Umunna wants to stand for LibDems. Two years ago, he could ‘never forgive’ them

Serial quitter now plans to stand for LibDems in Streatham at next general election – but history between them not kind to either
How Chuka Umunna might look at the next GE


As any smoker knows, quitting habits is not easy – but Chuka Umunna has demonstrated a ‘quitting habit’ recently, leaving first the Labour Party and lately his disastrous new ‘Tinge/TIG/CUK venture and he has now been reported as planning to stand for the LibDems in Streatham in the next general election.

LibDem members are understandably unhappy at the prospect of Umunna representing them and are complaining that the party’s rules on parliamentary candidate selection are being bypassed to accommodate him – but the LibDem leadership has welcomed the development and Umunna has appeared cosily with current leader Vince Cable. There are even rumours that he may have joined in time to make his own bid for the soon-to-be-vacant leadership.

To the frustration of his constituents, Umunna has shown no sign of extending his new habit to actually triggering a by-election. Only 6.5% of them voted for the LibDems in 2017, but they look now to be stuck with a LibDem MP until the next general election.

But Umunna’s constituents might not be the only ones unhappy with Umunna’s sudden allegiance – any remaining vestiges of 2017 Chukka Umunna will also have a few words to say to the 2019 version.

In April 2017, just after Theresa May had announced her ‘snap’ general election, Umunna tweeted not only that he could ‘never ever countenance‘ advising anyone to vote LibDem because of the damage they had supported to the NHS, schools and public services – but that he could ‘never forgive‘ them for what they had helped the Tories do to Streatham:

Now Umunna apparently wants to do a lot more than ‘forgive’ – and wants to ask all the voters of Streatham to vote LibDem.

The cognitive dissonance between his ears must be deafening. If it isn’t, that’s even worse.

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    1. Surely Chuka’s large vote in his Labour constituency of Streatham is purely down to his magnetic personality ? Surely he doesn’t need a mere Party label to be re-elected by a grateful populace ! The equally delusional (iron) Mike Gates argued something similar in a recent Sky News interview. I think Chuka should now bung in his nomination as Lib Dem Party Leader immediately . Not to do so would be to rob the Lib Dems of a political colossus

    2. “Two years ago, he could ‘never forgive’ them”

      Two (or was it three?) years ago, neither had he heard of there being any anti-semitism in the party. Bet he’s changed his tune on that, an’ all!

    3. So, let me get this right. Hypothetical of course. Mr Potatohead leaves the club because of what? Anti something or another. Then he joins Cringe and leaves for Redhands’ friends. Could that be because every time that he was in Cringe company it would degenerate into hysterics and splitting sides. Side splitting seems accurate when one considers that his new crew have a long history of splitting side. Any similarities to any living or dead is entirely accidental. Good luck everyone. Unity is strength and light will defeat darkness, eventuality.

  1. Appalling traitor to Labour and he hasn’t even got the guts or principle to stand in a by-election! What a total snake he is. I just wish his “moderate” Labour buddies would join him.

  2. How could anyone vote for man who has no loyalty, no convictions and now no principles. The duplicity of Umunna is in plain view.

    1. I think that you have missed the power and acumen of that bloke’s plan. He’s gonna stand outside the polling station in a pair of gold lame’ cycling shorts, covered in a space blanket – the ones that achieve no rise in body temperature- offering every voter a good laugh if if they vote for him. Funnily-tinged torso will be on display. What larks on the rise to PP. Unbeatable and I would smile at his result. Yoiks and tally ho , it’s of to the GE we go. Just a footnote regarding the ant-democrats. After Peterborough we should feel a slight spring in our steps. Regards

      1. I meant PM not pp .You sussed that though, say yes, please. Regards

  3. Shock, gasp, horror. I simply can’t believe it. Chkka Umunna leaves the Labour Party; leaves Tinge & now joins Lib.Dems! I must say I’m shocked. Nobody saw this coming? What a prize for them!

    1. William Hill are taking bets on how long his latest squeeze will last – and Corals are giving good odds on his next port of call. But don’t bet on the Greens – I’m told they’ve already turned him away.

      1. I’ve heard that the BNP have not rsvped. Cheers

  4. “now been reported as planning to stand for the LibDems”
    Slap on the wrist for Skwawkie – poor journalism to reference your own article as a primary source – especially when that article merely reports on rumours.

    BTW, no-one else is spreading that particular rumour, but others say that Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston may join Lib Dems.

    Quote of the week from The Changed Tinge:
    “The idea that you can agree a strategy and then constantly question it, debate it – sometimes you have to say, can we just stop talking and do some frigging campaigning?” – Anna Soubry

    1. Apologies – it’s in the Mail.
      Fancy Chuka giving exclusives to the Mail.

    2. BTW the recent Have I Got News For You featuring Heidi Allen that got pulled for infringing broadcasting rules during an (EU) election campaign is on tonight BBC1 10.30pm…

    1. Maybe acting. I hear that the word “hypocrite” derives from the ancient Greek for “actor”. It suits Chukka to a ‘T’/

      But seriously, what a consummate turd, surpassing even Tom Watson.

      Wonder when Twatson’s going to join the LibDems? (Don’t keep us all waiting too long, eh, Tom?).

  5. Hmmmm….Where are ‘The Usuals’ , I wonder? The post’s been up 4 hours, and not a peep as yet

    Just askin’ , is all…

      1. FFS. You want to talk Labour *politics* instead of just shouting repetitively about Umunna and the Python Parrot of ChangeUK? Get a grip. 🙂

      2. Good point and it is important but isn’t this meant to be a free forum. We get a lot of grim news and a bit of levity helps us to perform the once unbelievable tasks necessary but with a bit of levity. You must have noticed that our opponents don’t do humour. It sits uncomfortably on the shoulders of the me me-ers. Perhaps we should take the piss more. Best wishes comrade.

    1. … and Toffee – your continuing concern with clock watching and stalking is more an obsession and evidence of fixation than a hobby or a mark of political interest and insight. Do give it a rest.

    2. The Toffee (597) 09/06/2019 at 5:23 pm

      Hmmmm….Where are ‘The Usuals’

      Hmmmm….You’ve gone uncharacteristically quiet.

  6. Oh! A full 6 hours and more after the OP, a good two and a half hours after my last post until one of them replies (with a mealy-mouthed pile of cack, pretending domestic issues are top of his agenda again), and then the other one gets brave enough to dip his toe in.

    Carry on, arsewipes 😀

  7. Unbelievable. Same as his attitude towards antisemitism: In 2016: He’s never seen antisemitism in Labour Party. In 2017: Antisemitism is rife in Labour Party. LibDems caused austerity and now LibDem is a party I can represent. Hypocrisy is writ large here. As oh so many of us said months ago, Chuka is out for only himself, career politician who hates working class people. He’s leg end in his own mind and soon Chuka will be shown the door.

  8. 10th June, 2019, 1:45 pm
    Two councillors had their cars set on fire”:
    LGA Labour on rising abuse

    Alice Perry

    “Two of our councillors had their cars set on fire, totally burned out,” one councillor leader told the LGA Labour Group, as we discussed the rise in abuse faced by elected representatives. Dramatic as it seems, everyone had a story from their patch. Threats of violence, rape threats, death threats, bricks through windows, stalking, sexual harassment, councillors attacked at their ward surgeries and more.

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