporting on Politics live that it was the worst ever and we the Labour party are not doing well enough in the polls
    FFS can we not get a grip of people who put themselves up on MSM
    my grandbairn could do a better job, its shameful we allow this sabotage to take place time after time after time
    at least call them in and put them straight, what is roll of whips, does discipline exist in politics,

  8. “the Labour party are not doing well enough in the polls”

    That is patently the case. What is at issue are the reasons, and the balance between them.

    Undoubtedly, the attacks from within the PLP backed by the MSM have had an effect. Looking at the record, however, it doesn’t seem to have been the earlier campaign against Corbyn per se that was most damaging. What seems to have done the recent notable damage is the way in which the campaign has transmuted much more into an attack on the Party as a whole – by labelling *it* as ‘antisemitic’ and wildly overstating the incidence of actual antisemitic utterances. Those responsible are beneath contempt if they are aware of what they are doing – and too stupid to be an MP if they aren’t.

    Beyond that it will be unsurprising that, as an unrepentant advocate of ‘Remain’, I see the current policy on Brexit as handing a further tool to the right, instead of cutting off their legs. The choice was never going to be easy or simple, but alienating a large body of support and boosting the crediblity of the LibDem/Green axis has not been politically very clever.

    1. tell me if im wrong but we appear to agree that whatever our differences you never ever shit on your own doorstep,
      keep it behind closed doors and when policy is decided have the decency to keep quiet if your not happy,
      theres a job to be done and we win by attacking the cheap and nasties not each other

      1. No, you’re not wrong, Doug. I think that there are two separate issues, though. One is policy disagreements – and they’ve always been a feature of the Labour Party, where real democracy operates, and isn’t going to go away (remember Suez, Iraq, the 1970s budgets, nuclear disarmament etc. etc. – as well as Brexit).

        Then there is the actual ‘shitting on the doorstep’ – the use of any old deception and lies to undermine political opponents.

      2. Party policy is to honour result, we stood on that in 2017 GE and we will stand on it in next, sooner the better,
        question is will you vote Labour and do you accept that a GE trumps a PV

      3. Doug 11/06/2019 at 7:22 pm

        Why can’t we have both? It’s what the majority of Labour’s members and voters want.

      4. steveh
        I would back labour brino all day against remain
        aint gonna happen, labour government elected on manifesto commitment to honour result knocks out 2nd referendum
        definition of insanity is?

      5. Doug 11/06/2019 at 11:03 pm · ·

        I would back labour brino all day against remain

        Which begs the question – Why are you afraid of allowing the electorate to choose, whatever the deal?

        If the non-existent deal you support really is one that working people, our economy and communities will benefit from then surely you won’t have any problem convincing them.

        I really shouldn’t need to point this out because it is so blindingly obvious but a new GE means a new manifesto. Whatever commitments were, or were not made in the 2017 manifesto are irrelevant. Providing that this years conference is not sabotaged again by the likes of Unite then the members wishes will prevail.

        We should be the party that embraces democracy.

  9. if you need cheering up go onto YouTube and put in George Galloway and Alan Sugar on GMB
    this is what we are missing, don’t give the fuckers an inch and if you watch hunchback closely he very quickly disappears up his own arse

  10. I thought it rather strange the express writing an article about trump pompeo man saying they would not allow corbyn to become pm. There is one thing people ( what ever their affiliations are ) do not like in this country is an american dictacting who can or cant be our P M. are things turning, could it be possible that the msm are starting to turn after all the tories are totally discredited.the only alternative would be for msm to turn to brexit party.

    1. Obama got short shrift over here when he waded in with his views on the (at the time in-progress) EU referendum.

      These dumb Yanks have a laughably thick hide when it comes to learning the lessons of history!

      Pompeo is, without doubt, the dumbest diplomat in US history. He actually believes God sent Trump to save the Jews from Iran (and Corbyn, of course)! Fuck ‘im!

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