Reminder (video): when GLA fire panel challenged Johnson on fire cuts, his response was ‘get stuffed’

Tory leadership challenger’s arrogant reaction when challenged over fire brigade cuts

Today, just before the second anniversary of the terrible Grenfell Tower blaze that took so many lives, another huge fire consumed an apartment block in the Barking area of London.

The blaze required a huge number of firefighters and other emergency personnel from all over London to bring it under control.

Today’s Barking blaze

When Boris Johnson was London mayor, he imposed huge cuts on fire services, closing fire stations and cutting firefighter numbers by around five hundred.

And when he was challenged on those actions by members of the Greater London Assembly (GLA) fire safety panel, his response was an astonishing “Get stuffed”:

By the time of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, fire deaths had already risen by fifteen percent since the Tories came to power. The Tory government fought against measures to install sprinklers in residential blocks.

In the aftermath of the disaster, firefighters told the SKWAWKBOX of the terrible impact of Johnson’s cuts on the scale of the tragedy.


No comment could adequately convey Johnson’s arrogance, callousness or unfitness for office.

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  1. Funny, isn’t it, how the Sun has disseminated all the smears and distortions about anti-semitism in the Labour Party during the past few years, and yet its Comments Section is regularly littered with vile, racist bigotry. Here are a few of them (at the time of writing):

    1.All the Muslims and Europeans live there far as I know

    (someone then asks “why does it matter who lives there??”, and someone responds with)

    2. Because it would be a tragedy if any brits were injured.

    3. I’m sure Sad Khan will give them all 5 star accommodation with £20,000 each compensation at the drop of a hat.

    4. Probably what it was planned for,looking like another few hundred plus will be lining up for posh accommodation,that were not even supposed to be living there,and some not living there.

    5. Only if they have never worked in their entire life!

    6. Will Simon Cowell be recruiting his singers to release a song like grenfell – or was that just for the immigration community?

    1. You omitted ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ (from a Foreign Secretary, FFS) – and, I guess, sundry others.

      But the thing is that people will still vote for the repellent Mr Toad in large numbers. It’s not just the raddled Tory faithful.

      .. and that after a crystal clear, non-partisan analysis shows his massive deceit and incompetence over a considerable number of years in a variety of roles. Volkswille?

  2. Yes the Tories don’t give a stuff about working people when millions live in poverty and millions are on poverty pay and pay freezes.
    But Barbarian Boris today talks about tax cuts for those on over £50k – the Tories only get out of bed to stuff the mouths of the rich and better off with gold!

    1. I just this minute did a search to see how widely the Pompeo story re JC was reported and, as such, learnt that he – Pompeo – was actually referring to the fake anti-semitism black propaganda op against Jeremy and the left, and you can be 100% certain that Pompeo – and Trump and the rest of his administration – know that THAT is exactly what it is. As if HE/THEY really believe anything would actually happen regarding British Jews if JC was to become PM. It’s too absurd for words, not to mention despicable beyond words to further add to the worry and concern that their fake and manufactured smear campaign is causing amongst the Jewish community. But the fascists don’t give a DAMN about THAT:

      Mike Pompeo pledges to ‘push back’ if life becomes difficult for UK Jews under a Corbyn government

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